ruruHi, I want to change something in the UPower configuration files that are supposed to be in /org/freedesktop/UPower, but there is no directory /org. But X.org is installed (1.1.1)?05:10
krytarikruru: That's a D-Bus object path, rather than a file system one: http://upower.freedesktop.org/docs/UPower.html - and X.Org isn't related to that at all.05:19
OnTheRoadAgainHey there!16:10
RoadtripperHey there! Is there a way that I can make my wallpaper change to a different picture from /r/earthporn every hour or day?16:11
redwolfRoadtripper, the only solution is using a wallpaper changer16:22
redwolfI recommend you to use Wallc, it's in the repository and fully compatible with Lubuntu16:23
redwolf*sorry, Walch16:23
RoadtripperSo I'd have to download a bunch of images, put them in a folder, and use them?16:24
RoadtripperI got an error16:25
RoadtripperAre there any screenshot applications for Linux, like lightshot?16:25
RoadtripperTheSchaf Howdy16:26
redwolfyou should have scrot installed in Lubuntu, anyway there're plenty screenshooters16:27
RoadtripperAre there any that give you a link instantly to share online?16:28
redwolfyes, shutter can do that16:28
redwolfand screencloud used to work fine, uploading to imgur and more using plugins, but its development is discontinued16:28
redwolfhere's a list: https://askubuntu.com/questions/6558/what-screenshot-tools-are-available16:28
RoadtripperInstalling Shutter16:29
redwolfoh and yes, Wallch can use a folder source to pick up some images from it16:30
RoadtripperThank you so much16:31
RoadtripperYou are all so kind16:31
redwolfyou're welcome :)16:31
RoadtripperWhy do you do this? :)16:31
redwolfwell, I don't know, some helped me a few times, I think people deserves care16:32
redwolfwe have to help each other16:32
RoadtripperWhat is your job?16:33
redwolfI'm a graphic designer16:33
redwolfthat's why I'm taking care of the graphic "issues" of Lubuntu, and helping about desktop things16:33
RoadtripperI kind of want to be a graphic designer16:34
RoadtripperI've always liked it16:34
RoadtripperEspecially vexilollogy16:34
redwolflooks nice! symbols are always fascinating16:35
RoadtripperYes, I'm a big fan of the Noun Project16:36
redwolfO.o I don't know that one16:36
RoadtripperCheck it out16:37
RoadtripperThey're basically a collection of icons and symbols. Their philosophy is that symbols can be understood by anyone, thus they are creating a universal language.16:37
redwolfoh yes, I saw that site once16:37
RoadtripperMay I see some of your graphic design work?16:38
redwolfyou're already doing it, if you're using Lubuntu ;)16:39
redwolficons, wallpapers, bitmaps everywhere, toolbars...16:39
redwolfthe whole UI16:39
RoadtripperNo freaking way!16:39
redwolfLubuntu Artwork Team16:39
RoadtripperI use Radiance by ravefinity, though... ;(16:39
redwolfit's okay. there're lots of nice icon sets out there! :D16:40
RoadtripperThat's really cool though, man16:40
RoadtripperWhat other stuff have you designed? Do you have a website?16:40
redwolflately, I'm mainly focused on Lubuntu, and some paper print works in my town16:41
RoadtripperDo you use lubuntu?16:41
redwolfbut I need to have plenty environments, to test the icons and themes everywhere16:42
RoadtripperI just wish I could get this thing to run a bit better16:42
redwolfif you need more help with apps or the environment itself, just ask :)16:43
redwolfwe also have some groups in FB and other networks: http://lubuntu.me/social/16:43
RoadtripperI don't have any social media, I'm afraid xD16:44
RoadtripperI'm very anti-technology, honestly16:45
redwolfit's ok :)16:45
RoadtripperAlthough, I am an avid redditor...16:45
redwolfbut you can still read Twitter. we have Reddit too16:45
RoadtripperI like websites that don't require a bunch of information to sign up16:45
redwolfme neither16:45
RoadtripperWe need afree, open, anonymous internet16:45
redwolfthat will be difficult dealing with cookies, personalised weather and maps, and other dedicated stuff16:46
Roadtripperpackage dependecies cannot be resolved16:49
redwolfinstalling what?16:50
RoadtripperHi again!17:06
RoadtripperSorry about that17:06
RoadtripperHad to reboot17:06
Roadtripperredwolf ?17:09
RoadtripperI tried to install wallch via terminal but I got this http://imgur.com/BiTMvTI17:10
redwolfRoadtripper, what version of Lubuntu do you use?17:11
Roadtripper14.04 lts17:11
redwolfthen please, add this PPA: ppa:wallch/3+17:12
redwolfsudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:wallch/3+17:12
peacefulHi, is there a way to make windows to snap in half of screen while dragging?17:12
RoadtripperDo I type that command before or after?17:12
redwolffirst that "sudo..." command17:12
redwolfthen "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wallch"17:13
RoadtripperWhat does this do?  "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wallch"17:13
redwolfpeaceful, you are looking for the aerosnap feature. try this: http://lubuntu.me/tips-tricks/17:13
redwolfRoadtripper, it refreshes your repositories database (needed after adding an external repo) and install the app17:14
peacefulredwolf, hey does lubuntu have new webpage? looks nice17:14
redwolfyes. and thanks!17:14
redwolfit's actually the old blog revamped17:14
RoadtripperWow, new lubuntu site looks amazing17:15
redwolfthank you :)17:15
peacefulredwolf, did you make it?17:15
Roadtripperredwolf Do you recommend lts or regular?17:15
redwolfpeaceful, yes :)17:16
redwolfRoadtripper, I always recommend LTS17:16
peacefulredwolf, nice job :)17:16
redwolfthank you so much! :D17:16
redwolfthere're lots of hours there17:16
Roadtripperredwolf nice17:17
RoadtripperIt looks amazing dude17:17
RoadtripperReally clean17:17
redwolfthat was the idea. uncluttered, clean and easy17:17
peacefulredwolf, whats better opensnap or aerosnap?17:17
Roadtripperredwolf What is lubuntu.net/17:18
redwolfaerosnap works using keyboard and opensnap uses the mouse17:18
Roadtripperredwolf I installed lubuntu from lubuntu.net, not lubuntu.me17:18
redwolfRoadtripper, lubuntu.net is still the official site, but as we're focusing on the new site, the .net might be forgotten17:19
Roadtripperredwolf ah, okay17:19
redwolfanyway, both take the ISOs from the Ubuntu server17:19
Roadtripperredwolf sorry to bother you, but what 3 commands do i have to enter in terminal to install wallch?17:19
peacefulredwolf, oh so you are migrating to lubuntu.me now?17:19
redwolfpeaceful, yes17:19
peacefulredwolf, lubuntu.me is better :)17:20
redwolfRoadtripper, don't be sorry. these ones:17:20
redwolfin one line in a terminal: "sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:wallch/3+ && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wallch"17:20
peacefuli have question about lxqt17:21
redwolfsure. shoot17:21
peacefulWhen it will be avaible?17:21
redwolfwe hope it will be available in Lubuntu 16.10, fully operational17:22
peacefulredwolf, ah ok17:22
redwolfbut we might have a ready-to-work PPA for 16.0417:22
peacefulso what's better in lxqt? what window manager it uses?17:22
RoadtripperWhat is lxqt?17:22
redwolfyou have more information here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/LXQt17:22
redwolfbut it's VERY experimental17:23
peacefulRoadtripper, it has apps based on qt framework17:23
RoadtripperIs it better?17:23
peacefulRoadtripper, i believe se17:23
redwolfRoadtripper, Lubuntu now is based on LXDE, a GTK desktop. LXQt uses Qt and it's faster17:23
RoadtripperBetter in what way?17:23
peacefulRoadtripper, spotify uses qt17:23
RoadtripperSo my computer will run better with it?17:23
redwolfand more "modern", as the developments are going to that17:23
peacefulRoadtripper, yes faster17:23
RoadtripperWill the new lts have it?17:24
peacefulredwolf, so many apps are being reworked in qt ? :)17:24
redwolfyes, Roadtripper17:24
redwolfsome are being ported, others will be new17:24
RoadtripperWhen the new lts comes out, how do I update?17:24
redwolfdon't worry, your update manager will tell you. or you will be able to download the new ISO for a clean install17:24
Roadtripperwhat do you mean clean install?17:24
RoadtripperWill I have to redo everything, wipe the whole computer? D:17:25
redwolfinstalling from a USB or CD, erasing your old system17:25
redwolfyou won't lose anything if you partitioned your hard disk properly. we Linux users, usually, create a system partition and a home partition17:25
redwolfso you can erase system without losing your data17:25
RoadtripperI don't understand what that means17:25
peacefulredwolf, i added opensnap PPA but unfourtunately i got error17:26
peacefulW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/lawl/opensnap/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found17:26
redwolfpeaceful, maybe the owner of that PPA removed that app17:26
redwolfI note that to ask him and replace with a working link17:26
redwolfI can't do much for now until I figure out what's happening17:26
peacefulredwolf, okay17:27
Roadtripperredwolf Will there be a way for me to update without changing anything?17:27
redwolfRoadtripper, if you didn't make partitions, your hard disk in "in one piece". you'll lose everything if you do a clean install17:27
redwolfso the only way is using the Update Manager. it'll inform you when it's available17:27
RoadtripperI think it is in one piece17:27
RoadtripperI don't know17:28
RoadtripperCan I ask here when the time comes?17:28
redwolfpossibly it is17:28
redwolfsorry? what time?17:28
RoadtripperAs in, when it comes out17:28
peacefulredwolf, its seems ok, its not removed17:28
redwolfyes, but it's for (L)Ubuntu Raring only, an old version17:29
redwolfI need to find a new one17:29
peacefulredwolf, ah ok i see17:29
Roadtripperredwolf I got this http://i.imgur.com/odALDYb.png when i entered the command17:29
redwolfthat's good for now :)17:30
peacefulredwolf, i found out that super + arrows work by default in lubuntu :)17:31
redwolfoh damn. I forgot! :D17:32
redwolfit's already implemented since 13.1017:32
Roadtripperredwolf did it work?17:33
redwolfI think so. look in your graphics menu17:33
RoadtripperNot there :(17:33
peacefulredwolf, hehe :)17:33
peacefulredwolf, how can i use this theme? Does openbox support gtk3? http://lubuntu.me/box-theme-0-58/17:33
redwolfafter the last command, what does it say?17:34
redwolfpeaceful, you have to add the Artwork PPA17:34
Roadtripper100% [Connecting to security.ubuntu.com (2001:67c:1360:8c01::18)]^[[A^[[B17:34
RoadtripperThat'sthe last one17:34
redwolfO.o odd17:34
redwolfopen the Lubuntu Software Center and look for it17:34
RoadtripperI did, that's where I got the error17:34
RoadtripperI'll show you17:34
redwolfpeaceful, instructions are here: http://lubuntu.me/downloads/#artwork17:35
peacefulredwolf, yeah i found :) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-art/daily17:35
redwolfnice! :)17:36
peacefulredwolf, really nice webpage17:36
redwolfthank you :D17:36
peacefulnow with themes downloads, icons, im satisfied ;)17:36
redwolfgood! :D17:36
peacefulredwolf, do you use lubuntu yoursel?17:36
redwolfwith that PPA, peaceful, you'll have the latest updates. so if I add an icon, you'll have it in a matter of hours17:37
RoadtripperI got that, redwolf17:37
redwolfthat's very off, Roadtripper17:37
peacefulredwolf, ok i see. but i didnt see any other ppa there :)17:37
peacefulredwolf, but im fine with daily17:38
peacefuli like all the latest stuff17:38
redwolfRoadtripper, please, tell me again you Lubuntu version17:38
Roadtripperpeaceful can you show me some screenshots from box theme 0.58? i may use it instead of radiance17:38
Roadtripperredwolf LTS 14.0417:38
peacefulRoadtripper, yep when i'll install it i'll share scrnshot17:39
redwolfRoadtripper, let's clean what we did, one line in a terminal: "sudo add-apt-repository -y --remove ppa:wallch/3+ && sudo apt-get update"17:39
Roadtripperpeaceful thank you, friend17:40
Roadtripperredwolf okay, doing that now17:40
redwolfWallch supports up to Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, this is its website: http://melloristudio.com/wallch/17:40
Roadtripperredwolf yep17:41
Roadtripperokay, did that redwolf17:41
Roadtripperthe command17:41
redwolfokay. then it recommends just "sudo apt-get install wallch" because it's in the repositories17:41
redwolfI'm testing it in one 14.04 machine now. and it works17:41
Roadtripperi keep getting this command17:42
Roadtripperso i can't type anything else17:42
redwolfno, it's the package manager doing things17:43
Roadtripperoh okay17:43
Roadtripperso just wait?17:43
Roadtripperokay, cool17:43
Roadtripperi think firefox just got a new update for linux17:43
Roadtripperi'm installing new firefox now with software updater. what does "waiting for apt-get to exit" mean?17:44
redwolfbecause you are doing things in the terminal ;)17:44
Roadtrippermakes sense xD17:44
redwolfonce it finishes, the update manager will continue17:44
Roadtripperit's still doing it17:47
redwolfsorry, I have to go now for a while17:48
peacefulredwolf, ok God bless you brother :017:49
redwolfI'm glad to help17:49
Roadtripperhttp://imgur.com/DAUPrrO redwolf still getting this17:49
peacefulok i installed box theme17:49
peacefulI guess i need to logout and login back17:50
Roadtripperprobably yeah peaceful17:50
redwolfbefore I leave, Roadtripper. it seems your server is having problems. change it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/104695/how-do-i-change-mirrors-in-ubuntu-server-from-regional-to-main17:50
redwolfit says "download from". change to another closer to you17:50
RoadtripperWait, how do I do that?17:50
redwolfopen Software Sources17:51
Roadtripperwhere is software sources?17:51
Roadtripperis it "software & updates"?17:51
redwolfmenu preferences17:52
Roadtripperokay found it17:52
Roadtripperit's on usa right now17:52
Roadtripperand i live in usa17:52
redwolfthere. yes, but you can choose one really close17:52
Roadtripperdo i click find best location?17:52
Roadtripperhow do i know if it is safe?17:54
redwolfall those mirrors are supervised by Ubuntu17:54
Roadtripperhow come so many colleges run servers?17:54
redwolfthey have better computers :D17:54
Roadtripperdo they make money from it?17:54
Roadtripperso why do they do it?17:55
redwolffor the same reason I try to help people here :)17:55
Roadtripperoh :D17:55
redwolfdon't you think we should't help each other more often?17:56
RoadtripperI do17:56
redwolfyou already paid for your computer17:56
RoadtripperIn fact, I am reading "Altruism" by Matthieu Ricard at the moment :D17:56
redwolfwe should act like Borgs! :D17:57
redwolfwe're a collective17:57
RoadtripperUpdating cache17:57
RoadtripperWhat is your favorite subreddits?17:57
redwolfI don't usually "go there", only for posting at Lubuntu's17:57
redwolfbut it has an amazing potential17:57
redwolfI know that17:58
RoadtripperReddit is great17:58
RoadtripperI love writingprompts17:58
redwolfI'm sorry, but I really have to go for a while17:58
redwolfsee you later, guys17:58
RoadtripperOkay, goodbye17:58
RoadtripperWait one more thing17:58
redwolf...and gurrrrls17:58
redwolfyes? :D17:58
RoadtripperWhat command should I type17:58
RoadtripperWhen I update the mirror17:58
RoadtripperTo download wallch17:58
redwolfno one. it'll update automatically. then use the Lubuntu Software Center to look for it. it should work then.17:58
redwolfif it doesn't, ask for help here again17:59
redwolfor at #lubuntu-offtopic17:59
Roadtripperah okay17:59
redwolf:) see you!17:59
Roadtripperthank you so much, friend!17:59
Roadtripperi owe you one17:59
Roadtripperthank you17:59
krytarikNo, not there please.17:59
redwolfwell, right, krytarik,, that's strictly "offtopic" :D17:59
peacefulredwolf, not sure how to use new theme18:14
peacefullooks to me as before18:14
RoadtripperI've been trying to install wallch for the past hour18:14
Roadtripperit still isn't working :(18:14
wxlRoadtripper: did you successfully install the ppa?18:14
RoadtripperCould you go through it step-by-step with me please, wxl?18:15
wxlRoadtripper: what were the instructions redwolf gave you?18:15
peacefulRoadtripper, what is wallch?18:15
Roadtrippera bunch, but i got a bit confused18:15
Roadtripperi tried everything he said but it didn't work18:16
wxlRoadtripper: reiterate and we'll go step by step18:16
Roadtripperpeaceful it changes your wallpaper18:16
peacefulRoadtripper, it didnt change18:16
peacefulRoadtripper, ah you mean wallch18:16
wxl!info wallch18:16
ubottuwallch (source: wallch): wallpaper changer. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0-0ubuntu4 (wily), package size 600 kB, installed size 1580 kB18:16
wxlRoadtripper: what version of lubuntu do you have?18:16
Roadtripperwell, he told me to try to download it from the software center but i got an error18:17
Roadtripper14.04 lts18:17
wxl!info wallch trusty18:17
ubottuwallch (source: wallch): wallpaper changer. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 600 kB, installed size 1580 kB18:17
wxlRoadtripper: what error did you get?18:17
Roadtripperill show you a screenshot18:17
wxlRoadtripper: isn't that the delete link?18:19
Roadtripperoops, wrong link18:19
Roadtripperyeah xD18:19
wxl1. open up a terminal18:19
wxl2. type in the following:18:19
wxl   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt -y install pastebinit && sudo apt -y install wallch | pastebinit18:20
wxl3. link me to the url it spits out at you18:20
wxlclicking on the "details" in that box might be helpful too18:20
Roadtripperentered the command18:21
Roadtrippergot this18:23
wxlRoadtripper: let it keep going until you get the prompt back18:23
peacefulRoadtripper, does it stuck on "Connecting to extras.ubuntu.com"?18:24
Roadtripperno, now i have this18:24
Roadtripperwxl peaceful18:25
wxlRoadtripper: so if you look at https://paste.ubuntu.com/14681241/ you see the problem18:25
RoadtripperI don't know what that means18:26
wxlRoadtripper: pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list18:26
Roadtripperwhat is that? wxl18:27
RoadtripperSorry, I'm terrible at computers18:27
wxlRoadtripper: it's the repositories you have enabled18:27
wxlyou need the universe repository enabled18:27
Roadtripperhow do i do that?18:28
wxli'll show you the fancy way18:28
peacefulRoadtripper, type: less /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit18:29
Roadtripperin terminal?18:29
peacefulRoadtripper, yes18:29
Roadtripperthis can't mess up anything?18:29
peacefuland it will return link which you need to share18:29
peacefulRoadtripper, no18:29
wxlsudo apt -y install xclip && cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit | xclip -i18:30
wxland then when it's done, paste here18:30
wxl(does the copy for you)18:30
Roadtripperokay, done wxl18:31
wxlyou appear to have universe enabled18:31
wxlso the issue may be that one of the dependencies of wallch conflicts with some other package you have18:31
Roadtrippershould i do apt-get autoremove?18:31
wxlat this point it's a pain in the butt18:31
peacefulRoadtripper, yes18:31
wxlbasically you need to go through all of the dependencies listed here https://paste.ubuntu.com/14681241/ and try to install them individually18:31
wxlif that fails, try to install all the dependencies of the dependencies and so on18:32
RoadtripperI'm sorry, I'm really lost18:32
peacefulRoadtripper, what ubuntu do you use?18:32
Roadtripperlts 14.0418:32
peacefulfresh install?18:32
Roadtripperwhat is fresh install?18:32
peacefulRoadtripper, did you install it today/18:33
peacefullong time ago?18:33
Roadtripper2 days ago18:33
peacefulah ok18:33
wxltry installing libqt5core5 libqt5gui5 libqt5webkit5 libqt5widgets518:33
Roadtripperhow do i do that?18:34
Roadtripperare there any other wallpaper changers?18:34
wxlsudo apt -y install libqt5core5 libqt5gui5 libqt5webkit5 libqt5widgets518:35
wxli just change mine manually18:35
Roadtripperi want it to make my wallpaper a different one every hour18:35
Roadtripperor day18:35
Roadtripperi gtg, ill ttyl18:36
Roadtripperthanks so much guys18:36
Roadtripperreally appreciate it18:36
cosec_i want to dual boot lubuntu21:33
cosec_i have already one distro installed(kutuntu)21:33
cosec_any ideas ?21:34
tewardcosec_: i don't see an actual question?21:34
cosec_teward: how do i make a dual boot system with lubuntu ?21:35
cosec_i let kubuntu use the entire hard drive while installing21:35
cosec_i have only 1 hard drive21:36
cosec_its a laptop, lenovo y46021:36
wxlcosec_: the installer should give you an option to "install alongside"21:36
cosec_really? thats awesome21:37
wxlcosec_: yes then you can select each with grub. the grub menu does not come up automatically. hold down shift at boot to see it21:37
wxlcosec_: recommandation: backup first!21:37
cosec_i have a spare external drive21:38
cosec_can you tell me how to back up ?21:38
wxlthere's a million ways to do it21:38
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:38
wxlpersonally, i'd just use rsync21:38
cosec_so i think21:41
cosec_i will use Grsync21:41
cosec_coz it will be newbile friendly21:41
cosec_so when i back up, it should back up all my packages21:41
cosec_*installed packages21:42
cosec_right ?21:42
wxlcosec_: technically `dpkg -l` will give you a list of packages if that's all you want :)21:42
wxlbut rsync can be made to backup the entire drive or just parts of it. actually, that's true with all backup solutions, really21:42
cosec_nice , ty wxl21:44
cosec_wxl: what should i back up ?21:56
wxlcosec_: /home is most important21:56
cosec_i just want all the packages that i installed myself, coz getting them one by one is a headache21:57
wxlcosec_: you could grab dpkg -l21:57
wxlacutally dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}'21:57
wxlthat will give you a list of all of your packages21:58
cosec_ /home is around 33gbs21:58
wxlcosec_: well home is the irreplacable stuff!21:58
cosec_wxl:  i  thank you for your help. i will back up /home22:02
cosec_wxl: i appreciate you putting up with the newbieness22:02
wxlcosec_: np22:02
cosec_wxl: :( lemme ask you another newbie question22:02
cosec_wxl:  sudo rsync -azvv dpkg -l22:03
cosec_should save all my packages22:03
wxlcosec_: yeah, no. dpkg -l just gives you a test list22:04
cosec_ya ?22:04
wxltext sorry22:04
wxlthen you can later step through it and install all the packages22:04
wxla `while` command in bash could do this22:04
wxlso it would automatically install everything for you22:04
cosec_i see22:04
cosec_so i just save the list22:04
wxlcosec_: dpkg -l | awk '{print $2}' > ~/mylistoffiles22:05
cosec_and restore everything using a bash22:05
wxlthe basic deal is once you have that, you have the `while` command step through eveery line22:05
wxland for each like, apt-get install each package22:05
cosec_as in a while loop in c ?22:06
wxlif you'd rather code it in c, you can :)22:06
cosec_any tutorials on how to 'while'22:07
krytarikcosec_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17823/how-to-list-all-installed-packages22:07
cosec_using bash22:07
wxlwhile read line; do sudo apt -y install $line; done < ~/mylistoffiles22:08
cosec_ty krytarik  and wxl22:13

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