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ngpaladiI have a few (relatively) quick questions regarding launchpad bug reports, and apologize if this is already described on a wiki page, but how does one set the importance to wish list? Additionally, what exactly should the opinion marking be used for? Thanks!03:36
adueppenngpaladi: are you an admin in the project?03:43
ngpaladiadueppen: No, I am not03:44
adueppenngpaladi: then unfortunately you're unable to set the bug importance. You'd have to wait for the project admins to do that.03:44
ngpaladiadueppen: OK, thanks. About the opinion setting, though... When should that be used?03:46
adueppenngpaladi: it should be used when it's subjective as to whether it's an actual issue03:48
adueppenI think03:48
ngpaladiadueppen: Thanks.03:51
BluewolfHi all, anyone know of a tweaking tool that can allow me to make most of my windows transparent. I have and extension called transparent windows, which works but keeps turning itself off. And compiz, opacity, brightness and saturation does not appear to work. Is there anything else out their with varying customization and not buggy?08:35
mgedminthere was transset, a command-line tool, but it's buggy08:52
ubot5Freedesktop bug 76958 in App/other "transset fails to pick correct window under GNOME" [Normal,New]08:53
mgedminso I wrote a shell script to replace it using xprop: https://github.com/mgedmin/scripts/blob/master/transset08:53
BluewolfDoes anyone not have options?11:10
BluewolfReally Gnome is there no other program or extension?11:11
mgedminDevilsPie is a program that applies rules to windows; I don't know if it can set the opacity property12:25

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