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geochrHi all,19:08
wxlgeochr: howdy19:08
geochris there someone from !lococoncil  ?19:09
wxlgeochr: moi19:09
geochrI sent an email in the malling list 4 days ago, but i haven't got an answer.19:11
geochrthe email was for ubuntu-gr19:11
wxl1s geochr phone19:13
geochrwxl, do you read my email?19:15
wxlgeochr: i think it's unclear exactly what you're looking for. 19:26
geochrwxl, because our harware isn't replacable and we can replace it, we are searching a solution in order to set up our services again.19:30
geochri don't know the techical requirments (i am electrician)19:31
geochrbut we want to know how canonical can help us and what offers.19:32
wxlgeochr: canonical offers sort of pre-defined web hosting with a wordpress site, but it sounds like you want something else. i'm just unclear as to what20:25
geochrwhat you mean pre-defined?20:27
wxlgeochr: it's pre-defined in the sense that you don't just get a server with sudo access. they set up and maintain the wordpress site for you. as far as forums are concerned, typically the solution is to make a forum on the normal ubuntu forums.20:28
wxlgeochr: are you an ubuntu member?20:28
geochrthe only available solution is that, correct?20:29
geochrno, i am not.20:29
wxlgeochr: that or, if you're a member, taking advantage of Gandi discounts https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Gandi20:30
wxlgeochr: perhaps exceptions could be made but there would have to be a solid reasoning. unfortunately doing the things that LoCos usually do is not sufficient enough, i don't think, to validate doing something more20:30
wxlgeochr: the reality of it is that canonical is not just rolling in cash that they can spread out all over, nor do they have an unlimited amount of server resources20:31
wxlgeochr: also you should REALLY think about becoming a member. it won't hurt and you can stand to benefit from it!20:31
geochrthaks wxl for the info.20:34
wxlgeochr: do you want to explore the canonical hosting?20:34
geochrcan we have a formal answer on the mailling list ?  Because i must transfer the options and the abilities of the offered soloutios to our moderators.20:37
geochrcanonical hostin?20:37
wxlgeochr: the wordpress site. they can also handle domain registration.20:38
geochri think that wordpress isn't something that we want. We have the domain and we want the "space" on server in order to setup our services.20:46
wxlgeochr: then either become a member and/or get a member of your team to help and get the gandi hosting and discounted domain names. otherwise we can try to work on some sort of explanation as to why canonical should offer you more than anyone else and i'd have to run it up the flagpole20:47
geochrok wxl , Can you sent me please an email with a complete suggestion ? 20:51
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