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_SpongeStill up ?00:41
_Spongewww.FreiendsReunited.co.uk just went bust ... https://medium.com/@liife/the-story-so-far-3c312f885fb2#.1waxlsmvn00:43
_SpongeThe creator sold it to ITV for £125 million in 2005.00:43
_SpongeSad to see it go.00:44
_SpongeCould it run as a semi-offline App in Ubuntu ?00:44
_SpongeProbably worth £10 grand or so.00:44
* _Sponge wonders how messaging would work with six-weekly updates ?00:46
_SpongeProbably so few people using it that you'd run the whole messaging service on about 20MegaBytes.00:47
mappskinda sad, wonder why it failed06:35
mappswhen facebook became so big06:35
knightwisehey mapps06:38
mappssup mate06:40
knightwisedoin ok ;  how bout you ?07:07
mappsnot bad:)07:14
MooDoohowdy all08:16
knightwiseheya MooDoo08:48
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:48
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davmor2Morning all09:06
knightwisehey MooDoo09:41
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Chocolate Cake Day! 🙌 🎂09:43
davmor2JamesTait: well this was easy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQCQnARnKbc09:45
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JamesTaitdavmor2, that's just chocolate though. Where's my cake?09:49
davmor2JamesTait: the cake is a lie but if you must https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOMSZQ7RacQ09:51
davmor2JamesTait: or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMgU5B2TZIA09:54
JamesTaitdavmor2, I think my ears are bleeding.09:57
davmor2JamesTait: Hey you wanted cake I told you the cake was a lie :)09:58
foobarrycan i put /quote PASS in my irssi config?10:36
foobarryto automatically login and pass10:37
Myrttifor freenode?10:38
Myrttior in general?10:38
foobarryfor each irc net , but irc.net in particular because i keep getting disconnected and losing connection10:39
foobarryand it isn't logging me back in automagically10:39
MyrttiIf freenode, check http://freenode.net/sasl/10:39
Myrttiircnet has a password? that's new10:39
foobarryoh, my bouncer does10:40
Myrttialso /help network10:41
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\s__http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678503/ HUH?11:46
\s__why is down? (it isnt)11:46
directhexit's not11:47
\s__yeah but it says it is11:47
directhexit says 40411:47
\s__404 means not found11:47
directhexbecause utopic (14.10) isn't available on the upgrade server any more11:48
\s__404 not found thus down but when i go there it isnt11:48
\s__so i have to start over in april?11:49
\s__thats stupid11:49
directhexyou can upgrade from LTS to LTS (so you can upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, in april), or you need to do some manual hackery to do 14.04->14.10->15.04->15.10 to do short-term upgrades after some of those short-term releases are EOL11:50
\s__anual hackery to do 14.04->14.10->15.04->15.10 is what i was trying to do11:50
\s__im annoyed; im going to go shoot some pharmacuticals (im on cancer drugs.. i may have cancer but heh im still humorous)11:52
Myrttigee, thanks. Now I've got Elton John's Circle of Life in my head...11:55
davmor2Myrtti: lucky you I have hit me baby one more time stuck in my head12:04
Myrttiwell it's not that bad clearly, how hard can babies hit you?12:05
davmor2Myrtti: you might want to try https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J2QdDbelmY12:05
davmor2Myrtti: nice12:18
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Laneystuuuuuudent loan freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee15:20
davmor2\o/ ota 915:25
diddledanLaney: achievement unlocked!15:34
LaneyI made a manual payment to do it15:34
Laneymartin lewis would have me for breakfast15:34
Seeker`I hate the idea of paying off my student loan faster than I have to. I also hate having a student loan. Currently I hate the former more than the latter.15:35
Seeker`I think I've still got ~4k left15:36
diddledandavmor2: +1 on the sweet like chocolate choice15:36
davmor2diddledan: hahaha :)15:36
davmor2Laney: Congratulation dude :)  How long did that take?15:37
Laneydavmor2: I graduated in 2008 :P15:37
Laneybut didn't actually start repaying for a few years after that15:37
Seeker`I graduated in 2008 too. And started repaying that year. Not fair :P15:38
davmor2Laney: that's not too shabby at all then dude well done, what you gonna put that money toward now your house and get your mortgage paid off faster?15:38
Laneygot some "home improvements" to get done15:39
davmor2Laney: oh well that's an investment too :)15:39
Laneysave up for that canal boat15:39
Laneyohhh yeahhhh15:39
* Laney is going to retire by 4015:39
Laneyhahaha as if15:40
Laneygood to have dreams though, right?15:40
diddledanI don't think I'll ever be able to retire :-p15:40
davmor2Laney: no you won't you love the pain of software too much ;)15:40
diddledan\o/ soft wares!15:40
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diddledanor should that be warez?15:40
* diddledan shows his 90s illegal download knowledge15:41
Laneydavmor2: then I'll cruise around the waterways of the UK fixing the bugs that bother *me* and not ones which QA engineers dig up :P15:42
davmor2Laney: pfff you make it sound like I have to look :P15:42
Laneygot to keep each other in work eh15:44
Laney(for now...)15:44
diddledandavmor2: do you attract bugs like daftykins does with hard disks?15:46
diddledanspeaky of whom.. where's dafty?15:46
davmor2diddledan: No, no I write the bugs and destroy developers hopes and dreams15:47
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mappshi all16:26
davmor2mapps: hello16:42
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\svfreenode.net is down19:09
\svits down19:09
\svdown i tell you19:09
zmoylan-pi♪ the net came back, the very next day... ♫19:11
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davmor2gotta love that the PM is blaming Labour for Google not paying it's taxes for 5 years now who have been in power again for the last 5 years.........19:43
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foobarrygoogle keyboard sucks20:20
foobarrybeen using it and putting up for too long. gotta see if swype is still around20:20

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