thumperit is right about now I want a debugger with local variable introspection01:30
wallyworldthumper: use PyCharm :-D01:31
thumperfor golang?01:31
thumperhas debugging?01:31
thumpersince when?01:31
wallyworldyou use a golang plugin01:31
thumperbut... but... PyCharm01:32
wallyworldany of the IDEs work01:32
wallyworldIntelliJ etc01:32
wallyworldbut i like PyCharm so I can also open the Python juju client etc01:32
wallyworldthey all use the same plugin01:32
wallyworldi don't think the offical plugin has all the features, i use one that's in development which will become offical01:33
wallyworldjetbrains took it over01:33
wallyworldaxw: i have to head out to take kid to movie theatre, bbiab01:34
axwwallyworld: sure, I'm half way through your review01:34
wallyworldi owe you a beer :-(01:36
=== natefinch-afk is now known as natefinch
natefinchericsnow: you around?01:51
davechen1ythumper: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/421202:17
davechen1yugly ass backport to 1.2502:17
davechen1yneeds a lot of testing as I had to bump the version of juju/utils to pick up dependencies of the juju/juju/testing package which the state/leadership tests use02:18
* thumper bangs his head on the desk03:06
thumperjust figuratively03:06
thumperoh FFS03:10
* thumper takes a deep breath and dives into the code again03:10
davechen1y% juju bootstrap --bootstrap-series=precise --upload-tools -v03:22
davechen1yerror: flag provided but not defined: --bootstrap-series03:22
davechen1yhow am I supposed to test 1.25 when it doens't understand this flag ...03:22
davechen1ywhat's olde english for --boostrap-series03:23
davechen1yi'll try it ?03:23
davechen1yi'll try it03:23
natefinchalso, juju help bootstrap ;)03:24
davechen1ylucky(~/src/github.com/juju/juju) % juju bootstrap --series=precise --upload-tools -v03:24
davechen1yUse of --series is obsolete. --upload-tools now expands to all supported series of the same operating system.03:24
davechen1yWARNING ignoring environments.yaml: using bootstrap config in file ""03:24
davechen1yWARNING This juju environment is already bootstrapped. If you want to start a new Juju03:24
davechen1yenvironment, first run juju destroy-environment to clean up, or switch to an03:24
davechen1yalternative environment.03:24
davechen1yERROR environment is already bootstrapped03:24
davechen1y^ that is a lie03:25
natefinchjuju destroy-environment foo --force -y03:25
natefinchalready bootstrapped sometimes means "last bootstrapped failed and we didn't clean up enough" :/03:25
=== urulama__ is now known as urulama
davechen1ythumper: did you find the details about the juju/txn bug we talked about at standup03:32
davechen1yi'd like to look into that as a priority03:32
davechen1y'cos that is horrible03:32
thumperno, sorry03:35
davechen1ywow, 1.25 is old03:43
davechen1yno --format short03:43
thumperdavechen1y: juju/txn ErrExcessiveContention03:45
axwdavechen1y: there was never a way to specify series for just the bootstrap machine before. you had to set preferred-series in environments.yaml03:45
davechen1ythat's the one03:45
davechen1yaxw: ahh03:45
thumpertxn.go line 15103:45
davechen1yyeah, i know that03:46
davechen1yso we said at standup that error X is happening, which doesn't match any of the preconditions, so the errror is replaced by ErrExcessiveContention03:46
davechen1yok, i was wrong juju status --format short is implemented03:47
davechen1ybut returns nothing if you have no machines deployed03:47
davechen1ywhich makes sense in a "thanks, that didn't help" way03:47
davechen1ythumper: can you find the fix that you landed last time this happened ?03:49
davechen1ywhich i imagine probably jiggled a transaction operation to not do something03:49
thumperlet me take a quick look03:50
davechen1ythumper: fix confirmed, submitting http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3645/04:05
thumperquick look doesn't find it I'm afraid04:16
thumperdavechen1y: my test tear down is failing saying I have dirty sockets...04:18
thumperdavechen1y: after more looking, I can't see what's going on04:19
thumperany hints on how to debug this?04:19
davechen1ythumper: linkage04:21
davechen1ylink for some text of what you are seeing04:21
thumperdavechen1y: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14676889/04:22
davechen1ythumper: normally whent hat happens mongo has crapped itself waaaaaya up in the piece04:23
thumperyeah, but only running one test04:25
thumperand it is recurring04:25
thumperso I'm guessing it is me04:25
thumpernormally this is when you forget to close something04:26
davechen1yi've always seen that in big test runs when mongo poops itself and this is just the aftershock of every suite setup and tear down04:26
thumperbut I have the defer close04:26
thumperhmm... logging is getting me places... slowly04:37
davechen1ythumper: this merge gets worse and worse04:50
davechen1y'cos juju/juju/testing needs a newer version of juju/utils, had to update that04:50
davechen1yand juju/utils needs yaml.v204:50
davechen1ythis is like the story about needing a nail to fix a horse shoe04:51
davechen1yto get a penny04:51
davechen1yto buy some milk04:51
davechen1yto feed a pig04:51
davechen1yto ride on sunday04:51
thumperwell, at least you can see your journey...04:52
thumpermy test is being torn down while running04:53
thumperbeat that04:53
thumperI mean, WTF?04:53
thumperdavechen1y: right now I have *no* clue as to what's going on04:54
davechen1ypush it to a branch04:54
davechen1yi'll take a look04:54
natefinchthis is (one of the reasons) why dumping a bunch of unrelated crap into juju/utils is a terrible idea.  If it was all separate repos, you could just update the one you need, and not update everything else.04:57
thumperdavechen1y: https://github.com/howbazaar/juju/tree/migrate-machines04:59
thumperdavechen1y: although I'm pretty much done...05:00
thumperdavechen1y: let me point you at a few things:05:00
thumperstate/migration_import_test.go line 18505:01
thumperthat line is never reached in the test05:01
thumperstate/migration_import.go line 142, both the possible return places have logging, neither happens05:01
=== akhavr1 is now known as akhavr
thumperI get: [LOG] 0:00.255 DEBUG juju.state.import-model importing machine 005:02
thumperSTART: <autogenerated>:784: MigrationImportSuite.TearDownTest05:02
thumper[LOG] 0:00.255 DEBUG juju.state closed state without error05:02
thumperno test assertion failed AFAICT05:03
thumperjust start of tear down05:03
thumperit would be great if you figured this out, but I'm going to sleep on it05:03
=== blahdeblah_ is now known as blahdeblah
frobwaredooferlad, running 10 mins late...08:58
dooferladfrobware: ack08:59
frobwaredooferlad, back...09:11
dooferladfrobware: see in in a sec then09:12
jamwallyworld: I just submitted bug #1538462 about "juju bootstrap --debug" containing a lot of simplestreams "garbage"09:22
mupBug #1538462: simplestreams debug content is useless (juju bootstrap --debug) <logging> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538462>09:22
jamspecifically, it is serializing something and putting just the pointer content into the log09:22
jam20130404:0xc8201f1e00 20130423:0xc8201f1ec0 20131123:0xc82040c0c0 20130313:0xc8201f16e0 20131022:0xc8201f18c0 20130928:0xc8201f198009:23
jamis not particularly useful for anyone09:23
mupBug #1538462 opened: simplestreams debug content is useless (juju bootstrap --debug) <logging> <simplestreams> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538462>09:40
jamfrobware: dimitern: I got roped into a phone call for a client, so I won't be able to make standup today.09:50
frobwarejam: ack09:51
frobwaredimitern, do you have an /e/n/i I could look at from your IPv6 setup?09:52
dimiternjam, np09:58
dimiternfrobware, not right now, but I can get one09:58
frobwaredimitern, not desperately urgent09:59
frobwaredimitern, voidspace: standup10:02
dimiternsorry, omw10:03
dimiternfrobware, I'm typing in the HO chat10:30
voidspacedimitern: we said don't do the hack with a yaml setting and take a couple of days to do it properly10:38
frobwaredimitern, I'm confused about the proposed PR/change for default.10:38
frobwaredimitern, are we going for a change that does NOT require a yaml addition?10:39
dimiternfrobware, voidspace, ok, let me think for a bit to see what are the options10:40
dimiternand then we can decide?10:40
frobwaredimitern, thanks. we need to convey our plans to cheryl too10:41
axwwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/juju/compare/cloud-credentials...axw:cloud-credentials-prepareforbootstrapparams  -- all tests pass, but I want to do some live tests and audit code before I propose it (tomorrow)10:42
axwwallyworld: if you want to look before then, I don't expect too much will change10:42
wallyworldaxw: ok, will do10:43
dimiternfrobware, I think I have a good plan for a "proper" fix11:41
frobwaredimitern, great!11:41
wallyworldjam: hey, you still online? what are your issues with splitting config and dat directories?11:41
dimiternhere's the gist of it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678495/11:42
frobwaredimitern, want to HO to discuss? I can act as a sounding board.11:42
jamwallyworld: I don't have a huge problem with it, I don't know that it actually provides clarity rather than just complexity, though.11:42
dimiternfrobware, I need to go out now, but let's chat when I'm back in <1h11:42
jamwallyworld: the data we have I wouldn't put into /usr/share, for example11:42
frobwaredimitern, ok, but probably after that as I have a couple of back-2-back meetings.11:42
jamits not that kind of dataa11:42
dimiternfrobware, np11:42
wallyworldjam: it keeps pure config data that the user can and should look at and edit separate from stuff they should not edit lest the stuff things up. and it conforms to a standard11:43
wallyworldsure not in /usr/share but ~/config/juju for clouds and credentials11:43
wallyworldand the data dir for controller cache and other runtime stuff users should not see11:43
wallyworldwe don't want to put in their faces files they are not expected to look at11:44
wallyworldwe tell them - anything in ~/.config/juju you can edit and look at11:44
wallyworldthat makes it easy for them11:44
jamwallyworld: so can you link the actual "this is where you should put file X" stuff? The actual XDG spec just says what the variables are, but not how to pick which one11:46
wallyworldjam: i don't have the link, but perrito666 probably does11:47
jamwallyworld: so there are a couple of articles on "ploum.net" that talk about this, but actually his notes seem to say everything should be in DATA11:48
jamas they aren't just "preferences that can be reset"11:48
wallyworldeverything in data makes no sense11:48
wallyworldclouds and credentials etc are definitely config11:49
jamwallyworld: credentials are critical information about remote systems11:49
jamnot just simple config11:49
jamas in, if I lose them, I'm hosed11:49
jamvs "I want tabular by default" is config11:49
jamthe pluom article at least says that you should be able to wipe config and start fresh with default settings11:50
jamand that is *not* true of credentials11:51
wallyworldso perhaps the new jenv type stuff should go in "<runtime>" not data11:51
wallyworldi'll discuss it some more11:52
jamwallyworld: runtime is for "non-essential runtime files such as sockets and named-pipes"11:53
jamand the lifetime of RUNTIME is bound to the logged in user11:53
jamdefinitely not what we want11:53
jamlogging out shouldn't reset your credentials :)11:53
wallyworldso there be some way of separating user editable stuff from juju stuff11:53
jamwallyworld: if users are vim ~/*/juju we've probably failed our CLI UX11:54
jamas in, there may be thing they *could* edit, but we'd really be better off not suggesting they edit anything11:54
jam(vim is not typesafe)11:54
wallyworldthey need to poentially edit their personal clouds.yaml11:54
jamwallyworld: we should provide CLI ways to describe a cloud instead11:54
jamwallyworld: vim won't do syntax checking that the information they type is valid11:55
wallyworldthe spec has an add-cloud command that assumes that a clouds.yaml exists already. we could allow it to be edited using a schema like we will for credentials11:56
wallyworldthat article does make a point that i hadn't considered11:57
jamI can't say pluom is authoritative, but the XDG spec tells you *what* the variables are, but not why to use them (at least that I've fonud)11:58
wallyworld+1 to that12:00
wallyworldok, we'll look to see how using <data> will turn out, and treat stuff there as needing to be persistent12:01
alexisbfwereade, ping13:03
rogpeppe1dimitern: you might like this new proposed addition to juju/utils: https://github.com/juju/utils/pull/193/files13:44
dimiternrogpeppe1, looks nice :)14:35
rogpeppe1dimitern: thanks :)14:35
dimiternrogpeppe1, I have a growing number of things to add to juju/utils .. in my abundant free time :)14:36
rogpeppe1dimitern: :)14:36
rogpeppe1dimitern: tbh i think we should split it up14:36
dimiternrogpeppe1, subpackages or subrepos?14:36
rogpeppe1dimitern: subpackages14:37
dimiternrogpeppe1, +10014:37
rogpeppe1dimitern: and it's somewhat criminal that importing juju/utils side-effects http.DefaultClient14:38
dimiternrogpeppe1, oh.. GetNonValidating.. ?14:39
rogpeppe1dimitern: no, grep 'func init'14:39
dimiternrogpeppe1, ah, right :/14:40
frobwaredimitern, dooferlad, voidspace: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3648/ -- will do more manual testing, and testing with stakeholders before merging. but a review would help move that forward.14:41
dimiternfrobware, is this the same script as in master?14:46
frobwaredimitern, yep14:47
frobwaredimitern, should be 100% identical. the control happens via cli args.14:47
dimiternfrobware, this line: self.is_active = self.method == "dhcp" or self.method == "static"14:47
dimiternfrobware, reminded me of that case where we have a auto eth0 but manual, which has active, static vlan children14:48
dimiternfrobware, did we do anything about that?14:48
frobwaredimitern, do you have a node to hand that boots with that config?14:49
dimiternfrobware, not now, but IIRC thedac had to deal with something similar in dellstack14:51
frobwaredimitern, that case was covered by https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/414815:01
mupBug #1538583 opened: manual provider add-machine failed in api-command-rename <add-machine> <ci> <manual-provider> <regression> <juju-core:Incomplete> <juju-core api-command-rename:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538583>15:02
mupBug #1538589 opened: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <regression> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>15:02
dimiternfrobware, right! so we're good then - LGTM I think15:03
frobwarecherylj, can we get a CI build for #1532167  https://github.com/frobware/juju/tree/1.25-lp153216715:09
mupBug #1532167: maas bridge script handles VLAN NICs incorrectly <addressability> <maas-provider> <network> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.25:In Progress by frobware> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1532167>15:09
cheryljabentley, mgz, can we get a CI run on frobware's branch ^^?15:10
cheryljthis is the one that backports the maas-spaces script to 1.2515:10
mgzcherylj: I'll push it into the juju namespace15:11
cheryljmgz: thanks!15:11
dimiternfrobware, can you have a look at this org draft - http://paste.ubuntu.com/14679880/15:50
dimiternfrobware, so it came down to a few more things than I originally thought15:51
frobwaredimitern, certainly looks like it.15:51
dimiternfrobware, I can still probably do it by standup time tomorrow, but not today15:51
frobwaredimitern, sure. it's important we get it right.15:52
* voidspace reading15:52
dimiternvoidspace, dooferlad, please have a look as well ^^15:52
voidspacedimitern: so for maas now the juju user has to tell us what space they want as default (effectively)?15:52
voidspacedimitern: what about blake's suggestion - bootstrap without constraint and then pick as default the space that we bootstrap to?15:53
voidspaceto me this looks more complex than we *need*, but I'm digesting it properly15:53
voidspace*still* digesting it properly15:53
dimiternvoidspace, the idea is to use environ constraints for the default, but also (in maas) discover and save the name in state for use in unspec. bindings later15:54
dimiternvoidspace, so it includes what we discussed with blake15:54
dimiternvoidspace, i.e. I think this is the "proper way" to do it, and it's not maas specific15:55
voidspacedimitern: why do we *need* a different default space and controller space specifications15:55
voidspacedimitern: can't we initially have just a default one15:55
voidspacedimitern: or is that just for where controller and specified default *are* different15:56
dimiternvoidspace, they need to be distinct in the general case, as the controller "space" is more like a set of addresses from possibly different subnets in different spaces15:57
voidspacehmm, doesn't sound like a space at all15:57
dimiternvoidspace, but in the default path, we'll set them to be the same in maas (when you don't give us anything specific)15:57
dimiternvoidspace, it's a space with no subnets, just addresses15:58
dimiternvoidspace, well, we can "invent" subnets like strictly speaking15:58
voidspacedimitern: according to our network model that *isn't* a space, and it would probably be less confusing if we didn't call it a space15:58
dimiternbut that's only internally in juju15:58
dooferladdimitern: my problem with it is that you are asking the user for information they may not have, and don't need.15:59
dooferladyou can, at bootstrap, just get a machine and see what spaces it is in once it has been provisioned (as Blake suggested)15:59
dimiternvoidspace, no, we're not :) we're doing what the user said, if they did - otherwise we pick a sane default (at bootstrap) for both names15:59
voidspacefor maas, network.DefaultSpace is not necessarily a sane default16:00
voidspacedimitern: if controller space isn't a real space, what's the use case for setting it to a real space? (and your doc says it must be a real space)16:04
voidspacedimitern: what I'm really trying to say is that I don't understand why we need controller space and what it's for16:04
jcastrodoes anyone know where the new account/creds stuff is documented? We want to show juju 2.0 to people at the charm summit but we can't seem to find the docs about like credentials.yaml and friends16:04
voidspacedimitern: and I still don't think we need it16:04
dimiternvoidspace, because it may very well be a real space, dedicated for juju controllers only, and the user has configured it so it can be accessed from all other spaces16:05
voidspacedimitern: the only place your doc mentions it being used is for selecting API endpooints16:05
dimiternand know what they are doing16:05
dimiternvoidspace, that's what we need it for16:06
voidspaceyour implementation as described *requires* it to be a real space (we always set it to something), whereas above you stated that it was really just a list of endpoints possibly in different spaces16:07
voidspacedimitern: the implementation you describe in your doc doesn't permit that - it *must* be a real space16:07
voidspacesurely the only thing we *need* to overcome the existing problem is as follows (I may be wrong):16:09
voidspaceset the juju "default space" to the space from the primary nic of machine-016:09
voidspaceif the user wants to specify a default space they can, for the moment, specify that space as a bootstrap constraint16:10
voidspacelater on we can add a default space setting16:10
dimiternthe setting is need to store it16:13
dimiternbut it can be just in state, not in env.yaml16:13
voidspacedimitern: right16:13
voidspacedimitern: we need to store it16:13
mupBug #1538589 changed: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>16:26
mupBug #1538589 opened: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>16:29
mupBug #1538589 changed: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>16:32
mupBug #1538589 opened: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>16:35
mupBug #1538589 changed: Container has different subnet <ci> <lxc> <network> <juju-core:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538589>16:38
perrito666could anyone ptal http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3634/ ?16:42
natefinchkatco, ericsnow: I have to pick up my daughter from school right when our meeting is starting today... can we start 15 minutes late?  We could meet for a while beforehand, if you think we might run out of time.16:43
katconatefinch: as long as you're available until the meeting is over, that's fine16:43
katconatefinch: i don't anticipate this one running long16:43
natefinchkatco: ok16:43
natefinchkatco: oh, uh, I just noticed it runs through 5:30... I really kind of have to stop at 5 so I can make dinner for the kids.16:45
katconatefinch: then we should start on time16:45
natefinchkatco: ok, I'll work it out.16:45
katconatefinch: i can move it up a little as well if that works for ericsnow16:45
ericsnowkatco: fine with me16:46
katconatefinch: but that puts you leaving in the middle of it?16:46
katconatefinch: well, just let me know what works for you.16:53
mupBug #1538652 opened: MAAS doesn't assign DHCP IP to new Node and doesn't update DNS table <maas-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538652>16:56
natefinchkatco: I'll just pick up my daughter early, if I can be done at 5.17:00
katconatefinch: moved it up. we should be done by 517:01
mupBug #1538652 changed: MAAS doesn't assign DHCP IP to new Node and doesn't update DNS table <maas-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538652>17:02
natefinchkatco: sorry, I think I misunderstood.  I was going to pick her up early to make the 2:30 time.... is there a way we can do an hour now-ish and 2 hours from 3-5 my time?  I'm trying to avoid having to pick her up 45 minutes early from school.17:05
katconatefinch: have you guys figured out resource-get?17:06
natefinchkatco: yeah, lemme give it one last test17:06
mupBug #1538652 opened: MAAS doesn't assign DHCP IP to new Node and doesn't update DNS table <maas-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538652>17:08
natefinchis there a way to force an update-status hook to get fired?17:41
natefinchhey! it worked17:45
natefinchit works better when you don't forget you git stashed your previous bugfix17:49
natefinchkatco: can we meet for an hour now?17:59
katconatefinch: sorry, i need to run some errands over lunch for the trip18:00
katconatefinch: this is why things go on the calendar18:00
katconatefinch: bbiab18:01
voidspacefrobware: dooferlad: the good news is that *only* the maas deploy tests are failing for maas-spaces now: http://reports.vapour.ws/releases/354618:38
katconatefinch: ok back. so do you want me to put the meeting back to the original time?18:40
katcoericsnow: i'm going to push the iteration planning back to its original time. i think natefinch is probably picking up his kiddo atm.18:50
ericsnowkatco: k18:50
natefinchkatco: I'm here18:59
katconatefinch: k, let's do this18:59
katcoericsnow: going now after all19:00
ericsnowkatco: k19:00
perrito666cherylj: ping19:54
cheryljperrito666: pong20:00
perrito666cherylj: I have been assigned to https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1472711 and there is mention of work you are doing and I recall ian telling me too that you where doing work on this and that I was to help you20:16
mupBug #1472711: MAAS node has "failed deployment", juju just says "pending" when using juju add-machine <cpec> <feature> <landscape> <maas-provider> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1472711>20:16
cheryljperrito666: give me a minute, on a stand up.  I'll let you know what's up with that :)20:17
perrito666thank you20:17
thumpersinzui: why do pull requestest for machine-dep-engine keep getting opened and quickly closed?20:30
perrito666thumper: because this is the bot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z86V_ICUCD420:32
mupBug #1538735 opened: default-series breaks --bootstrap-series <bootstrap> <ci> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538735>20:39
mupBug #1538735 changed: default-series breaks --bootstrap-series <bootstrap> <ci> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538735>20:45
sinzuithumper: I open them, then github points to conflcits :(. We are blocking master so that the version the machine-dep-engine tests remain valid20:45
cheryljperrito666: the WIP I have for the machine provisioning status is here:   https://github.com/cherylj/juju/tree/new_provisioning_status20:47
mupBug #1538735 opened: default-series breaks --bootstrap-series <bootstrap> <ci> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538735>20:48
* perrito666 compares to master20:48
perrito666cherylj:  so, if I understand this correctly I should continue that work? (I am not all that informed as you can see :p )20:49
cheryljperrito666: let me talk to wallyworld20:49
perrito666cherylj: there should be no wallyworld so early :p20:50
cheryljperrito666: if you are going to take it, I'd want to set up some time to do a walkthrough of the code20:50
cheryljperrito666: some of it is no longer relevant as we won't be using lxc for containers20:50
cheryljalthough, it would need to be translated into lxd since we're going to use the same broker approach20:51
cheryljso n/m20:51
perrito666hehe. yeah, so I see the task has some important amount of time assigned and the description is, and I am being literal: "finish observability"20:51
perrito666I am sure Ian was more descriptive on our meeting but this AM I was not feeling very well and my head dropped a few packages20:52
cheryljI know that feeling20:52
mupBug #1538742 opened: lxc containers stay pending when using maas provider and juju 2.0-alpha1 <cpec> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538742>21:12
mupBug #1538742 changed: lxc containers stay pending when using maas provider and juju 2.0-alpha1 <cpec> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538742>21:15
mupBug #1538742 opened: lxc containers stay pending when using maas provider and juju 2.0-alpha1 <cpec> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1538742>21:18
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jw4hi juju peeps - is it a dumb question to ask if I can use juju to deploy a group of applications and databases through mesos/marathon?  Seems like juju and marathon/mesos are subtly different enough that there could be good 'synergy' there?21:52
jw4thanks lazypower22:04
perrito666cherylj: so I just synced with wallyworld lemme know when you have a moment22:04
lazypowernp o/ :D22:04
cheryljperrito666: sure, give me a couple minutes to finish a review22:06
marcoceppihelloooooooooooooo core22:18
marcoceppicherylj: is virtual services on the roadmap for 2.0?22:19
alexisbmarcoceppi, no22:23
marcoceppiok :(22:23
alexisbthumper, ping23:02
cheryljwaigani: ping?23:03
waiganicherylj: pong23:03
cheryljhey waigani, would you be able to rebase machine-dep-engine?  This should be the last time as we've blocked master23:03
perrito666nice table tenis game going on here23:03
waiganicherylj: sure23:04
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cheryljthanks, waigani!23:05
cheryljwaigani: also let me know if it ends up being trivial.  we may be able to skip the test run if it was23:05
waiganicherylj: okay, will do23:05

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