dholbachdavidcalle, mhall119: I'll have call most of the remaining day... how do we move on with the deployment?14:11
mhall119dholbach: I can't remember, did we have a clean functional merge in soon-trunk before we left for UbuCon?15:17
dholbachdidn't we push it to soon-trunk?15:18
mhall119that's what I mean, is soon-trunk working and has all the upgrade stuff?15:18
dholbachhttps://code.launchpad.net/~developer-ubuntu-com-dev/developer-ubuntu-com/soon-trunk/+merge/283019  is still sitting there15:18
dholbachyes, it WFM15:19
mhall119then next step is to merge it into staging and deploy it from wendigo15:21
mhall119or, well, I suppose I should try upgrading my local env first15:22
mhall119since that didn't work last time15:22
davidcallemhall119: dholbach: the branch is fine by me, I'm happy to deploy it on staging. mhall119, do you know if we (or IS) have a good way to rollback (rollback db changes as well)?15:28
mhall119davidcalle: I assume we could use the dbdump you got a while back to restore the staging database, couldn't we?15:35
davidcallemhall119: to test the upgrade path? Yes, that's why I got it. I'm more concerned about having a recent prod dump to restore prod in case the upgrade goes wrong.15:36
mhall119oh, well we can coordinate that with IS when we're ready to go to prod, I'm sure they have something, it's all cloudy-cloudy failover scalable stuff, right?15:38
davidcallemhall119: hmm hmm :)15:40

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