Kiloshellooooo africa05:17
CraigZimmorning world08:16
Kiloshi CraigZim08:17
CraigZimconfirm meeting tonight is 20:30 local time?08:18
Na3iLgood morning Africa o/12:02
Kiloshi Na3iL12:03
Kilosits way past morning man12:03
Kilosyou one hour ahead of us as well12:03
Na3iLhow are you today?12:03
Kilosgood ty and you?12:04
CraigZimgood morning Na3iL you obviously just woke up12:04
Na3iLgood as well12:04
Na3iLYep CraigZim It's 13:04 here in Tunisia12:04
* Na3iL is a lazy guy x)12:04
Kilosowl genes12:08
Kilosfrom too much camel milk and dates12:08
Na3iLKilos, btw, did we need some members from the Ubuntu LoCo Council?12:13
Na3iLto the meeting I mean?12:13
Kilosyou mean here for our meeting?12:13
Kilosnono this is our channel but anyone is welcome to attend12:14
Na3iLah okay12:14
Kiloswe had some in our first meeting12:14
Na3iLyep I remember that!12:15
Kilosi think they wanted to see how uniting a whole continent would work12:15
Kilostotal breakaway from the loco idea12:16
Kilosi dont mind, i have made new friends all over africa now12:17
Kiloswb acetakwas12:25
Na3iLQA, help meeting14:03
QANa3iL: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:14:03
QA  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]14:03
QA  I am <True Name>14:03
QA  topic <topic>14:03
QA  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>14:03
QA  minutes so far14:03
QA  meeting title is <title>14:03
KilosQA spell quarterly15:09
QAKilos: That seems correct. Carry on15:09
Ch3ckI hear there's a meeting here today17:23
Ch3ckAt what time?17:23
Kiloshi Ch3ck yes17:24
Kilosin an hours time17:24
Ch3ckAight nice, glad to represent Cameroon17:24
Kiloswhere did you hear about it17:24
Kiloswelcome to ubuntuafrica17:24
Ch3ckKilos, from the Nairobi Linux Users group mailing list :-)17:24
Ch3ckKilos, Thanks (y)17:25
Ch3ckI think alot of our guys will be here soon enough17:25
Kiloshear is our launchpad link17:25
Kilosyou can join there and you will recieve mails directly17:26
Kilosthe more the merrier17:26
Ch3ckAight nice Kilos17:29
Kiloshave you had a look at our site?17:29
Ch3ckKilos, not yet18:01
Ch3ckLet me check it out18:01
Ch3ckJust joined the launchpad link18:01
Kilosdid you add yourself to the mailing list as well18:02
Ch3ckI just found this on github: https://github.com/Ch3ck/awesome-hacking-spots18:03
Ch3ckI think we should add our Favourite hacking spots in Africa here too18:03
Ch3ckKilos, let me do that now18:03
Kiloszipper should be here as well18:04
Kiloshi  MarwenDo18:12
Ch3ckAight great, Kilos18:12
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa18:12
MarwenDohi Kilos18:12
KilosongolaBoy will you be here tonight?18:13
MarwenDohi Na3iL18:13
Kiloshe is still eating18:13
Na3iLhey MarwenDo welcome to Ubuntu Africa :D18:13
* Na3iL is still eating :D18:13
Kiloselacheche dont be late18:14
Na3iLI will be back in a minute18:14
ongolaBoyKilos: hi.. sometimes here :)18:16
Kilosmeeting tonigh ongolaBoy18:16
Kilosi think one item about repos concerns you18:16
Ch3ckIt's strange the Middle East is no longer considered Africa, they were part of Africa in the 60s18:16
Ch3ckIt would have been great to have them here :-)18:16
Kilosi cant remember if we should have taken it out18:16
Ch3ckongolaBoy, It's ongola Yaounde?18:17
ongolaBoyCh3ck: yep18:17
Ch3ckit's nice to see an IRC user from Yaounde18:17
ongolaBoyCh3ck: use to be on #ubuntu-cm channel and #ubuntu-africa when I'm online18:18
Kiloswe need to encourage all the lugs to join us18:18
Ch3cknice ongolaBoy Pas de pb!18:18
Ch3ckKilos, the Buea Lug is aware of this, they should be here anytime18:19
Kiloswhere are they?18:20
ac3takwasKilos::  That would be #ublab :)18:20
Kiloswhat country?18:21
=== ac3takwas is now known as acetakwas
acetakwasKilos::  Cameroon18:21
Ch3ckKilos, it's Buea, Cameroon18:22
Kilosthe guys on the upper west coast are hard to keep18:22
Kilosive had a few chats with a couple of them but they didnt stay long18:22
Ch3ckKilos, upper west coast?18:22
Kilosim mtrying to remember18:22
Kiloscotedivoor and that area18:25
Kilosi dont see the map clearly18:25
Kilosneed new glasses i think18:25
Kilosand mali and niger18:26
Kilosgeeks all over18:26
Ch3ckLol, yeah I see18:26
Kilosthese are the locos  that are still active18:27
Ch3ckI see18:27
Kilosthere was someone from niger here last week18:27
Kilosand the two missing locos i think were absorbed by the lugs there18:28
Kiloschesedo you here as well?18:28
Kilosand elacheche is late18:28
Na3iLhe's in work I think18:29
Na3iLhey lafricain18:29
Kiloshi lafricain18:29
Na3iLshould we start Kilos or we wait for the rest!18:30
Kilosright Na3iL ball in your court, ill look and learn18:30
Kilos1 minute18:30
Kilosoh no18:30
Kilosi think start Na3iL18:30
Na3iLokay then18:30
Na3iLQA, start meeting18:30
Kiloswe try keep to time18:30
* QA gets out the memo-pad and cracks her knuckles18:30
Na3iLQA: topic Welcoming and Introduction18:30
QACurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:31
Na3iLThanks everyone for joining once again :D18:31
KilosQA I am Miles Sharpe South Africa18:31
QAKilos: Done18:31
Na3iLplease introduce yourself to our bot as follows: QA: I am <FirstName LastName - Country>18:31
Na3iLQA, I am Naeil Zoueidi - TUNISIA18:31
QANa3iL: Yessir18:31
CraigZimQA: I am Craig Brash from Zimbabwe18:31
QACraigZim: Righto18:31
lafricainCyrille from RDC18:32
chesedoQA: I am Pieter Engelbrecht - South Africa18:32
QAchesedo: Done18:32
ongolaBoyQA: I am Willy MANGA - Cameroon18:32
QAongolaBoy: Sure18:32
acetakwasQA::  I am Tosin Animashaun - Nigeria18:32
QAacetakwas: Yessir18:32
Ch3ckQA: I am Nyah Check - Buea, CAmeroon18:32
QACh3ck: Sure18:32
K_K_NQA: I am Kerasen Naidoo - South Africa18:33
QAK_K_N: Righto18:33
Na3iLMarwenDo, log in as well please18:33
Na3iLthe Agenda for this evening can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/2016012718:34
MarwenDoQA: I am <Marwen Doukh - Tunisia>18:34
QAMarwenDo: Yessir18:34
Na3iLI'll give you a minute to look at the agenda :)18:34
chesedoMarwenDo: try that again without the 'angles' <> :)18:35
Na3iLby the way, if you have anything to suggest any last minute topics you might want to add18:35
MarwenDo QA: I am Marwen Doukh - Tunisia18:35
QAMarwenDo: Okay18:35
chesedoMarwenDo: thanks18:35
Na3iLWelcome marwen :) log in by typing : QA  I am <FirstName LastName - Country> without the angles18:35
marwenQA: I am Marwen Kaouena - Tunisia18:36
QAmarwen: Okay18:36
Kiloshi marwen18:37
Kiloshi Izakee18:37
IzakeeHi Kilos18:37
Na3iLSo, nothing to add to the agenda?18:38
chesedonope Na3iL18:38
Na3iLokay let me proceed to the next topic18:38
Na3iLQA: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
QACurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:38
Na3iLthe minutes of our meeting can be seen at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AfricanTeams/Meetings/20160127#Summary18:39
KilosIzakee please login by typing QA I am full name country18:40
IzakeeI am Isaac Kamga Cameroon18:41
QAIzakee: Yessir18:41
Na3iLsorry  wrong link18:41
Kilosnice to see the cameroon guys here18:41
IzakeeQA I am Isaac Kamga Cameroon18:41
QAIzakee: Sure18:41
=== marwen_ is now known as MarwenDo
Na3iLTake a look at it and anything we need to highlight from the summary perhaps?18:42
CraigZimlafricain: please log in  by typing QA: I am full name country18:42
Kiloscyrilb you here?18:43
* chesedo can't see anything that we need to highlight18:43
Kiloscyrilb is in mauritius guys18:43
chesedobut you guys seem to have done a good job at being more active18:43
chesedoKilos: is that with an o18:44
KilosQA spell mauritius18:44
Na3iLokay, so nothing to review18:44
QAKilos: Yes, you *can* spell18:44
Kiloshi gR0ok_18:44
Na3iLlet me go ahead to the next topic18:45
Na3iLQA: topic Awareness and actions18:45
QACurrent Topic: Awareness and actions18:45
Na3iLAs I can see there's many new users who joined us since the last meeting :D18:45
Kilosyes , makes me happy18:46
Na3iLisn't Kilos18:46
Na3iLLet  me ask; where's the new users who joined us? :D18:47
Ch3ckMe | Moi18:48
Kilosmany of the cameroon guys are new i think18:48
* Kilos :D18:49
Na3iLThat's cool! :D18:49
Ch3ckNever heard of an LUG in Cameroon18:49
Ch3ckit's nice to know there's one18:49
* chesedo thinks that a lot of the current sub-topics improved since last meeting18:49
chesedowelcome all new ones :D18:49
ongolaBoyCh3ck: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CameroonianTeam , https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-cm ;)18:51
KilosQA welcome18:51
QAWelcome to our meeting all new and old users of irc in Africa18:51
Ch3ckNice ongolaBoy18:51
Na3iLAm I the only who thinking about new strategies to bring newcomers here?18:51
Na3iLAny ideas?18:51
Kilostry and get hold of the lugs in all the different countries and invite them18:52
Kiloslet them understand this channel is for all linux users in africa18:52
Kilosi joined many mailing lists to get us this far18:53
Kiloshi abakamousa18:53
Na3iLand how do we get more Ubuntu users to join and ultimately to apply for official membership?18:53
Na3iLhey abakamousa18:53
ongolaBoyyet another cameroonian :)18:53
Kiloseery lug has ubuntu users in18:53
lafricainQA I'm Cyrille Mattiuzzo from rdc I'm french18:54
QAlafricain: Sorry...18:54
Kilosin africa when the locos got tired the lugs absorbed them18:54
lafricainI lost the signal, sorry.18:54
chesedolafricain: I am has to be typed put18:54
abakamousai have forget that meeting18:54
Kiloslafricain I am not I'm18:54
abakamousaI'm not late i suppose18:54
Kilosnot totally abakamousa18:55
chesedoabakamousa: no join in18:55
Kilosonly 25 minutes18:55
Kilossign in please18:55
Na3iLbtw, Kilos What is the status with missing/tired LoCo's?18:55
lafricainQA I am Cyrille Mattiuzzo from RDC18:55
QAlafricain: Yessir18:55
Na3iLWe still looking for 2 LoCo teams right?18:55
Kilosthey seem to have died out completely18:56
Kilosso lugs need to be contacted ad invited18:56
CraigZimthere is not even an active lug in Zimbabwe18:56
chesedoabakamousa: you can introduce yourself to QA using ' QA  I am <FirstName LastName - Country> without the angles'18:56
Kiloshi mawutor18:57
Na3iLI think we need to prepare a list for that18:57
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-africa18:57
abakamousaQA I am Aboubakar From Cameroun, I'm french18:57
QAabakamousa: Yessir18:57
Na3iLI will do  that asap18:57
abakamousaso excuse the quality of my english18:57
Kilosmawutor login please18:57
Na3iLelacheche_anis, welcome :D18:57
Kiloswb elacheche18:58
* elacheche_anis is always late :(18:58
* elacheche_anis remains silence..18:58
Na3iLyou are not too late login by typing QA I am Firstname Lastname - country18:58
Kilosand where are the other cheche's18:59
mawutori rep Ghana if that what you mean kilos18:59
Kilosmawutor  type in I am Full name Country18:59
Kilosits for the meeting logs19:00
Kilosand invite the rest of your guys to this channel too19:00
Kiloseveryone is welcome19:00
elacheche_anisQA I am elacheche - Tunisia19:00
QAelacheche_anis: Alrighty19:00
Na3iLso , anyone else have feedback about dead LoCo's for now?19:00
* MarwenDo have an idea19:01
mawutorStephen Mawutor Donkor  from Ghana19:01
Na3iLgo ahead and MarwenDo and talk :P19:01
Na3iLmawutor, QA I am Fullname - country19:01
Kilosoh sorry bout that19:01
Kilosi forgot the bot19:01
Kilosthats why the young bloods are taking over19:02
mawutorI Am Stephen Mawutor Donkor -Ghana19:02
QAmawutor: Sure19:02
Kilosmawutor we are happy to have you join us19:02
Na3iLMarwenDo, I am still waiting your idea :P19:03
* chesedo also excited about it19:03
Na3iLMeanwhile, we need to encourage dead LoCo's to rebuild19:04
Kilosthe guys that are french and other languages , feel free to use them if you battle with english, i am sure someone will translate for us19:04
CraigZimPush linux over our social networks may pick up a few users19:04
Na3iLand encourage more people to get launchpad ID's and join us at https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-africa19:04
chesedoCraigZim: good idea19:05
Kilosyeah you tweeters and facebook fans19:05
chesedoKilos: what social accounts does ubuntu-africa have19:05
Na3iLJust facebook and it's group if I remember well19:05
Kilosone on facebook19:06
Na3iLokay, then wee need more accounts on different social networks : twitter vk etc..19:06
Kilosyou guys can feel free to go twitter and G+ too19:06
chesedocan we create a post that others can spread further like CraigZim's usggestion19:06
Na3iLCan you do it chesedo ?19:07
marwen_I'm MarwenDo: I think that creating videos and publishing them to Youtube will help us reach more people .19:07
Kilosthat can work too19:08
chesedoNa3iL: i can create a tweet - not on FB19:08
=== marwen_ is now known as MarwenDo
superflyQA: I am Raoul Snyman - South Africa19:08
QAsuperfly: Righto19:08
chesedowill hash it #ubuntu-africa and try post tomorrow19:08
ac3takwasI did this on Fb earlier, not sure any of my Nigerian friends cared to join.19:09
Kiloshi superfly19:09
superflyhi Kilos19:09
ac3takwasI don't even have friends who use IRC19:09
superflysorry I'm late. family things19:09
Na3iLQA: agreed chesedo will create a post about Ubuntu Africa19:09
QAAgreed: chesedo will create a post about Ubuntu Africa19:09
lafricainVideos goog idea!19:09
chesedoconstant awareness should also help19:10
Kilospromote the site as well guys, post the link in all social media19:10
Na3iLTalking about the website Kilos don't you think that we need to create a blog section19:11
Na3iLWe publish into it news about LoCos of africa?19:11
marwenwe need to focus on the very popular social site: facebook , twitter , creating videos and publish it on youtube is a awesome idea also19:11
Kilosyou need to talk to superfly about that19:11
Kiloshe is our site designer and host19:11
ac3takwasAnd perhaps a planet19:12
Na3iLsuperfly, what do you think?19:12
Kilosty for the hard work superfly19:12
superflyNa3iL: we're using Nikola, it's a blog already19:12
superflyNa3iL: I just didn't activate the blog because there was no one to do the blogging19:13
superflyNa3iL: I don't have the time. But I'm more than happy to help others get it up and running.19:13
Na3iLgood superfly I think I can help you on that, especially the blogging part19:14
Na3iLokay, nothing to add or I jump to the next topic?19:14
MarwenDowho is familiar with video editing ?19:14
Kilosyou gotta tell the bot agreed19:15
Kiloson you and superfly getting the blog going19:15
Kilosnot so chesedo19:15
Na3iLQA, agreed superfly and Na3iL will work on getting the blog part going19:15
QAAgreed: superfly and Na3iL will work on getting the blog part going19:15
Na3iLQA: topic raise awareness of not so official mirrors but widely used in some areas (ongolaBoy)19:15
QACurrent Topic: raise awareness of not so official mirrors but widely used in some areas (ongolaBoy)19:15
mawutori think what we might need is a good blogger to tell our stories19:15
Na3iLongolaBoy, you there?19:16
mawutorhaving the blog up is not all we need19:16
Kiloswe can all chip in with the blog19:17
mawutorwe need to be able to get the word our in lot of different ways19:17
Na3iLthat's sure mawutor I think I can take care of that19:17
chesedoand blogger should feel free to pitch in19:17
ongolaBoyNa3iL: I'm there19:17
Kilosi can blog a bit about it, then it goes in the ubuntu newsletter19:18
Na3iLSo, I think last meeting you wasn't there to talk bout this topic?19:18
Kilosad elacheche_anis as well19:18
ongolaBoyshould I talk about our mirror ?19:18
Na3iLYep ongolaBoy what's the news?19:18
ongolaBoyIn fact our mirror changed from status «pending» to «Unofficial»19:19
ongolaBoyI have explained to ubuntu sysadmin on #ubuntu-mirrors that We have not the capacity to host all the architectures/versions19:20
elacheche_anisWho gonna add me to what? :D x)19:20
ongolaBoybut at least our mirror can be used by some people in our area19:20
Kiloson the new blog coming elacheche_anis19:20
ongolaBoyhere is the LP page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+mirror/miroir.cm.auf.org-archive19:20
ongolaBoywe serve it on IPv4 and even IPv6 since some months :)19:21
Kilosnice ongolaBoy good work19:22
elacheche_anisWe have an official Tunisian Mirror as well19:22
Na3iLSo, nothing to add about that topic?19:23
ongolaBoythat's all on that matter19:23
elacheche_anisIt's offered and managed by the Tunisian Internet Agency (The company who contorls all the internet in Tunisia x) )19:23
mawutora side the news letters and the blogs we could adopt schools for ubuntu lab. projects this we the get the news running not only on the web but also inthe media houses of the repestive countries19:23
chesedoNa3iL: nothing19:23
Na3iLQA: topic Events19:23
QACurrent Topic: Events19:23
Kilosmawutor good idea19:24
ac3takwasI mentioned a "planet"19:24
Na3iLAny new coming events?19:24
ac3takwasDo you guys know what that is?19:24
chesedoabakamousa: nope19:24
chesedoNa3iL:  not that im aware of19:24
Na3iLelacheche_anis, we don't have any event in Tunisia?19:25
Na3iLthis month?19:25
Kilosyou can all plan release parties for 16.0419:25
ac3takwasIf individual bloggers register their blogs with the planet, then they can blog independently about it.19:26
elacheche_anisNa3iL: We still planning that SysAdmin workshop.. I needx to finish this last exam before getting my head clear for the details19:26
ac3takwasThe planet would aggregate these blog posts.19:26
chesedoKilos: your blog goes to the planet19:26
abakamousathe link please19:26
Kilosi dunno19:27
Kilosask elacheche_anis19:27
chesedoabakamousa: yes others should register theirs too19:27
Na3iLWhy we don't plan for an UbuCon19:28
ac3takwasI am part of the Durgarpur LUG #dgolug, and that's the approach used19:28
QAac3takwas: Righto19:28
Na3iLtake a look here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubucon19:28
Na3iLAn Ubucon is generally an informal, lightly structured gathering of Ubunteros. There are also other meetings and UbuntuConferences19:30
elacheche_anisKilos: who gonna ask me, what? x)19:30
* elacheche_anis is sorry he's lost :(19:30
Kilosif my blog goes to the planet elacheche_anis19:30
Kilosand yours of course19:31
elacheche_anisYeah Kilos it does!19:31
elacheche_anisMine too19:31
Kiloschesedo yes19:31
Na3iLOkay, we move to the next topic?19:31
elacheche_anisIf someone want me to blog about something let's talk about it in private :D Or later here :) After the meeting :)19:31
chesedoNa3iL: might have too start pushing ideas to next meeting cause of time...19:31
Na3iLokay chesedo19:31
Na3iLQA: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:32
QACurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:32
Kilos+1 Na3iL19:32
* chesedo think Na3iL did great so +119:32
CraigZim+1 too19:33
Kiloswell donre Na3iL  and thank you19:33
Na3iLokay then19:33
Na3iLQA: agreed Na3iL to chair the next meeting19:33
QAAgreed: Na3iL to chair the next meeting19:33
MarwenDoGJ Na3iL19:33
Kilosjust a reminder everyone, you are welcome to hang here 24/7  not just meeting night19:34
Na3iLQA: topic Next meeting19:34
QACurrent Topic: Next meeting19:34
Kiloshere we need to discuss19:34
Na3iLIn the agenda the next meeting is 24th february19:34
Kilosseeing as we are not a loco we dont fall under any rules19:34
chesedoit is currently suggested to have one each quarter19:35
Kilosso its open to discussion to have a meeting every 4 months if everyone agrees19:35
=== ac3takwas is now known as acetakwas
* chesedo is okay either way currently19:35
Na3iLDon't you think guys we can discuss this on the maillist19:36
Kiloswe can19:36
Na3iLSo, we can fix the next meeting on the mail list19:36
chesedowe have discussed the timing in the past - just got no response19:36
chesedobut can try again19:37
Kilosour mailing list doesnt get many replies19:37
d3r1ckHello Everyone :)19:37
Na3iLWe will keep try :D untill it goes right19:37
Kiloshi d3r1ck19:37
d3r1ckSorry i came late19:37
chesedoNa3iL: great19:37
Na3iLhey d3r1ck It is okay :)19:37
MarwenDohi d3r1ck19:37
Na3iLokay then thanks for attending guys!  and enjoy the rest of the evening :)19:37
d3r1ckHi everyone19:38
d3r1ckso whats the topic for today?19:38
chesedoso for now the next one seems to be feb19:38
Kilosty for chairing Na3iL19:38
Na3iLQA, end meeting19:38
QAMeeting Ended19:38
QAMinutes available at json: :: txt: :: html:
acetakwasFeb 2419:38
chesedoty Na3iL19:38
Na3iLYou are welcome Kilos :D it is nothing19:38
Kilosd3r1ck you can read at
MarwenDogg Na3iL :)19:38
* chesedo is off for the day19:39
Kilosthen you up to date19:39
Kiloscheers chesedo ty19:39
Kilosd3`popin here during the days as well if you can19:39
Kilosd3r1ck ^19:39
Kilossome of us are here all day19:40
Kilosthanks for attending everyone19:40
CraigZimty all19:41
K_K_NThanks and cheers guys, chat next meeting although did not really have much to contribute this time round19:42
Kiloscheers mawutor19:43
Kilosvisit agin19:43
Na3iLcheers guys :D my coffee time19:43
Kiloscheers Na3iL ty19:43
Na3iLThanks for attending the meeting again :D19:44
Na3iLyw Kilos :D19:44
Kilosbed time for me19:44
Kilosnight all19:44
Na3iLsleep well19:44
K_K_Nnight Kilos19:45
K_K_Nand I am outta here19:45
K_K_Ngood bye all19:45
williamkHi all19:48
CraigZimhi williamk19:49
williamkHi CraigZim, was wondering if some one was still here, anything that I missed19:50
CraigZimwilliamk: you can read logs here :
CraigZimquite a busy night19:51
d3r1ckKilos, will join soon19:53
CraigZimgood night all19:54
chesedoalmost forgot the tweet - https://twitter.com/pieter2627/status/69243563151183872019:55
chesedobye again...19:55
MurimaQA: i am Murima from Nairobi Kenya20:21
QAMurima: What?20:21
MurimaQA:i am Murima from Nairobi Kenya20:22
QAMurima: Excuse me?20:22
Na3iLMurima, you are late20:23
Na3iLThis is the log of the meeting
Murimasorry i think i was informed the wrong time then20:25
Murimathanks for the link20:25
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as elacheche_anis
d3r1ckAny one around?21:49
Private_Userwhat up d3r1ck22:00

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