lukesoftHi Guys, Really trying to get going with contributing to ubuntu......but iam getting some bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/ubuntu/tomboy/".07:06
lukesoftcan you pliz point me in the right direction, i believe i set up my dev env correcly07:06
RhondaHmm.  If I update the trusty-backports package of wesnoth-1.12 with a version from xenial, I will have to also propose a backport for vivid and wily, right?08:46
lukemadzedzeguys which languages are used mostly if i want to contribute to ubuntu-motu09:24
lukemadzedzeprogramming languages09:24
Laneylukemadzedze: any, it depends on what the program is written in09:32
lukemadzedzeLaney: thank you very much09:34
lukesoftguys is there a way to find out which language a package is developed in, before i start trying to fixing its bug...or even downloading the sorces14:48
lukesoftis there a way of know the language used in a package, before downloading the sources....i want to try out fixing a bug or 2 but only if its a java application...but i dont seem to see any other way to know its a java programm before downloading the sources21:41
rbasaklukesoft: if you have deb-src lines in sources.list, use apt-cache showsrc and examine its build dependencies, maybe?21:50
rbasakYou will need to understand how those map to languages, and a C compiler won't be explicit in there as it's build-essential.21:50
rbasak(maybe C++ too, I'm not sure)21:50
rbasaklukesoft: it's hard to categories because source packages could use multiple languages. Most distro engineers handle many languages, so there's there's never been a need to classify them.21:51
lukesoftrbasak: Thanks a lot ey, i am a java developer with very limmited understanding of c++ and c, iam really desperate to start working on my first bug or 2, so naturally i would love to work on a java project for practice .......but i cant find any package written in java, to use for practice, and iam getting a bit demotivated as all the other languages a really looking like greek to me21:57
lukesoft all the other languages *are really looking like greek to me21:58
rbasaklukesoft: Ubuntu has a ton of Java work that needs doing, but unfortunately it may be too much in the deep end for you right now.21:59
rbasaklukesoft: I don't know much about the Java side of things, but you might be able to use "reverse-depends -b" to find things that require some named java package to build. That would maybe give you a helpful list.22:00
rbasaklukesoft: perhaps look at bugs against tomcat7 and tomcat8?22:00
lukesoftrbasak:Thanks a lot, let me try that for now, if i fail, i can always try my level best with everything else........after all i mainly want to do this to learn :)22:02

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