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int_uaI've just installed Ubuntu on Nexus 4 with a compeletely broken touchscreen. Any advice on how can I get past the welcome screen?00:34
mcphailint_ua: What do you really hope to achieve?? Without touch, you're stuck00:36
mcphailint_ua: not sure if you could even use that as a server00:37
int_uaAlso, the wiki page is empty and it's not redirected to the new page that I've found in the history of changes.00:38
mcphail"the" wiki page?00:39
int_uamcphail: Currently, just trying what it can do00:39
int_uamcphail: Oh, sorry, the Install wiki page00:39
int_uaUSB mouse connected with OTG cable is not even powered yet. And dmesg contains stack trace from /build/linux-mako-KtaydK/linux-mako-3.4.0/kernel/smp.c:320 smp_call_function_single+0xbc/0x1c8()00:41
mcphailthe install wiki page isn't blank here. Takes a second or 2 to load, though.00:41
int_uaI didn't notice the Firefox request to redirect me. Sorry again.00:42
mcphailint_ua: not sure if you can do the initial setup without having touch. I suspect this is going to be frustrating00:44
int_uaTried to apt-get dist-upgrade it and it was stuck after stopping bluetooth, when I tried to reboot it by holding power, it stopped booting (just showing google logo forever), had to re-flash it.00:45
int_uamcphail: yes, thanks, I didn't expect much, just experimenting00:45
mcphailint_ua: you can get shell without unlocking lock screen and enabling dev mode?00:46
int_uaHowever, it would be great if it could work on devices with broken touchscreen00:46
int_uaadb shell00:46
int_uadev mode, of course00:46
mcphailint_ua: how did you get dev mode? How did you unlock screen?00:47
int_uaSwitched off Android, holded Down+Power, then clicked Up and Power00:48
int_uaafter executing fastbook unlock00:48
mcphailwon't that just get you into recovery?00:48
int_uathat allowed ubuntu-device-flash to work00:49
mcphailyep - but how do you enable dev mode when installed if you can't unlock the screen?00:49
int_uamcphail: didn't, had to reflash first time00:50
int_uaand now started openssh-server but still can't  login by network00:51
mcphailWell, whatever you are doing, good luck. I can't understand your actions. I'm off to bed. Good night00:53
int_uathanks! :)00:55
dobeyyou shouldn't upgrade the device with apt01:04
dobeyif you want to run a headless server on it, it might be better to figure out how to install an ubuntu-server image onto the device01:04
int_uaok, thanks01:07
int_uaI'm not planning to use it for long, just testing01:07
int_uaCan't wait until an official device that have a shipping option to Ukraine01:08
_Spongethe Ukraine ?01:09
dobeyhmm, i wonder if i could get android 4.4 onto the pre301:10
int_ua_Sponge: are you trying to insult me?01:12
int_uacountry names didn't need "the" last time I checked01:14
dobeythe grand duchy of luxembourg kind of does, in English anyway :)01:16
dobeyint_ua: i don't think _Sponge was trying to insult, but indeed the question was a bit odd01:16
int_uadobey: didn't know, thanks for the info :)01:23
_SpongeQuick price checker : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ubuntu-bq-Aquaris-E4-5-/19178479455401:26
_Sponge£56 to £92 http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&LH_Complete=1&LH_Sold=1&_nkw=Ubuntu+bq&_sop=1601:28
int_uaThanks, but I prefer either to buy from an official source to show some support or at least a phone with native Convergence, whichever comes first01:29
_Spongeint_ua: I'm just price-checking, t'is all.01:31
mcphaildobey: Luxembourg doesn't have "The" according to UK government01:32
dobeymcphail: when UK speak English, i'll let you know :)01:32
mcphaildobey: :) - just The Gambia and The Bahamas01:33
dobeythe congo01:34
mcphailI'm sure "the congo" is just as much an insult as "the ukraine" :/01:35
dobeymcphail: democratic republic of the congo is the full name of course01:35
mcphailCountries which were named after rivers or land-features are often, wrongly, given the definite article01:37
dobeymcphail: in English it is fairly common to place "the" in front of countries when referring to them. ie, the United States, the United Kingdom01:37
dobeyhow do i get android 4.4 onto a pre 301:38
* mcphail definitely needs to get to bed or back on topic01:38
int_uaok, for some reason openssh don't want to allow password authentication and adb shell can't work with passwd and nano correctly, something wrong with sending newlines. Enough for today. Leaving now, thanks to all.01:39
dobeyint_ua: use phablet-shell01:39
dobeyit creates an ssh connection over usb01:40
int_uadidn't work without arguments and while investigating I've found this: phablet-config welcome-wizard --disable01:41
int_uaStill Permission denied (publickey). Will try to continue tomorrow, maybe with a newer OS image, thanks.01:47
tsimonq2davidcalle: is there a limit on how many people can participate in my team for the Scopes Showdown?02:05
_Spongethe moon.02:11
tsimonq2davidcalle: it seems not after reading the Terms of Entry02:14
surAjin multirom utouch dont show the ota update version number02:20
surAjits always showing version 23, 22, 21...... for rtm version02:20
surAjso question is whichone is latest version of utouch on multirom manager02:21
dobeylatest for what?02:21
dobeyimage numbers are not uniform across channels02:23
dobeyand i guess the image number is also not aligned with the ota release # for stable channel either02:27
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vayanHow does the Gallery apps sort pictures ? I copied some pictures and I have 3months of picture in one day07:02
lotuspsychjeanyone received ota9 yet?07:28
Tm_TI'm lame and use proposed channel07:30
lotuspsychjeTm_T: hehe, im on rc proposed on n7 aswell07:32
lotuspsychjelets check my bq..07:32
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zetheroohow often does the wifi poll for networks?09:16
KajoverHi, would it be possible for the Ubuntu team to develop a messenger on the basis of openwhisper's Signal that works on the Ubuntu phone and preferably also on the desktop?09:26
KajoverI think that is a very important feature that is missing09:27
flux__Kajover, https://uappexplorer.com/app/textsecure.jani09:30
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Kajoverflux_, thank you but it misses the call option. I think I have to rephrase it.. I think it would be great if it became a core app. The iMessage for Ubuntu09:36
MCMicKajover: I’d prefer a native XMPP client :-P09:40
Kajoveror this but you would need to be online all the time for OTR messaging09:41
Kajoverand this cannot really be feasible for delayed messages09:41
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Chocolate Cake Day! 🙌 🎂09:43
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davmor2Kajover: but you already have telegram that will destroy messages for you if you want them uber secure :)09:44
jibelbonjour pitti09:50
pittibonjour jibel, ça va ? c'était longtemps !09:50
jibelpitti, very good thanks. and you?09:51
pittijibel: ça va bien aussi -- en route à Louvain, pour revoir des amis avant FOSDEM ce week-end09:51
jibelpitti, ah right, didrocks and seb128 will attend fosdem too?09:52
pittijibel: only didrocks09:53
pittijibel: but also at least xnox, Laney, and larsu09:53
jibelpitti, great, say hi from me :)09:53
pittiI will!09:53
jibelI'm not traveling much recently and didn't met them since a while09:53
seb128pitti, I'm probably going to stop by on friday evening09:53
jibelpitti, are you still taking care of upower on ubuntu?09:54
jibelpitti, there are a couple of bugs on the phone09:54
pittijibel: ish; I hardly have time to look into plumbing stuff, maintaining -proposed and developing the infra takes up most of my time09:54
pittijibel: I saw that I got a phone-related upower bug assigned this morning09:55
pittijibel: not sure when I'll get to that; also, I hope we still have mako images, as that's the only device I have09:55
jibelpitti, there are bug 1537668 and bug 153847009:55
ubot5bug 1537668 in Canonical System Image "upower charge history doesn't update when device resumes from suspend" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153766809:55
ubot5bug 1538470 in upower (Ubuntu) "inconsistencies in upower history" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153847009:55
jibelpitti, upower seems to be confused when the phone suspends/resumes and with the state changes too09:56
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jibelpitti, anyone in foundation who could have a look?09:57
pittijibel: not sure, and I guess if you ask slangasek he'll just punt it back to me anyway :)09:58
jibelpitti, okay :)09:58
pittijibel: but this might be reproducible on a desktop too09:58
jibelpitti, I couldn't reproduce on desktop, some of the bugs might be due to the battery meter on the phone or the calibration of the battery but I'd like to narrow them down before involving hw people10:00
pittijibel: or better yet, a test case; like, set up a fake battery, SIGSTOP upower, change the battery, SIGCONT upower, send it the "I resumed" dbus signal (I think there is one), and see what happens10:00
jibelright, this one should be reproducible, it's the 1rst bug I pasted.10:00
jibelI didn't find a test case for the second bug though10:00
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pittijibel: capturing grep -r . /sys/class/power_supply/  before and after suspend would be useful10:01
pittijibel: and running "udevadm monitor -e --udev" around suspend10:02
pittijibel: then this captures everythign that upower can see about this device, and would help with understanding/reproducing/writing a test10:03
pittijibel: and I supposed pretty much anyone with that device can do that10:03
jibelpitti, it's more or less what I'm doing + the content of /sys/devices/platform/battery_meter for devices that expose it10:03
pittijibel: ah, if you have that already, mind attaching that to #1537668?10:05
jibelpitti, okay10:08
pittiseb128: I might be in Brussels on Friday for the systemd sprint, but not Friday night10:11
seb128pitti, ok, I might come to say hi in the afternoon10:12
JanCno beer event for you pitti ?  :)10:15
robin-hero_sil2100, Hi, as I see the OTA9 images are already on the system-image server, when can we except the release? :)10:20
sil2100robin-hero_: in a few minutes I begin phasing, still writing up the final e-mail ;)10:20
JanCthey are supposed to be pushed today AFAIK?10:21
robin-hero_sil2100, awesome! :) thanks for the info10:21
JanCor maybe tomorrow for some10:21
=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | Changelog: http://bit.ly/1ljube1 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | OTA-9 phased updates in progress!
sil2100If any of you gets the update and finds some critical issue, please be sure to give us a quick heads up on the mailing list :)10:27
robin-hero_say that to popey, he always gets the update in the first round :D10:48
MCMicHow big a download is the update ? (So that I know how much time I’ll need a connection ^^)10:49
k1li think i found the biggest battery consumer on my n4: the old battery itself :X10:50
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* mcphail is considering skipping OTA9 and waiting for OTA9.5, as 8.5 is running so well11:13
lotuspsychjeota9 not available on my bq 4.5 @ 12h20 european timezone11:20
lotuspsychjeill try later on the day :p11:20
tathhumcphail, dont't want to lose uptime? :P12:06
JanCno OTA-9 yet, but I just discovered that there is a FOSDEM schedule app now  :)12:06
robin-hero_mcphail, you would make a big mistake, OTA-9 is much better than OTA-8.5 :)12:08
lotuspsychjeJanC: nice1, wich phone you have?12:09
ogra_JanC, whoever wrote it should also create a telegram group and add a link to the app to join it ;) (we just did that at SCaLE .... was a lot of fun that youcould distinctively say who in the creowd owns an ubuntu phone by all the ubuntu notification sounds in the room)12:13
JanChttps://uappexplorer.com/app/fosdem-qml.delijati / https://github.com/delijati/fosdem-qml12:15
zetheroohow often does Ubuntu Touch check for wifi networks?12:41
davmor2zetheroo: voodoo and black magic.....I'm guessing are not the answers you are after.....Network manager and wpasupplicant iirc12:48
davmor2zetheroo: I think they have a timing of upto 2-3 minutes iirc depending on when you last landed between them12:49
zetheroodavmor2: "how often" denotes a question of time, not "how" or "what"12:49
ogra_from experience i'd say it refreshes multiple times per minute though12:49
zetherooorga_: yes, definitely more frequent than every 2 - 3 min12:50
davmor2ogra_: between the 2 yes but it can be as long as 2-3 minutes12:50
zetheroobut I found it's not as quick with finding new networks on-the-move as Android12:50
davmor2ogra_, zetheroo: It depends where in which cycle you disconnect and connect and so on12:51
zetheroodavmor2: not sure i follow - if I am connected to a wifi network and then i move out of range of that wifi network what does Ubuntu do?12:51
davmor2zetheroo: so network manager aiui scans every x seconds however wpasuplicant can hold a connection to a service for x minutes so if you suspend your device go somewhere else and unsuspend wpasupplicant can still be holding you old connection it will drop that after if finishes it's x minute cycle at which point network manager really scans and finds new ap's12:58
zetheroois that a "feature" ? :D12:59
davmor2zetheroo: it a big timing mess that is slowly being sorted, it's because the bits we are using are not designed for mobiles that spend a lot of time asleep but for laptops where effectively suspend is shutdown not an active state13:00
fatii have Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Phone, and it stuck at start up, how can i flash my phone, or what else can i do ?13:00
davmor2fati: give it a couple of minutes sometimes it is because the apparmor profiles need to build if you have freshly flashed it or just fired it up for the first time13:02
zetheroodavmor2: ah I see13:02
zetherooso it's officially a "bug" then and is being sorted out ..13:03
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davmor2zetheroo: it is being worked on slowly, as it is quite a few deep moving parts and it obviously can't break desktop for 16.04 at the same time and lots of tweaking timings, it really isn't fun but yes the devs are well aware of the issue13:04
zetheroo davmor2: ok cool - thanks for the info13:44
jgdxmterry, hey, you guys moved mouse settings from gsettings to AccountsService, I wonder if we should do the same for kbd settings?13:46
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mterryjgdx, might make sense...  our rationale was that the user would be surprised if their input settings changed when they were on the login greeter13:46
mterryjgdx, things like keyboard layouts are already stored in AS on the desktop for that reason13:47
jgdxmterry, where are they stored? InputSources is there, but not the other ones:13:50
jgdxmterry, ohm http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14679026/13:50
* jgdx has weechat issues13:50
mterryjgdx, sorry what is that pastebin of?13:51
jgdxmterry, part of a proposed change to u8's gsettings schema13:52
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mterryjgdx, I added a new AccountsService Input schema in this approved branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/gsettings-ubuntu-touch-schemas/input-schema/+merge/28354613:54
mterryjgdx, that might be a good place to put other input settings13:54
jgdxmterry, I think so too13:54
jgdxmterry, do those “work”?13:55
mterryjgdx, not all of them yet.  I have a branch that's about to land to let the cursor speed ones work13:55
OerHeksnice review http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/01/best-new-features-in-ubuntu-phone-ota-914:00
fatiai have Aquaris E5 HD Ubuntu Edition, it stuck at start up screen, should i flash my phone or what else can i do?14:13
peat-psuwitCan I ship custom initrd script in boot.img? I want to override boot reason detection in my phone.14:22
zzarrhave anyone received OTA-9 and can tell about the experience yet?14:33
jgdxpete-woods1: hey14:36
pete-woods1jgdx: hey dude. you've just made me realise I still haven't replied to your email :$14:42
jgdxpete-woods1: my plan is proceeding just as I planned *rubs hands*14:42
pete-woods1jgdx: just before Dec, I landed support into connectivity API for editing VPN connections14:43
pete-woods1I also pushed out a prototype GUI in a click package for doing the editing14:43
pete-woods1jgdx: I was hoping you could kinda rip off the (QML) code for it14:43
pete-woods1it's fully featured14:43
pete-woods1but of my own design layout-wise14:43
pete-woods1so maybe the various fields, etc could be laid out better14:44
pete-woods1to match the proper design14:44
jgdxpete-woods1: right, I saw that and it was awesome. What I wanted to discuss is whether we should keep the qml and bindings in the Connectivity API tree, since I hear talk that it could be separated from indicator-network in the future.14:47
jgdxpete-woods1: the qml and bindings for VPN has to be in a package both wizard and USS can dep on.14:48
pete-woods1jgdx: I have no plans to do that separation. I only recently pulled the bindings into indicator-network14:51
pete-woods1jgdx: but sure, we can have a new binary package that includes the QML stuff14:52
pete-woods1that has minimal dependencies14:52
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jgdxpete-woods: a new package?15:17
jgdxso not connectivity-api15:17
pete-woodsjgdx: the connectivity-api LP package is abandoned now, as it's been merged into indicator-network15:38
pete-woodsI admit that indicator-network is a bad package name now15:38
pete-woodsas it contains both the UI (the actual indicator) and the connectivity-service / API15:38
jgdxpete-woods: networking-components-qt ?15:38
pete-woodsbut from a code perspective, it makes a lot of sense15:39
pete-woodsjgdx: for downstream users, we can have whatever we want15:39
pete-woodsi.e. the binary package names can be like you propose15:39
pete-woodsI think we probably could put the QML into the existing QML package15:39
pete-woodsseems pretty reasonable in that regard15:40
lotuspsychjeis there a terminal command to push the ota9 update?15:40
mcphaillotuspsychje: "ut-update-service --pretty-pretty-please"15:42
lotuspsychjemcphail: tnx lemme try that15:42
mcphaillotuspsychje: if you're desparate, if you flash an alternative channel then flash back to stable that should do the job15:42
* mcphail 's spelling is worse than usual today15:43
matv1lotuspsychje: sudo apt-get_me-my-ota9-already-djeeeeez15:44
lotuspsychjeim not that desperate15:44
mcphailyou might be able to do a new flash of the stable channel without switching away15:46
lotuspsychjeill wait like a good boy :p15:48
lotuspsychjemcphail: your also a 'lucky one' :p15:51
mcphaillotuspsychje: I'm sitting tight on OTA8.5 just now. i suspect my resolve will hold out for at least 12 hours15:52
mcphailI've found the .5 releases to be the best, and, as there is already talk of OTA9.5, I'm going to try to wait. But I think I might not get new Dekko in that case. And I love a bit of dekko15:54
lotuspsychjemcphail: your gonna crack :p ill come every day telling you how nice the new dekko is :p15:54
DanChapmanmcphail, yeah you won't get new Dekko. (preparing the update as we speak :-) )15:54
ogra_davmor2, my screen doesnt shut off on todays rc-proposed mx4 (i can press the power button, screen turns off but turns back on 3 sec later) ... could you check if you see anything similar ?15:56
ogra_seems to be since todays update15:56
davmor2ogra_: and if you reboot15:57
ogra_well, i only rebooted for the update yet ...15:57
* ogra_ tries 15:57
jibelogra_, I noticed that yesterday too15:59
ogra_works now after reboot15:59
jibelbut didn't reproduce after a reboot15:59
ogra_i had it several times during SCaLE last week that the device was hard locked "due to to many wrong unlock attempts" for 5 min when i pulled it out of pocket16:00
davmor2ogra_: I hit it today too I blame Saviq obviously :)16:00
ogra_i wasnt sure if i didnt simply press the power button by accident though16:01
ogra_if that "cant turn off screen" issue is around longer, that would explain this though16:01
Matthias01hey everybody16:03
Matthias01can i run ubuntu touch on a Elephone P7000 mobilephone?16:03
Matthias01is this possible?16:04
ogra_as i said in the other channel ...16:04
ogra_<ogra_> if you have the android 4.4 source and all the binary blobs for it you could attempt a port16:04
ogra_(and indeed if the minimal HW specs are fulfilled)16:05
Matthias01the phone have android 516:05
dobeywhat are the minimal hw specs?16:05
ogra_note though that porting is not trivial ... you need a lot knowledge about both systems16:06
ogra_dobey, (G diskspace, 1G ram ... dual core at least16:06
ogra_8G diskspace16:06
ogra_there used to be a wikipage that defined them ... not sure that still exists16:06
ogra_Rückfahrkamera 13.0MP16:07
ogra_well,, that should be fine at least16:08
dobeyogra_: dual core because single would be too slow? or?16:08
ogra_though the currently supported devices are all based off 4.4 ... there is 5.0 stuff in the works but not sure how ready that is to be used for random ports16:08
ogra_dobey, yeah, it would hang a lot on IO16:09
ogra_single core arm is fine for IoT devices .... not so much if you want to have the HW responsive while it processes something16:10
lotuspsychjeoh nice new gmail app makes new sounds!16:10
dobeyogra_: well, it's plenty responsive with webos16:10
ogra_it might also be responsive with ubuntu .... no idea16:11
ogra_will be hard to find any armv7 device with single core and a display nowadays anyway16:11
dobeyogra_: it's hard to find any new device that's not as big as a laptop nowadays anyway16:12
dobeyogra_: but i started wondering last night if i could maybe get ubuntu ported to my pre3.16:13
ogra_technically for sure .. practically it wouldnt be fun i guess though16:13
Matthias01can you speak german?16:13
dobeyogra_: well i guess it would be easier if CM had a port to it, but they only have a touchpad port it seems16:14
lotuspsychje!de > Matthias01 we have a german ubuntu channel here, but not phone specific16:14
ubot5Matthias01, please see my private message16:14
Matthias01ogra can you change to kubuntu german channel16:18
ogra_pmcgowan, do you know if calendar syncing will be fixed any time in the future ? i havent been able to sync my gcal in weeks now16:26
ogra_Matthias01, i'd prefer not to, whats the issue ?16:26
ogra_(note that i cant help you much with the phone, i havent touched phone code in a year now)16:27
pmcgowanogra_, I was not aware it was broken16:27
pmcgowanwe havent touched that afaik16:27
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ogra_pmcgowan, weird ... it seems to push events i add on the phone, but gives me an error if i want to sync down from gcal16:28
pmcgowanI can try it here in a min16:28
pmcgowanogra_, I did not see anyone report an issue16:28
ogra_and thats going on since a while .... i think there was even a ML thread about it16:28
ogra_yeah, from december16:29
pmcgowanhmm foo16:29
ogra_and another one from this saturday16:29
pmcgowanwonder if google changed something16:29
ogra_but indeed they always could ... though i think thats actrually the one google thing with a properly documented API :)16:30
pmcgowanogra_, the note from sat was more how does this work16:32
ogra_ah, sorry, i only did a subject search in evolution16:33
pmcgowanogra_, and mitchell is seeing 1 of 3 cals sync only16:34
pmcgowannot sure about that16:34
pmcgowanmay be more of an account issue16:34
ogra_well, i cant sync my @canonical calendar ... thats actually the only one i need/use16:34
ogra_let me delete the account and recreate16:34
Matthias01orga does it mean that you think it works at this phone?16:37
dobeyMatthias01: it mens it can probably be ported to that phone16:37
dobeyMatthias01: see the porting guide in the topic if you want to attempt it16:38
ogra_Matthias01, i dont know16:38
ogra_Matthias01, all i know is that the phone team started working on a 5.0 port and on a 64bit port after i moved to another team16:39
ogra_i cant tell you anything about the status of either of these, you have to ask someone from the phone team about more details16:40
Saviqogra_, davmor2, I blame your pockets16:45
dobeyi wonder if i could just replace the cpu in the pre3 with a krait instead.16:46
davmor2Saviq: I blame you!16:46
ogra_pmcgowan, ok, deleting and re-adding the account fixed my calendar it seems ...16:53
ogra_so i can blame dobey :P16:54
pmcgowanexcellent :)16:54
* dobey is not canada16:54
ogra_and not popey either i guess16:55
ogra_pmcgowan, hmm, but there is something else thats odd with the calendar app here17:04
ogra_seems all events start at 0:00 for me17:04
ogra_so if i have an even entry in the UI the whole day is colored from 0:00 until the envent ends17:04
mhall119sergiusens: mvo: can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image/+bug/1464754 and let me know if you're happy with the approach we're taking in the two attached branches?17:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1464754 in goget-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "Support for Device aliases" [Undecided,New]17:05
mhall119sil2100: slangasek ^^ can you do the same for the server-side branch?17:06
ogra_pmcgowan, like this for all days i have events http://i.imgur.com/57GcO3f.png17:07
mhall119mariogrip: can you add a link to the bug showing what the resulting json is on your server?17:07
pmcgowanogra_, I think its bug time17:08
ogra_heh, yeah17:08
sergiusensmhall119, mariogrip maybe an MP might help spotting changes easier; mind creating one?17:08
sil2100mhall119: would have to take a look at that proposition first17:09
mhall119sil2100: the tl;dr is that some devices use more than one codename, which confuses ubuntu-device-flash, so mariogrip added the ability to list known aliases for a device17:09
sergiusensmhall119, it is weird that they use the same codename though; I would suspect they are mostly the same, but also different in some way17:10
ogra_pmcgowan, bah, fixed itself after a few restarts of the app :/17:10
pmcgowanoh no17:10
ogra_random breakage, yay17:10
pmcgowansounds like an app bug17:10
sergiusensmhall119, like flo and deb17:10
mhall119sergiusens: no, like the OnePlus One reports one codename when booted into recovery, and another codename when booted into Android/Ubuntu17:13
mhall119one device, multiple codenames, not the other way around17:13
mariogripsergiusens: also different names on different android roms17:13
sergiusensmhall119, oh, that is messed up indeed17:14
sergiusensmariogrip, that seems hacked up though ;-)17:14
sergiusenswe can support it; but it seems someone branched the vendor branch for a product and didn't update the strings when porting17:14
sil2100I can see some merit in having alias support in system-image, but this really seems more like a broken case17:15
sil2100Anyway, will look at the branch17:16
mhall119thanks sil210017:16
mhall119this would make supporting a few community ports much easier17:16
mhall119otherwise users need to find out what device name they have to specify on the commandline17:16
mariogripshould I MP it?17:17
sil2100mariogrip: I guess that would be good, easier to review17:17
mariogripsil2100: done :)17:18
sil2100mariogrip: thanks! Will take a look at it tomorrow in the morning! (deep in other stuff right now)17:20
mariogripsil2100: That's fine17:20
peat-psuwitCan I ship custom initrd script in boot.img? I want to override boot reason detection in my phone.17:38
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
mhall119sil2100: is there a reason that lp:ubuntu-syste-image points to an empty branch?18:11
mhall119should it point to something like  lp:~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/server ?18:11
sergiusensmhall119, it's on lp git, that's why18:13
ogra_s-i is on git now ?18:14
mhall119so then, is a bzr MP the wrong way to submit changes to it?18:14
sil2100mhall119: lp:ubuntu-system-image image points to the client by default, which is in git IIRC18:15
sil2100mhall119: you need to use lp:ubuntu-system-image/server as the target18:15
ogra_the evil git mafia is slowly taking over :P18:15
mhall119mariogrip: ^^ can you re-create your MP to target that branch?18:15
sil2100Correction: lp:~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/server18:16
sil2100Need to fix the alias since I see it got lost!18:16
mariogripi'll do that18:17
mariogripsil2100: fixed18:19
dobeythe new blackbeerry would be a nice device to get ubuntu on18:27
dobeyif only it was smaller18:27
ogra_there is a new BB ?18:29
* ogra_ only heard about the slider and that had pretty awful reviews about the mechanic quality18:29
geniiogra_: Perhaps they mean the Priv18:34
ogra_genii, thats the one i mean, yeah18:35
geniiThe CPU in that one is notorious for overheating ( Snapdragon 808)18:36
voidDotClassHey guys. Does ubuntu touch have a terminal like the desktop ubuntu / unity terminal? can I sudo from it, etc?18:37
voidDotClassogra_, and can regular android apps on playstore be run on ubuntu touch?18:38
voidDotClassthen why do people use ubuntu touch over regular android?18:39
ogra_to not be spyed on ? because they like linux more than some java execution env ... dunno18:39
voidDotClassogra_, true, but if you can't run whatsapp, facebook, etc, that's kind of a deal breaker18:40
ogra_there is telegram instead ogf whatsapp and there is a facebook webapp ...18:41
ogra_it really depends on your needs18:41
pmcgowanthere is also a facebook scope with pretty good integration18:42
voidDotClassogra_, yeah, but i can't get the rest of the world to use telegram18:42
ogra_well, i personally dont talk to the rest of the world ... and my friends are fine to use telegram to talk to me18:43
voidDotClassogra_, haha18:43
voidDotClasshow long is your beard?18:44
ogra_4mm :)18:44
voidDotClassAnyway, so I might keep android on phone, and install touch on tablet, if it means i can use terminal like normal ubuntu on tablet18:45
voidDotClasshow hard is it to install touch on a new samsung galaxy tablet?18:45
voidDotClassand can you still watch youtube, use chrome, etc right?18:45
ogra_if you deeply know android and ubuntu it possibly takes you a month of work18:45
ogra_if not then it takes longer18:46
voidDotClassogra_, really......18:46
voidDotClasswhy so long18:46
ogra_ubuntu runs a little android container to make the binary drivers work ... to build that container you need to know a lot about how you build android and how to rip out 99% of it (but keep the HW related bits)18:47
voidDotClassogra_, isn't there a wiki page that details all of it?18:47
ogra_there is ... but thats a) outdated and b) not a complete process18:48
ogra_you need to bring in a lot of basic knowledge yourself18:48
ogra_and indeed there are device specific bits that arent covered at all ... loke the bootloader setuip and the process to be able to flash something new onto the device etc18:49
ogra_(i think for samsung you need to know about odin/heimdal stuff for that for example)18:49
flux__let's kickstart edge2! ubuntu phone -android i have 2$ to spare18:53
* ogra_ hands the jar to flux__ 18:53
flux__please gib money to edge2!18:54
popeyogra_, the porting guide isn't outdated18:56
ogra_oh, someone updated it ?18:56
ogra_cool !18:56
popeybut it's still frustratingly scant on detail18:56
ogra_i stand corrected then :)18:56
popeyeveryone who knows about it never contributes to it :(18:56
ogra_right, yxou need to fill the gaps with own knowledge18:56
flux__uh oh new music app18:58
flux__i can change to the next track from the sound indicator ONLY if music app is in foreground18:59
flux__it doesn't work if it's in the background18:59
flux__how silly is that?18:59
ogra_sounds like a bug18:59
flux__silly bug, right?19:00
pmcgowanoh dear19:00
pmcgowanrvr, charles ^^19:01
tathhu.. is there any changelog for facebook-webapp?19:01
flux__so i'm half drunk, please try to confirm the bug :D i'm not touching launchpad while beer19:01
pmcgowanits confirmed much to my chagrine19:02
popeypass the beer to pmcgowan :)19:02
* pmcgowan starts drinking early19:02
tathhuflux__, rvr charles, I can change song while music app is on backround19:04
flux__tathhu, uh. i'm on arale/rc-proposed19:04
flux__let me restart the phone? maybe?19:04
tathhuOTA9 here19:04
flux__ok then. OTA9 is safe, phew19:05
tathhualso, vegetahd :P19:05
flux__uh, works now!19:07
flux__after restart19:07
flux__false alarm guys!19:07
flux__yep, now prev next are active in the sound indicator19:08
flux__with the music app in background19:08
pmcgowaninteresting, will need to invalidate that bug now19:08
pmcgowanor modif it a tad19:08
flux__ooops, sorry!19:09
pmcgowanno problem, still a bug19:09
pmcgowanif I go to the dash they all get disabled and mediaplayer comes up19:10
pmcgowanthat was already reported I think19:11
flux__there's also another bug, i see a gray rectangle on top while loading music app19:11
flux__50px height or something19:11
flux__uh oh,, screenshot killed music app19:12
pmcgowanyeah that was reported earlier19:12
pmcgowanoh my, want a job in QA?19:13
flux__i'll look at the logs later :D19:13
flux__ogra_, g+ apps also crashes often19:13
ogra_not here19:14
pmcgowanpopey, so with the new music app I see that white bar flash, but only that app afaict19:14
flux__pmcgowan, thanks :D19:14
dobeyogra_: oh yeah, i mean the priv. i didn't read any reviews, just saw it was a thin slider19:19
=== lathiat_ is now known as lathiat
pmcgowanpopey, I take it back, its jumping, must be something that just landed19:21
dobeypmcgowan: is that how davmor2 does it? "try using the phone while drunk" ?19:23
* dobey changes all his test plans to say "drink 8 beers, try to use"19:23
davmor2dobey: no I just hit it with different sized hammers till it breaks :)19:24
dobeydavmor2: you british are so literal. that's not what "getting hammered" means19:24
pmcgowanfortunately for us davmor2 doesnt drink19:25
strixdioHello everyone :)19:40
strixdioIs it possible to chromecast with ubuntu touch? i.e. netflix, plex, emby, etc?19:41
davmor2strixdio: no, and none of those apps are available yet.  We have a casting system in the works but not ready for a while yet19:45
strixdioLooking to get off android, but it doesn't seem it can be a daily driver yet :(19:48
matv1do the bq and meizu devices get priority over the nexuses with the update roll out?19:49
davmor2matv1: not that I know too just a roll out over all19:50
matv1davmor2 okay thanks. jw19:50
matv1its taking far too long for my nexus to get its update. I am not all all pleased with this  expanding user base19:53
* matv1 is longing back for the old days when they virtually made that UT thing just for me :)19:54
matv1updates within the hour \o/ yeahh19:56
dobeywould be nice if google opened up the cast api more20:00
dobeyi wonder what the actual license is for the Google Cast extension in chrome20:03
petohi do you have some good tutorial how to port (N7000)? is something better then on wiki?20:21
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
strixdioI wonder how "easy" it would be for me to dev for ubuntu touch.21:01
strixdio22 years programming for windows...21:02
strixdionever did a thing for linux sadly.21:02
NijuMy gallery seems to have been corrupted a few weeks back.21:02
dobeystrixdio: depends on what you want to write. code is just code, only difference is what APIs you're calling21:04
NijuOTA9 hasnt fixed it tho. Any new photos show up in photo scope but not gallery21:06
Nijuand gallery has some weird icon pics in it21:06
CountryfiedLinuxAre the Ubuntu phones GSM?21:20
kevieevening folks21:22
keviehow did your OTA updates go today?21:22
popeyworked for me21:26
popeyjust got it21:26
k1l_my n4 is updated alread, too21:27
matv1mine hasn' t :(21:28
pmcgowanjust got it21:30
kevieI've received it but it keeps restarting ATM21:30
popeyWhat device?21:30
keviebq E521:31
kevieThat's it done now21:32
keviebut it started at 7.55pm (now 9.32pm)21:32
* popey updates nexus 7 and nexus 421:32
=== Max__ is now known as Guest35779
kevieIt just seemed to keep restarting the phone and then not getting to the UI21:33
pmcgowankevie, any chance you had low battery?21:33
kevieThen it returned to pre-install OTA-9 and did it again and it was fine21:33
AhmedIs Ubuntu Toich an OS?21:33
keviepmcgown: battery says 40%21:33
=== Ahmed is now known as Guest58995
k1l_Ahmed: yes, its ubuntu for smartphones and tabets21:34
pmcgowanAhmed, its just ubuntu really21:34
pmcgowankevie, so it booted back into ota8.5? or finally got to 921:34
dobeyahayzen: ubuntu touch is just ubuntu21:35
kevieit booted back into OTA8.5 and then asked me to install OTA9 again, it seemed to go fine the second time (no 2nd download, just installed again)21:36
Guest58995Hmm... I'm familiar with installing Linux on PC but it seems different for mobile... Will experiment then...21:37
pmcgowankevie, thats odd21:38
popeyGuest58995, only specific devices are supported21:38
popey!devices | Guest5899521:38
ubot5Guest58995: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices21:38
keviegave me a panic, as I was without a phone for 90 mins21:38
popeyI was without a phone for 22 years of my life :)21:39
pmcgowanyeah not good, popey  ever seen anything like that?21:39
dobeypopey: lol yeah. now cell phones just pop out with the babies21:40
popeypmcgowan, I wonder if we should have some documented debug steps for people whose phones don't update easily21:40
popeyseems like something we could cover on askubuntu21:40
pmcgowanmight be tricky though21:41
pmcgowanlike here not sure where to start21:41
edude03Hey guys21:41
popeywell indeed21:41
edude03Hmm, so I want to try out 16.04 on the Nexus 5, is there any branch that I can install atm?21:41
sakrecoer_looking into buying a bq e5, and i'm wondering if there might be any coupon codes to benefit from and how to qualify for such coupon? no high hopes, but i figure i have to ask if i want to know :)21:41
pmcgowanedude03, 16.04 is quite rough on the phones right now21:42
popeyI don't think so sakrecoer_21:42
edude03tried devel and devel-proposed but I get stuck at a "this device needs to be restored from a PC" or something like that21:42
popeyNexus 5 has no decent 16.04 image21:42
pmcgowanedude03, we dont recommend devel atm21:42
popeyAn updated vivid image is being worked on though21:42
edude03I'm flashing vivid as we speak21:43
edude03Should I give vivid-proposed a shot?21:43
yam_ezdoes it run on E5s, seeing that's around the same price in the UK?21:43
popeyI need to get an E521:43
edude03I need an MX421:44
edude03Anyone want to sell me one ;)21:44
popeyi need to get the screen fixed on my mx421:44
popeyit's busted21:44
sakrecoer_thanks anyways popey :)21:44
dobeyedude03: you do not want to try 16.04 on the nexus 521:45
edude03I bought the nexus 5 just to try 16.0421:45
popeydobey, I was at SCaLE with Ian from System87 - he's keen to help mariogrip get an updated Nexus 5 image out21:45
pmcgowanpopey, do you have two "notes" apps on your krillin? I thought I fresh flashed this and it has the old one too21:45
dobeyedude03: what is it that you want to try? the rc-proposed channel on ubports.com is pretty decent, minus all the stuff that doesn't work21:46
popeypmcgowan, i do21:46
dobeypopey: cool21:46
edude03Mostly just want to see it poke at it21:46
pmcgowanpopey, I wonder if its still in the tarball21:46
edude03try and kexec into a new kernel21:46
dobeyedude03: "new" kernel?21:46
popeypmcgowan, it's not in /usr/share/click/preinstalled21:46
popey(on mine)21:46
edude03a kernel that's not part of the image21:46
pmcgowanpopey, ok not sure how it got there21:47
popeyi may have had it for aeons though21:47
pmcgowanamazing it works21:47
popeydate stamp on my /opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.notes is sept21:47
dobeyedude03: any kernel that's not from an android build with the necessary patches and features enabled, and with the drivers avaialble, will pretty much immediately result in a broken phone21:47
popeyit does? blimey21:47
edude03dobey I know :/ doesn't mean I can't take the existing kernel change the config then kexec into it21:48
mariogrippopey: I would love to help to get bt working and sort out the power issues on the nexus 521:48
popeymariogrip, I know you're super busy21:48
popeymariogrip, would love to get more people involved21:48
dobeymariogrip: power is actually pretty decent now21:48
popeyYeah, Ian had his Nexus 5 with him most of the time.21:48
dobeyedude03: why kexec? you can build a kernel, and then just use fastboot to boot it for testing21:48
popeyActually ssh'ed to a server in the DC and started the whole phablet-dev-setup thing from there. :)21:49
edude03OK sure dobey - sticking point is booting 16.04 though21:49
popeyhe built an updated image, but dunno how far he got21:49
popeyedude03, don't even try 16.0421:49
edude03Are you saying ubports has a nexus 5 image?21:49
mariogripI love what I do, so I don't mind being busy :)21:49
popeyit's way unsupported21:49
dobeyedude03: why are you fixated on 16.04?21:49
popeyhehe mariogrip21:49
dobeyedude03: you're not going to boot linux 4.4 and have a working phone, on the nexus 521:49
popeymariogrip, but there's limited hours in the day (and night) and more brain cells on it won't hurt21:50
dobeyedude03: yes, ubports.com has nexus5 images in stable and rc-proposed channels21:50
edude03Because 16.04 is the next version - no point on working on fixing something that's not supported anymore21:50
popeypmcgowan, i already had it because I was testing the update I did to it last year to unbreak it21:50
popeyedude03, it is supported21:50
popeywe support vivid via an overlay ppa21:50
dobeyedude03: the phone images are supported21:50
dobeyedude03: the phone images aren't vivid exactly anyway, so calling them 15.04 or vivid is not quite right21:51
edude03ok sure21:51
edude03vivid proposed is basically OTA9 correct? And does it work?21:51
popeynot on nexus 521:51
popeythe nexus 5 image is a bit old21:51
popeybut is still vivid+overlay - and not 16.0421:51
popey_no_ phone has 16.0421:52
popeypmcgowan, do we have a target for moving to 16.04? OTA-25? :)21:52
dobeypopey: no it's not. the nexus5 image on ubports is the same as the nexus4 images21:52
mariogrippopey: unfortunately it is, I wish I didn't have to sleep. I don't own a nexus 5 so there isn't much i can do, but I can help with question ian has21:52
pmcgowanpopey, well it will be after april but this year21:52
dobeypopey: i'm running rc-proposed from ther eon my phone right now21:52
dobeyand the battery life is mostly pretty good now21:54
popeyIan had problems with reboot/shutdown21:54
dobeythere are some occasional weird issues still21:54
dobeybut mostly pretty reliable21:54
dobeyyeah, i have some issues with reboot/shutdown sometimes, but try to avoid doing that if i can21:54
pmcgowanreboot fails on other devices occasionally, we just haven't figured it out, it nevers goes down21:55
pmcgowanbut its rare21:55
dobeyyeah, there are other issues on nexus5 related to screen not powering on properly, and sometimes the mir surface is aligned weirdly21:56
edude03huh going to try the rc-proposed then, wish me luck21:56
dobeybut my nexus5 has the battery go down only maybe 30-40% in 12 hours, as long as nothing crazy happens21:58
dobeywhich is much better than the 75-85% drop it was previously doing21:58
sakrecoer_thanks for your work guys! i'll probably be back once my device has landed. :) cya o/~22:01
edude03hmm I tried it and got kicked to the same recovery screen22:10
edude03do I need to flash a certain android version first dobey ?22:11
dobeyedude03: 4.4 would be best, yeah22:11
edude03ugh ok22:11
edude03Yeah I was running 6.0.1 already22:12
dobeyyeah, 6.0 broke some things22:12
dobeywell 5.x did too, and then 6.0 broke them some more22:12
dobeyhopefully we'll be able to get 5.x based builds going soon though22:12
edude03What's the blockers on the 5.0 based build? I reeeaaaallly need/want that :P22:15
dobeyi don't know22:16
dobeywhy do you need a 5.0 based build?22:16
dobeyit's not like you're running android any more at that point22:16
mcphailwould we get overlayfs on a 5.0 build?22:16
dobeymcphail: eh? we already have overlayfs don't we?22:17
mcphaildobey: don't think so. Think the 4.x kernel is too old (or so I was told)22:17
dobeyoh i thought we were using overlayfs to do the rw stuff on top of the ro image, for certain things22:18
edude03OH actually I can tell you what I'm thinking - I want to get the udl driver into the kernel22:18
mcphaildobey: no - that's what I want it for22:18
dobeymcphail: lol, well, https://github.com/adilinden/overlayfs-patches/commit/c50c5f66699d3e0bfa718d3f8ec03250e59fcc4422:19
edude03DisplayLinks open sorce USB => Displayport/vga/hdmi driver22:19
dobeymcphail: the patch is backported, but don't know if it's in the android kernel already22:20
edude03gotta switch networks to reflash my phone brb22:20
dobeylol "udl driver" search gives me a bunch of links about ms access22:21
dobeyedude03: well apparently udl was in 3.4, which is what android 4.x has22:21
dobeyerr, n/m then22:21
mcphaildobey: does't look as if overlayfs is in the current kernel. WOuld be good to have it backported22:23
dobeyanyway, isn't the udl thing the same thing that slimport is?22:24
pseudonymousI have a MX4 which has gotten progressively buggier (grumpier?) - also, I've noticed that I've never ever been asked to install any updates. Is there some way to check which version I've got and some way by which I can update it to something more current ?23:15
mcphailpseudonymous: have you gone off-piste with it in the past? Made the root filesystem writable? Installed .debs etc?23:16
pseudonymousmcphail: I can't actually remember if I've succeeded in making anything writeable. But I haven't installed any debs.23:17
mcphailpseudonymous: might be worth just reflashing the current stable version with "--bootstrap" to overwrite any damage you may have done in the past23:18
mcphailpseudonymous: that will wipe everything, so backup docs/data first23:18
pseudonymousIt should be said, though, that I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Things are so annoying by now that hardly a day goes by without me fantasizing in some detail about how I'd throw the darned thing against some wall.23:18
mcphailpseudonymous: current releases are _much_ better, so worth a try23:19
pseudonymousmcphail: is there a way that I can get the version number/branch I have that I may verify what I'm stuck on ?23:19
mcphailpseudonymous: the "about phone" screen should give you a version number. There's a cheat-sheet somewhere that ties that into an OTA number23:20
pseudonymousmcphail: ah. I'll begin searching for a bootstrap/flash guide (I'm sure there's a page on ubuntu about it, somewhere - maybe it'll even say how I can backup ? :) )23:21
mcphailpseudonymous: I don't think there is a fancy way to back up yet - simply copy whatever you need from $HOME ;)23:22
pseudonymousmcphail: oh dear :P Wait... can I read my texts with less ?!23:23
mcphailpseudonymous: don't know. Haven't hunted them down. I assumed they lived in an sqlite3 database somewhere but I have never checked...23:24
* mcphail has never bothered with a backup before wiping23:25
edude03Cool, got the rc-proposed image running, thanks dobey23:25
popeythey are23:28
popey(in sqlite3)23:28
pseudonymousGuess it's time to figure out how I can ssh into this thing. If possible, it would be nice to save bookmarks, contacts & texts23:29
popeywhat version are you running?23:31
popeyopen terminal and do "system-image-cli --info"23:31
pseudonymousversion version: 4 ; last update: 2015-09-30 ; version ubuntu: 20150825.123:33
popeywhat channel?23:33
pseudonymousHahaha, I'm guessing Ubuntu started fearing for its life. I don't know if it's because I went on WIFI or if it's because of me running that system-image-cli command. But guess what just informed me that there's an update available ;)23:34
popeywonder if running system-image-cli triggered it23:34
pseudonymouspopey: seems like it, I was reading the output and less than 20 seconds later, the systems icon started shaking. Didn't pick up which channel I was on, but I'm taking the ubuntu update now (said version 9 in the gui ? :S )23:35
popeybut the fact that you had 4 is interesting23:36
popeythat's super old23:36
pseudonymousWell I noticed a few months ago that the newer UI sketches didn't use coloured buttons anywhere while mine were solid red/green for restart/shutdown etc.. So yea, I thought something was up23:36
pseudonymousOTA-9, ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en. Interesting. This will be interesting :)23:42

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