pittiGood morning04:52
pittihey hikiko, how are you?06:12
hikikohi pitti :)06:18
Steve_Jobscan anyone help me diagnose why I can't install a wacom tablet?07:06
flocculantSteve_Jobs: you might be better in #ubuntu that's a support channel07:19
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alexarnaudhello everyone !08:35
willcookegood morning all09:02
Laneyhi hi09:05
pittihey Laney!09:06
seb128hey u.k09:06
seb128& pitti09:06
pittibonjour seb12809:06
pittiLaney: it's live!09:06
davmor2willcooke, Laney: Firing up my nvidia box now09:06
willcookedavmor2, thx09:07
Laneypitti: nice09:08
LaneyI bet there's a chance for me to try it on gvfs ;-)09:08
willcookeHappy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear Laney! Happy birthday to you.  (c) Disney09:15
seb128Laney, happy birthday!09:16
davmor2willcooke, Laney: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/desktop-screenshots/nouveau.png09:16
Laneyi iz old09:17
Laneythanks davmor2!09:17
willcookedavmor2, hurmph.  andyrock ^^ seems to work there09:17
willcookethanks davmor209:17
davmor2Laney: no your not popey iz old :D09:18
willcookebut fair09:18
davmor2willcooke: he is a year older than me though and I'm normally one of the oldest in the room so he must be09:18
willcookeI'm snapping at your heels09:20
Laneypitti: do you know why gvfs was tested against the new nemo on some arches?09:20
davmor2willcooke, Laney: also remember that if the user with the issue is running a much newer card that the nouveau team might not of reverse engineered it yet09:20
* Laney would rather not fix that problem09:20
Laneyerr, the other way around09:21
willcookedavmor2, ah, yeah I expect andyrock has a newish card.  Let's see once he's online09:21
davmor2willcooke: also I got to try out the add a password to disable secureboot because you chose to install 3rd party drivers, still not sure how microsoft work around that but hey :) That seems to work on hardware which is what I wanted to test :)09:23
willcookenot sure I know what that is, but sounds like no work for us, so.. yay!09:24
davmor2willcooke: if you in the install your select 3rd party drivers, or on system update and have secureboot enable it pops up a notice saying that because you are selecting that you can't use secureboot anymore and asks for a password to disable it I'll grab you a screenshot later from vm09:26
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davmor2willcooke: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/desktop-screenshots/secureboot-warning.png  you get a similar warning on apt full-upgrade and on dist-upgrades too I would imagine although that would still need testing09:33
Laneywhere does learn more go to?09:33
davmor2Laney: one second I'll find out09:34
pittiLaney: gvfs/nemo: perhaps nemo was uploaded aroud the same time, and the build took longer on arm/s390x?09:34
Laneypitti: right, but the trigger should have been against the release version?09:35
Laneyit didn't migrate09:35
pittiLaney: oh -- it still ran yesterday09:35
pittiLaney: until yesterday I had apt pinning disabled on scalingstack09:36
pittiLaney: due to the init-system-helpers/sysvinit lockstep thing (still remember?)09:36
pittiI re-enabled pinning this morning09:36
davmor2Laney: http://people.canonical.com/~davmor2/desktop-screenshots/learnmore.png09:36
Laneypitti: bleh09:36
pittiLaney: re-running ought to work, though09:36
pittiLaney: want to try the clicky-clicky rerun?09:37
Laneypitti: I will do, if it's going to use nemo from xenial-release :)09:37
pittiLaney: yes, apt pinning is back on09:37
LaneyI couldn't remember if run-autopkgtest ... foo uses the newest foo all the time or if you need a trigger to take the proposed version09:38
pittiLaney: you don't specify the version of the test, just of the trigger09:38
pittiLaney: if you add a fake trigger for foo, it'll use -proposed, otherwise release09:39
TrevinhoJetlag almost fixed. Hopefully09:39
Laneypitti: indeed, I forgot what that meant09:39
Laneyhi Trevinho09:39
TrevinhoLaney: hi09:39
Laneywhat's crackin'09:39
davmor2Laney, willcooke: obviously I'll need to test that line on really hardware so I wonder if my Lenovo is using broadcom wifi if not then I know the xps13 does09:40
willcookehi Trevinho09:40
Laneydavmor2: is this because of signed kernel modules?09:41
davmor2Laney: I assume so and that it is using secureboot correctly now09:41
willcookeanyone having connection issues to Canonical IRC server?09:42
davmor2Laney: but it does still raise the question of how does Windows get around it, I assume all the drivers for windows are signed too so they can just be added, but I still would of thought that, that would of changed the kernel key09:42
pittiLaney: ah, so apparently that worked for you09:43
Laneypitti: indeed!09:43
seb128willcooke, wfm09:43
pittiRequester: laney09:44
willcookeseb128, thx09:44
Laneypitti: a button to do all arches at once would be nice ;-)09:44
Laneyyay for self service retries09:45
willcookeseb128, I've got no menus in Gedit.  But then I've been messing around with it.  Is that a known issue?09:52
seb128willcooke, do you have local menus enabled?09:53
willcookeseb128, ah09:54
willcookeseb128, thanks09:54
seb128I guess that's a "yes"?09:55
seb128gedit use GTK CSD and no compiz bar so no integrated menus in that case09:55
willcookeI remember now09:55
seb128no worry09:56
seb128we need to fix that one before release...09:56
seb128bug #1518516 for the record09:56
ubot5bug 1518516 in gedit (Ubuntu Xenial) "ubuntu session option "Show the menus for a window > In the windows title bar" loses menus in gedit" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151851609:56
willcookeoh yeah, so.. don't know if you remember - design asked for a coloured bottom border on the active tab in a notebook (e.g. gedit tabs) to show the active tab09:57
willcookewell, turns out that we might have found a bug, and so it can't be done09:57
pittiLaney: and OMG, dude!!!10:15
pittiLaney: happy 30th! *hug*10:15
* pitti hugs Laney and tosses a virtual beer10:15
Laneythanks pitti10:15
* Laney is now going to start making groaning noises10:16
Laneysooooo olddddddd10:16
pittijust take your heart pills every day, and it will be good *cough* *cough* !10:16
pittiLaney: did you get something nice this morning? breakfast, cake, presents, snarky comments about the big three-ooh?10:17
seb128willcooke, :-/10:18
chrisccoulsonHappy birthday Laney. Welcome to the old peoples' club :)10:18
pittiseb128, willcooke: some hugs for the old man, SVP10:18
seb128pitti, willcooke sang happy birthday on this channel earlier ;-)10:19
Laneypitti: I got some fruit trees to plant outside10:19
seb128but yeah, hugs are a nice idea10:19
Laneygoing out for a meal later10:19
* seb128 hugs Laney10:19
* Laney hugs seb128 and pitti10:20
pittiseb128: ah indeed! was offline at that time (train rides..)10:20
Laney^- going there10:20
* Laney doesn't know what all of the words on that menu mean10:20
pittiLaney: neither do I, but I do comprehend "steak"!10:21
pittiLaney: like, I don't know what a John Dory is -- sounds awfully cannibalistic10:22
Laneylocal villain of the week?10:23
pittiit's a fish!10:24
didrocksgood morning10:29
seb128hey didrocks10:30
didrockssalut seb128!10:30
seb128what time is your clock on now? ;-)10:30
seb128had a good night?10:30
pittibonjour didrocks !10:32
didrocksseb128: had a long night (like 14h), but I guess not enough yet to take over the sleep deprevation of last week10:33
didrocksseb128: how about you!10:33
didrockshey pitti!10:33
seb128waouh, crazy10:33
seb128for some reason I didn't feel tired yesterday afternoon/evening10:33
seb128just almost fall asleep in early afternoon and then it was over10:34
seb128I slept from 23h to 9h1510:34
pitti14h! wow, that's like two nights10:34
seb128I didn't manage to shake out the start of cold though10:34
didrocksseb128: well, you did sleep well there :)10:34
seb128turned into a real cold :-/10:34
didrockspitti: yeah, basically slept an average of 4h for the past week10:34
pittiso, FOSDEM, next opportunity to exchange germs!10:34
seb128yeah, I just didn't sleep much in the plane10:34
didrockspitti: couldn't sleep in the plane at all as well10:34
* pitti has managed to not get a cold since last May, crossing fingers..10:35
seb128usually skipping a night makes it difficult to stay up until the evening10:35
pittiyeah, I usually drink lots of strong tea or coke in that afternoon to stay awake10:36
didrocksseb128: whenever you got a minute, mind reviewing session-shorcouts?10:39
seb128didrocks, sure can10:39
didrocksI would like to finish that task this week if possible (MIRing, adding the dep…)10:39
seb128but I'm about to go, I've an appointement at 12, going to do that once I'm back10:39
pittiLaney: the nemo thing worked, didn't it? gvfs isn't on excuses.html any more, it was gvfs, rigth?11:04
Laneypitti: indeed!11:12
pittiI'm close to the Belgian border now, and thus will drop offline soon; see you again in some two hours!11:22
didrockshey andyrock!11:44
willcookehey andyrock11:58
* Laney pins vim12:17
Laneynew version turns off python2 which breaks plugins written in py212:17
Laneyincluding ones in archive12:17
davmor2Laney: I was going to ask barry about that but didn't see him online our vim build is built against python plugin bits which is really useful but not on the system with no python 2 anymore12:20
davmor2Laney: is there even a python3 version of vim build we can use?  or will be a case of dropping the pythony bit12:21
Laneydavmor2: there is python312:21
Laneyyou have to choose between python2 and python312:21
Laneythey just flipped it12:21
Laneywhich means that some things go from working to broken12:21
* Laney apt-mark hold vim at ubuntu212:22
davmor2Laney: right okay12:25
tkamppeterhikiko, hi12:53
hikikohi tkamppeter12:55
hikikothanks for the email :)12:55
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tkamppeterhikiko, I hope this helps, this is all my experience with ordering stuff to locations where I travel to.13:10
hikikowell, what I wanted to do was slightly different but stefanie pointed out who I should ask so it helped in any case :D thank you :)13:13
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Sweet5harkwillcooke: so, installed the libreoffice snap the first time, hacked around with some LD_LIBRARY_PATH foo and git it down to ldd only missing libGL.so. Now building with mesa added to the snap ...15:18
willcookeSweet5hark, thanks.  How big is mesa?15:22
Sweet5harkdunno what it will end up adding. However, when I told you a number last time I didnt have xorg and xmir in it already -- compared to those, mesa will be neglectable I assume.15:24
Sweet5harkcurrent snap is 417MB (with XMir)15:26
ricotzwelcome to the world of windows15:26
ricotzSweet5hark, did you get my diff? also remember to push the packaging change so I would be able to give a real patch for credits15:27
Sweet5harkricotz: we are not quite there yet. we are there when we update a 500MB download for a 1 bit security change in one lib ...15:28
ricotzexactly, so this seems to be getting ridiculous, doesn't it?15:28
ricotzSweet5hark, https://paste.debian.net/plain/36743115:29
Sweet5harkricotz: saw the diff, was merged already (and yes, I did --author it to you) ..15:29
* Sweet5hark shrugs15:30
ricotzSweet5hark, thanks15:30
Sweet5harklol, installing npms is like a vacation with kids: 20% of time spend in a module called are-we-there-yet (aka the progress bar) https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/11283#issuecomment-17524682316:06
gQuigsSweet5hark: is the snap apparmored?  does it work with the LO splash screen?16:39
gQuigsis it using the same apparmor profile I've been working on our something else?16:40
Sweet5harkgQuigs: currently not caring at all about apparmor, sorry16:42
Sweet5harkwillcooke: FWIW: ./soffice.bin --help works -- but not much else yet.16:42
gQuigsSweet5hark: oh, I thought snaps couldn't be deployed unconstrained16:43
seb128shrug, just spent an hour on the phone debugging a non ubuntu system16:49
seb128fs was mounted ro16:49
seb128a non *booting* ubuntu system16:50
seb128turned out that renaming a disk in "disks" created the issue, yeah for easy way to bug your system :-/16:50
willcookehow old was the install?  I mean we've been using disk UUIDs for a loooong time17:02
willcookeunless the name effects the uuid?17:02
seb128that's a new LTS install17:04
seb128and fstab had no useful content17:04
seb128e.g no UUID line17:04
seb128I wonder how / was even mounted17:04
seb128but the system worked fine before the disk rename17:05
seb128after the rename the / was ro17:05
seb128which is enough for lightdm to not start :-/17:05
seb128the desk was starting after a remount,rw17:05
davmor2willcooke, seb128: sounds like something to have a play with in vm17:06
didrocksTrevinho: once you are around, please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/unity/dep-session-shorcuts/+merge/284159 (should be straightforward) for including in next landing17:06
didrocksTrevinho: do you have any bot merging directly? I doubt you reviewed and I see that 3 minutes later, this was marked as "merged"17:11
didrocks(and I just did push to lp:~didrocks/unity/dep-session-shorcuts, just checked again)17:11
* qengho away a while.17:36
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willcookequittin' time.  night all18:27
davmor2Laney: do you know what drive they renamed, I tried with a partition no change at least on 14.04.419:33
davmor2Laney: ignore me it was seb12820:06
seb128davmor2, the only drive/partition20:11
seb128thanks for testing20:11
davmor2seb128: hmm I'll have a try with 16.04 tomorrow do you happen to know if it was 32 or 64 bit and if uefi was involved or not?20:12
seb12864 bit20:12
seb128not sure about uefi, it's a custom desktop config, so probably not20:12
davmor2seb128: right I'll have a play on a none uefi setup in the morning and see if I can reproduce it then :)20:13

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