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zzarris it possible to use chromebook/freon drivers the same way as android in ubuntu?11:53
ogra_zzarr, no need to, the binaries in chromeOS use glibc, you should be able to use them directly12:07
zzarrogra_, so it's just user-land drivers required?12:19
zzarrI have a arm based chromebook12:19
ogra_well, probably kernel too, but neither of them would need a container like the android drivers on the phone do12:20
ogra_i have the first samsung arm crhomebook ... havent used it in gaes, but i was able to use the chromeOS hangouts and flash plugins from it under ubuntu .... so drivers should work the same12:21
ogra_*me glares at his fingers12:21
zzarrokey, I have a rk3288 based asus chromebook flip12:22
anpok_ogra_: so they are somewhat drm/kms-like?12:22
zzarranpok_, I have read that they are12:22
ogra_anpok_, no clue .... but they will surely run if you have the right kernel12:22
ogra_and provide GLES if you have the necessary libs installed12:23
zzarrogra_, how did you install ubuntu on your arm chromebook?12:23
ogra_does libhybris emulate/provide a kms like layer ?12:23
anpok_ogra_: no, but there is hybris egl that offers the right entry points12:25
ogra_zzarr, that was years ago ... someone provided some howto that i followed, back then you could switch the bootloader to developer mode and freely pick between a parallel installed ubuntu or  chromeos then12:25
ogra_and the native ones would differ ?12:25
zzarrogra_, I have my chromebook in developer mode and I can boot from a sd card12:26
ogra_right, i think thats what i did12:26
ogra_then copy over the right libs and run ldconfig to have the linker find them ...12:27
zzarrso, what kernel should I use in order for ubuntu to work?12:27
ogra_the chromebook source ... and then a config merged from a default ubuntu one and the hardware specific options from the native chromebook config12:28
zzarrogra_, it sounds easy, but should I get the ubuntu touch tar ball or ubuntu-core?12:30
zzarrogra_, what I really want is to use mir/unity8 on my book12:31
ogra_does that matter as long as apt works ? :)12:31
zzarrogra_, you're right12:32
ogra_note that getting this merged kernel config right can be very time consuming12:32
ogra_(takes a lot of trial and error and rebuilds)12:33
zzarrogra_, is there a guide?12:33
ogra_not really, no12:34
ogra_there are some scripts in the normal ubuntu kernel packages that do config checks for essential options an ubuntu kernel should have12:34
ogra_i'd start from there12:34
zzarrokey, thanks12:35
zzarrogra_, will I be able to run mir? (if I'm successful?)12:39
ogra_zzarr, thats beyond my knowledge level ... the drivers should surely be capable to, but you might need kms support as anpok_ mentioned above .... and i'm not sure if they provide that or not (though chromeos might)12:40
ogra_*might use it12:41
zzarrso in other words if I get kms support I will be able too, other whys not12:42
anpok_zzarr: we use kms to setup the outputs ... dmabuf fds to transport buffers between client and server.. if you use the mesa platform. So you need support for those specific parts..12:52
ogra_i'd guess chromeOS uses that too though12:53
ogra_(but just guessing here)12:53
zzarranpok_, I say okey, but it's a bit outside my knowledge12:54
zzarrthere is a arch linux version for my chromebook, could I use the kernel they provide?12:55
alan_gzzarr: if you're not using the mesa from the ubuntu archive you'll also need to pick up some patches for Mir support. (I don't know the details.)13:03
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zzarrokey alan_g|lunch I'll try with the ubuntu one first13:05
alfSaviq: bregma: https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/jenkins-launchpad-plugin/triggered-builds/+merge/28411713:29
bregmaalf, nice, dunno if I'll get a chance to test it though...13:31
alfbregma: np, I added a script in the description to run locally (if you have jenkins-launcphad-plugin config files set up)13:34
alfbregma: actually, just give me a build url for libertine and I will paste the output and you can tell me if it is sane13:34
bregmaalf, you could try https://jenkins.canonical.com/libertine/view/Libertine%20CI/job/libertine-ci-update-mp/lastBuild/ --  that's the job that updates the MP for CI13:39
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zzarrogra_, I have obtained the kernel configs from my chromebook, what command do I use in order to make the kernel ubuntu-ish14:20
zzarrI have also (git) cloned the chromebook kernel14:22
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Saviqhey folks, can you please comment on bug #1538659, i.e. what's the applicable dependency chain in this case?17:12
ubot5bug 1538659 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8-desktop-session-mir is missing mir-platform-* and mir-client-* dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153865917:12
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