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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Chocolate Cake Day! 🙌 🎂09:43
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uglyandstupidi've been reading with a lot of interest https://design.canonical.com/2016/01/ubuntu-clock-refresh/15:44
davidcalleuglyandstupid: hello15:44
uglyandstupidi'm quite confused15:45
uglyandstupidwhat's the "Suru visual language" ?15:45
uglyandstupid"To further the paper look, drop shadows are used to give the illusion of layers of paper" is something introduced by Android Material design, confirmed by the next sentence " The shadow under the clock face elevates it from the page"15:47
davidcalleuglyandstupid: I think there is a previous blog post about Suru, let me look15:47
uglyandstupidIs there any specs or docs explainign the new design rules/inspirations for example ? :)15:48
uglyandstupidthe second clock image looks flat (everything is flat nowadays) however, from design point of view, lights always comme from the top and shadow in the bottom, unlike the picture.15:49
davidcalleuglyandstupid: well, the posts talking about Suru are quite old, but here is the one introducing it I believe: http://design.canonical.com/2013/04/core-utility-apps-visual-exploration/15:49
uglyandstupidDont take me wrong, i'm really impressed since years now, of the effort being made by ubuntu and the community15:49
davidcalleuglyandstupid: also: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/getting-started/design-philosophy15:50
uglyandstupiddavidcalle: thanks a lot15:51
uglyandstupiddavidcalle: wich they have made something like https://www.google.com/design/spec/material-design/introduction.html more straightforward to be understood15:52
uglyandstupiddavidcalle: "Suru brings a precise yet organic structure to the Ubuntu interface, its sharp lines and varying levels of transparency evoke the edges and texture of paper." I need to be under the influence of marijuana to understand this :)15:55
davidcalleuglyandstupid: note that a large visual update is going to roll out progressively in the coming months (the clock app post is a good example of things to come), including the design guide I've linked to. Last week at Ubucon, the UX Design lead (John Lea), when asked if we were going to see similar guidelines as material ones, said they were looking closely15:55
davidcalleat it.15:55
uglyandstupiddavidcalle: apprecaited, thank you so much15:55
davidcalleyw :)15:56
uglyandstupidsee you later, and thanks again15:59
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McIntireEvanHey, I recently changed my installation to Wily, and I've had trouble getting the apps to run; whereas with my previous installation (xenial) I had no trouble. My thinking is it's the package versions are being weird, but Im not too sure21:01

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