RoadRunnerhaving problems with cmake compiling a plugin for Pidgin; following instructions from here https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb#compiling but after cmake get errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667591/ with this CMakeError.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667601/00:00
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RoadRunneranybody out there?02:20
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SillusWoRunning Xubuntu 14.04.3 LTS, upated kernel to v4.2.8 so that I can get intel wifi drivers going, but after updating kernel and rebooting the DE crashes after logging in, just a background image07:52
SillusWoFound some post online where someone had a simillar problem and fixed by alt+F2 into ttyl2 and entering xfce4-panel however that fails for me.07:57
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jarnosAlt-tab function is confusing when there are only few apps open. It is sometimes hard to see which app is selected.16:36
Luyinjarnos: you can set the behaviour of alt+tab as you like in the settings dialogue16:40
jarnosLuyin, in which dialog?16:42
PoisonedDragonHi guys. Anyone home?16:46
Luyin!ask > PoisonedDragon16:49
ubottuPoisonedDragon, please see my private message16:49
Luyinjarnos: xfce settings, the ones you can reach via application menu > settings16:49
PoisonedDragonDoes anyone remember the file, and it's location, that stored the list of installed network hardware? I want to delete old entries and relabel the network interface labels.16:50
jarnosLuyin, which specific setting?16:54
Luyinjarnos: it's in the window manager settings somewhere, either the basic or the advanced settings dialogue16:57
PoisonedDragonI found it.17:18
PoisonedDragon /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-net.rules17:20
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tweetyhaving problems with cmake compiling a plugin for Pidgin; following instructions from here https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb#compiling but after cmake get errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667591/ with this CMakeError.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667601/18:04
Luyintweety: seems you don't have a C++ compiler installed. got gcc?18:15
tweetyLuyin: I am a newbie :), is there a record of every opperation performed in terminal (like sudo apt intall)?18:29
tweetyif so, where would I find these logs?18:31
flocculant/var/log/apt/ look for terminal and history log(s)18:31
tweetyso everything is tracked?18:31
flocculantapt stuff is logged there18:32
flocculant*your* terminal log will be in ~/.bash_history18:32
tweetyI'll check18:32
Luyintweety: also, you can easily check whether gcc is installed if you use apt: apt search gcc will tell you whether or not gcc is installed18:34
tweetyso, I guess, a C++ compiler isn't a part of Xubuntu default install?18:35
flocculanthttp://pastebin.com/ENPQA5yS is what I've got18:36
flocculantii is installed18:36
Luyintweety: no it isn't, but you can just install it18:38
tweetyin this command syntax, gcc doesn't get installed: "sudo apt install libpurple-dev libjson-glib-dev cmake gcc"18:40
PiciI would make sure that the build-essential metapackage is installed.18:41
tweetyPici: sorry, could you spell that out for me? :18:41
WalliskiThere is a package in ubuntu that is called build-essential18:43
Picitweety: sudo apt-get install build-essential18:43
WalliskiIt contains compilers and common tools that are used when compiling18:43
tweetyok, and gcc is considered the best compiler that people generally use?18:44
WalliskiI suppose18:44
tweetyLuyin: after "apt: apt search gcc" got: "No command 'apt:' found, did you mean:18:52
tweety Command 'apt' from package 'apt' (main)18:52
tweety Command 'aptd' from package 'aptdaemon' (main)18:52
tweetyapt:: command not found18:52
flocculantapt: isn't a command18:53
Luyintweety: "apt search gcc", respectively, if you want to install it right away, "apt install gcc" (last one must be run as root, or better with "sudo apt ... etc")18:53
Luyinbut I'd stick with Pici's build-essential command. I'm not that much in ubuntu's packaging anymore ;)18:54
flocculantI'd +1 that18:55
flocculantalso I should mention that any gcc* I show - is what you get in the unreleased version of xubuntu ...18:56
tweetyafter "apt" got: "WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts."  am I to ignore that?19:01
WalliskiInstalling packages is done with apt-get19:02
Walliskisudo apt-get install build-essential19:02
LuyinWalliski: apt can easily be used as well as of current distributions of debian-based stuff19:03
tweetyyes, I got that, I was just checking what I had with "apt search gcc" which gave me the above warning19:03
WalliskiLuyin, TIL19:04
WalliskiJust supposed that was why it threw weird stuff, but apparently it wasn't even :D19:04
tweetyin any case, here's the feed to "apt search gcc": http://paste.ubuntu.com/14673821/19:06
tweetyunless, I am relly not understanding the list, gcc seems to be there19:06
WalliskiYeah, and it shows that you have it installed now aswell19:08
flocculanttweety: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingCompilers19:08
flocculantas Pici said - install build-essential19:10
tweetyso, to make a long story short, even though gcc is in my list of installed stuff, I still got to install build-essential because something else is likely missing?19:12
kafgaemail terminal, does anyone know why? any of you experienced this and know help me?19:15
kafgaI wanted to understand why after I installed qBittorrent my WiFi stopped working in the browser, and email terminal, does anyone know why? any of you experienced this and know help me? qBittorrent already uninstalled and nothing has changed.19:15
krytariktweety: You should find that it's already installed, as well.19:17
flocculantkrytarik: build-essential?19:17
flocculantnot going to find that installed without asking for it19:17
krytarikYou sure?19:18
flocculantyea - not on a default install19:18
tweetyso: "apt search build-essential"?19:18
flocculantwell - I'd just install build-essential19:19
flocculantkrytarik: wth do we seed that?19:19
tweetyand I am running 14.04 not 15.1019:19
flocculanttweety: just install it :)19:19
krytarikflocculant: It's pulled in by 'desktop-common', apparently.19:19
tweetybtw, when I output to ubuntu's pastebin directly, is a copy left somewhere in my logs?19:20
krytariktweety: Yep, it's not there in 14.04 indeed.19:21
krytariktweety: Nope.19:21
flocculantkrytarik: mmm - so that's new :)19:21
krytarikflocculant: Yep, I was rather surprised, too. :P19:22
tweetyok, so out of curiosity, I did "apt search build-essential" and got http://paste.ubuntu.com/14674024/ that's not the right stuff?19:27
flocculanttweety: just install it - you've been pointed at it numerous times now19:31
tweetyflocculant: ok, ok, doing it now :)19:32
tweetyjust want to learn as much as I can along the way19:33
flocculantfwiw that apt search paste shows it at the top ;)19:35
xubuntu07wHelo. If I install a daily build of Xubuntu 16.04, how do I keep it updated each day? Just apt-get update && upgrade?19:36
flocculantxubuntu07w: works for me19:36
flocculantif you're doing that you might want to get involved with package testing - all hands welcome19:37
flocculantthere's a session in -devel this weekend about that19:37
xubuntu07wflocculant: I want to test. I have a computer dedicated for this.19:38
xubuntu07wThank you19:38
flocculantat the moment probably better to pop into #xubuntu-devel19:38
xubuntu07wOK. I will19:38
flocculant16.04 is a bit too early for this channel19:38
tweetyok, so now that I got build-essential installed, do I go through this sequence of commands :https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb#compiling from the beginning or just from: " cd build19:45
tweety    cmake .."?19:45
tweetysorry for yet another newbie question19:50
xanguatweety: did you ask in the Pidgin channel?19:50
xanguaWasn't there a deb for that plugin?19:51
tweetyI am just confused by the presense of "cmake gcc" in the very first command "sudo apt install libpurple-dev libjson-glib-dev cmake gcc"19:51
tweetyxangua: I don't believe I did...19:52
tweetyand no, this needs to be compiled19:52
tweetythis was confirmed to me by the guy who wrote the plugin19:53
tweetyflocculant: care to toss the last pearl of wisdom to a newbie? :)19:55
flocculanttweety: you say you wanted c++ compiler - that's g++ not gcc - from the package link I posted19:56
tweetyflocculant: my initial post was: having problems with cmake compiling a plugin for Pidgin; following instructions from here https://github.com/EionRobb/skype4pidgin/tree/master/skypeweb#compiling but after cmake get errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667591/ with this CMakeError.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/14667601/20:01
tweetyto which Luyin answered: " tweety: seems you don't have a C++ compiler installed. got gcc?"20:02
flocculantright - I was just reading backlog, no idea why said dev said install what they did - all I'm saying is that build-essential is pretty much one of the useful things to have installed if you're compiling20:03
flocculantpersonally I only compile when forced to20:03
tweetyok, so now that I should have these bases covered, do I just go my "build" dir and execute cmake or do I have to repeat all the recomended commands in the initial instructions, just in case?20:05
tweety*go to my build dir...20:06
flocculantI tend to just redo them, never sure whether I should or not20:10
tweetyso if a package was already installed and I reissue the instal command, it just get overwritten, ho harm done, right?20:11
flocculantyep - no harm20:15
tweetythanks for your help20:15
tweetythanks everyone :)20:15
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tweetya general question about linux syntax: in a command: "sudo apt install libpurple-dev libjson-glib-dev cmake gcc"  are "cmake" and "gcc" just a part of the list of apps that are being installed or is "cmake" here a command to compile "gcc"?21:01
Luyintweety: everything after "install" are packagenames21:07
Luyintweety: you should start with taking a look at manpages of the commands you're using :) "man <command>", e. g. "man apt", "man apt-get"21:08
tweetyLuyin: are manpages online or a part of Xubuntu's "help" that's installed?21:09
Luyintweety: manpages are shipped with each linux distro21:10
Luyinjust run "man apt" in a terminal21:10
tweetyteach a man to fish and he will be fed for a lifetime! (or something like that) :)21:12
tweetymany thanks :)21:12
Luyinyw tweety :)21:22
tweetyanother q; can anyone recomend a good site that would compare and contrast linux aps of the same purpose, for example different terminal apps?21:23
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Luyintweety: often wikipedia has good comparing lists of apps with the same purpose. look for a general description of what you're looking for, e. g. "terminal application", and see if there's a list on wikipedia about it.21:33
tweetyLuyin: that one I know, I thought maybe there is something more "local" to the linux world that the local crowd favours21:35
Luyintweety: I don't know, but if you find something feel free to share it ;)21:39
tweetywill do :)21:40
dv_bekks, Luyin: about the unlock dialog I mentioned a few days ago, this is what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/RcJihRZ.png23:09
dv_it appears after unlocking the screen. I get the impression that it only appears if I kept the screen locked for a while.23:10
Luyindv_: obviously you or someone pretending to be you tries to "change your user data", like username23:10
dv_but I don't. I just unlocked the screen.23:10
dv_perhaps something in the background is running, and can't run while the screen is locked, and therefore opens this dialog23:11
Luyindv_: if it could not run, you wouldn't be asked for a password, but it would either fail "silently" (meaning you would find the error logged somewhere, but have fun finding out where...) or loudly, i. e. you'd see an error message in a similar dialogue box.23:12
dv_well then I have no idea.23:12
dv_I tried the methods mentioned here, but they didnt help much. http://askubuntu.com/questions/562355/seemingly-random-authentication-is-required-to-change-your-own-user-data23:13
dv_ahh, but I didnt try to disable policykit auth yet.23:15
dv_it is not explained if this is safe to do though, or if it breaks something.23:16
Luyindv_: as a rule of thumb, if you don't know what you do, don't do it.23:16
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krytarikdv_: LP bug 1512002.23:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512002 in policykit-1-gnome (Ubuntu) "Annoying dialog "Authentication is required to change your own user data"" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151200223:34

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