cjwatsonsergio-br2: yes, that's the bug I referred to earlier, still trying to get it sorted out.01:57
cjwatsonsergio-br2: fixed now04:14
sergio-br2oh my04:17
sergio-br2it's building04:17
sergio-br2nice, it build04:37
sergio-br2I should move to git then04:37
sergio-br2because dolphin users often asks about the fancy git hash and the revision04:37
sergio-br2eh, I'm not getting the revision number...04:46
sergio-br2cjwatson, there's no .git/ at the source? Even using git repo?04:47
sergio-br2does launchpad just get the tarball from the master branch?04:47
alkisgHi, the edubuntu live CD currently fails to build because it has a program of mine called epoptes preinstalled, and epoptes.postinst runs this commands, which fails on the live cd build environment:06:38
alkisgfaketime '1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC' openssl req -batch -x509 -nodes -newkey rsa:1024 -days $(($(date --utc +%s) / 86400 + 3652)) -keyout /tmp/epoptes.key -out /tmp/epoptes.crt06:38
alkisgThe error is: "sem_open: Function not implemented"06:38
alkisgMy problem is that I can't reproduce the error anywhere, in chroots, with or without /dev bind-mounted etc06:39
alkisgSo I was thinking to ask, if someone here can tell me how is /dev mounted in the live cd build environment, so that I could reproduce the problem locally,06:39
alkisgor, if someone has ssh access to such an environment, to run that ^ command above and tell me that this is indeed the part that fails...06:40
wgrantalkisg: faketime requires /run/shm to be mounted. Why do you need faketime?07:09
alkisgHi wgrant, first, I can't make faketime fail in a chroot, with or without mounting /dev etc. Could you give me a way to reproduce the issue?07:10
wgrantalkisg: Is it a chroot of the right Ubuntu series?07:10
alkisghighvoltage, the edubuntu maintainer, told me that it's happenning now on 16.04 edubuntu builds07:11
wgrantThat would make sense.07:11
wgrantAre you testing in a 16.04 chroot?07:11
alkisgI don't have access to the logs, but he mailed me a big log (1 mb or so), I could put it somewhere if needed07:11
alkisgAnd I can't make it fail no matter what I try07:11
wgranthttps://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=778462 is probably relevant07:11
ubot5Debian bug 778462 in faketime "faketime: does not work in chroot if /run/shm is not mounted as tmpfs inside the chroot ("sem_open: Function not implemented")" [Minor,Open]07:11
alkisgAbout why I need it. epoptes.postinst creates a certificate. This by default is valid from today to +10 years. But some clients have failed CMOS batteries, and dates of e.g. 01-01-2000, and the certificate is invalid then. So I need faketime to force openssl to create a certificate valid since the Epoch.07:12
alkisgI've seen that bug report, but I can't reproduce it on 16.0407:12
wgrant(in addition to Peng's point, is it save to have a certificate shared by all installations from that image...?)07:12
alkisgSorry, no, I'm not trying on a 16.04 chroot. I was trying from 16.04 server to a wheezy chroot that I had handy. Trying on 16.04 chroot now...07:13
wgrantThat's hopefully it.07:13
* alkisg didn't realize Peng's point, sorry...07:13
wgrant1024-bit RSA is pretty much obsolete at this point.07:13
wgrantIt's within the realm of easy crackability.07:14
Mikaelathe minimum considered as secure is currently 2048, and I think 4096 is recommended07:14
wgrantalkisg: So we should probably tell launchpad-buildd to mount /run/shm in the chroot if it exists, but this also raises the other crypto issues with the image build process.07:14
wgrant4096 should be used for long-term keys, indeed.07:14
alkisgThank you guys, I was able to reproduce it on a 16.04 chroot, and I'll increase 1024 to 4096.07:16
alkisgI'll work around it in epoptes.postinst, falling back to not using faketime there, it's up to you to do whatever's needed for /run/shm, epoptes.postinst won't fail though if it's not there07:16
wgrantalkisg: Does it make sense to generate the cert as part of the image build at all?07:17
alkisgEven if the certificate is public knowledge (it being on a live cd), I think it still offers encryption when there's no man in the middle07:18
alkisgIt would be nice if edubuntu regenerated it dynamically, but it doesn't hurt to already have it there in the live cd07:18
voldymanhow can i add a webhook from the web UI? it is mentioned in the webhook docs but can't find the link anywhere15:27
cjwatsonvoldyman: "Manage webhooks" on the branch or repository index page.15:32
voldymancjwatson: i can't create say a webhook for all merge requests in a project?15:33
voldymani am right now polling that information once per hour15:34
cjwatsonvoldyman: Only per target branch (Bazaar) or repository (Git) at the moment.  But even for a whole project, I would expect most of the merge requests to be targeted at the development focus.15:35
voldymancjwatson: hmm, my use cases is that all the merge requests that are created in the projects under http://launchpad.net/elementary are posted in our slack. creating webhooks for each repo would be too much also i'll have to manually go and create the webhook for any new project15:37
cjwatsonvoldyman: Ah, you mean a project group then15:40
cjwatsonvoldyman: Do file a bug, it's probably not ridiculously hard to do15:40
cjwatsonTo some extent we've been waiting for real use cases before filling things out15:40
voldyman:) filing a bug now.15:41
voldymanyou guys are awesome15:41
voldymancjwatson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/153861315:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1538613 in Launchpad itself "Allow creating webhooks for project groups" [Undecided,New]15:43
sergio-br2hey cjwatson15:50
sergio-br2<sergio-br2> does launchpad just get the tarball from the master branch?15:50
sergio-br2I expected it had .git/ directory in the source, because the dolphin-emu build use some hash from there15:51
cjwatsonno, it doesn't just get the tarball.  the problem you're hitting is that launchpad-buildd calls dpkg-buildpackage with -i -I, thereby stripping .git etc. (as is usual for source packages, they aren't normally expected to contain .git)15:54
cjwatsonit's usually a mistake for a package's build process to rely on having the git tree there; if I were you I would find some way to patch around that15:54
cjwatsondepends what it's trying to do with it15:55
sergio-br2it's not important, it's just some revision numbers15:58
sergio-br2there's no way to workaround the dpkg-buildpackage setting right?15:59
cjwatsonIf you write the recipe such that the relevant information is in the version number (if that's sensible), then you can use dpkg-parsechangelog in debian/rules to parse it out15:59
cjwatsonThat may not be appropriate, I don't know16:00
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ubuntiste-msakniHey! Anyone around?21:23
cjwatsonubuntiste-msakni: What's the problem?  (Usually best to just ask straight out.)21:23
ubuntiste-msaknicjwatson: I'm trying to use API to get all the informations in here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/ubuntu.mirror.tn-archive2 using https://api.launchpad.net/devel.html#distribution_mirror21:25
ubuntiste-msakniBut I'm not able to do that.. :/ :(21:25
* ubuntiste-msakni is a n00b who couldn't understand the API documentation :(21:26
cjwatsonubuntiste-msakni: It might not all be exported.  What in particular can't you get?21:26
dobeyit doesn't seem to be all exported. sync status for series/arch doesn't seem to be in the api21:26
dobey(same question was asked the other day, and i poked at the docs a bit to see what was missing)21:27
ubuntiste-msakniFirst of all I couldn't find the way to get any information from that exact mirror.. It always return info about distros  like ubuntu, centos, kiwilinux, etc :/21:27
ubuntiste-msaknidobey: That was me who asked it..21:28
cjwatsonthe archive_mirrors attribute of a distribution has a collection of its mirrors21:28
cjwatson(or cdimage_mirrors, depending which you want)21:28
cjwatsonand you can use distribution.getMirrorByName(name="whatever") to get a specific one21:29
dobeythe URL for the distribution_mirror docs seems wrong too21:29
cjwatsonit is, yes21:30
cjwatsonprobably needs a manual hack in the wadl-to-html stuff21:30
cjwatsonbug please21:30
cjwatsonand and if you need series/arch freshness status, I agree that isn't currently exported; file a bug with rationale for why you need it (we do need a reason to export things, because it can affect performance - would have to look at how expensive this in particular is to return)21:31
ubuntiste-msakniI'm not used to work with LP API, but don't you find that help.launchpad.net  need more detailled doc? :(21:31
ubuntiste-msaknicjwatson: Actually I was looking for those exact information :D21:32
ubuntiste-msaknicjwatson: dobey what I want to do is to get those informations and export them as graphs to monitor the status of that mirror..21:32
cjwatsonI don't personally find that it needs more detailed documentation, but then that's because I already know the API well!  If *you're* confused by something in particular, then you'd need to explain it21:32
cjwatsonDon't tell me here, write it in a bug report21:32
cjwatsonSince I'm about to go21:33
cjwatsonAnd IRC is pretty ephemeral21:33
ubuntiste-msaknicjwatson: I'm just having a chat :D :p I'll report a bug when I can really understand what's in the API and what's not, and can understand how to consume every thing already there.. For now I'm tottaly lost21:34
cjwatsonGraphing is a decent rationale, just want to avoid ending up with that object timing out on the API because it's trying to export too much21:34
cjwatsonubuntiste-msakni: I definitely recommend playing about with lp-shell in the lptools package, especially if you also install ipython.21:34
cjwatsonIn combination with the overview docs on https://help.launchpad.net/API/launchpadlib you can do quite a bit of interactive exploration that way, which helps.21:35
ubuntiste-msakniI never heard of lp-shell.. I use that py lib, I'm installing lp-shell right now to play with it21:35
cjwatsonlp-shell is a simple wrapper around launchpadlib, designed for interactive use21:35
ubuntiste-msakniGreat :)21:35
ubuntiste-msakniI'm starting from there :)21:35
cjwatsonAnd you want ipython for that since the standard Python REPL lacks completion and such21:36
ubuntiste-msaknithx cjwatson dobey.. Even if I can't find what I need, I should understand that API :/21:36
dobeythe API is pretty simple to understand21:37
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis
dobeyas far as APIs go anyway21:37
cjwatsonThere's some Stockholm Syndrome here, I'm sure :)21:38
elacheche_aniscjwatson: dobey I'm not a dev.. I'm not used to work with apis :) I'm a n00b x(21:39
dobeywell, i'm sure if we developed it anew today, it'd probably be better, but i've certainly dealt with far worse things :)21:39
elacheche_anisare you aware that the text in here → https://api.launchpad.net/ tell the users that there is a stable version fo the API ?21:41
cjwatsonThe actual layout is mostly not too bad.  The main problems with it are things like terrible batch behaviour and other such efficiency problems, and a few too many implementation details being brought to the surface (e.g. in collections).21:41
elacheche_anisAs the v1.0 is (based on that link) not supported anymore x)21:41
cjwatsonYes, we know about the API versioning stuff.  It needs to be revisited, as the original scheme never worked out to be sensible.21:41
cjwatsonMost simple clients can just use devel unless you have some reason to ship them in a way that's hard to update (e.g. code that actually ships with Ubuntu).21:42
cjwatsonIf we were doing that again we'd probably version different bits of the API separately or something, but it's not clear that it's worth the effort for major rearrangements.21:43
elacheche_anisI see :)21:44
elacheche_anisI'm just trying to use the info in LP on my LoCo website :) So our contributors will use LP, right now they all ignore it21:44
cjwatsonAt some point we should indeed make the docs a bit clearer there though.21:45
* cjwatson -> evening21:45

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