keithzgbob2021: That's interesting, I would have thought at very least it would give the "Run google-chome" option since it's a valid command. Hmm.00:00
keithzgbob2021: Do you have /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop  ?00:03
bob2021keithzg yes that's there00:06
keithzgbob2021: Ostensibly, KDE should be reading that.00:14
keithzgHave you restarted your session since you've installed Chrome?00:14
bob2021keithzg: yes00:15
keithzgbob2021: In a terminal, does "locate google-chrome.desktop" return any results other than that?00:16
bob2021keithzg: yeah, one in ~/.local/share...00:17
keithzgbob2021: I'd run a diff between that one and the /usr/share/applications one; differences between them could be screwing things up. Might even be worth just removing the ~/.local/share one and seeing if that solves things.00:18
bob2021keithz: looking in ~/.local/share, there are a lot of chrome- entries as well and one Chrome.desktop00:18
bob2021keithz: do i need to do anything for kde to re-read the DIR?00:18
valorieyou can always `mv ~/.local/share/whatever ~/.local/share/whatever.bak00:19
keithzgIt should automatically do that upon starting a new session, I *think*. There's probably a way to re-run the scraping manually, though; the "xdg-desktop-menu" command should do that, not entirely sure if KDE uses only that or does additional indexing of some kind.00:20
valoriefrom if you logout and do it from a terminal00:20
bob2021keithzg & valorie: looking in the one in .local, it was installed by Unity.  Should i just kill it?00:20
valoriemv is always safer00:20
valoriesince that way you can mv it back00:21
bob2021yup! that did it, thanks guys, as soon as i moved the one Unity installed, it started working00:22
bob2021ok... next issue -- linux thinks my apple Magic Trackpad 2 is a tablet or a mouse, and its not using the Synaptics driver, which disables multi-touch and gestures.00:23
bob2021how can i force it to think of the trackpad as a touchpad?00:23
valoriemight do to look at the synaptics driver rc file or so00:26
valorieeither in .local or in .config00:26
valoriewhat version of kubuntu are you runnin, bob2021?00:27
valoriebecause in kde4 days, that would be ~/.kde/share/config probably00:27
bob2021valorie: i started with ubuntu 15.10 and installed kde desktop yesterday.  so, yesterday's version00:28
valorieok, forget the .kde then00:29
valorieit's all in ~/.local or ~/.config now00:29
valorieand if you find an old conflicting file in .kde, blow it away00:29
bob2021valorie i'd think it has to do with hci and udev00:30
valorieok, I don't know anything about that00:31
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:31
valoriebest I got00:31
valoriegood old ubottu00:31
bob2021yeah tried that00:32
bob2021oh wow its not getting any sound either00:46
bob2021not seeing the sound card00:46
valoriewe've had reports that for some reason, some users were removed from the Sound group00:49
valorieonce added back in, all was well00:49
valorieI think that's how the fix went....00:49
bob2021valorie: you mean in /etc/group? I don't even have a sound group00:50
valorieaudio group I should have said00:50
valorieuser management has the groups I believe, in systemsettings00:50
bob2021valorie you're right i'm not there, should i be?00:51
valorieoops, dinner time00:51
valorieyes, you should00:51
bob2021anything else i need to be added to?01:00
bob2021valorie: is there a way to see if this works without rebooting or logging out?01:03
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bob2021can anyone tell me how to restart audio?01:27
frogonwheels_bob2021: you probably want to logout01:58
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frogonwheelsbob2021: groups are a bit funny like that.01:59
bob2021frogonwheel: if i logout, then processes running inside of screen will terminate, right?01:59
frogonwheelsbob2021: you mean 'screen' program? Just detach the screen session and reattach later01:59
frogonwheelsbob2021: or do you mean just on the display.. yeah.. they will stop.01:59
bob2021frogonwheels yes.  if i logout completely though, won't they terminate if detached?02:00
frogonwheelsbob2021: if you reboot they will. but if you just logout, why should they?02:00
bob2021because the parent process terminated?  ok i guess i can try it02:01
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bob2021ok here goes...02:07
emSometimes when I turn on my laptop I see this error on the black screen before it goes to the KDE GUI --- ".... *ERROR* The master control interrupt lied (SDE)!"02:22
emwhat does it mean?02:22
emcould it be the root cause of my other buggy experiences with Kubuntu?02:22
bob2021hey - can someone help me get my sound working?  i just tried logging in and out after adding myself to the audio group,a nd still nothing02:43
bob2021all the working audio cards are greyed-out and the only one not greyed out is the "dummy"02:43
bob2021i take that back - now i see the cards in "Audio Hardware Setup" but not in "Device Preference"02:48
bob2021my sound still isnt working :(04:00
bob2021will someone help me? i feel like i'm deaf04:00
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buriedalivebob2021 I'm alive :)04:52
bob2021but buried, sadly04:56
bob2021anyway, i have no sound???04:56
buriedalivebob2021 what is ur distro?04:57
bob2021ubuntu 15.10 with kde desktop installed on top05:01
buriedaliveI'm more than about 14.04 dont know, sorry05:02
buriedalive15.10 never installed05:03
bob2021buriedalive well nevertheless you may be able to help05:03
bob2021the sound cards all show up in "Phonon Audio and Video", but all the ones that work are greyed out, and only Dummy Output is selectable05:04
buriedalivemaybe ull try remove all filesand folders, associated with soundserver pulseaudio? for example - ~/.pulse, ~/.pulse-cookie, ~/.config/pulse05:09
buriedaliveand restart?05:09
buriedalivebut I'm not so sure about it05:11
bob2021buriedalive i can't restart now though; and hwo do i make sure its using phonon instead of pulse?05:11
buriedalivedont know, or try to full restart pulseaudio05:13
bob2021can someone help me with my sound?05:44
valorieem: look at http://www.spinics.net/lists/intel-gfx/msg81325.html -- it's just a warning05:59
valoriebob2021: have you gone through the ubuntu doc on sound?06:00
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:00
valoriethe troubleshooting one06:00
bob2021valorie: yes, i did fix it! just a minute ago.  it was a combination of what you said about the audio group, and what buriedalive said about restarting pulse06:03
bob2021i thought i restarted pulse, but its a stubborn little f'er06:03
bob2021thanks both of you!!!06:04
bob2021now, what about the trackpad? :)06:04
bob2021I'm hving this issue:  https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/27407806:04
valoriebob2021: for starters, add yourself as affected by that bug06:05
valoriehmmm, I don't see that button06:06
valoriemaybe because janitor closed it06:06
valorieI assume that this is a kernel bug, and not an Ubuntu one06:07
valorieso I guess I would chat with the wise folks in #ubuntu-kernel and get their opinion06:07
valoriethey helped me a lot when I had an equivalent issue06:08
TJ-You know about the sysfs /new_id bind-adhoc-device-to-driver facility?06:09
bob2021valorie: i did add myself, i'm the last commenter06:10
bob2021i think its a HID bug06:11
bob2021do they have a channel?06:11
valorieperhaps ask alis06:11
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http06:11
TJ-If a driver has the /new_id node you can simply do "echo vendor device >/sys/..../new_id" to have the driver (attempt to) bind to that device06:11
bob2021HID is what on linux tells linux what each piece of hardwarwe goes with which driver06:11
TJ-e.g. "echo 004c 0265 > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-generic/new_id"06:12
valorieif it was simple to fix, wouldn't it already be done?06:12
valoriein general, writing drivers for closed stuff like Apple is difficult06:12
TJ-valorie: it's not a fix; it's a workaround when a driver doesn't currently declare a (new) device ID in its internal 'alias' structures06:13
valoriethe people I know who do software <> hardware integration work are the smartest people I know06:13
bob2021valorie: its probably just adding an entry for this hardware id to a text file06:14
TJ-bob2021: which driver should handle the device? I presume the synaptic driver?06:15
bob2021TJ- Yes06:15
bob2021as far as i know06:15
bob2021oh hey tj! remember me?06:15
bob2021i'm bob2017 in mac os x, but i got ubuntu working06:15
TJ-hmmm, or it might be hid-multitouch.ko06:16
bob2021tj- well either way06:17
TJ-I just manually loaded that module. If it is loaded you can do (as UID 0) "echo $VENDOR $DEVICE > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id" to test it06:18
TJ-So, worth testing it out06:18
bob2021TJ- do i have to do anything before and after so the system knows it needs to do that?06:20
bob2021or the system rather sees the change06:20
TJ-identify the VENDOR DEVICE ID values, then (as UID 0) issue that command with the specific (hexadecimal) values06:20
TJ-if the device is USB then "lsusb"06:21
bob2021TJ- its bt, and i knew what they are before, i can't recall the commad to bring it up though06:22
bob2021got it let me try...06:23
TJ-if it is Bluetooth then use "bluetoothctl" then at its command-line prompt "list-devices", get the MAC ID of the connected device, then do "info <MAC_ADDRESS>" and look at the "Modalias" value06:24
bob2021TJ- I don't have a hid-multitouch directory, should i create that?06:24
bob2021i found the ids with cat /proc/bus/input/devices06:25
TJ-bob2021: "sudo modprobe hid-multitouch" to load the module06:25
TJ-bob2021: if using 'sudo' then "echo $VENDOR $DEVICE | sudo tee /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id"06:26
TJ-after that check the tail of the kernel log to see how the driver reacted. "tail /var/log/kern.log" or "dmesg | tail"06:26
bob2021do i need to quote 'vendor device'06:26
TJ-bob2021: no, but ensure there's a space between the 2 values06:26
bob2021TJ- I mean for the echo command, because its not expecting multiple arguments06:27
TJ-bob2021: echo will 'echo' everything until the end of the command-line; in this case up to the | pipe operator06:27
bob2021from my own uid i get permission denied.  from sudo su, i get "echo: write error: Invalid argument"06:28
TJ-bob2021: "echo $VENDOR $DEVICE | sudo tee /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id"06:30
bob2021tj- yes, and replacing the $ with the hex, i've been doing that exactly06:30
TJ-bob2021: what absolute values are you gucing it06:30
bob2021sudo echo 004c 0265 > sudo tee /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id06:30
TJ-let me check that06:30
bob2021and as root... echo 004c 0265 > /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id06:30
bob2021oh pipe06:31
bob2021ok with the pipe,   tee: /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch/new_id: Invalid argument06:31
TJ-hmm; try making the Letters UPPER CASE (004C)06:32
TJ-I thought in the kernel it doesn't matter, but maybe I'm confusing that with something else06:32
bob2021no you're right but i tried it anyway and same thing06:33
bob2021what does it mean? if anything?06:33
TJ-let me check the source06:33
TJ-have you looked at the kernel log in case the module is reporting a problem ?06:33
bob2021just did, it hasn't logged anything for 30 minutes06:34
TJ-bob2021: OK, give me a moment to check whether it's the new_id part failing, or the device+driver combo after the device tries to bind06:35
bob2021thanks :)06:35
bob2021oh - btw did you see the link i pasted? it has links to a bunch of other people reporting the same issue in october/november.  but then there was no activity06:36
TJ-  ret = sscanf(buf, "%x %x %x %lx",06:37
TJ-      &bus, &vendor, &product, &driver_data);06:37
TJ-  if (ret < 3)06:37
TJ-    return -EINVAL;06:37
bob2021you want me to run this?06:37
TJ-that's in drivers/hid/hid-core.c::store_new_id()06:37
TJ-No, I'm showing you the code that is throwing the error. You see the "sscanf(...)" function call06:38
TJ-the "%x %x %x %lx" means read 4 space-separated numbers. 0-2 are integers, 3 is a long-integer06:38
bob2021so what's the type of ret?  a tuple?06:39
bob2021g-d every time i see C i'm reminded why i stopped coding in C06:39
TJ-and the next line shows which variable names those values are put into, so we know the format is 'bus' 'vendor' 'product' 'driver-data' ... which doesn't match the standard way that new_id is processed06:39
bob2021so should i just put the bus in first?06:39
TJ-the function is called with "const char *buf" so I think that comes directly from userspace; let me check that first06:40
TJ-That's what I'm wondering06:40
TJ-I'm guessing the sub-system fills in the 'bus' and 'driver_data' and then calls the hid-core06:42
TJ-OK, the "if (re < 3) means it must have at least 3 args. In the equivalent USB code it only needs 206:46
TJ-So, now the question is, what kind of value does the 'bus' take06:46
bob2021i just checked, and apt told me multitouch isn't installed.  i apt installed it, and then modprobe multitouch told me the module couldn't be found06:46
bob2021TJ- well that's easy, the Bus is part of the same line in /proc/whatebver06:46
bob2021I: Bus=0005 Vendor=004c Product=0265 Version=006206:47
bob2021ok that time the command did not return an error06:47
bob2021how do i check if it worked?06:47
TJ-I'm making progress tracing it:06:50
TJ-struct hid_device_id {06:50
TJ-  __u16 bus;06:50
TJ-  __u16 group;06:50
TJ-  __u32 vendor;06:50
TJ-  __u32 product;06:50
bob2021TJ- well the command worked06:50
bob2021but i'm not seeing any change, i'm not sure where to check06:50
TJ-right, so, 'bus' is a 16-bit number on the specific PC, not some static value as in bus-type (USB, BT, PCI, etc.). If there's nothing in the kernel log that means the device probe didn't match06:51
bob2021nothing in the kernel log06:51
TJ-So, either we're messing with the wrong device driver entirely, and should try some other, or there is no suitable support currently available06:52
bob2021ok what do you suggest?06:54
TJ-I'm doing some reading; It looks as if due it the 2's very recent release no-one has yet worked on it that I can find07:02
bob2021wow really?  in 3 months?07:03
TJ-there's some indication that it has to be sent commands to enable the expected functionality07:03
bob2021there are at least 4 bugs posted about it07:03
bob2021where do you see this?07:03
TJ-3 months? usually I'd expect a proprietary device like that to be 12 months at the earliest before it is reverse-engineered; and that depends on some developer being interested enough07:03
bob2021i figured if all the bug posts were from the start of november, and there's no resolution but they died-out in a week, it must have been solved07:03
bob2021Apple isn't releasing the basic driver protocol?07:04
TJ-This is why closed-source hardware/software is not appreciated07:04
bob2021often there are api's though.07:04
bob2021why would anyone care about protecting the protocol for a trackpad handshake?07:04
TJ-Ask Apple, they've made a business out of it07:05
bob2021the protocols?07:05
TJ-the entire approach07:05
TJ-locking out owners of devices from using it as they choose07:05
bob2021well Steve J always thought his competitor was Sony, not MS.  he was in the personal electronics business07:05
bob2021wow down 30% over the year07:06
bob2021poor Tim Cook07:06
TJ-I've spent/wasted years reverse-engineering devices that the manufacturers have locked up like this; I eventually realised if they're not going to provide the technical info needed I'm not going to donate my time to making their device more useable07:07
bob2021but anyway, so you think i shouldn't bother?  is there a link to what you saw?07:08
TJ-The links off the AskUbuntu question you posted07:09
TJ-Hmmm, looks like we were messing with the wrong driver. Apparently the original Magic Trackpad uses the hid-magicmouse driver07:10
TJ-So "sudo modprobe --remove hid-multitouch"07:11
TJ-then "sudo modprobe hid-magicmouse" and check it exposes the /new_id node07:11
TJ-OK, the target node for that would be "/sys/bus/hid/drivers/magicmouse/new_id"07:12
bob2021so what do i check now?07:13
TJ-if you've echoed the ID, check the kernel log again. Inserting the new_id causes the device to be probed. So if it is recognised there'll be messages in the log07:14
bob2021nothing in the log07:14
TJ-which kernel version are you using "uname -r"07:14
TJ-let me see if there are any recent commits for that driver07:15
TJ-No, nothing07:16
TJ-And unfortunately the driver hasn't been converted to use dyanmic_debug, so we can't enable additional reporting easily07:18
TJ-I wonder if we need to *unbind* the device from its current driver first. Does your system show it has bound to another driver?07:19
bob2021TJ where would i check that?07:19
TJ-The node is /remove_id but I don't see one accessible via sysfs that seems to relate to the generic HID07:21
TJ-Looks like you could use the /unbind interface. In that case, you have to write the HID ID of the device-node, which you can see as a symlink with "ls -l /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-generic/" as 4 groups of hexadec numbers xxxx:xxxxx:xxxx.yyyy.07:29
TJ-e.g. for a BT mouse I see "0005:046D:B002.0016 -> ../../../../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.2/usb7/7-2/7-2.1/7-2.1:1.0/bluetooth/hci0/hci0:11/0005:046D:B002.0016/" so "0005:046D:B002.0016" is the HID ID07:30
NastyButtlerhey dudes07:42
NastyButtlernew to this, want to connect with http://irc.evilzone.org/07:43
hateballNastyButtler: Do you have a Kubuntu support question?07:51
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benvantendemorning people! i have tried many things to make (Baloo) search work in Dolphin. Since 15.10 search is mostly greyed. I have tried most steps available on the internet. Does anyone have a magic bullet?12:17
hateballbenvantende: is this a fresh install or an upgrade?12:18
hateballbenvantende: what does "balooctl status" say?12:19
madmouser1hi all, is there a way to set the wallpaper in Kubuntu via the terminal?12:21
hateballmadmouser1: well you can edit plasmarc and supply your own path12:22
hateballI am not sure if there is a qdbus command to do it12:22
madmouser1thanks hateball that put me on the right track12:24
madmouser1there she is ... usersWallpapers=12:25
benvantendehateball: upgrade and status says:12:30
benvantendeBaloo File Indexer is running12:30
benvantendeIndexer state: Idle12:30
benvantendeIndexed 47365 / 47365 files12:30
benvantendeCurrent size of index is 195,86 MiB12:30
benvantendehateball: i rebuilt the index a couple of times. the first time that worked, but did not last12:31
benvantendehateball: what seems interesting is what the criteria for greying out for dolphin are12:32
benvantendehateball: hmmm indeed ;)12:33
hateballI don't really have any other troubleshooting advice than to wipe the index and rebuild12:33
hateballNot sure how you can trace where it craps up12:33
benvantendei did that wiping a few times already, so that is probably not going to work.12:34
benvantendedoes dolphin have a dedicated issue tracker btw?12:35
hateballbenvantende: not sure, #kde will know12:36
benvantendehateball: thanks - makes sense12:37
BluesKajHey all13:17
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starcraftmanQuestion, recently started using kubuntu 15.10. Have set autostart script in startup settings and on reboot it dissapears (including link in ~/.config/autostart-scripts).15:51
starcraftmanAnyone else had this? Google only showed me an old closed bug.15:51
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BluesKajMaxiride_, check your irc connection17:10
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cosec_how do i dual boot kubuntu with another distribution21:21
cosec_i let kubuntu use the entire hard drive while installing it21:22
soee_cosec_: and you have 2 dardrives ?21:23
cosec_i have only one drive21:23
soee_anad what systems do you want to have ?21:24
cosec_a lenovo y460 running kubuntu 15.1021:24
cosec_soee_: any ideas?21:25
cosec_the way i figure it, i need to make another partition21:26
soee_so one system not dualboot ?21:26
cosec_the system is not dual boot21:26
soee_ah 2 distributions you want21:26
cosec_yes yes21:27
cosec_one light weight distribution for conserving battery21:27
soee_well i never tried that but yes i suggest atleast 2 partitions21:27
cosec_yes, thats  what i figured i should do21:27
soee_but maybe even better option would be:21:28
cosec_really ?21:28
soee_1 partition for / of first distro, 1 partition for / second distro and separate (third) partition for /home (both distro can share same home - ust give users different names)21:28
cosec_that sounds really cool21:29
cosec_how do i partition my drives ?21:29
soee_do you plan to install Kubuntu ?21:30
cosec_lubuntu perhaps21:30
cosec_coz its lightweight'21:30
soee_so why are you on Kubuntu support channel ?21:30
cosec_i am using kubuntu r8 no21:30
soee_ok but if you want to use dofferent distros, join their support channel as i can't help with different distros setup21:31
dobigeonHello / Bonjour !21:52
SternDoes anyone have an alternative for Okular? My PDF files show up half empty due to some exotic PDF format.22:01
FritigernThe only alternative that I am aware of (although there may be ones that I don;t know of) would be the actual Adobe Reader22:02
geniiStern: Have you tried opening it in LibreOffice Writer?22:03
acher88foxit reader https://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/22:08
acher88evince (gnome)22:08
acher88atril (equivalent from mate desktop)22:09
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Sterngenii: Unfortunately still half empty in LibreOffice Write22:31
SternGonna try foxit22:31
geniiSounds like some screwy pdf file22:31
SternIt's an invoice of my telephone company22:31
SternLow budget in everything, even IT22:32
SternOpening the PDF with Chromium browser solves the problem. Still gonna file a complaint though.22:38
geniiMaybe it has something like web links embedded it in it that just appear as empty space when you use a regular viewer22:43
SternOr maybe it contains XFA?22:46

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