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mterrytsdgeos, "patches in the bug tracker have an history of not being seen"  :(13:30
mterrytsdgeos, thanks for tip.  You say "add some reviewers" -- do I have to know names?13:30
tsdgeosmterry: git log/blame13:32
mterrytsdgeos, heh fair13:32
mterrytsdgeos, where do I push my changes to to create a new review ticket?13:32
tsdgeosgit push ssh://YOUR_GERRIT_USER@codereview.qt-project.org:29418/qt/qtdeclarative HEAD:refs/for/BRANCH13:33
tsdgeosBRANCH being 5.6 probably13:33
tsdgeosi don't think they'll accept any fix for 5.5 atm13:33
mterrytsdgeos, makes sense.  OK thanks!13:33
mterrytsdgeos, see!  This is what I meant about being deep into Qt  :)13:33
mterrytsdgeos, does anyone have push rights?13:38
tsdgeosmterry: "yes"13:38
tsdgeosthat only creates a merge request13:38
tsdgeosnot push to the branch itself13:39
mterrytsdgeos, but I presumably don't have ssh rights, in order to grab the commit-msg hook?   Something like: scp -p -P 29418 codereview.qt-project.org:hooks/commit-msg .git/hooks/13:39
mterryI guess I can find a copy on my disk from some other gerrit instance13:39
tsdgeosmterry: you setup https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/settings/ssh-keys ?13:40
mterrytsdgeos, yes apparently in the past I did13:41
tsdgeosthen the scp should work13:41
tsdgeosif the correct key is getting used for that server13:41
mterryhumph.  I get permission denied13:41
tsdgeosotherwise you may not get to push either i guess13:41
mterrythe key in my account matches my id_rsa.pub13:41
tsdgeosmterry: did you also agree to the agreement in https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/settings/agreements ?13:42
mterrytsdgeos, "VerifiedCorporateCorporate contributor agreement"13:42
tsdgeoslooks good13:43
tsdgeosthen no idea13:43
tsdgeosi can give you the hook if you want13:44
mterrytsdgeos, but no good if I can't push either.  Is there gerrit documentation so I can go over the steps I need to do?13:44
tsdgeosmterry: https://wiki.qt.io/Setting_up_Gerrit13:45
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davmor2mterry: wow it has two Corporates in there that is a very Corporate Corporation then :)13:55
mterrydavmor2, spared no expense13:56
mterrytsdgeos, ok well figured out commit-msg I guess (by downloading separately).  But still hit the push "permission denied" problem.  According to wiki too, I seem to have everything in order14:07
tsdgeosi'd say it's the key14:07
tsdgeostry stracing to make sure the proper key is being tried14:07
mterrytsdgeos, aha!14:08
tsdgeosor i guess there's some SSH envvar that will tell you that too14:08
mterrytsdgeos, I figured it out.  it was the key.  I was tricked14:08
mterrytsdgeos, https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/147556/14:08
mterrytsdgeos, so it's not rude to just volunteer people to review this?14:09
tsdgeosmterry: it's how it works14:10
tsdgeosotherwise people won't really have a look at it14:10
mterrytsdgeos, another gerrit question: if I make a change, how do I get it to update my ongoing review?14:20
tsdgeosmterry: git commit -a --amend14:21
tsdgeosbasically make it be the same thing14:21
tsdgeosand then push again14:21
tsdgeosthe change-id thing will make it update14:21
tsdgeosmterry: did i make sense?14:23
tsdgeosi guess i did since you reuploaded the change :D14:24
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mterrytedg, your symbols file is out of date again15:28
tedgOh, because I added the find and valid functions.15:30
tedgmterry: Fixed, also bregma says there are lttng building issues on armhf15:37
mterrytedg, I haven't noticed failures when building on arm15:37
mterrydednick, your turn15:39
tedgmterry: I assume that's because you live somewhere warmer than bregma and he's using build failures to warm his house.15:40
faenilSaviq: fresh Vivid setup on LAPTOP, added overlay PPA, then installed unity8-desktop-session-mir15:58
faenilunity8 doesn't boot, turns out mir-client-platform-mesa3 is not installed15:58
faeniland neither is mir-platform-graphics-mesa-km715:58
faenilalso missing mir-platform-input-evdev416:07
greyback_faenil: I guess the ubuntu8-desktop-session-mir metapackage should depend on those16:13
faenilgreyback_: I agree16:13
faenilgreyback_: still can't get unity8 to boot on vivid+overlay, even after installing those16:13
faenilusc now runs16:13
faenilunity8-dash says it can't connect to mir server16:13
greyback_faenil: does unity8 start?16:17
faenilgreyback_: yeah "using nested cursor" is the last line16:17
faenilusing kms7, evdev4, mesa-kms 0.18.116:17
greyback_faenil: can you move the cursor? Does log-in work?16:17
faenilgreyback_: yes I can move the cursor, just no UI16:18
faenilno unity8 login16:18
greyback_faenil: can you pastebin the whole unity8.log please?16:18
tsdgeosfaenil: can you also gdb attach to unity8 and past the trace?16:20
faenilone thing at a time :D16:21
faenilI can't finish debugging something that I find other bugs, it's a recursive bitch XD16:21
faenilgreyback_: tsdgeos unity8 is not running :|16:26
faenilcrashed, though I can move cursor16:26
greyback_faenil: USC drawing the cursor16:26
faenillet's see if apport-cli can help16:26
faenilgreyback_: ah ok16:27
faeniltsdgeos: mmm crash has a not very useful bt, except last call is XGetXCBConnection16:33
faenilwhich could still be a nice hint16:33
tsdgeosfaenil: yeah wrong qpa16:33
faeniltsdgeos: missing config pkg?16:34
tsdgeosfaenil: no idea, why are you trying vivid+unity8-desktop?16:34
tsdgeosis that a config we care about?16:34
faenilto debug text rendering issues16:34
faenilwe have issues on xenial16:34
tsdgeosthen fix xenial :)16:35
faenilso I was setting up vivid to see if it's a regression16:35
faeniltsdgeos: you fix it? :)16:35
faeniltsdgeos: we're trying to understand what's wrong...16:35
tsdgeosfaenil: just make sure unity8 is using the correct qpa16:37
tsdgeosyou can probably just force it somewhere16:37
faeniltsdgeos: sounds like a workaround :)16:37
tsdgeosfaenil: you're just tryuing to see the rendering, aren't you?16:37
faenilwho sets the QPA usually? it's not in unity8.conf is it?16:38
tsdgeoswhy would you care it's a workaround?16:38
faeniltsdgeos: yeah, well, if we fix it for everyone, that's even better isn't it :D16:38
tsdgeosfaenil: as said, i don't think we care for the vivid+unity8-desktop scenario16:38
tsdgeosi can be wrong though16:38
Saviqfaenil, if unity8 stuck, might be the gst clutter thing again16:42
Saviqbug #152528516:42
ubot5bug 1525285 in clutter-gst-3.0 (Ubuntu) "inspecting clutter plugin hangs outside X11" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152528516:42
faenilSaviq: not stuck, crashes16:42
Saviqfaenil, ah, that's "easier" ;P16:43
faenilorg.gnome.ScreenSaver and org.freedesktop.Notifications say they can't connect to Mir16:44
faenilSaviq: do you know who's supposed to set the QPA plugin16:46
tsdgeosSaviq: he's on vivid, the clutter thing is xenial only? or both?16:46
faenilvivid+ overlay ppa16:46
Saviqtsdgeos, never tried on vivid16:46
faeniltsdgeos: thanks for picking up the "crash on logout" bug16:48
tsdgeosfaenil: was just some ldd'ing16:49
faeniltsdgeos: I reported already who was using what16:49
faenilthey just didn't believe me :D16:49
faenilAfter inspection with ldd, I found out that16:50
faenil- unity8 doesn't explicitly load libprotobuf16:50
faenil- /usr/bin/telephony-service* (-handler, -indicator, -approver) all link to libprotobuf.so.916:50
faenilmaybe they'll believe you :D16:50
tsdgeosyeah well you missed the important one16:51
faeniltelephony-service without any suffix? alright...16:51
tsdgeosi.e. not an app but a plugin we load16:52
tsdgeosi probably should write that in the bug somewhere16:52
faenilbut it's loaded through telephony-service isn't it?16:52
tsdgeosit's loaded though import Ubuntu.Telephony 0.116:52
faeniltelephony-service (though libphonenumber) uses libprotobuf16:52
faenilthen I misunderstood that16:53
bregmahere's a quickie:  what's the best way to force the Unity 8 scaling factor on my desktop?  I've been forcing GRID_UNIT_PX in unity.desktop, but is there a better way?16:53
faenilthen what ldd option did you use? or did you recursively ldd the so loaded by unity8?16:53
Saviqbregma, /etc/environment, really16:53
tsdgeosfaenil: basically yeah16:54
faeniltsdgeos: I added "initctl set-env --global QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient" to unity8.conf, no joy16:55
tsdgeosfaenil: i may be wrong, but i think you may need mirserver there16:56
faeniltsdgeos: how does usc run without it?16:56
tsdgeosfaenil: no idea, you're really talking to the one that has less ideas about this whole stuff16:57
tsdgeos :D16:57
faenillibmirserver36 already at the latest version16:57
faeniltsdgeos: hehe alright :D sorry for bothering then! :)16:57
faenilI'll resume pestering my dear greyback_ then :D16:57
faenilhe doesn't mind16:57
greyback_faenil: let's start at the top, unity8 log please16:58
faenilgreyback_: yessir, rebooting already ;)16:59
faenilalthough it only shows "loading module" blablabla16:59
faeniland then "using nested cursor"16:59
faenilgreyback_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14680527/17:00
faenilSaviq: do you want me to create a bug about the missing dependencies?17:01
greyback_faenil: Saviq travelling atm. I think you should17:01
Saviqfaenil, yes please, we need to find out if unity8-desktop-session-mir is the right place, though17:01
faenilSaviq: okay, I'll report it as desktop-session-mir and then we'll go from there17:02
greyback_faenil: ok, that implies mir at fault.17:02
faenilgreyback_: always your fault, I knew it17:02
greyback_faenil: I'm not mir ;) Can you attach gdb and see where the crash is?17:02
faenilgreyback_: no time, unity8 dies before I can attach17:03
greyback_faenil: I usually do "sudo gdb -p `pidof unity8`"17:03
greyback_ok, then need manual launch.17:03
greyback_DESKTOP_SESSION=unity8-mir \17:03
greyback_MIR_SOCKET=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mir_socket \17:03
greyback_MIR_SERVER_PROMPT_FILE=1 \17:03
greyback_MIR_SERVER_HOST_SOCKET=/run/lightdm-mir-0 \17:03
greyback_MIR_SERVER_FILE=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mir_socket \17:03
greyback_MIR_SERVER_NAME=session-0 \17:04
greyback_UNITY_INDICATOR_PROFILE=desktop \17:04
greyback_QT_QPA_PLATFORM=mirserver  /usr/bin/unity817:04
greyback_oops, sorry17:04
greyback_faenil: first, do "stop unity8" to stop it relaunching continually17:04
faenilit doesn't seem to be relaunching17:04
greyback_faenil: then, run that command, pasted here again: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14680565/17:04
greyback_upstart might have given up on it17:04
faenilok, can I do that from unity7? or do I need tty?17:05
greyback_faenil: should work from unity717:05
Saviqtsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/qtmir/use-qstandardpaths-cache/+merge/282394/comments/72197117:05
greyback_faenil: as long as usc running17:05
faenilSaviq: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/153865917:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1538659 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "unity8-desktop-session-mir is missing mir-platform-* and mir-client-* dependencies" [Undecided,New]17:11
Saviqfaenil, thx17:11
faenilSaviq: just noticed the version of desktop-sessio-mir is really old17:11
faenilgreyback_: and do I need special args to run usc?17:12
faenilok, I'll just do from tty17:12
greyback_faenil: yeah. I think you need this: /usr/sbin/unity-system-compositor --disable-inactivity-policy=true --on-fatal-error-abort --file /run/lightdm-mir-0 --from-dm-fd 12 --to-dm-fd 21 --vt 8 --enable-hardware-cursor=true17:13
greyback_faenil: but that can depend on the hardware you've got. You might be better off letting lightdm execute it for you17:14
mterrytedg, supported orientations parsing isn't quite right17:14
faenilI'll just copy17:14
faenilyour cmd17:14
greyback_faenil: typically in this situation, I let unity8 crash, then "stop unity8" and then run the unity8 command I gave you above17:14
mterrytedg, if the value is empty, we should return "all".  Only if there's exactly one string and it's "primary" should we treat the orientation as primary (which I'm guessing is what none of the flags being set implies)17:15
faenilok, yeah I should have just put it in a file17:15
greyback_dednick: hey, have pushed changes to lp:~unity-team/qtubuntu/screen-info/ - I hope it'll make your automatic visibility hack easier (UbuntuWindow has its own formFactor property)17:16
faenilgreyback_: cannot open display17:18
faenil(unity8:3689) Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:17:18
greyback_faenil: is there more output that just that?17:18
faenilgreyback_: sorry, as in, no other error17:19
greyback_faenil: QT_QPA_PLATFORM=mirserver definitely set?17:19
faenilI have Found driver mesa-x11, found mesa-kms, Mir server created17:19
faenilbefore that17:19
faenilI'm doing "source cmd" where cmd is a file with a copypaste of your pastebin17:20
greyback_faenil: is "qtmir-desktop" installed?17:20
faenilso it should be correct17:20
greyback_faenil: please run previous with QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 and look for it trying to load "mirserver"17:20
greyback_if in a VT, you'll need to pipe into a file17:21
dednickgreyback_: ta. i'll take a look17:21
greyback_dednick: FYI I don't anticipate any more major changes to that branch now17:22
faenilgreyback_: loaded library libqpa-mirserver, then unload succeeded on the same file17:23
greyback_faenil: it usually says why it unloaded it17:24
faenilgreyback_: there's cannot open display before it unloads17:24
tedgmterry: K, actually looking at those tests now. Do you think there should be an explicit primary?17:24
tedgmterry: Or I guess we could do a member function that was primary() that checked the null.17:25
mterrytedg, I don't think we *need* one -- primary should only be used when no other is set.  So it's a reasonable fallback if none are set17:25
greyback_faenil: hmmm. Could you please do: "unset QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME"17:25
greyback_faenil: the appmenu-qt5 plugin could be to blame. It is responsible for exporting menus over dbus, but does assume X11 is there. Might explain your error17:26
faenilgreyback_: went further this time...blabla loading module, found drivers--- ERROR: QMirServer  ;or faoĆ²ed tp start17:26
greyback_QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=appmenu-qt5 <- definitely caused me trouble in the past.17:26
faenilMir failed to start17:26
faenilERROR: QMirServer - Mir failed to start17:27
greyback_any reason why printed above?17:27
faenilthat's after unsetting that envvar17:27
greyback_ok, good. that env var a problem, please elave it unset17:27
faeniljust "loaded module blalba, found driver blabla, Selected driver mesa-kms, then ERROR"17:27
greyback_mir usually says why it failed to start17:28
faenilcan give you the log, let me reboot17:29
faenilisn't there anything to create pastebins from tty? :D17:29
greyback_faenil: can you remove the appmenu-qt5 package before you do?17:29
faenilgreyback_: ok17:30
greyback_faenil: probably, but working in a VT is a pain. I use second machine to SSH into problem machine17:30
faenilyeah I should do the same17:30
dednicktry setting "DISPLAY= "17:31
dednickas an env var in command line17:31
faenilgreyback_: pastebin 1468075617:32
faenildednick: will try17:32
dednickmeh. it's not complaining about display anymore. so probably not17:33
dednickfaenil: does it take about 10 seconds to give that error?17:33
faenildednick: yep17:33
greyback_faenil: when you run unity8, try switching to the VT USC is on17:34
dednickit's possibly mir timing out waiting for random bits. try moving your mouse around/keyboard mashing while starting.17:34
greyback_when USC not on the active VT, I suspect it hangs and refuses to allow new clients (like u8 here) to connect17:35
faenilgreyback_: tried17:36
faenilgreyback_: segfault now17:36
bregmamterry, if I install your use-ual-info branch, Unity 8 won't start (it appears to terminate with "what():  AppID is empty")17:37
dednickmterry, josharenson ^ you had this issue?17:37
faenilI have 10 secs to gdb attach should be doable17:37
mterrybregma, dednick: make sure you have the latest of both use-ual-info and tedg's app-object branch -- they're moving targets17:37
greyback_faenil: ok. Do you really want to spend time investigating?17:37
faenilgreyback_: I have 15mins left, I'll give it that much17:38
bregmamterry, build both from a fresh checkout within the last 3 hours17:38
dednickmterry: huh?17:38
faenildednick: tried DISPLAY= , no change17:39
bregmaapp-object is fine, as long as LXD is installed (?!?)17:39
mterrybregma, my statement stands  :)  tedg changed API recently and I updated to match this morning, I'm not sure when exactly you grabbed it17:39
mterrydednick, thought you were talking about the other statement above you17:39
bregmamterry, I grabbed it at 09:46 EST17:39
mterrybregma, grab again is what I'm saying17:39
dednickmterry: unity8 stopping because of "QMirServer - Mir failed to start"17:39
dednickmterry: you and josharenson were getting it at sprint.17:40
dednicksomething to do with random data?17:40
mterrydednick, yes we saw that at the sprint...  josharenson may remember how to get out of it17:40
mterrydednick, oh we did hit that issue...  yes we were seeing that error when that happened17:40
bregmamterry, dednick, that problem can be worked around by generating enough entropy before logging in17:40
mterrydednick, move your mouse around during boot17:40
josharensondednick: mterry: I don't remember getting that issue.. I remember display id being empty17:40
dednickwas only on boot?17:40
mterryjosharenson, this error came up due to internal timeouts (30s)17:41
josharensondednick: Yes, but display id and app id would be different things17:41
flux__faenil, apt-get install pastebinit17:41
mterrydednick, we only saw it on boot, but just because we were booting a lot.   Could happen anytime17:41
josharensonah, I actually caught up reading...17:41
dednickfaenil: you tried moving mouse around when starting?17:42
faenildednick: yep17:42
faenilflux__: thanks!17:42
faenilgreyback_: mm I attached to unity8, but when I "continue" I get get thread exits17:42
faenilno segfaults..17:43
faenilcould it be something else segfaulting?17:43
dednickerm. could be something to do with u8 not finding the usc socket.17:43
greyback_faenil: hard to say without being able to try myself17:43
greyback_dednick: mir usually reports an error in that case17:43
faenilwell, otherwise gdb would trap the segfault17:44
faeniland it doesn't, so it's not unity817:44
greyback_faenil: does /run/lightdm-mir-0 exist?17:44
greyback_that USC's socket that unity8 is trying to connect to17:44
faenilyup, it's there17:45
dednicki got to run.17:45
greyback_faenil: it may be that since mir fails to start in 10 seconds, qtmir shuts everything down cleanly17:45
faenilcleanly with a segfault :D17:45
josharensonAh yes, we only hit the entropy issue because we changed that timeout17:45
dednickgreyback_: yeah, that is where the error comes from.17:45
greyback_faenil: I've also noticed that gdb can delay mir startup so much 10 seconds is not enough17:46
dednicki saw the code a few days ago17:46
faenilUnity8's bt is showing MirServerThread::waitForMirStartup17:47
faenil(before I type "continue")17:47
greyback_"t a a bt" please17:47
dednickit's not crashing. get the full thread trace17:47
faenilthat's thread 117:47
faenilyeah, it's not crashing yet at this point17:47
greyback_faenil: thread 1 is waiting for a mir thread17:47
greyback_I want to know what all threads are doing17:48
dednick"gdb$ thread apply all bt"17:48
* dednick out.17:48
faenilthere's a mir_connect_sync17:48
faenilthen start_thread, another start_thread17:49
faenila poll17:49
faeniland that waitForMirStartup17:49
faenilthe one with mir_connect_sync is on a cond_wait17:49
faenilthe other 2 start_thread I don't know, missing debug info of liblttng-ust17:50
faenil3 start_thread actually17:50
faenilone from libmircommon, but again missing dbg info17:50
faenilI'll have to install symbols first17:50
greyback_mir_connect_sync would be the cluprit17:50
faenilthe last lines there are cond_wait <-- condition_variable::wait <-- ?? in libmirclient <-- mir_connect_sync17:51
greyback_faenil: I think you should try from a second machine, I suspect VT launching might be hurting you.17:51
greyback_faenil: yeah, that command should be super-fast, not blocking17:52
greyback_that is unity8 trying to connect to USC17:52
greyback_some reason that's blocking, as if USC not responding17:52
faenilgreyback_: segfault in a couple of secs17:55
faenil(machine is on USC VT)17:55
greyback_faenil: I presume because of qtmir timing out aiting for mir server17:57
greyback_so need to see why USC not accepting unity8's connection17:57
greyback_can you watch /var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log - it should print when a client tries to connect & disconnect17:58
faenilOpening session session-017:59
faenilClosing session session-017:59
faenilthat's what happens17:59
faenilgreyback_: ps my laptop is on vivid + overlay ppa as well, and it can run unity818:01
faenilso it's not "impossible" :D18:01
greyback_faenil: curious. Perhaps I've a wrong MIR_SERVER_NAME set18:01
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greyback_faenil: that env var is how USC identifies clients who connect to it. A poor way of ensuring only unity8 connects to it, by USC only allowing a session with a particular name18:02
greyback_"session-0" used to work18:02
faenilI see..18:02
faenilgreyback_: Opening session session-018:03
faenilI have the same on my working laptop18:03
greyback_ok, so that seems ok18:03
faenilso it should be fine18:03
* greyback_ scratches head18:04
greyback_I'm not really sure what's wrong so18:04
faenilI installed it on my laptop using ubuntu-desktop-next18:05
faenilwhich is outdated18:05
faenilbut maybe it has some key pkg whcih I'm missing?18:05
faenilgreyback_: Jan 27 18:05:57 usertesting-Vostro-3550 kernel: MirServerThread[1946]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f0049fbb6e7 sp 00007f0040c91558 error 4 in libX11-xcb.so.1.0.0[7f0049fbb000+118:09
greyback_faenil: we should never see X11. So check QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME is definitely unset (or appmenu-qt5 removed) and try to get a backtrace which might tell us where it comes from18:10
greyback_but that's a different complaint to above18:11
faenilit's a segfault18:11
greyback_sure, but you can get segfault in many different ways18:12
greyback_can only fix one at a time18:12
faenilheh :18:13
faenilI unset the var18:14
faenilbut now it says /run/user/1000/mir-socket doesn't exist18:14
faenilah nvm18:15
faenilbash error18:15
faenilgreyback_: still same segfault as above18:16
faenilthat env var is unset18:16
greyback_faenil: backtrace will help show why18:17
faenilgreyback_: right I haven't tried again since using ssh18:18
faenilgreyback_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14681213/18:20
faenilgood I get the segfault in gdb now \o/18:21
faenillet me grab bt18:21
greyback_faenil: yay!18:21
faenilnooooooo ssh dropped18:21
faenilok back18:22
greyback_faenil: one tip, if you get a SIGILL while starting a mir server (like unity8, it's normal. To skip, do "handle SIGILL nostop"18:22
faenilgreyback_: ok, thanks18:22
greyback_hmm, so it's via EGL18:23
faenilI used to "kill -SIGCONT unity8" :)18:23
faenilto make unity8 boot18:23
greyback_ok, that means the version of MESA installed on your machine is missing mir specific patches18:23
faenil  Installed: 10.5.9-2ubuntu1~vivid218:24
greyback_faenil: possible the mir patches are not in vivid+o at all18:24
greyback_you'd need to ask the mir guys18:25
faenilgreyback_: how comes it runs on my laptop then...18:25
faenilgreyback_: my laptop has the same version18:26
greyback_faenil: can you set "EGL_PLATFORM=mir EGL_LOG_LEVEL=debug" and try unity8 once more18:26
greyback_we're getting into territory where I'm not an expert, you'd need mir team to help here18:26
faenilgreyback_: UI! \o/18:27
faenilomg, phone wizard UI, alright...better than nothing :D18:27
faenilyour phone is now ready to use!18:28
greyback_faenil: ok, so seems EGL is unable to correctly guess you want the "mir" platform on that machine18:28
greyback_mir folk are the culprits there18:28
faenilmm and keyboard doesn't work :D18:28
faenilokay, but thanks a lot, we got to ui! :)18:28
greyback_faenil: lol, keyboard we can look at tomorrow18:29
greyback_go home18:29
faenilyeah :)18:29
faenilthanks ;)18:29
greyback_welcome, thanks for your patience18:29
bregmamterry, I still get Xmir rejected by qtmir when launching apps through the libertine-scope with the latest use-ual-info branch, message "ApplicationManager REJECTED connection from app with pid NNNN as it was not launched by upstart"18:52
=== lathiat_ is now known as lathiat
mterrybregma, interesting...  tedg ^19:20
* tedg back19:21
mterrytedg, do you know how to set up the whole libertine environment?19:22
tedgbregma: What is the AppID in that case?19:22
tedgmterry: I haven't recently, is ChrisTownsend here?19:22
bregmated, for your gratification, the unity8.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14681725/19:22
bregmamterry, you could try apt-get install libertine, that might work19:23
mterrybregma, I've got my environment set up I believe.  I was able to launch xchat yesterday19:23
tedgbregma: Is sakura your app?19:24
tedgbregma: it should be $container_$app_0.019:25
bregmatedg, yes, my test mule is sakura19:25
tedgbregma: What is the name of your container?19:25
bregmatedg the appId I send to url_dispatch_send() is "appid://" + container.id() + "/" + app.id() + "/0.0"19:29
bregmaand the log file is "application-legacy-smw2_sakura_0.0-.log" so I think that's the right appId19:30
mterrytedg, (unrelated to this current issue -- but X-Ubuntu-Supported-Orientations=primary returns all flags on, because "primary" isn't recognized as a valid orientation)19:30
mterrytedg, (when it should return no flags on)19:30
tedgbregma: It seems that isn't what qtmir is getting for the ID though :-/19:30
bregmait's all a black box to me...  string goes in, app comes out19:31
tedgActually, now looking at the file it seems to be in some places.19:32
tedgbregma: Does a click run?19:32
bregmatedg, the gallery-app runs19:32
mterrytedg, looks like we strip the smw2_ prefix between starting and application creation..  let me see if my changes might do that19:33
bregmaand the Libertine app, in all its glory19:33
bregmamy cinatiner's name is smw2_19:33
bregmaer, without the underscore19:33
bregmaand with container spelled correctly19:33
bregmatechnically, the container's id is smw2, its name is "Chroot test" but that's irrelevant to anyone but a pedantic jerk19:34
bregmayour welcome19:34
tedgmterry: Yeah, that's what I was wondering, but it would seem that a click app would have a similar problem.19:35
tedgmterry: Though, perhaps a parse that should be a find.19:35
mterrytedg, here's what we do to the app's id: toShortAppIdIfPossible(QString::fromStdString(std::string(app->appId())))19:36
mterrytedg, where toShortAppIdIfPossible basically checks ubuntu_app_launch_app_id_parse.  If it parses, we take package_appname else we return appId unchanged19:37
mterrytedg, in this case, IF app->appId() returns smw2_sakura, I'd expect us to use it unchanged19:37
mterrytedg, but I'm wondering if app->appId() is returning an appid that gives "sakura" as its string?19:38
tedgmterry: No, we'll never return the short appId()19:38
tedgmterry: It would probably return {'smw2', 'sakura', '0.0'}19:39
mterrytedg, but then we'd recreate smw2_sakura...19:39
mterrytedg, we always return something with either an underscore or exactly what appId() gave19:39
mterrytedg, so I think that somehow, appId() is returning the short name19:40
tedgHmm, okay.19:40
mterrytedg, or...  rather a very short name19:40
mterrytedg, could it be confused and think it's a legacy app?19:40
tedgThat's what I was thinking, but I'm not sure how we'd get there.19:41
mterrytedg, the log file used by upstart has legacy in it19:41
tedgYeah, it uses the same upstart job.19:41
mterrytedg, ok, so that's expected?19:41
mterryah well19:41
bregmawell, technically, it *is* a legacy app19:41
mterrybregma, yeah, but Ubuntu App Launch treats legacy and libertine different internally.  Except for job names I guess19:42
tedgAnd that should be the same AppID that is passed to the xmir-helper19:42
bregmaso, much as I'd really love to hang around and get this solved before I get a plane tomorrow to go and demo it in front of the international press, I have to run my kid in to the dentist before I forfeit a chunk of cash19:42
bregmaI'll be back in a couple hours to test any solutions yous come up with19:43
tedgbregma: Can you pastebin the log file real quick?19:43
tedgApp log file19:43
bregmahmm, app log file is stale, it doesn't get that far19:44
bregmaI intercepted Xmit, here's a log of it:19:44
bregma-displayfd 3 -mir puritine_libreoffice-startcenter_0.019:45
bregmaFatal server error:19:45
bregma(EE) Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to send message to server: Broken pipe19:45
bregma(first line is "echo $@")19:45
bregmahmm, Dash is all messed up, can't navigate properly any more19:46
bregmathere may be other bugs in the softwarte19:46
* bregma runs to the car19:46
tedgSoftware with bugs, seems unlikely.19:47
davmor2tedg: close bugs with software, next they'll be irradiating themselves and becoming super bugs, I for one welcome our SuperBug overlords ;)19:49
mterrytedg, also, the default for rotatesWindowContents should be false, not true19:52
tedgdavmor2: I think we need more time in the sauna, I hear that kills bugs.19:52
tedgmterry: K19:52
mterrytedg, that and the orientations parsing should fix all bugs I'm seeing with legacy and click apps19:53
davmor2tedg: :)19:53
mterrytedg, setting up libertine environment to help with the libertine side of things19:56
tedgmterry: Cool, just pushed that and the orientation tests. If nothing else the tests the way I think it should work :-)19:57
mterrytedg, I'm still seeing symbols file complaints20:05
mterrymaybe that's because I'm not doing a clean build?20:05
* tedg tries again, but tested that earlier20:09
tedgmterry: Are you doing "bzr bd" ?20:09
mterrytedg, no I'm just debuilding in a bzr checkout20:12
tedgmterry: Are you on gcc 5.x?20:25
tedgOh, I bet you're on vivid.20:25
tedgApparently the C++ symbols are different on gcc 4/520:26
tedgNeed to disable them for vivid.20:26
mterrytedg, I'm building in vivid yeah on the phone20:28
mterrytedg, ah makes sense20:28
tedgmterry: Do you know how to make a symbols file only apply to certain series?20:34
tedgI was told it was possible, but can't figure out how.20:34
mterrytedg, um...  you could override the dh_ helper that checks and only do it if the distro is correct?20:34
tedgAh, makes sense20:35
mterrytedg, I don't know a more elegant solution20:35
mterrytedg, you could pass different strictness values so that it would warn instead of error maybe.  That's probably the lightest touch for vivid20:36
mterrytedg, hrmph.  I thought I set up the libertine scope all fine.  But I don't see any apps in it20:51
tedgmterry: You should still be able to launch things with the url dispatcher20:52
tedgmterry: Shouldn't need the scope20:52
mterrytedg, does "Unable to dispatch url 'appid://puritine/xchat-gnome/0.0':GDBus.Error:com.canonical.URLDispatcher.BadURL: URL 'appid://puritine/xchat-gnome/0.0' is not handleable by the URL Dispatcher" mean that it didn't find it, or that it is a malformed url?20:57
tedgmterry: Could be either, most likely it couldn't launch in that case.21:02
tedgmterry: I think to see the difference you'll have to turn on glib debug messages.21:03
mterrytedg, G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all didn't add anything21:05
tedgmterry: To URL dispatcher? The service.21:06
tedgmterry: Do you know a variable that has the series? I can't seem to find one...21:06
mterrytedg, ugh... no not off the top21:07
mterrytedg, OK.  Did the debug thing.  All I see is "Dispatching URL: appid://puritine/xchat-gnome/0.0"21:10
tedgHuh, I'd expect at least an emitting message after that.21:16
mterrytedg, I dunno.  I must have a screwed up env somehow.  This was working for me the other day21:21
mterrytedg, I'll just focus on tests for my branch.  Maybe you can get the libertine env going?21:21
tedgmterry: Hmm, yeah. Let me try that.21:27
* bregma is back for just a few minutes22:54

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