TJ-Can someone have a word in #ubuntu with detai (offering private msg support and general non-observance of guidlines and noise) ?08:32
ikoniaTJ-: of course09:07
ikoniahe's gone it would appear09:08
TJ-He seemed to calm down a bit eventually... unregistered nick, very noisy initially09:10
ikonialong gone, but worth keeping an eye out for coming back09:10
TJ-haha and back :)09:13
ikoniahello detai10:04
detaiyou banned me?10:05
ikoniaI forwarded you to this channel to try to help you with some info on how to use the #ubuntu channel10:05
ikoniamaybe get a little more out of it, and give a little more back in a better way10:05
detaiplease clarify WHY10:05
detaiwhat Exactly I DID to be BANNED?10:06
ikoniaplease stop talking in caps10:06
detaiOHH this time it's intentional... You Summarily ban someone with out cause, why?10:07
ikoniaif you could calm down a little, sotp typing in caps, stop asking people to pm you (which I note you have done already) and stop chasing support a little and just respond when people need help, we'd very much appreciate it10:07
detaiTJ- told me not to offer "/msg detai " and I stopped10:07
detaiI did not ASK after TJ told me not to do it...10:08
ikoniayes, I've already said I noted you've stopped10:08
detaiwhat else did I do wront?10:08
detaijust the CAPS??10:08
ikoniaplease re-read what I just said, it should still be on the screen10:08
detaiI'm not chasing support10:09
ikoniajust calm down a little, I appreciate sometimes caps can be usefl to stress a certain word, and thats great, but you're basically pushing it as a communication method10:09
ikonia09:53 < detai> Any SUPPORT questions FIRE AWAY!!!!10:09
ikoniathat's chasing support10:09
detaiI've asked questions in the channel before and NO one RESPONDED...10:09
ikoniathats chasing support10:09
detaiHow is that a problem?10:09
ikoniait's not how the channel works10:09
detaiso You banned me for CAPS?10:10
ikoniayou don't need to advertise you're available10:10
ikoniayou're not banned, you can rejoin shortly10:10
detaiI'm not going to, you and your moderator buddies can continue to offer crappy lowercased support or just keep ignoring newbies10:11
ikoniaif you could just calm down, sit in the channel, if someone needs help and you know how to help (and I mean known - not google their problem and copy google responses) that would be great10:11
detaiwhy are you creating so many Rules?10:11
ikoniayou can use caps to stress something if it's needed to be made clear, but if you could also not use caps as a general chat language, that would be helpful too please10:11
ikoniaok - your last comment does it for me10:11
ikoniaI think we're done10:11
detaiwhy is the CAPS rule worthy of a temp-ban?10:11
ikonia"crappy lower case support"10:11
detaione last question10:13
detaiwhat was the reason for the temp-ban?10:13
ikoniaI've just explained above10:13
ikoniait's not a ban, I've just moved you to this channel to talk to you10:13
detaiYou think I'm googling answers?10:14
ikonianot all of them no,10:14
detaiwow... ask dani_ ask Guest944 ask gotham2510:14
ikoniaon need to ask anything10:15
detaithere are almost 1800 people in the channel, why is it that when a newbie asks a question No-one Engages them and Helps?10:15
ikoniamany people engage and help10:16
MyrttiIf they don't know an answer, or aren't at the keyboard10:16
detaiwhat's the reason for Banning someone for Encouraging newbies to ask questions...?10:17
detaiwhat harm comes of that?10:17
detai1800 people and no-one even bothers to confirm if the printer question is related to the USB or NETWORK printer... I got that out of that user, and then TJ- and I were able to focus in on the question10:20
detaithe question is left un engaged and the user that usually asks a question leaves after a few minutes...10:21
detaiohh yeah are doing a bang-up job... of keeping users in windows environment, by ignoring the simplest questions which could help newbies switch away from windows to linux10:23
detaiwell, I hope I dont figure out how to change ip's, switch to a VPN...  i'm only a Network coordinator with over a decade of experience, and I know what a Mentor Pro Server is.  Go GOOGLE THAT!10:27
ikoniaok, thanks10:28
ikoniabye then10:28
=== detai is now known as Tessa
ikoniaTessa: please /part the channel now,10:30
ikoniadon't need to send me any more pm's10:31
ikoniaI think we're done here, so you can /part10:31
k1lseems like he was teamviewing another user?11:00
ikoniano idea11:00
k1l[detai] (~homeoffic@ool-44c18605.dyn.optonline.net): HomeOFFICE17:33
k1lis this detai aka tessa?17:33
ikoniaas long as he doesn't start his caps lock cut and paste help, I don't care17:40
ikoniahe will sleep well thinking he's got one over on us, and we'll be happy as he will fall in line with what I was trying to suggest to him before17:42
ikoniaalthough he has got people to randomly pm me to tell me that detai helped them17:42
ikonia17:36 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with xa617:42
ikonia17:36 <xa6> detai helped me, thanks17:42
ikoniathat was about 6 minutes ago17:42
ikonia17:44 <xa6> <detai> if I've been useful feel free to "/msg ikonia YOUR MASSAGE"  tell him what you think about me quality of support17:43
ikoniathats "now"17:43
PiciI guess you didn't want the massage.17:44
ikonianot today thanks17:44
bazhangfirst one is free, with a complimentary install of emacs17:45
ikoniathis has just come through17:45
ikonia17:46 <ikonia> no, he's someone who is being silly and involving people in17:45
ikonia               silly games, I'm really very sorry you got asked to do that17:45
ikonia17:46 <xa6> ok , well,17:45
ikonia17:46 <ikonia> glad you got help though17:45
ikonia17:47 <xa6> In fact I did not, but I felt pity from him, and saw some type of17:45
ikonia            effort to help me17:45
ikoniaso it appears he did not get help, but felt pity enough to pm me17:46
bazhanghi detai17:51
detaiikonia banned me AGAIN... without reason17:52
detaiis there a TERMINAL command to REMOVE the STICK FROM IKONIA's ASS???17:52
bazhangnot without reason17:52
detaiwhat was the reason today?17:53
bazhangdetai, the previous post would be a good indicator17:53
detaiif you Can take a DICK, you can take a joke... LOL17:53
detaiohh I'm so SORRY I Disrespected an ass OP that has banned me twice already...17:54
bazhangdetai, thats enough17:54
Myrttiusually people on this channel manage to get their issues solved quite easily17:55
detaiFOR NO REASON... I Was banned for SOLICITING TO ANSWER SUPPORT questions and for occasional use of CAPS17:55
detaiok tell me why I was banned today...?17:55
detaiwhat was the issue?17:55
detaihe kicked me from the #ubuntu channel summarily. and without reason!17:55
Myrttimaybe there is a reason that just isn't obvious to you17:56
detaifyi: I discovered that linux Kernels still dont support USB3.1 standard that macbook retina is already using17:56
detaiand I solved the reason xa6 couldnt install linux on that macbook retina... a question that no one was able to help with...17:57
bazhangthats not accurate17:57
detaiand I'm being KICKED like a dog, but some cocksucking hungarian, for my use of CAPS17:57
detaiok bazhang which kernel SUPPORTS usb3.1 standard???17:58
bazhangdetai, you are unable to discuss this is a calm and non filled with curses manner17:58
detaianswer my question about the KERNEL and USB 3.117:59
bazhangdetai, thats outside the purview of this channel17:59
rww"hungarian"? that's a new one18:00
detaistop changing the subject of my allegations that the OPS on the #ubuntu channel bunch of drone/script kiddies, incapable of answering the simplest question18:00
detairww: ikonia is from Hungary? yes?18:00
rwwdetai: not that i'm aware18:00
detairun whois on him...18:00
rwwi have. and?18:01
rwwi mean, this is kind of tangential, but i'm really curious18:01
bazhangdetai, as you are unable to discuss this in a calm and rational manner, I suggest you return at such a time as you are able to do so18:01
detaiso please oh most Knowlegable bazhang please tell me which KERNEL of linux supports USB3.1 standard???18:01
detaiother techs have already agreed with me... about the usb 3.118:02
bazhangdetai, this will in no way affect your ban in #ubuntu , nor is this a support / bing channel18:02
detaiyet, I'm the only one on #ubuntu channel that figured this out... and yesterday ikonia accused me of GOOGLING answers NOW that DID PISS ME OFF!!!18:03
Myrttiikonia connects to freenode server that is in Hungary - this bares no correlation to where he actually is as people are recommended to use a roundrobin chat.freenode.net which randomly selects the server to use18:04
bazhangso come back to discuss your ban when you are able to do so in a calm rational manner18:04
detaiWhy was I banned today...??  I wasnt broadcasting in UBUNTU# I was not using CAPS??? why?18:04
detaiI dont need to I will CHANGE my IP like putting on a new pair of SOCKS and breach your DUMBASS ban FILTER18:05
detaiBunch of EGOMANAICAL assholes18:05
detaiuseless and INCOMPETENT~!!!!18:05
bazhangbye bye18:05
detaiban me for caps AGAIN18:05
detaibut you still dont know shit about KERNEL support of usb 3.118:06
Myrttiyou know, the ops were willing to look your ban evasion through their fingers as long as you would have been helpful in the channel without getting reports from other users18:06
detaiban EVASION.... is that like EVADING the POLICE... WHO do YOU JERKOFFS THINK YOU ARE???18:06
Myrttiit just happens that ikonia got a message from a person that you 'helped', saying that you had told them to message ikonia18:07
Myrttinow to my eyes that doesn't seem like a good idea18:07
detaiI say that if I was helpful tell Ikonia whom he has been kicking18:07
Myrttiand I can't fathom why you would think it was18:07
detaiwhy is that WRONG asking for some props from someone I helped for FREE18:08
Myrttiso you wanted to make other people that had nothing to do with you or your ban or ikonia a tool in your issue18:08
MyrttiI can see why that would cause you to be banned18:08
detaiyes My issue is that I have been repeatedly and summaraly banned by ikonia and HE ACCUSED ME OF GOOGLING ANSWERS... AND THAT PISSED ME OFFFF|18:09
bazhangdetai, come back when you are calm and can be civil18:09
detaiI will comeback anytime I like, you cant make a filter wide enough to ban me....18:10
detaii WILL EVADE your pathetic POWER TRIPPING ikonia filtering and I will connect at will and THERE is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, and YOU KNOW IT!!!18:11
rwwalright, that's enough18:11
rwwyou're just making yourself look worse, and this isn't going anywhere18:11
detaiif someone accused you bazhang of offering support by GOOGLING for ANSWERS you'd be PISSED OFF TOO!!!18:11
MyrttiI doubt he'd be this inflamed18:11
MyrttiI don't think any of us would18:12
rwwplease come back tomorrow and we'll discuss this further18:12
detaiafter BEING kicked the next DAY for NO REASON???18:12
bazhangI bing for answers all the time18:12
detaijust because someone told IKONIA i was helpful18:12
Myrttiyou acted like this after the first kick, if memory serves18:12
detaithat is NOT what IKONIA meant]18:12
Myrttiso that's a bit of an invalid argument18:12
detaihe KICKED me for SOLICITING to OFFER SUPPORT in the #UBUNTU CHANNEL ..... I said IF YOU ARE HERE FOR SUPPORT ASK ME , I'm HAPPY TO HELP...   "  I got banned kicked the first time for that??? and FOR Occasional USE of CAPS18:14
rwwdetai: this is going around in circles. come back tomorrow when you're not worked up, and we'll find an operator to discuss your bans with you18:14
rwwdetai: have a nice rest of your day.18:14
detairww: please I already told you I can and will AT WILL get past your pathetic PowerTripping FIlters18:15
rwwno? alrighty then18:15
rww@comment 71004 unable to do ban resolution due to user attitude, banned until tomorrow to prevent further escalation/arguing, 12h18:16
ubottuComment added. 71004 will be removed after 12 hours.18:16
rww@comment 71007 ban-evasion, non-support trolling18:47
ubottuComment added.18:47
k1lnow he found open proxies19:20
rwwoh well. takes him longer to reconnect than it takes us to ban him19:21
k1lchanserv is slow20:02
k1l_<pouet12345> ok, thank you guys, I will get back to that another day21:27
k1l_i bet its running fine now21:27

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