blazeKDE Plasma 5.5.4 Has Fixes For Multi-Screen Users08:16
blazedo want08:16
soeeblaze: package it :D08:19
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Plasma 5.4.3: W/PPA 5.5.4: X/TODO, Apps 15.08.3: W/PPA, 15.12.0: X/WIP, FW 5.18: X/LANDING | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging | plasma 5.5 in kubuntu-ppa/ppa-landing for xenial, kubuntu-ppa/backports for wily
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Plasma 5.4.3: W/PPA 5.5.4: X/TODO, Apps 15.08.3: W/PPA, 15.12.1: X/WIP, FW 5.18: X/LANDING | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging | plasma 5.5 in kubuntu-ppa/ppa-landing for xenial, kubuntu-ppa/backports for wily
valoriehttps://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.5.4.php & https://www.kde.org/announcements/announce-applications-15.12.1.php published08:20
soeevalorie: yes, someone has to push it to start building08:21
soeeclivejo: ^ 08:21
soeewhat was the fix for no sound issue ?08:37
valoriesoee: add yourself to the Audio group08:42
soeevalorie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup08:43
soeeThis command should not lists any normal user, in fact, everything except "pulse" (which is reserved for system-wide usage of PulseAudio, and is normally not used) is a cause for concern.08:43
soeeand i have atm: audio:x:29:pulse08:44
valorieexcept that that's the fix that works08:45
soeeok, relogin beb08:45
soeevalorie: running sudo addgroup soee audio08:47
soeei still have only dummy output08:47
valoriesomeone had that problem earlier in #kubuntu.... looking to see what he did08:48
soeestrange all worked fine yesterday08:48
soeeso some updates i made later chnaged it probably08:48
soeeand this is Wily only here at work08:48
valorieah, he had to restart pulseaudio08:49
valorieI wonder if just the restart of pa would do it08:49
soeevalorie: did this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/15223/how-can-i-restart-pulseaudio-without-logout08:51
soeeand have sound back08:52
valoriewithout adding yourself to the audiogroup?08:53
soeevalorie: i did add myself before08:53
valorieso we'll have to get someone else to test that out08:54
valorierestart pa08:54
valorieand see if that alone fixes it08:54
soeefirst of all why do this happen08:55
valorie"User-defined settings in ~/.pulse/ or ~/.config/pulse/ will override system-wide settings."08:56
valorieI wonder if those got changed somehow08:56
sheytanGuys, just a small info: when the tray icon shows updates available, it should get hidden right after the update is done. It doesn't and confusing that there are more updates. Please fix :)09:56
valoriesheytan: I agree10:00
valorieI've not had time to file the bug10:00
valorieyou could, on bugs.kde.org.....10:00
soeeRiddell: sheytan i reported this already10:01
sheytansoee: Great, thanks. Was about to :)10:01
soeeone sec. maybe ill find bug report10:01
soeesheytan: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35801810:02
ubottuKDE bug 358018 in notifier "Updates icon stays visible in systray when all updates were installed" [Normal,Unconfirmed]10:02
soeeplease comment and confirm :)10:02
yofelsitter: as overlord of all audio things. Do you have an idea what in frameworks or plasma would cause pulseaudio to only give a dummy output unless you're in the audio group?10:03
soeesheytan: the mantainer asked me once to ask others to verivy it and confirm10:03
soeeyofel: could it be somehow related to kernel bugfix updte ?10:04
yofelmaybe? I know very little about the audio stack, so I'm clueless10:05
sitteryofel: sounds more like a pulseaudio/systemd thing10:05
* soee wonders if teh updates history can be checked somehow10:05
valorieI added my input; thanks soee10:06
soeeyofel: i think for me teh problem started after one of this updtes: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678203/10:08
yofelsitter: thanks for the input10:08
yofelcould actually be considering that I didn't hit this right after updating plasma10:08
soeevalorie: thank you10:09
yofelcan't check my desktop history before friday. Interstingly my notebook isn't affected so far, just my desktop o.O10:10
valorieit worked badly for awhile, then worked10:10
soeeyofel: smae here, but my laptop uses Xenial10:10
valorieso I was surprised after updates that it stopped working again10:10
yofelwily here, haven't updated my xenial notebook in a couple days10:10
valoriesame here10:11
soeeyofel: +110:11
valorietoo much going on..... 10:11
viphi ho10:11
vipis there any way to change current window highlight colour on the taskbar?10:12
soeevip: maybe through System Settings -> Colors10:12
soeebut this probably will be global change10:12
sitteryofel: actually it might be something else entirely to do with systemd or possibly not. I never quite figured out how these things work (might be cgroups or logind?) somehow you can get permissions to write to devices you from a unix permission perspective have no permission to write to10:13
sitterit's black magic as far as I am concerned10:13
sitterI am pretty sure that your problem is somewhere in the middleware though10:13
yofelright, I think pulse should have be on some ACL that gives it access, and suddenly it's not - but I don't know where to start looking :/10:13
vipsoee: that was my first guess, but apparently not (changed all bluish to red, and restarted plasmashell), no change10:18
soeevip try asking on #plasma10:23
soeevip: i think this blue is bad choice, there is a lot of blue icons that are not readable when task item is highlighted10:23
* valorie heads to bed....10:26
soeeyofel: will you be abel to push 5.5.4 to build?11:52
yofelnot before friday11:52
soeeok :)11:53
BluesKajHey all13:17
BluesKajmade a major change to my 16.04 install, ppa-purged the ci-stable and the landing ppas ...was stuck in limbo with no kserver, which afiak doesn't actually exist on kde, but only the roll back could fix the mess....got too adventurous :-)13:27
mamarleyAnd I thought I was being adventurous by leaving the staging PPAs enabled all the time O.o.13:28
BluesKajI was using staging for a while ,bu someone warned me that the packages there were more unstable than any other ppas13:30
BluesKajalways thought the proposed ppa was the most dangerous13:33
=== je4d_ is now known as je4d
sgclarkHi folks, just home from conference. How are things?14:28
yofelstill drowning in todo's as usual, and the only thing you really missed were the published backports14:29
yofelnot much happened since then as I ran out of energy14:30
yofelnice to see you're back though :)14:30
sgclarkI am still drained from travel, but will probably knock out the remaining merges to get that nasty to-do gone lol14:30
sgclarkthanks :)14:30
* clivejo wishes he could bottle energy from his puppy and ship it to yofel14:31
yofelyeah bummer. Sadly that's still sci-fi14:31
clivejoyeah, and nothing around here is safe from being chewed or scratched14:33
soeelol :)15:40
clivejosoee: you arent doing your job!!15:40
soeei logged in, and had plasma session and sddm-greater inside normal window15:41
yofelI've seen that happen with sddm-greeter (which really should not be possible), but not with plasma..15:41
clivejoyofel: is there something holding up staging plasma 5.5.4?15:42
soeebrb, i'm going to setup new pone15:42
yofelclivejo: no15:42
clivejooh thought the scripts are broken or PPA not ready15:44
yofelno, someone just has to stage it15:47
yofelsomeone other than me if you don't want to wait until the weekend15:47
sgclarkI need to stop getting distracted from the darn merges :(15:49
sgclarkshiny stuff is cool, but these seriously need to get done15:49
soeeoh and now sound is gone on my laptop16:00
yofelwhat annoys me the most about that issue is that it feels rather random :(16:05
soeei think hat some update might be the reason16:08
soeefor example, yesterday all worked fine on my laptop and PC at work16:09
soeetoday both failed to load sound16:09
BluesKajsoee, lordievader says there's a bug after upgrading , the fix is to add yourself to the audio group16:13
soeeBluesKaj: yes i know but also some Ubuntu Wiki page states that there should not be any user in that group except pulse16:14
yofelwhich is correct, adding yourself to audio is just a for some reason working workaround16:15
BluesKajsoee, intel-hda ?16:16
soeeon laptop ?16:17
soeebrb reboot16:17
soeeback and again sddm-greater in window :)16:19
soeethere is some serious issue with sddm16:20
BluesKajsoee, kserver not found ?16:23
marco-parilloMissing LightDM (especially the Guest login)16:23
soeeBluesKaj: works fine this one16:23
BluesKajI got that message yesterday on the laptop, ppa-purge was required, so i purged both the ci/stable and the landing ppas 16:25
BluesKajjust installedn the 4.4 kernel ..it fixed a few issues with PIM/akonadi and akregator16:25
yofelI was about to say "how's that even possible", but this is akoandi..16:32
BluesKajyofel, well akregator wasn't launching , so i assumed it was PIM/akonadi related problem16:33
yofelyour ppa-purge probably fixed that16:33
yofeland if that was what fixed it, then it was an akonadi issue indeed16:34
BluesKajakregator wouldn't launch after the purge , but I hadn't rebooted yet16:40
BluesKajyofel, you're correct about akregator/akonadi, just launched akregator on my laptop which was ppa-purged as well, but no linux 4.4 kernal installed on it yet. 16:50
BluesKajkernel even16:51
soeedoes kde connect worksfor you , can you browse files in dolphin?17:47
soeehow can i list users in some group ?18:15
soeeon previous session did killall pulseaudio and pulseaudio and after reboot have my sound back18:15
soeebut i needed ~ 10 login attempts to be able to get into my session18:16
soeeall this 10 times i had black screen for a moment with some messages and sddm back18:16
acher88soee: for e.g. audio group 'grep audio /etc/group'18:27
mikkleDoes the installer for 16.04 daily work now?18:30
acher88soee: or install !members package?18:34
soeeyeah so only pulse in audio group18:36
soeeand my sound was restored without adding myself to that roup18:37
soeemikkle: no idea :) i'm on Xenial anyway18:37
acher88that's what I have on a machine that hasn't been changed since install18:37
soeebrb have to jump to windows since i can't browse phone from dolphin :(18:39
clivejoyofel: mind if I do a staging upload for plasma 5.5.4?19:23
yofelgo ahead19:23
clivejoIll need you to pause KCI later on19:23
clivejobut I need to do some laundry first19:24
* yofel goes back to searching the net for a good way to find latin1 entries in an utf8 mysql DB19:25
clivejoyofel: whats that for?19:33
yofelclivejo: I have a database that somehow ended up with mixed encoding, and now some of the older data in it shows up with broken special characters in reports, which I have to fix19:35
clivejooh work related?19:36
ovidiu-florinyofel:  what else got released in backports besides 5.5.3?19:45
ovidiu-florinframeworks, right?19:45
ovidiu-florinwhat version?19:45
ovidiu-florinyofel: can you review please: https://kubuntu.org/?p=2487&preview=true19:49
ovidiu-florinyou need to be logged in19:49
ovidiu-florinyofel: I've added a new line, refresh19:51
yofellooks ~fine, maybe replace "to testers who hang out" "to all testers who helped out"19:52
clivejohi ovidiu-florin19:53
* clivejo waves19:53
ovidiu-florinhello clivejo19:53
clivejohow are you keeping?19:53
ovidiu-florinyofel: anything else?19:54
ovidiu-florinclivejo: work, home (more work here), sleep (repeat for ever)19:54
ovidiu-florinyofel: do you also agree to the apology?19:55
ovidiu-florinclivejo: I'm digging deeper in CMake right now19:55
ovidiu-florinI'm kind of working on streamlining the KDE Android SDK19:55
yofelyes, mostly. I'm not sure if I like it, but I can't think of something better either. And something should be there19:56
clivejoyofel: staging script is failing20:00
ovidiu-florinpublished: https://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-5-3-and-frameworks-5-18-0-backported-to-kubuntu-15-10/20:00
yofelclivejo: pastebin please20:00
* clivejo kicks discover20:00
yofeloh that20:00
yofelremove it from the list and do it by hand20:01
yofelthat'll fix itself for 5.620:01
clivejocan the script be rerun or do I need to clear out workspace directory?20:02
* clivejo grumbles 20:03
ovidiu-florinyofel: I've had a better idea for the closing statement20:03
yofelremove the "with" at the end and it's great :)20:04
clivejoovidiu-florin: no need to name and shame us!20:07
clivejojust put the "team"20:07
ovidiu-florinyofel: what with?20:08
yofelovidiu-florin: "we had to tackle with" -> "we had to tackle"20:10
* clivejo raises an eyebrow20:12
clivejorolling release ?!?20:13
yofelwrong title, there is a "devel" release alias which makes you permanently run the dev release20:14
yofelwhich is a rolling release in some sense20:14
BluesKajin effect yeah, constant updates and upgrades testing the OS20:17
clivejobut its devel?20:17
yofelyeah, that's the only "rolling" thing we have20:17
yofelwith all the proposed-migration QA we have these days it's not worse than running debian testing20:18
yofelso if people don't mind the occasional bug, it does the job20:18
clivejoyofel: I wont push the removal of plasma-discover?20:30
clivejoyofel: can you pause KCI please?20:35
clivejoor ovidiu-florin if you can20:38
yofelstarted it20:39
yofelwait for it to actually start though20:39
clivejohummm why didnt it say here20:39
yofelthere, took a while o.O20:39
clivejothat was weird20:39
yofelthe button queues the build, it has to actually start to take effect20:39
clivejook done20:42
claydohlol I commented on the 'rolling ubuntu' post, we'll see if it approved.20:43
clivejoplasma-workspace has some merge madness going on20:49
clivejohow do I manually grab discover tarball from depot?21:14
Riddellclivejo: wget http://download.kde.org/stable/plasma/5.5.4/discover-5.5.4.tar.xz21:19
clivejois it properly released?21:19
clivejothought it was devel preview21:20
Riddellyes, I do plasma releases on same day for bugfixes21:20
soee_Riddell: whats sddm version Neon uses ?21:23
clivejoRiddell yofel: two patches for discover upstream_fix_crash_on_pkglist_refresh.diff & upstream_prevent_misleading_notification.diff 21:24
clivejois it safe to remove them?21:25
clivejo:) done21:25
soee_they are in 5.5.421:26
clivejoyofel: you keeping an eye on me?21:28
yofelnot really, just having IRC open in a corner of my screen21:29
yofelwell, bottom edge really21:29
clivejoI think I have them all uploaded now#21:29
clivejofix one thing and break another!21:30
yofelI think those are mostly my fault?21:30
clivejoYou're suspected of having broken merger_libkscreen21:30
clivejoyofel: did plasma 5.5.3 not get into the archive?21:31
yofelthis week is A2 freeze anyway, so lets just get .4 done21:31
soee_"Ah, but anyone who prefers to use Muon Package Manager (not the Software Center or Updater) will be disapointed as it is not functional in 5.5.3 (have to use Aptitude instead)."21:32
clivejosoee_: you like breaking your system?21:33
yofelstill waiting for a discover-compatible muon release21:33
soee_clivejo: what life would be when all would work just fine ... booring :)21:34
yofelotherwise someone would have to hack that into the muon package. Volunteers welcome21:34
clivejosoee_: plasma 5.5.4 is in staging :P21:34
soee_clivejo: it has red packages21:34
soee_and some are still building21:35
soee_so i'll wait for this 3 bulding atm. and test it than21:35
clivejojust discover as far as I can see21:36
clivejoI uploaded it, but its not showing21:36
soee_clivejo: can you remove plasma-discover - 5.5.3a-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa7 from staging ?21:36
clivejothats strange21:36
soee_clivejo: dicover is ready21:36
clivejoI uploaded plasma-discover - 5.5.421:36
soee_in fact all are ust not published yet21:36
soee_clivejo: yes and its there: plasma-discover - 5.5.4-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa121:37
clivejobut the status page doesnt seem to see it :/21:38
soee_status page is refreshed each 4 in i think21:38
soee_*4 min21:38
yofel10 min21:39
yofeland it doesn't track Pending packages21:39
soee_clivejo: wil you start backport also ?21:39
clivejosoee_: I dont know how21:40
clivejoI dont know how to merge either :?21:40
soee_yofel:  ^ is it some complex process ?21:40
yofelnot really, if you read kubuntu-batch-backport-git you see mostly what I did last time21:40
yofelcurrently that script is just a braindump, not something runnable, but it has the steps21:41
clivejoI want to learn how to merge, so I can help with apps21:41
clivejowho needs backports anyways :P21:42
clivejorolling releases are the way forward21:42
* clivejo hides21:42
yofelgo use arch you freakin' scumbag troll who doesn't care about users and ..21:43
yofelok, back to serious mode21:43
soee_hmm, why launchapd is so slow with publishing builds ? 21:44
yofeldunno, looks like the job like twice an hour or so these days21:44
yofel*runs like21:44
Quintasanhow the hell do I stop pbuilder from running that adt magic, or at least how do I exit cleanly?21:50
yofelQuintasan: chmod -x the hook that runs it21:51
yofellatter I don't know21:51
soee_clivejo: smooth upgrade, rebooting now22:06
soeeand back22:07
soeeclivejo: all fine :) great work on 5.5.422:08
clivejosoee: good to hear22:08
soeeclivejo: moving it to landing ?22:12
clivejosoee: does it fix your multiple screen issue?22:12
soeewhat issue? 22:12
soeei do not use here multiple screens setup22:13
clivejosomeone wanted 5.5.4 packages to fix a multi screen issue22:13
soeeacher88: yes22:13
clivejoah it wasnt you22:14
clivejo<blaze> KDE Plasma 5.5.4 Has Fixes For Multi-Screen Users22:14
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acher88will try those in the morning then22:14
soeeacher88: +1 :)22:14
clivejosoee: Ill wait til yofel or sgclark give it the go ahead22:15
soeeclivejo: oki22:15
yofeldo a small update test by yourself in pbuilder or so, then copy it to landing22:15
clivejodont want to mess things up or step on toes22:15
sgclarkclivejo: testing now. 22:16
acher88in that case I'll find my laptop and test now22:17
acher88that upgrade was nice and quick, and back into new plasma without any obvious initial probs22:25
clivejodoes discover work?22:27
* acher88 hangs head as usually uses synaptic22:28
acher88I'll try22:28
soeeit works but for me it is messed up - design, some broken function - but this si upstream22:28
clivejosoee: what happens if there are upgrades to packages?22:28
soeehappens where ?22:29
clivejothe update icon thingie-ma-bob22:30
soeethis is not fixed in this version if you are talking about updates icon visible after install22:30
clivejowhen is it to be fixed?22:31
soeeno idea, there is no fix for it yet22:31
mamarleyPlasma 5.5.4 is working fine on the three systems I just upgraded.  Thanks clivejo!22:32
soee! :D22:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about D22:32
soeeyou ubottu dumb :)22:33
mamarleysoee: I figure if I am going to break my systems, I might as well break them all at the same time! xD22:33
soeehihi :D22:34
soeeok, time to get some sleep. again clivejo: thanks for great work!22:35
clivejothanks, but you should really thank upstream!22:38
clivejoI just run a script :/22:38
acher88yep, looks good :)22:38
acher88although I've 'discovered' that 'discover' just makes me want to run 'apt-get purge plasma-discover'22:39
clivejoI still dont like the icons22:39
* clivejo changes back to 5.4 plasma theme22:40
sgclarkclivejo: yofel: 5.5.4 looks good to me so far23:31
sgclarkugh, busy all day and accomplished nothing.23:32
geniiI feel like that almost every day23:34
* genii makes another pot of coffee and passes the mugs around23:34
yofelright? ^^23:34

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