mcphaildavido_: sorry, ibus exit00:00
davido_:) was about to ask if you meant exit00:00
Dylan____Hello guys i have a problem i was removing some packages yestaday from synaptic that i could remove and now when i boot my computer i can only log in text apprentyl00:01
urukhow to create a file deb from a program instalated for example apt-get install geany -> geany.deb00:01
Dylan____What can i do to fix this00:01
davido_that seems to not have any effect on the situation.00:01
davido_(mcphail ^^)00:01
k1l_Dylan____: what packages did you remove?00:02
mcphaildavido_: exit all firefox windows then type "export GTK_IM_MODULE="xim" firefox" in a terminal. Does that work better?00:02
Dylan____Im not sure what packages00:02
Dylan____But i cannot boot into the os only some text console00:03
mcphaildavido_: that's what I had to use for the tor browser when I was on Trusty00:03
mcphailuruk: apt-get download packagename00:03
urukok thanx00:05
davido_mcphail : That does. I guess I'll have to make that export permanent. :)00:06
MaryAnnecan someone please help me with a new hardrive install?00:06
mcphaildavido_: I think it is sorted in later Ubuntu versions, if that helps. Certainly, Wily has an option in system settings to disable ibus00:07
blaaaHi, I want to set up a computer with ubuntu for a friend, she will need a usb (2.0)-wifi stick (preferably AC or N). But I have no knowledge of these devices; support, and she will not be able to solve issues after kernel updates etc. What are good devices supported by default on Ubuntu LTS?00:08
datahead7777Has anyone gotten a Unity game to successfully run in Linux?00:08
davido_mcphail: One of these days I'll have the time to get this work laptop off of 14.04LTS.00:08
mcphaildatahead7777: of course00:08
datahead7777I get the error, "Failed to load mono" when I try running one I made.  I tried installing the packag emono-complete, but it still had this problem.00:09
datahead7777The full output is at http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/linux-build-of-game-does-not-find-mono.381954/#post-248143200:09
mcphaildavido_: check the language part of system settings to see if you can kill ibus. If you're using English, it serves no purpose00:09
datahead7777I have Ubuntu 1200:10
mcphaildatahead7777: that isn't an ubuntu question. The unity support channels would be appropriate for you.00:10
datahead7777I think a lot of them haven't used Linux.  I've tried asking twice there so far.00:11
davido_So it would be safe to change "Keyboard input method system: IBus to "none"?00:11
BillD73blaaa www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833106135 seems to be a popular out of the box working wifi usb00:12
mcphaildatahead7777: Ubuntu does not support Unity. Even Unity does not support Unity on linux00:12
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mcphaildavido_: it shouldn't hurt, and may help00:12
datahead7777Actually they do support a build to Unity, just not an editor there00:12
datahead7777Though the Unity company does not run the IRC channel00:12
mcphaildatahead7777: then, if they support the export to Linux, they are your support option00:15
davido_mcphail : Thanks for the tip. Life is better now. It sucked having 3 monitors but only being able to use the browser in one of them. :)00:17
mcphaildavido_: enjoy!00:17
Dylan____Can i replace libeoffice with another suite if how does it effect my system?00:17
UmeaboyDylan____: Why woud you replace it?00:18
mcphailDylan____: you can install whatever you want, but there isn't an awful lot of choice00:18
davido_Yes you may. The outcome will vary depending on your system's specs and what you replace it with.00:18
UmeaboyIf it lacks something.........just make a feature request on their website.00:19
UmeaboyThey should have a tracker of some kind.00:19
UmeaboyNo harm meant.00:19
moultonlI'm running xtightvncviewer to get into a remote windows 7 box.  What is the actual program though that I'm running?  I hunted through the software center, but don't see anything installed.00:19
moultonlI'm trying to scale the window down so I can see everything without scroll bars, but am not sure which VNC client's docs I need to be looking at00:19
protnhey hye00:23
protnI got opewith uget and ff browser00:23
protnidea it to send firefox save as requests via uget00:23
protnits yet to work, any ideas how to make it work?00:23
locksmithI don't get drunk00:24
user54541210hey guys does someone know how to fix the lag problem in chormium and firebox when minimzing videos?00:39
luis_how do i install my webcam in linux?00:47
mcphailluis_: usually just a matter of plugging it in00:48
BillD73is System Volume Information folder a product of windows indexing for detachable media or something linux put on when it was attached?00:48
svetlanadoes ubuntu have builtin drivers for the Epson WorkForce 30 printer?00:49
MiniFridgeHi, I'm trying to learn Ubuntu Server. How would I know if there are updates for a program like OpenSSH, does it get updated through the default repos? I'm a bit new to Linux.00:51
QuaranTeen666how many chances that ill lost files if i will reboot frozen ubuntu alongside installation?00:51
QuaranTeen666or should i wait?00:52
QuaranTeen666urfent question pls00:52
eelstreborMiniFridge, yes, ssh is in the repositories and there's a ppa that you can add00:52
MiniFridgeSo, when I get software through the default repos? It will update when I update the whole system through sudo apt-get upgrade?00:53
MiniFridge- ?00:53
eelstreborQuaranTeen666, have you tried to connect to the frozen PC from another with ssh?00:53
eelstreborMiniFridge, yes00:54
MiniFridgeeelstrebor, wow, that's really conveinent.00:54
MiniFridgeMuch better than Windows desktop for software management, lol. Thanks.00:54
eelstreborMiniFridge, if you're using openssh00:54
MiniFridgeeelstrebor, this is not true for everything in the default repos?00:54
QuaranTeen666i havent ssh ports00:55
eelstreborMiniFridge, openssh is part of the standard repos00:55
MiniFridgeright, so anything in the standard repos is updated through apt-get upgrade, correct?00:56
eelstreborMiniFridge, you have to run apt-get update first and then run apt-get upgrade00:56
eelstreborMiniFridge, yep, everything already installed gets upgraded00:56
eelstreborkernel updates will require apt-get dist-upgrade00:57
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MiniFridgeeelstrebor, yes, IK. Thank you.00:58
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dengxinjunWhere are you?00:58
dengxinjunI can't find you00:58
eelstrebordengxinjun, who are you talking to?00:58
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libbenI installed Lubuntu 15.10 on my HP Stream 7 tablet yesterday; it booted fine. Later in the evening, I tried booting it again, and it appears to shut itself off right when it tries to load the kernel. What could have spurred this to happen? How can I fix it?01:06
libbenI've found that Lubuntu x86 15.10 Alternate Installer still boots, but oddly enough the original .iso I used to set up my EFI partitioning (Lubuntu x86 16.04 Desktop) no longer boots.01:07
svetlanaeelstrebor, means I should install cups-driver-gutenprint package and the printer would work, right?01:13
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l4m8d4Hey there! I hope you guys can help me get my system booting again... I need 2 drives unlocked at boot time, which I have described in crypttab. Inside of these 2 luks-volumes, there are the 2 parities of my BTRFS-RAID1. On boot, I get prompted for the frist password, it onlocks successfully, but it doesn't prompt for the second password01:25
l4m8d4I ran 'update-initramfs -u -k all && update-grub && grub-install /dev/sda && grub-install /dev/sdb' afterwards to apply my changes to crypttab and fstab01:26
l4m8d4Instead of prompting for the password, it just complains that lvm is not available (which I uninstalled when I switched from mdadm+luks+lvm+btrfs to just luks+btrfs [therefore also the 2 containers, you see?])01:27
MiniFridgeokay, I'm stuck in some Display all 1292 possibilities thing on my server01:29
MiniFridgeI tried escape, quit, quit(), and exit01:29
MiniFridgenothing is working01:29
l4m8d4I've had update-initramfs complain numerous times about invalid lines on the slightest mistake, so since it built fine, I don't think I MADE A MISTAKE THERE01:29
l4m8d4MiniFridge: display what possibilities? aptitude or wat?01:29
MiniFridgeI put in ls' by accident and it just brought up this ">" I can type in it, but esc just gives me the possibilities thing.01:30
MiniFridgeI don't know what it is, unfortunately.01:30
l4m8d4have you tried ctrl+c?01:31
MiniFridgeOh, that worked. Thank you!01:31
l4m8d4You're welcome01:31
l4m8d4MiniFridge: ctrl+c is a standrad combo for sending sigterm to a process that is blocking your terminal01:31
MiniFridgeYeah, I should have thought of that since I learned that while learning Python. LOL01:32
MiniFridgeBut, that was powershell, granted.01:32
l4m8d4MiniFridge: You can't help me with my problem though, right? :D01:33
user54541210does someone have the solution for Ubuntu freezing when minimizing or maximizing a video?01:33
MiniFridgel4m8d4, I just installed this Linux server 2 days ago. I have nearly no experience with Linux beforehand. I'm sorry.01:33
l4m8d4MiniFridge: only windows before?01:34
MiniFridgePretty much besides trying out the desktops in a VM and bootable USBs01:34
MiniFridgeI'm trying to learn this so I can rent a production VPS for my planned website01:35
l4m8d4MiniFridge: Well, time to get your hands on a REAL operating system then :D01:35
MiniFridgeIt's very confusing going from a GUI to CLI only01:35
l4m8d4MiniFridge: I know, I went a similar route to yours. Nowadays, I even tend to look down on GUIs for server a little, because they tend to hide many features you don't wanna miss as a power user and are resource hogs :D01:37
Guthurubuntu 15.04 will not boot with the 3.19-0-49 for me, 48 is fine. Any suggestion on how to diagnose the issue01:37
l4m8d4MiniFridge: Also, you should try to minimize you attack vectors on a critical system like that, and GUIs are one of the first things to go in such a case :D01:38
MiniFridgeYeah, I'm trying to learn all this security related stuff. Last thing I want is a future employer to see my site got hacked with offensive material.01:38
GuthurI suspect it's video driver issue, the screen flashes from no signal to signal while trying to boot01:38
Guthurusing AMD drivers01:38
l4m8d4MiniFridge: You certainly got many things to learn if you are new to linux. But trust me, it's more than wotzh it in the end, even though it can be very unfamiliar from a windows perspective at times.01:40
l4m8d4Guthur: Have you tried upgrading to 15.10? :D01:41
Bashing-omGuthur: A thought. Can you boot the -49 kernel from grub's "recvovery" mode ? That might point to a graphic's driver issue .01:43
goddardhow should i remove the nvidia driver installed from nivida's website?01:45
Bashing-omgoddard: Try: ' sudo NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.38.run --uninstall ' where you replace woth the driver version that ypu installed - x86_64-331.38 - .01:47
GuthurBashing-om:I can give it a ok01:49
Guthurl4m8d4: I am reluctant to jump to 15.10 because I fear most of my steam games will stop working01:50
Bashing-omGuthur: Not much choice to go to 15.10 as 15.04 shortly goes End_Of_Life .01:51
vadi2How can I create a bootable Ubuntu USB stick?01:52
GuthurBashing-om: thanks for the heads up, I might jump on the next LTS01:54
DirtyCajunim missing something basic. i have changed the hostname in both /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts. ubuntu thinks its the new name. my switch regonizes it as the new name. but it still logs in as user@oldhostname . how do i change that?01:55
Bashing-omGut. your choicem but not a good one. 15.04 is EOL Feb4. amd 16.04 is not released 'til April .01:56
furiousgreenHey everyone, very very new to Ubuntu. Trying to set up Pycharm and I was told I had to install Java and the JDK first. I used sudo apt-get install default-jre and sudo apt-get install default-jdk. Is that all I have to do?02:00
goddardBashing-om: trying to do that gives me this error02:04
goddardInstaller must be in silent mode to use the toolkit, samples or driver command-line flags. Please also pass -silent to the installer.02:04
Bashing-omgoddard: Maybe what had to be done is to stop the GUI ? What release is this again ?02:05
ddybingfuriousgreen: That's all you should need, yes. And python of course, but that is included in the OS.02:06
furiousgreenAlright. Cool. Thanks. Got a LOT to learn.02:06
ddybingfuriousgreen: To start the program, you'll have to CD into its folder trough the terminal and execute the program with sh. Like: sh pycharm.sh02:09
ddybingDon't hesitate to ask if you have any questions :-)02:09
Guest23738i finally got ubuntu on my macbook02:10
Guest23738mid 2007 what a bitch02:10
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ddybingGuest23738: Nice. What version are you running?02:11
mri386 :(02:11
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ddybingmr: Nice. Just picked up one myself, A1226, for free. Seems like the graphics chip is fried. Not sure what to do about it. Would love to run Linux on it.02:12
ddybingPro 15"02:12
mryeah man such a better machine you cant do anything on snow leopard02:12
mrfor macs that cant upgrade it's beautiful thank you ubuntu my heart is happy02:13
DirtyCajunfigured it out.02:13
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ddybingmr: Yeah, Ubuntu is a better alternative for those machines. It's as up to date as the other releases - can't complain about that!02:14
ddybingmr: Do you have the regular macbook or the pro?02:14
mri have the macbook 2,102:15
ddybingmr: ah, nice02:15
virtuosojHey everyone. I am letting my girlfriend try out Linux and she loves it, but she has yet to backup her windows laptop so she can't install yet02:16
virtuosojI want to create a /persistent/ USB install of Ubuntu GNOME 15.10 for her - how can I do this?02:16
mrthe dvd drive is dead so I had to figure out the whole EFI boot thing02:16
mrwhich I'd actually have to read about to more fully understand02:16
mranyone know of a good guide that could help me install the 64 bit version02:17
l4m8d4My ubuntu system won't boot anymore since I ditched raid+luks+lvm+btrfs for luks+btrfs. It's 15.10. It lets me unlock the first drive upon boot, but when it is set up it somehow expects lvm to be there and won't continue, bu since there is no lvm anymore, it can't find that of course. Of course, I paid attention to make fstab and crypptab right and update-initramfs etc. etc. I am pissed off a little.02:17
l4m8d4virtuosoj: you can just start the install again and install on the usb stick like any other drive02:18
eelstreborsvetlana, yep. you'll have to install cups to make the printer work02:19
l4m8d4mr: cant you just install from a usb-stick on your macbook?02:19
virtuosojl4m8d4: So, I start her comp with both USB drives plugged in, the one that has the original Ubuntu image, and the one that I want to install to?02:19
virtuosojl4m8d4: and then it will save settings/config to that USB?02:19
virtuosojand downloaded files, etc.02:19
l4m8d4virtuosoj: correct. And be sure to install grub, the boot loader to it too. Because often it defaults to the internal hard drrive02:20
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l4m8d4yes, it's like any other system, just on the stick, then02:20
virtuosojl4m8d4: Doesn't grub automatically install when you install Ubuntu though?02:20
virtuosojI haven't had to do anything special to install grub on my comp02:21
l4m8d4virtuosoj: Yes it does, but sometimes it seems to default to be installed to the internal drive instead of the drive that the rest of your system gets installed to, if they dont match, like in your case. Just keep an eye on the grub install drive and change it if necessary.02:21
l4m8d4virtuosoj: One can change the grub install path at the partition manager02:22
virtuosojl4m8d4: Thank you so much.  One more question: Will I be able to see that druing install?02:22
virtuosojoh ok. in the partition manager02:22
virtuosojsweet. she will be so happy :)  I thought she was going to be skeptical about changing OS but she absolutely loves Ubuntu and gnome02:23
l4m8d4virtuosoj: it it installs to your internal drive, you probably wouldn't even notice until you take the usb stick to another computer, where it wouldn't work, because there's no grub on the stick :D02:23
virtuosojwell, if it messes up her current windows install that would be a huge problem02:24
l4m8d4virtuosoj: well, seems like she knows what's good :D02:24
virtuosojsince she has many files on there not yet backed up02:24
l4m8d4virtuosoj: if you really want i can walk you though a little. I would basically just partition manually to avoid grub-fails :D02:25
l4m8d4virtuosoj: except you know your way through the installer yourself, where that wouldn't be necessary, of course02:26
virtuosojthat would be great except I don't have the USB drive that I'm going to install to with me atm...02:26
virtuosojI think it's pretty straightforward02:27
virtuosojI mean, I don't usually manually partition but I have looked at it a lot. installing ubuntu, debian, opensuse, fedora etc02:27
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l4m8d4virtuosoj: okay, well if you've already installed these I guess you won't have a problem with the ubuntu installer :D02:28
virtuosojl4m8d4: thank you dude :) she will be so happy02:28
virtuosojl4m8d4: I haven't let her try Unity yet I may give her the option02:28
pantatohow do i fix this mess? http://pastebin.com/AiJw5Dw002:28
pantatoI already tried removing my sources.list02:29
pantatothen setting a new server in the gui02:29
virtuosojdoes anyone know of a good weather indicator for Unity's panel?02:29
furiousgreenAccording to this website, I have to type in several commands to install pycharm: http://exponential.io/blog/2015/02/10/install-pycharm-on-ubuntu-linux/02:30
furiousgreenDo I always need to enter sequences of commands in one by one, or is it an option to somehow block them? Even if I can block them, should I?02:30
ddybingfuriousgreen: When you run Pycharm for the first time, it will ask you if you want to install a shortcut. This will be placed in your Applications view and will be searchable trough the Unity search.02:32
piercedwaterfuriousgreen: "&&" is the same as and02:32
ddybingfuriousgreen: Just download the compressed file, unpack it. Then open terminal and cd into the folder, like so: cd /home/YourUserName/Downloads/PyCharmFolder/bin Hit Enter and then type sh pycharm.sh02:33
ddybingthen hit enter again, and it should open up just fine02:34
furiousgreenSorry guys, let's back up. This is the entirety of what I've done: I've downloaded the compresed file and unpacked it, on my desktop like a pleb. I'll cd /home/daniil/Desktop/pycharm-community-5.0.3 and hit enter, then type sh pycharm.sh02:37
furiousgreenWill that start the installation process? Should I not keep that on my desktop?02:37
reisiofuriousgreen: you want pycharm?02:38
furiousgreenI feel like I'm putting the cart before the horse - installing PyCharm to learn Python long before I learn how to 'handle' Ubuntu.02:38
reisioyou can learn python with just the interpreter02:38
reisioand I'd quite recommend that approach, actually02:38
furiousgreenThat's right. I gotta learn Python and I've been told Pycharm is a useful tool.02:38
reisiowonder who told you that02:38
furiousgreenA couple people on the #learnpython chanel.02:39
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furiousgreen*channel. I'm using Automate the Boring Stuff with Python.02:39
ddybingIf you're already in the pycharm folder, you need to cd into the folder named " bin " and then run the sh pycharm.sh command02:39
reisiofuriousgreen: all you need is 'python', a text editor, and http://greenteapress.com/thinkpython2/02:39
furiousgreenddybing: what does that do? sh? Does it install Pycharm or just run it once?02:40
ddybingThen it will open a normal window. Just follow the steps and don't uncheck anything.02:40
reisiofuriousgreen: pycharm.sh is presumably a (sh)ell script02:40
ddybingsh is just a command to run the file as a shell script02:40
pantatopls respond02:40
reisiofuriousgreen: 'sh' is how you call the shell interpreter, typically02:40
reisiofuriousgreen: although one might suggest using 'bash' instead, because... reasons02:40
furiousgreenAaaah, I see. Thank you for your patience, everyone. And thank you, reisio, but I've had friends that learned through Automate the Boring Stuff - but on Windows.02:40
reisiofuriousgreen: might do this instead, though: https://www.google.com/search?q=%22pycharm%22%20%22deb%2202:41
reisioor skip it altogether and do it properly the way I already said =)02:41
furiousgreenPycharm deb looks attractive, thank you.02:41
reisioa GUI will create boredom, not reduce it02:41
reisioparticularly with Python, which is such a simple language (in a good way)02:41
furiousgreenAlright, thank you for your help everyone. I will try installing it when I have more time in a single block. I'll also try to learn more about how to use Ubuntu from the ground up02:42
ddybingfuriousgreen: As reisio suggests, you can just type "python" in the terminal and it will bring up a python interpreter. This will allow you to "mess around" with python. You may also use a basic text editor, like gedit, or nano which runs in the terminal, to edit a local python file and then run it.02:42
furiousgreenI see.  Yes, that might be better until I get a stronger grip on navigating Ubuntu.02:43
furiousgreenHave a good night everyone.02:43
ddybingfuriousgreen: So if you just want to check something really quick, test a command or something like that - just use the python interpreter from the terminal.02:43
ddybingfuriousgreen: Good night. Hope to see you again soon.02:43
pantatowow, so i'm getting 404s all over the place because 14.10 is no longer supported?02:45
pantatosucks, this is the best version02:45
acovrigI just got a USB PCIe card, my mobo recognizes it and I see it in lspci, but nothing shows up in lsusb; so I'm wondering if my card is defective...02:48
reisioacovrig: what are you expecting to show up?02:53
acovrigreisio, a flashdrive to show up in lsusb like it does for onboard ports02:54
reisioyou got a flash drive in it?02:54
acovrigreisio, yes, I've connected a few flashdrives and a USB ethernet adapter and I don't see anything in lsusb02:56
reisioacovrig: what's the device make/model?02:56
acovrigreisio, if I plug one of those flashdrives into an onboard port it opens in nautilus just fine...02:57
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acovrigreisio, ORICO PVU3-2O2I02:57
reisioorico, or orinoco?02:58
l4m8d4acovrig: check journalctl -f while plugging in, and journalctl in general for possible errors like missing firmware of your pcie card02:58
reisioacovrig: orico I Guess02:58
reisioterribly similar name02:58
acovrigreisio, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008717L0G?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s0002:58
reisioacovrig: usb3?02:58
reisioacovrig: lsmod | grep -i xhci ?02:59
acovrigI should probably mention: ubuntu 14.04.3 and 3.13.0-76-generic kernel02:59
acovrigreisio, nothing; so modprobe xhci?03:00
reisioacovrig: what about zgrep -i xhci /proc/config.gz03:01
acovrigreisio, /proc/config.gz doesn't exist03:03
reisioacovrig: pastebin your lsmod?03:03
reisioacovrig: or just try 'sudo modprobe xhci' if you're feeling lucky03:04
acovrigreisio, modprobe: FATAL: Module xhci not found.03:05
acovrigreisio, lsmod: http://pastebin.com/AJV6HZbw03:05
reisioacovrig: could mean it's already in the kernel, technically, built in03:05
reisiobut if other usb things are in lsmod, it's probably just not enabled03:05
acovrigreisio, yea, and would it be in a 3.13 kernel?03:05
acovrigreisio, I have 2 onboard USB3 ports and those work just fine...03:06
reisiosorry I've lost track of the linux timeline and the usb 3 one03:06
reisiodo they work at usb3 speed?03:07
acovrigreisio, not sure, I haven't done a speedtest with them03:08
reisiothey have those annoying blinking usage lights?03:08
reisioyour usb3 drives, that is03:08
acovrigyes, it's just solid03:09
acovrigit shows in lspci as 09:00.0 USB controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. Device 3483 (rev 01)03:10
l4m8d4still recommend looking at journalctl, but hey, anyone can make it harder for themselves if they want to03:12
ttalif this question should not be asked here please let me know if there is a wine channel, however I am wondering which wine compatibility layer to install on the software center, top or bottom? http://snag.gy/8G2lU.jpg03:12
acovrigl4m8d4, apt-get install journalctl?03:12
l4m8d4acovrig: ah wait, which ubuntu version are you on again?03:13
reisioacovrig: but what color is the light?03:14
acovrigreisio, l4m8d4, I ordered this from amazon as new, but it came like this: http://imgur.com/pBXl5pY03:14
l4m8d4acovrig: forget what I was saying, your ubuntu is too old for journalctl (part of the new init system on ubuntu 14.10+)03:15
acovrigl4m8d4, yea, I've kinda toyed w/the idea of 15...03:15
acovrig(upgrading to)03:15
l4m8d4acovrig: wow, they sure got some kick-ass computer engineers where this came from :D03:16
acovrigyea... the note is a rather large red flag for me to return it...03:17
reisioacovrig: no what color is the light on the usb drive =)03:17
acovrigreisio, red?03:18
reisiored, weird03:20
* acovrig attempts to reboot03:21
reisioacovrig: what's the note?03:21
acovrig_it came with the card: “PC reported driver on CD corrupted, downloaded driver and installed, recognized card but would not work”03:21
reisiooh was it used?03:22
acovrig_I understood it was new when I ordered it...03:22
acovrig_but that note makes it seem rather obvious it was used…03:22
reisioyeah :p03:23
reisionice handwriting03:23
reisioacovrig_: lspci -n ?03:23
reisioacovrig_: y'know what I have a simpler test03:25
reisioacovrig_: boot up a copy of http://www.system-rescue-cd.org/ and see if it works03:25
reisioacovrig_: if it does, it's probably just your kernel03:25
reisioubuntu-newbie: hey03:25
=== acovrig_ is now known as acovrig
ubuntu-newbieanybody here?03:26
reisiojust me03:26
reisioand 1,835 more people...03:26
acovrigreisio: lspci -nn: 09:00.0 USB controller [0c03]: VIA Technologies, Inc. Device [1106:3483] (rev01)03:26
axion_Hello everyone03:27
axion_I'm having major issues on this thing i just freshly put ubuntu 14. on03:27
l4m8d4axion_: why would you want to put ubuntu 14.x on something nowadays?03:28
axion_I'm very new to all of this, it's a HP Media computer m7060n I think... Like 1 gig of ram, intel 3 gig idk03:28
reisioaxion_: pick an issue to start with03:28
acovrigreisio: well… 1hr to download :/03:28
Myrttil4m8d4: because lts?03:28
reisioacovrig: what's it say for it in lspci -k ?03:28
reisioacovrig: yikes, you on a phone?03:28
l4m8d4Myrtti: lts is overrated03:28
axion_Idk why honestly, I'm new to Linux and ubuntu was first choice? I just want a web surfer03:29
l4m8d4Myrtti: all kinds of things are broken on these old lts sutffs03:29
acovrigreisio: no, a campus wifi :/03:29
l4m8d4axion_: it's fine for what you doing probably. I was just messing around a little.03:29
axion_Reisio: it freezes when I open firefox03:29
Myrttil4m8d4: your opinion and experience, not shared by everyone03:29
reisioacovrig: oh, hack into the router and disable everyone else's access :p03:30
l4m8d4Myrtti: look at 14.x, doesn't even have systemd :D03:30
reisioaxion_: what's the problem?03:30
axion_Reisio: it freezes when I open firefox03:30
reisioaxion_: the computer?03:30
acovrigreisio: I’m guessing this is the line you’re looking for (lspci -k): Kernel driver in use: xhci_hcd03:30
reisioacovrig: ah okay, xhci03:30
axion_hp media computer m6070n03:31
reisioaxion_: open a terminal: ctrl+alt+t, then type 'firefox', then press enter, and observe the output03:31
l4m8d4axion_: you mean the whole computer stops reacting when you try to open firefox?03:31
axion_it stops reacting when i use firefox as a browser, yes. :(03:32
reisioacovrig: you could check the install image, too (try ubuntu)03:34
acovrigreisio: install image? you mean an ubuntu ISO?03:34
l4m8d4acovrig: correct03:35
reisioacovrig: yeah what you installed with03:35
reisiothey all have the option to just run it as a plain OS instead of installing03:35
reisioyou can check if it works there03:35
acovrigreisio: would it be prudent to boot into rescue mode on an ubuntu 15.10 ISO?03:35
reisioit'd be odd, but not impossible that it would work there and not in your metal install03:35
reisiouh, I'm not sure I've booted 15 yet personally, but for ages there has been a 'try ubuntu' option next to 'install ubuntu'03:36
reisioyou'd want try03:36
reisiorescue not required03:36
acovrigreisio: well, ‘rescue’ as-in a shell as opposed to installing over what I have03:36
l4m8d4acovrig: if it doesn't work on your install iso's live system, try a 15.10 live system03:37
reisioacovrig: 'try ubuntu'03:38
reisiowell, he has bandwidth issues03:38
reisioso try the image you've already got handy03:38
reisioif that doesn't work, you should probably try getting just a different kernel to boot03:39
reisioas that'll be many less megs03:39
reisio(than an image entirely)03:39
vinceI have a question about passwordless ssh login, does the username on all machines have to be the same in order to use the same private key?03:40
acovrigreisio: would another feasable test be to try to boot from a drive connected to this card: I.E. if the BIOS can’t recognize a USB drive on it then it must be bad? or would a BIOS not recognize a card like this anywho03:40
axion_I rebooted03:42
l4m8d4acovrig: you BIOS not recognizing doesn't mean the card is bad03:43
l4m8d4not necessarily, at least03:43
reisioacovrig: sure try it03:43
acovrigreisio: on tty6 I see this after logging in: hub 5-1:1.0: cannot enable port 3 Maybe the USB cable is bad?03:44
reisioacovrig: well, since the usb cable being bad would be game over, start with hoping it's the port03:48
jasonj8How can I get the path to my sound playback device? Preferably the one I currently have activated in my system. A program I'm using is looking at /dev/dsp and not finding it.03:49
acovrigreisio: the interesting thing about that message is the lack of a USB cable… that’s plugged directly to the card...03:50
reisiowhat's it plugged into?03:50
acovrigthe new card03:50
acovrigreisio: at this point I’m gonna consider it DOA and try to get it replaced or find another...03:52
reisiowell, if you have nothing better to do, check sysresccd03:52
acovrigreisio: the main reason I’m getting a USB card is so I can pass the card to a VM and hotplug devices easily03:52
reisiobut yeah the internet seems to think it should "just work"03:52
reisiooh, a vm for what?03:52
acovrigreisio: yea… about that… it has 22min left :/03:53
acovrigreisio: *sigh* windows 10…03:53
acovrigreisio: I _finally_ got gfx PCI passthrough working nicely though so yay03:53
acovrigreisio: however when I boot windows a bug in qemu 2.0 w/my realtek card causes physical networking to die, so I have an intel card on the way03:54
reisiowhatcha need it for03:55
acovrigvisual studio for T. Software Engineering (and steam is nice every once in a while)03:56
Dylan____Hey guys i wanted to know can i get rid of apps i dont need in ubuntu and if so will it break my system ?03:59
=== __raven_ is now known as __raven
Bashing-omDylan____: Mu expereince back when I wondered the same . I re-installed a bunch of times. Your experience may be similar .04:05
reisioDylan____: https://www.debian-administration.org/article/134/Removing_unnecessary_packages_with_deborphan04:06
reisioet al.04:06
dapiaswho can help me explaining me how this chat works?04:06
dapiaswhere are the guidelines?04:07
Bashing-om!guidelines | dapias04:07
ubottudapias: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:07
reisiodapias: seems you already have the hang of it04:09
reisiowords go where you've already put them04:09
dapiasthank you ubottu04:10
dapiashaha reisio04:11
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coma_hi everyone04:17
coma_do someone can help me?04:18
waterpicker_Um I don't having a go. Can't guarantee I'll be useful for the real complicated stuff.04:18
EriC^^coma_: with what?04:18
waterpicker_*mind having04:18
coma_i have laptop (dualgraphics ati+intel) with 1 external monitor. When i switch to ATI (echo ON > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch && echo DIGD > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch && echo DDIS > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch) second monitor is turns on. But screen of laptop turns off. (Xubuntu 14.04)04:19
* waterpicker_ pushes EriC^^ infront of himself. "Ok this is out of my lead. He's all yours!"04:20
=== waterpicker_ is now known as Waterpicker
=== sublimate is now known as magic
tgm4883coma_: you should be able to just use DRI_PRIME to launch applications that will use the ATI card rather than switch cards for the entire desktop. That is what I do on my laptop04:22
coma_how to use this "DRI_PRIME"  ?  (fglrx is not installed cuz it brokes my system)04:22
coma_i mean i use opensource ati driver04:23
tgm4883coma_: I think I do on mine as well04:23
coma_who what?04:24
tgm4883coma_: trying to remember if it "just works" what is the output of this          DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:24
coma_"glxinfo is not installed" :D04:25
tgm4883ah good point. Can you install it?04:25
coma_i installed it just now :)04:25
coma_then i should do reboot or what?04:26
tgm4883no, just run that command again04:26
tgm4883DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:26
coma_coma@coma:~$ DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:26
coma_OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR04:26
tgm4883now run this04:27
tgm4883glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:27
coma_same output. i mean:04:27
coma_OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR04:27
gshmuHow to using l2tp-ipsec-vpn under Ubuntu 14.0404:28
tgm4883coma_: oh can you use vgaswitcher to switch back to your intel card?04:28
coma_yup... but i not remember how to do it :D i'll try04:29
tgm4883coma_: if you reboot, does it use your intel card?04:29
coma_irc running in "this" laptop now... wat, i'll try to reboot04:30
coma_wait* sry04:30
icedwaterIs there a command I can use to see the pwd of a parent shell, if I'm inside several layers of subshell? :P04:31
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=== luckybunny is now known as Sinistral
reisioicedwater: help pushd, help popd04:33
reisioicedwater: but usually I just use cd -04:33
reisiocd ~/foo/bar/anywhere/04:33
reisiocd -04:33
reisio(goes back04:33
reisiocd - (goes back again [to foo bar anywhere])04:33
icedwaterWell, OK, that's if I had used pushd/popd in the first place.04:33
icedwaterThanks for cd - though reisio :)04:33
reisiooh like04:33
reisioyou made a script with actual subshells?04:33
icedwaterNo, I sometimes start up new terminals or enter a subshell just to do something quick.04:34
coma_tgm4883, after reboot when i do DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer" and glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer" i still have same output04:34
coma_i mean > OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR04:34
xubuntu_hello xubuntu04:34
icedwaterBut if the operation is not atomic, then I come back later and forget what I was doing, so I want to see if I should close this subshell or something, and I page through the command history for that subshell, etc...04:34
reisioicedwater: and by subshell you mean?04:34
icedwater$ bash04:34
tgm4883coma_: hmm, we'll need to see if you can remember how to switch back to the intel card then04:35
reisioicedwater: ah04:35
icedwater$ <-- $SHLVL==204:35
reisiowhy would you do that04:35
al2o3-cricedwater: pwd | sudo tee /dev/pts/004:35
coma_tgm4883, okay, i'll switch to intel now..04:35
tgm4883coma_: so the idea is that when you prempend the command with DRI_PRIME=1 it runs it on the ati card04:35
reisioicedwater: should just get into the habit of using screen or tux insteaad04:35
icedwaterreisio: because I like running things from the terminal.04:35
icedwaterreisio: I -am- inside tmux :P04:35
reisioicedwater: should just get into the habit of using _just_ screen or tux insteaad04:35
reisioinstead* :p04:36
icedwaterI suppose I have to get used to splitting panes rather than opening new terminals, but then I have supernests04:36
xubuntu_jacyś krajanie04:36
coma_tgm4883, i should say what yesterday all was fine (i mean when i switch to ati, laptop monitor was works)... But.. (I know, i'm stupid) executed this command in terminal "sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-utopic xserver-xorg-lts-utopic libqt5gui5 libgles1-mesa-lts-utopic libgles2-mesa-lts-utopic libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-utopic libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-utopic:i386 libglapi-mesa-lts-utopic:i386 libegl1-mesa-drivers-lts-utopic"04:37
icedwateral2o3-cr: thanks for this one, I'll try that too.04:37
coma_1 min.. i'll reboot lightdm04:38
coma_tgm4883, after switch to intel and execute given commands i have:04:39
coma_coma@coma:~$ DRI_PRIME=1 glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:40
coma_OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR\04:40
coma_coma@coma:~$ glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"04:40
coma_OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Ironlake Mobile04:40
tgm4883coma_: perfect04:40
tgm4883coma_: so it's working. That is exactly what should happen04:40
coma_but how i can use second monitor? :D04:41
tgm4883so you can prepend that to any command in order to run that program on the amd card04:41
tgm4883coma_: hmm04:41
tgm4883coma_: I thought you said it both monitors worked with the intel card04:41
coma_now... its like a magic :DD when i on Intel graphics, i can see all monitors in "monitor configuration" (Laptop & HDMI3)04:42
IndraIs it a common thing for the system to totally freeze with VirtualBox is running? I'm talking freezing to the point of not being able to ctrl-alt-f2 into a terminal.04:43
coma_but second monitor (HDMI) is turned off always04:43
reisioIndra: not real common, no04:43
reisioIndra: what makes you think it's frozen? Does pressing right CTRL help?04:43
coma_and when i switch to ATI - HDMi monitor turns on and laptop monitor turns off, and its not exists in configuration menu04:43
IndraI never tried right-ctrl04:44
reisioIndra: try it04:44
tgm4883Indra: sounds like a kernel panic04:44
IndraOh. I wonder what would cause the panic.04:44
reisioIndra: to be clear, press right CTRL and release it, then try using your system again04:44
tgm4883coma_: so even when on intel card, you can't enable the second monitor?04:44
IndraOkay. I'll try it next time it freezes.04:44
IndraThanks for the advice.04:45
reisiohave to understand right CTRL to use vbox :)04:45
=== wes is now known as Guest4238
IndraWell, it isn't an issue with getting out of vbox.04:45
coma_tgm4883, yes, cant enable. But i can see second monitor in monitors list. Otherwise, when i on ATI graphics, laptop monitor is disabled and >it is not listed in monitors list<04:46
IndraI mean when it's open, the system outside of the vbox freezes totally.04:46
tgm4883Indra: wait, you can still use the virtualmachine during that freeze?04:46
IndraNo. I can't use anything during that freeze. I'm responding to resio regarding the right-ctrl and VirtualBox statement.04:46
reisiowhat're you using vbox for anyway?04:47
IndraWinDOZE 704:47
reisioIndra: for what04:48
tgm4883coma_: interesting. anything interesting in syslog or xorg logs?04:48
Indrareisio: Paltalk which I can't get working in wine.04:48
coma_sry for qustion, but: how i can llok syslog and xorg logs?04:49
reisioIndra: try version 10: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2375104:49
reisioor just use a webrtc implementation: http://talky.io/04:50
IndraIf the version is too old, the server will kick you off.04:51
IndraProprietary garbage :-/04:51
coma_tgm4883, is it "interesting"? Jan 26 14:18:22 coma kernel: [ 3554.267503] [drm:radeon_gem_object_create] *ERROR* Failed to allocate GEM object (4096, 2, 4096, -23)04:52
coma_tgm4883, my time 14:52 now :)04:52
reisioIndra: sounds like it04:53
xor1i read about  forced installation  removable media path to ESP on wiki but i dont really understand it. What does this forced installation do and what does grub has to do with it?04:56
tgm4883coma_: I'm not seeing anything helpful for that. Do you get anything in the logs if you unplug and replug your external monitors hdmi cable?04:57
coma_tgm4883, is it syslog when i unplug hdmi : http://paste.ofcode.org/4tXfF6TdAhXtRr6qcMhnUB05:00
tgm4883coma_: interesting, Looks like vgaswitcheroo is interfering05:04
LonelyDanboI heard someone talking about /msg NickServ identify RadeonSI, in what was implied to be an alternative to... Wine? I don't know. I was wondering if anyone knew about it.05:05
LonelyDanbooh. I have an NVidia GeForce card, not a Radeon one...05:06
coma_tgm4883, but yesterday all was fine... when i was switch to ati graphics, all monitors was work...05:06
LonelyDanboI found out one of the problems I've been having lately with my game freezing for a few minutes from intense HD usage is due to tumblerd, something that renders thumbnail previews for image and video files. I haven't figured out exactly how to fix that though. There were instructions but ... I don't think they're meant to be used with regular users using sudo command.05:09
shiblyHi, is Debian better than Ubuntu?05:09
coma_better for what?05:10
shiblyBetter to use, development etc05:10
coma_no, i not think05:10
shiblyWhy not?05:10
coma_too old versions in repositories..05:11
tgm4883shibly: not exactly a support question05:12
coma_better i install debian to server, on my home pc i prefer to use *buntu05:12
shiblycoma_, Debian 8 has newer versions of packages.05:12
AnujHey wifi is dropping in my ubuntu 14.04 coz of my wifi chip rtl8723be. Not able to cure it my any means provided online. I want to buy a wifi usb adapter.. Which one should I buy to have compatibility with ubuntu05:14
=== royalaxeVFY is now known as royalaxe
UmeaboyAnuj: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported05:17
UmeaboyLook there!05:18
ruruHi, I want to change something in the UPower configuration files that are supposed to be in /org/freedesktop/UPower, but there is no directory /org. But X.org is installed (1.15.1)?05:18
UmeaboyBut it should mostly come down to if the maker supports FOSS.05:19
Umeaboyruru: For which Ubuntu release?05:19
UmeaboyWhich computer?05:19
UmeaboyHave you googled?05:19
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wadadliis vbox extension pack in repos?05:22
karstensragehow to you install with install to a multiarch directory?05:23
karstensrageinstall foo /lib/security05:23
karstensragethere is no /lib/security05:23
karstensrageits /lib/i386-linux-gnu/security/05:24
svetlanahi, (translating for someone else) we have a notebook with hybrid graphics (ati + intel) when with intel, an external hdmi monitor doesn't work though it's listed in settings; when with ati with opensource drivers the hdmi monitor works but the builtin monitor doesn't work and isn't listed in settings05:29
Umeaboysvetlana: Which computer is this?05:30
UmeaboyMake and model, please.05:31
svetlanaUmeaboy, Asus B53J05:31
Umeaboysvetlana: Have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics05:32
UmeaboyAlso, check this: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/08/get-hdmi-working-with-nvidia-optimus-on.html05:34
UmeaboyI have a newer model, but I don't have that problem.05:35
UmeaboyYou might want to update your kernel if possible if thoose pages doesn't solve the issue.05:36
wadadliReally irritating bug! http://i.imgur.com/8P3nFn5.png ; see in screenshot that lsub listing my usb device but not over in vbox! very frustrating!05:36
Umeaboywadadli: No bug.05:36
UmeaboyYou have to add yourself to the sudoers group.05:37
UmeaboyMake sure that you're added after reboot.05:37
Umeaboywadadli: Add your user to the sudoers group.05:37
wadadliI can use sudo05:37
Umeaboywadadli: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/31726/mount-usb-devices-in-virtualbox-with-ubuntu/05:38
artisanIndiaI updated my ubuntu yesterday and today I had apache as my homepage I purged it and deleted restarted nginx I still see apache's default page05:38
UmeaboyFollow that guide.05:38
UmeaboyartisanIndia: Which Ubuntu release?05:38
artisanIndiaI have 14.0405:39
UmeaboyDid you perhaps install the server version of Ubuntu?05:39
UmeaboyAnd why aren't you using 15.10?05:39
UmeaboyThat's the latest stable release.05:39
artisanIndiais it stable ?05:39
artisanIndiaby "updated my ubuntu" I mean I did apt-get update05:40
wadadliUmeaboy: oh you meant vboxusers group05:40
Umeaboywadadli: Yes.05:40
UmeaboyartisanIndia: ^^05:40
artisanIndiaohk Umeaboy05:41
UmeaboyI also believe that there is a channel for Ubuntu users in India.05:41
UmeaboyLet me see what the chan bot says.05:42
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India05:42
somsip!in | Umeaboy05:42
ubottuUmeaboy: please see above05:42
UmeaboyYes. There is a channel for users in India.705:42
wadadliUmeaboy: thank you very much worked like a charm05:43
Umeaboy /j #ubuntu-in05:43
Umeaboywadadli: YW!05:43
UmeaboyGotta go.05:44
svetlanaUmeaboy: first link ok i'm already using it to switch graphics; second link is only about nvidia but I have ati05:45
hrobis there a group on ubuntu that gives members read/write access to /dev/uinput  ?05:45
erageraErm.. Can anyone please explain to me how to use a VPN? I'm on a Uni network and the content I want to access is blocked.05:51
nchambersI generally use an ssh tunnel05:52
erageraIs it something that I can use client side only? If so, how do I do it?05:53
nchambersunless theres a bug in the filtering software no solution will be clientside only05:54
nchambersvpn's aren't clientside only either05:54
nchambersand its easily possible that your filter is prevent VPN's05:54
nchambers(or trying to at least)05:54
erageraSo no go?05:55
nchambersSSH tunnel05:55
nchambersit would just require having a remote server like a vps05:55
=== mstfa is now known as mstfacmly
erageraI dont05:55
eragerathe only machine I have on hand is my laptop05:55
eragerabtw Im a linux n00b who just started using Ubuntu 2 weeks ago, so I don't know a lot of stuff.05:56
hrobin the old times I used to set SUID on an executable and give it to root05:58
hrobbut I think this is maybe not the recommended way any more --- any help on this?05:58
TJ-hrob: correct; Linux Capabilities ("man 7 capabilities")06:00
hrobTJ-: cheers06:01
detaianyone here?06:04
=== bob is now known as Guest944
svetlanahi detai06:05
Guest944So, I was wondering if anyone could assist me in changing my current OS to ubuntu? I'm a first time user on an eMachines running Windows Vista Home Basic Edition.06:05
coma_hi everyone again.. i about ASUS B53J (Dualgraphics) problem with 2 monitors. I solved my problem by downgrade to 3.13 kernel version (3.16) was. Where (and how) i can report about bug?06:44
familyhellincHi, I am new to xubuntu.... I am trying to register to use the forums... I can't work out how to register... can I please get some help06:47
gendale_does anybody here have experience getting node binaries working correctly?06:49
gendale_I'm having trouble correctly using nvm to change versions06:50
gendale_ubuntu / debian package 'node' and 'nodejs' differently, I think?06:50
gendale_so when I run 'nvm use v5.5.0' it changes the version of my 'node' binary, but not the version of the 'nodejs' binary06:51
gendale_and the result is that npm install still uses the legacy binary06:51
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maimster/msg NickServ identity *-225-*06:58
Steve_JobsI'm having an issue installing wacom-dkms06:59
Flannelmaimster: You're going to want to change that password.06:59
=== Tronsha is now known as [UPA]Stefan
Steve_JobsI have 3.8.11 installed07:00
Steve_Jobsbut the sources installed as 3.8.11-some-specific build07:01
wahyudetai: are you busy?07:02
Steve_Jobsso when I'm installing, it says it can't get the sources for the right version07:04
Steve_JobsI'm running as chroot on a chromebook pixel07:04
xanguaSteve_Jobs: does that means you're using an ubuntu arm build?07:11
dani__i have  a question.... if i install a pci device on my computer ... will ubuntu detect and install appropriate software automatically??07:12
dani__after a reboot?07:13
detaiuse "/msg detai YOUR QUESTION" I'm happy to help if I can07:13
=== james is now known as Guest85073
somsip!pm | detai07:17
ubottudetai: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.07:17
somsipdani__: hardware support is pretty good, but you'd need to provide details of your pci device to know for sure07:17
dani__Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T Nova T07:18
antonio_How can I convert a file with a mkv file to a mp4 file (with the .mp4 extension) via terminal?07:19
Unversehello world :)07:19
somsipdani__: first link on google suggests it's fine in 14.04 and has a link for trouble shooting http://www.emcu.it/UBUNTU/HauppaugeWinTV-NOVA-T-Stick/HauppaugeWinTV-NOVA-T-Stick.html07:19
dani__thats a USB device somsip .. mines a pci07:20
dani__but it's meant to work "out of the box"07:20
somsipdani__: good point.07:20
somsip!avconv | antonio_07:20
somsip!avtools | antonio_07:21
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=== HolyKnight_ is now known as HolyKnight
somsipantonio_: use avconv for that07:21
somsipdani__: reported as support OOTB since 7/2007 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaHauppauge07:22
dani__somsip,  what's OOTB?07:24
somsipOut Of The Box07:24
jr_Hey there is a big issue I am having when I try to start Android Studio. I get that AS could not determine java version using executable /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj/bin/java. I went ahead and pointed the environment variable for JAVA_HOME to java 8...nothing is working though07:24
jr_Any ideas?07:25
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dani__how will i know what software to use for my tv card???07:26
somsipdani__: you can read the recommendations on either of those links I gave you07:27
dani__sorry i accidentally pushed the wrong button07:28
dani__can who ever responded please re post?07:28
dani__ok thanks somsip07:30
dani__they recommend Kaffiene07:30
dani__which i like07:30
Gotham25Need help in dual booting Ubuntu with Windows07:32
gyberware test admin07:33
hateball!dualboot | Gotham2507:33
ubottuGotham25: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:33
Gotham25Yeah I know that. But, my DELL Laptop is Inspiron N5558 5000 series.07:34
Gotham25When I boot from Ubuntu CD I need to change from Legacy to UEFI and then boot.07:34
Gotham25And when doing so it got booted from CD. But Ijust see the blank screen not the installation screen.07:35
lotuspsychjeGotham25: make your life easy and single boot ubuntu07:35
Gotham25<lotuspsychje> what do u mean by single boot ubuntu07:36
hateball!nomodeset | Gotham2507:36
ubottuGotham25: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:36
lotuspsychjeGotham25: only ubuntu, afterwards you can run windows in a virtualmachine if you like07:36
Gotham25I already have Windows 10. I just need Ubuntu alongside it. No VMWare/Virtualization softwares to run ubuntu.07:38
lotuspsychjeGotham25: youl have to fiddle a it with uefi for dualboot07:39
lotuspsychje!uefi | Gotham2507:39
ubottuGotham25: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:39
Gotham25<ubuntu> How do I set this parameter in the Ubuntu ISO. Please explain.07:40
Gotham25<ubottu> How do I set this parameter in the Ubuntu ISO. Please explain.07:40
lotuspsychjeGotham25: you dont have to set parameters in an iso...07:41
lotuspsychjeGotham25: just read the dualboot hateball provided and the uefi link07:41
Gotham25Then where do I need to set07:41
cihan_hi all, is there anybody who uses Amazon EC2 and installs any type of GUI and uses VNC to connect to it? I am not able to start VNC server unfortunately...07:41
Gotham25I already have Windows 10. I just need Ubuntu alongside it. No VMWare/Virtualization softwares to run ubuntu.07:41
CelphishAnyone got a tip about what to do if lm sensors doesn't realize that ubuntu should be able to control my fans on my gigabyte laptop? =)07:42
Gotham25I have core I5 processor07:42
somsipcihan_: Have you opened a port in your Security Group? (this is offtopic so don't expect much help)07:42
Celphishalternatively, how to lower my cpu-speed in ubuntu to prevent the temp from going to a place where the fans needs to activate07:42
Gotham25Just need to know the process of dual boot in Inspiron 5000 series.07:42
Gotham25As it is Legacy boot by default07:43
cihan_somsip, yeah i did that as well -- the issue is on ubuntu i cannot start the vnc server somehow07:43
Gotham25Help me with this issue07:43
somsipcihan_: it doesn't start at all, or it doesn't start on boot?07:44
lotuspsychjeGotham25: please stop flooding 'help me' in the channel have a read on both url's first07:44
cihan_somsipL it doesnt start at all07:44
somsipcihan_: vnc issue then - long time since I used it so I'm no help07:45
cihan_thanks a lot somsip07:45
TJ-Gotham25: the Ubuntu installer can boot in either Legacy BIOS or UEFI mode. The PC's firmware controls which of those boot modes it uses. Whichever it uses is also the mode it'll install Ubuntu to the fixed storage device. So, as long as you start the Installer in Legacy mode it'll install in that mode.07:46
Gotham25Went through the URL's but no sign of on how to install in windows.07:47
Gotham25I've tried in Legacy mode it doesn't boot from CD.07:48
Gotham25Only in UEFI it does and it shows only black screen.07:48
TJ-Gotham25: how does the boot fail in Legacy mode?07:48
Gotham25I have no idea.07:49
Gotham25But it doesn't. Don't know why ??07:49
Gotham25TJ: What should I do now.07:51
Gotham25TJ: Do I have other options07:51
TJ-Gotham25: if you only ever see a flashing cursor top-left, then the boot-loader isn't being read at all. Otherwise, you'll get "Operating system load error" if the master-boot-record loads but can't go further, or "Boot Error" if syslinux cannot find the rest of its config07:53
netman87which one is cheapest nvidia gpu that i can use for h264 video encoding (vaapi)?07:54
hateballnetman87: try ##hardware07:54
TJ-Celphish: lm-sensors has nothing to do with controlling the fans. thermald is responsible. See "man 8 thermald"07:56
TJ-netman87: check the nvidia driver  documentation, I think the Appendix contains a section listing the VAAPI support levels07:57
netman87TJ-, found it. kepler and compiling ffmpeg by hand + binary drivers should give me access to nvenc08:00
netman87dunno if there is binary packages to do this... kepler means that i need GTX 6[0-9]008:00
TJ-I'd have expected ffmpeg to have the support if the binary GPU driver is in place08:01
kanupatarhi all08:04
kanupatarMay I know, is there any method to recover my ext4 USB stick which was bootable08:05
hateball!recover | kanupatar08:06
ubottukanupatar: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel08:06
TJ-For Nvidia, it's the VDPAU API and libvdpau1. If you want to use a VAAPI application you'll probably also need the vdpau-va-driver08:06
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ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.08:13
detaiuse "/msg detai YOUR QUESTION" I'm happy to help if I can08:15
detaiuse "/msg detai YOUR QUESTION" I'm happy to help if I can08:15
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TJ-detai: That's not appropriate in this channel; support should be in the open channel so many eyes can contribute08:16
detaiTJ which channel....08:17
detaipeople come here for support ... and NOONE is helping08:18
TJ-detai: provide help in the channel, not privately08:18
detaiok so you want them to paste System specs and other lenthy info in the main channel HERE...08:19
detaiand please dont tell me you expect NOOBIES to use that PASTE Shotening URL08:20
TJ-detai: read the channel topic08:21
detaiYou guys HONESTLY believe that people THAT can berely follow SIMPLE instructions can use that PASTE URL shortner???08:22
detai How many SUPPORT have you handled in this Channel is the past 20 minutes...???08:22
TJ-detai: you've obviously not been here before, our community doesn't have problems using paste-bins or other tools08:22
TJ-detai: Over the last 9 years... thousands08:23
AlexPortableHow can I find out from commandline is my printer is installed? is it possible to output a list of printers or something?08:23
detaiyour comunity doesn't but NOOBIES dont know why No One is HELPING them... and one ASKED me "HOW TO REGISTER, so that he can ASK questions"08:23
xanguadetai: Please avoid calling names and read the channel topic08:24
detaiwhat ??? Noobies?? is name CALLING?  What is the Appropriate Term?08:25
dani__i found detai's help valuable08:25
rillehAlexPortable: http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/options.html08:25
dani__he took the time to help me in private..08:25
detaiThank you Dani_08:25
dani__i appreciate your help detai08:25
TJ-AlexPortable: "lpinfo"08:25
dani__but see where the others are coming from08:26
detaihey Dani_ DID anyone offer to help you in the CHANNEL???08:26
dani__detai, they did08:26
AlexPortablelpinfo | grep HP ?08:26
detaibesides me?08:26
dani__but you took the time to help me in person which is good08:26
dani__yes detai they posted some urls for me to look up08:26
detaiDany_ --- would you've been offended if I refered to you as a NOOBIE?08:27
dani__doesnt bother me at all08:27
rillehAlexPortable: lpstat -p -d08:27
AlexPortablelpstat: no destinations added08:28
detaiAlexPortable is your Printer USB or NETWORK???08:29
detaiAlexPortable: Which Distro/OS are you running?08:29
AlexPortablebut I just want to see if the printer has been successfully added to the sytem or not with a script08:29
TJ-AlexPortable: have you installed the hplip packages?08:30
AlexPortableyes everyhting is installed08:30
AlexPortableI can find it out myself, but I want a script to find out for me08:30
TJ-AlexPortable: The CUPS admin is the usual way to add the Printer. http://localhost:63108:30
AlexPortableI dont want to add08:31
AlexPortableI want to check if it's added or not08:31
detaiAlexPortable: Try using the PRINTERS util and manually configure the NETWORK printer08:31
hateballAlexPortable: sudo lpstat -s08:32
AlexPortableI'm not looking to install it or debug it. I'm making a script which checks if the printer is added or not, if it's not ask the user to install it08:32
detaiCUPS ADMIN??? reallY?08:32
detaicant you just ping it?08:32
TJ-AlexPortable: that's what the "lpinfo" and "lpstat" are for. See "man lpinfo" and "man lpstat" and "man lpadmin"08:32
AlexPortableTJ-: no system default destination08:33
TJ-AlexPortable: the printer is visible on the network (has an IP address, is on the same VLAN, same subnet, not blocked by firewal) ?08:34
detaiAlexPortable Which Protocol are you using for that network printer???08:34
AlexPortableTJ-: yes08:34
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TJ-AlexPortable: with my HP network printers the /bin/hp-setup tool generally sorts it out08:35
AlexPortablesorts what out?08:36
detaiTJ I think he said that he's making a script ... and basically checking the install status of that Network printer...08:37
detaiI would just ping the IP08:37
TJ-AlexPortable: connection/identify of HP printers. "hp-info" can provide info on a specific device08:37
TJ-detai: right, which is what all these tools report, depending on which layer the query is needed at.08:37
detaiAlexPortable that network printer is HP???08:38
detaiTJ: that hp-info.... is that HP specific?08:39
AlexPortablecan also be other printer08:39
AlexPortabledetai: pinging the ip will always work, even when not installed to the system08:39
detaiWhich protocol ? is that network printer installed under?08:40
TJ-AlexPortable: that's what the lp* tools are for. Read the man-pages. If the printer isn't connected there won't be a printer queue and it won't be listed by general tools, but certain command-line options will list installed/disconnected printers, such as "lpstat -p"08:40
tobstarrhi, I am getting "The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available" all of the sudden but all mentioned keys are present in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg08:41
baba__What ?08:41
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tobstarrI also deleted /etc/apt/trusted.gpg and re-imported all from scratch but I still get those issues when running `apt-get update`08:42
detaitobstarr: when does this happen? in the browser? which distro/OS08:42
rillehSounds like your repo is fubar maybe?08:42
rillehTry using a different one08:42
tobstarrdetai: no, command line when running `apt-get update`08:42
detaire-add REPOS08:42
tobstarrrilleh: it is all of them08:43
tobstarrI have a bunch of them (for chrome, spotify, postgres, etc.)08:43
detaitobstarr you ARE RUNNING with SUDO???08:43
tobstarrdetai: I am08:43
tobstarralso e.g. http://de.archive.ubuntu.com wily-backports is part of those with issues08:43
detaiAlexPortable: try lpstat -v (printer)08:44
TJ-tobstarr: are the packages from 3rd party repositories?08:44
tobstarrTJ-: not all of them (see the willy backports_08:44
detaiAlexPortable: try lpstat -a (printer)08:44
tobstarrrunning 15.1008:45
TJ-tobstarr: sometimes we see that happen when the mirror archive is in the process of being synced from the main archive08:45
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tobstarrbrb, thnaks for your help08:45
TJ-tobstarr: how long has this been affecting you? It is usually transient and 15 minutes is enough for it to solve itself08:45
maumIs there a way to check disk type?08:45
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TJ-maum: "hdparm" ?08:45
maumwhat is it for?08:46
TJ-maum: that's a command to interrogate mass storage devices08:46
detaihdparm -i08:46
detaimaum: hdparm -i08:47
maumok I will try it08:47
maumdmesg shows also the information?08:47
maumI mean the root device08:47
maumhdparm -i shows the root device?08:48
wootehfootQ: How do I find/install all dependencies a cmake file requires automatically?08:48
wootehfootAlso, hello!08:48
TJ-maum: what do you want, the device-name of the block device containing the root file-system?08:49
detaiwootehfoot: set (CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_SHLIBDEPS ON)08:50
TJ-maum: you could use "lsblk -f" or "grep '/ ' /proc/mounts"08:50
maumok I will try it.08:51
AlexPortabledetai: TJ- thanks08:51
detaialexportable: np08:51
wootehfootdetai, allright, added "SET(CPACK_DEBIAN_PACKAGE_SHLIBDEPS ON)" trying it out now08:51
detaiwootehfoot: let me know if it works08:52
wootehfootdetai, doesn't work :<08:53
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detaiwootehfoot: where did you add it?08:53
wootehfootdetai, has it been a configure script i'd be using auto-apt08:53
wootehfootdetai, added it almost at the beginning of the CMakeLists.txt file08:53
detaiwootehfoot add it to CMakeLists.txt08:53
detaiwootehfoot what's the cmake version?08:54
detaiwootehfoot: let me guess older than 2.8.3?08:55
tobstarrTJ-: it has been 2 hours now (I guess)08:55
wootehfootdetai, cmake 3.2.208:56
TJ-tobstarr: have you redone a "sudo apt-get update" ?08:56
tobstarrTJ-: when I re-add those keys I get like "processed: 1, unchanged: 1"08:56
tobstarrTJ-: I ran `sudo apt-get update` a couple of times08:56
detaiwootehfoot: it SHould be WORKING!!!08:56
wootehfootdetai, this is what I'm trying to build https://github.com/trilinos/Trilinos08:57
wootehfootdetai, CMakeLists.txt right there08:57
wootehfootdetai, tried moving the entry to the bottom of the CMakeLists.txt aswell, no go08:57
detaiwootehfoot: just CHECK again cmake --version08:57
wootehfootcmake --version08:58
wootehfootcmake version 3.2.208:58
TJ-tobstarr: this can sometimes happen when you've (tried to) download the package lists over an open public network such as Wifi with captive portal, and the captive portal page has been saved as a package list file08:58
tobstarrTJ-: is there anything I can delete/cleanup?08:58
detaiwootehfoot:  This is straight from the "horse's Mouth" https://www.guyrutenberg.com/2012/07/19/auto-detect-dependencies-when-building-debs-using-cmake/08:58
tobstarrTJ-: I already ran `rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*08:59
TJ-tobstarr: the files under /var/lib/apt/lists/08:59
TJ-tobstarr: hmmm; can you !pastebin the apt-get output when you get the error?08:59
tobstarrTJ-: https://gist.github.com/2eff72dda3b158d23d0809:02
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AlexPortableHow do I set system wide default printer via commandline?09:05
rillehAlexia_Death: There are both system-wide defaults and per-user defaults.09:08
rillehThe system-config-printer application and the CUPS web interface configure system-wide defaults. These are stored in /etc/cups/printers.conf and /etc/cups/ppd/NAME.ppd where NAME is the name of the printer.09:08
rillehI meant AlexPortable09:09
TJ-tobstarr: it's possible you've somehow imported a bad syntax key file under /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ which is causing all key verifications to fail09:10
AlexPortablerilleh: which one would you recommend me to use?09:11
TJ-tobstarr: are you able to completely list them with "apt-key list"09:11
rillehAlexPortable: I have never used CUPS before, I'm just googling09:12
Gotham25Is there any 3rd party s/w to change boot from Legacy to UEFI and Vice-Versa.09:12
detaiOHHH Gotham25 --- YOU"RE SCREWED!09:13
TJ-AlexPortable: "lpadmin -d ..." (see "man lpadmin"09:13
detaiGotham25 I've had that problem... JUST RE-INSTALL09:13
TJ-Gotham25: the mode mode is controlled by the firmware configuration, or manual boot-time menu selections09:14
Gotham25detai: Are you kidding me. No can do09:14
TJ-s/mode mode/boot mode/09:14
detaiGOTHAM25 listen to TJ-:09:14
Gotham25TJ: I can't get you. Could you brief.09:15
AlexPortableTJ-: but what do i fill in as printer name?09:15
detaihow is he going to get to the BOOTMGR TJ-09:15
maumTJ-: Is there a another command to check root device?09:15
maumdetai: it doesn't work09:15
TJ-Gotham25: On UEFI, the boot mode (EFI or Legacy/BIOS) is controlled by the PC's firmware configuration, via its Setup options, or on its manual boot-menu09:15
maummain device09:16
TJ-maum: the 2 I gave you both report the device node09:16
AlexPortablewait should i use sudo?09:16
Wobbo_Good morning! Since yesterday I've bought a Wacom Intuos Pro M. And of course, 1 2 3 and it works! Only there was one problem. It had to do with the combination between the pen and the touchpad. Luckily the problem was solved using a terminal command.09:16
Wobbo_I've tried to get the ExpressKey execute a terminal command.09:16
Wobbo_So I can turn on and off the touch pad using own of the ExpressKey. I did get to change the buttons but only simple things like normal keyboard stuff (like 0-9 and a-z). But not terminal commands. I've been looking around online but no success. I hope someone can help me? :'(09:16
maumTJ-: I tried both but it doesn't show the root device09:16
TJ-AlexPortable: read the manual pages, that's what they're there for09:17
TJ-maum: pastebin the output so we can see09:17
TJ-!paste | maum09:17
ubottumaum: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:17
Gotham25TJ: Doesn't it be done automatically instead of changing it manually from Legacy to UEFI or vice-verse.09:17
TJ-Gotham25: The configuration in firmware sets the modes tried, and possibly in which order they are tried09:17
maumthe main device name is mfid0 but there is no device like that in the output.09:18
TJ-Gotham25: when Legacy is enabled as well as EFI, then the manual boot menu will show 2 entries for a device that has both EFI and Legacy boot loaders installed09:18
Gotham25TJ: Just cannot understand the arch buddy09:18
TJ-maum: "/dev/disk/by-uuid/49181a99-5a5c-4181-8a9a-98501426c8f9"09:19
detaiGotham25 are you MULTI-booting???09:19
TJ-maum: so to distinguish that do "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/49181a99-5a5c-4181-8a9a-98501426c8f9"09:19
detaiGotham25 let me guess having a little trouble with WIN10?09:19
tobstarrTJ-: so I deleted what was in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ and things look better now, thank you so much for helping out!09:20
Gotham25detai: No, I'm dual booting.09:20
detaiok dual is Multi... which OS?09:20
maumlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Jan 28 02:28 /dev/disk/by-uuid/49181a99-5a5c-4181-8a9a-98501426c8f9 -> ../../sda209:20
detaiarch and What else?09:20
maumbut it is not mfid09:20
Gotham25detai: Just can't understand why the settings need to be changed manually in bios.09:20
TJ-maum: so, the root file-system is on /dev/sda209:20
AlexPortablethanks TJ- :)09:21
maumTJ-: can I see all file system?09:21
Gotham25detai: Dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 10 in Inspiron 5000 series.09:21
maumTJ-: the actual disk type is mfid in the machine09:21
Gotham25detai: x64 architecture.09:21
TJ-maum: what is 'mfid' ?09:22
detaiGotham25 You had win10 installed first, right?09:22
Gotham25detai: yes09:22
maumTJ-: the device name09:22
maumTJ-: /dev/mfid009:22
detaidid you do the Partitioning before trying to install Ubuntu?09:22
TJ-maum: not according to the mounts output09:22
maumTJ-: I don't know what you telling me.09:23
detaiGotham25: Did you Create the THREE partitions from WINDOW10 before you tried installing UBUNTU???09:23
Gotham25detai: I just freed some 10/15 GB as free space from one of the partitions for the installation process.09:23
detaiGotham25:  Well There is YOUR PROBLEM09:24
Gotham25detai: What problem here ??09:24
maumTJ-: Thanks for your help!09:25
KajoverHi, would it be possible for the Ubuntu team to develop a messenger on the basis of openwhisper's Signal that works on the Ubuntu phone and preferably also on the desktop?09:25
KajoverI think that is a very important feature that is missing09:26
cfhowlett!touch | Kajover, best discussed in the proper channel09:26
ubottuKajover, best discussed in the proper channel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:26
Gotham25detai: I have three partitions in Win10, one for OS, and the rest two for personal use. There are two hidden partitions apart from it for recovery purpose.09:26
detaiGotham25: First Create "EXTENDED PARTITION"  Then Create the SWAP partition Equal to your RAM SIZE, then create two more partitions "ROOT" about 10gb as EXT4 and the Rest of Free Space as "HOME" in ext409:26
Kajoverok thank you09:26
Gotham25detai: That's fine but I have problem with the installation screen itself.09:27
detaiGotham25: your DUAL boot WILL BE a NICE WAY TO SCREW UP your BOOTMGR in WIN1009:27
Gotham25detai: after booting from Ubuntu CD it just shows blank black screen.09:28
detaiGotham25: did you ERROR check the CD when BURNING?09:28
Gotham25detai: It must supposed to show the installation welcome screen. But I get only black screen.09:29
cfhowlettdetai, if you insist on SHOUTING, perhaps you might take this discussion private?09:29
wootehfootdetai, installed the deps manually :P Compiling atm. Let's see where this takes me09:29
wootehfootdetai, thanks for your help :)09:30
Gotham25detai: I'm just scared that I end up my system being SCREWED Coz of this process.09:31
cfhowlettGotham25, at worst, you frag the bootloade and have to repair it with windows tools. perhaps you might pause to research those steps before proceeding.09:33
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detaiAny SUPPORT questions FIRE AWAY!!!!09:51
ikoniadetai: stop with that now09:52
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ikoniadetai: you've been asked before, and now I'm telling you09:52
=== pd92 is now known as pd
=== pd is now known as pd92
Gotham25TJ: Can I speak in private with you. If possible.09:53
detaiikonia: what did I do?  I'm just showing that someone is actively in the channel, i'm not soliciting direct msg at me... TJ- Told me NOT to offer private support, and I'm not doing that...09:56
ikoniadetai: right, the channel is quiet, just sit and wait for someone to ask a question and please stop typing in caps09:57
Nick_vhHi all, which channel should I go to report a missing AMI image in AWS Cloud?09:58
ikoniawhat do you mean a missing one ?09:59
Nick_vhhttps://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/14.04/release-20160119/ - ami-3e7f595410:00
detaijust because you decided to be offended because you assign magical powers of Screaming to ALL caps, you now choose to be offended by the same... wow... arent we delicate?10:00
Nick_vhthis one does not exists in us-east-1 within AWS10:00
Nick_vhikonia: see above10:00
lotuspsychjedetai: dont use this channel for discussions please10:00
ikoniaNick_vh: thats odd, is it in the market place or the root ami menu10:02
Nick_vhikonia: yes, but it is not available within AWS10:03
jleinoHello. Anyone know if there's problem with Ubuntu/Liberty/OpenStack repo?10:03
ikoniaNick_vh: yes ?10:03
ikoniaNick_vh: I asked is it in the market place list or the root amazon ami list10:03
Nick_vhoh, sorry - misunderstood10:04
Nick_vhnot in the market place10:04
ikoniano problem10:04
Nick_vhsee screenshot of what happens if you click the “launch” button10:04
ikoniaNick_vh: I would contact amazon support for that10:04
ikoniaas if it's not the market place it's controlled by amazon10:04
ikonia(even the image are provded by 3rd parties)10:04
Nick_vhok - wasn’t very sure as there is no detail who is responsible for that :)10:05
ikoniaNick_vh: the market place / non market place make it confusing, especially when some images are offered in both10:05
neredsenvyI have a vagrant synced folder when I enter my vagrant instance and go to the shared folder I see that it's owned by user and group vagrant. I added my user to vagrant group but he still cannot create a folder in the shared folder.10:09
neredsenvydrwxr-xr-x   1 vagrant   vagrant   748 Jan 27 09:54 www10:10
neredsenvyPermissions for the folder ahh it should be rwxrwxr-x10:11
neredsenvyHow do I change that ?10:11
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PsychoX75Ubuntu is throwing a curve ball at me.10:17
PsychoX75For some reason I'm unable to login into the GUI. When I select the username and type the password, it jumps back to the login screen. But I can log with that exact username and password using SSH.    0_o10:18
Myrttidid it work before?10:18
kvjIs there any way to check settings i did in VM for hdd ?10:19
kvjTo run any OS10:19
k1lPsychoX75: login on tty1 or ssh and then run a "ls -al" and see if the .Xauthority file is owned by root or your user10:20
PsychoX75k1l: It is owned by the same user with which I'm logged into currently through ssh.   'main'10:23
k1lshows "df -h" the partition as full?10:23
PsychoX75i do wonder though. Should the xAuthority file be empty?10:27
NoDRMinBooks       @page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } a:link { so-language: zxx }    Hulu is not working. I am using google chrome. I get this error message.10:28
NoDRMinBooks “There was a problem playing this protected content. (Error Code: 3336)” “Your browser does not support protected content playback. Please reload the page in another browser. We'd recommend trying Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/en-US)”10:28
NoDRMinBooks I try firefox and it doesn't work either.10:28
PsychoX75i tried to view its contents with 'more .xAuthority' but it was empty.10:28
PsychoX75-rw-------  1 main main        50 Jan 27 10:32 .Xauthority10:28
NoDRMinBookssorry message doesn't appear right10:28
NoDRMinBooksHulu is not working. I am using google chrome.10:28
NoDRMinBooksI get this error message.10:28
NoDRMinBooks“There was a problem playing this protected content. (Error Code: 3336)”10:28
NoDRMinBooks“Your browser does not support protected content playback. Please reload the page in another browser. We'd recommend trying Mozilla Firefox (www.mozilla.org/en-US)”10:28
NoDRMinBooksI try firefox and it doesn't work either.10:28
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OerHeks6 pages about hulu, drm, hal, wine .. good luck NoDRMinBooks http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2290743&page=610:31
NoDRMinBooksThanks. I absolutely hate DRM!10:31
charllieCould any of you could help me with my problem?10:34
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jophishI'm installing ubuntu on a new machine, should I go with btrfs or ext4 for /home and /?10:41
TechknightHey guys. is the apt history normally included in rsyslog?10:41
charllieCould any of you could help me with my problem?10:41
charllie<charllie> http://askubuntu.com/questions/725973/removing-the-firefox-top-panel10:41
k1ljophish: if you need to ask then better go with the stable default ext410:42
k1lTechknight: no10:42
hateballjophish: up to you, btrfs is still not quite bugfree10:43
hateballjophish: and if you plan on using it for gaming there's a bunch of games (on steam) that refuse to run on non-ext* fs10:44
Techknightk1l, do you know if it is possible?10:45
guest111looking for someone that was teamviewering 30 minutes ago?10:45
leon_peggGood morning all, is there a room dedicated to ubuntu packaging or kernel development10:47
jophishcool, thanks :)10:47
Mathisenguest111, ???10:48
k1lleon_pegg: #ubuntu-packaging  or try #ubuntu-kernel10:48
leon_peggk1l: Thanks10:48
andaiHi! I just installed ubuntu. I chose LVM because the installer said that would make it easier to resize the partition. GParted cannot resize the partition, so I'm using system-config-lvm. I can resize the logical but not the physical partition. How do i shrink the physical partition so that I can install windows, too?10:49
profsimmfolks, trying to connect to a vm MySQL from the host, I can timeouts, I opened in iptables port 3306.10:51
profsimmI don't know what to do, how to debug this.10:51
profsimmIt just times out10:51
maza__can i use ps3 bluetooth remote and logitech audio bluetooth adapter with one hci0 device at the same time?10:52
xboxis there an ubuntu tool for formating my xbox 360 hdd? i tried testdisk but its too slow10:52
SmittllExecuse me,i had wine1.9.0,but i do not install .exe file,i want to know why?10:53
xboxi have a dual nand and my rgh sees the hdd but the stock xbox live doesnt recognize it what can i do?10:53
ikoniaSmittll: depends on the error, but basically wine is not a "solution" it's a "hack" so don't expect everything to work properly for you10:53
Smittlla exe file can install in windows,but can not install the wine in VMware,10:54
TJ-andai: LVM uses an entire underlying block device to parcel out 'extents' to multiple Logical Volumes (LVs); it is possible, but quite involved, to reduce the size of the containing block device. If you need to reserve space for another non-Linux operating system it is best to pre-partition the disk drive so that the Linux LVM uses 1 partition and the other OS can use other partitions.10:54
Smittllin Ubuntu 1410:54
xboxcan some1 help me with ubuntu and xbox?10:55
ikoniaSmittll: thats quite possible, wine does not fully support windows executables10:55
michele993how to solve this http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678326/10:55
TJ-andai: if you've installed Ubuntu first, and used all the disk space, then the easiest and quickest approach would be to re-do the installation and reserve the space for Windows in another partition (or partitions) at the partitioning stage10:55
ikoniaSmittll: it works great with some, works "ok" with others, and doesn't work at all with others10:56
ikoniaxbox: just ask10:56
k1lmichele993: get rid of that PPA that is messing with the system10:56
michele993how to10:56
xboxhas quit (ping pong time)10:57
maza__how configure logitech bt audio adapter from ubuntu 14.04 from cli?  bluez-simple-agent got errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678345/10:57
xboxdoes anybody know how to work with testdisk?10:58
ikoniaxbox: you'll do better if you just ask your question10:59
xboxmy question is i tried installing ubuntu on my xbox and now the RGH recognizes the hdd and the stock nand doesn't10:59
xboxi have a dual nand how do i format the xbox hdd so the stock recognize it?11:00
ikoniadual nand ?11:00
ikoniawhat's a nand11:00
andaiTJ- That sounds to me like the exact opposite of  "Easier partition resizing"..11:00
michele993i have removed the pp11:01
xboxits like 2  systems in the xbox11:01
gianni1000hello to the world of Ubuntu,11:01
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB)11:01
gianni1000whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2.11:01
gianni1000I installed GtkHash but Hash calculated are different.11:01
andaiTJ- In that case, should I install windows or ubuntu first?11:01
xboxone is hacked and one is regular xbox live11:01
ikoniaxbox: realy sorry, Idon't know what that is11:01
michele993ppa* but when i do sudo apt-get install mono-gmcs it say http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678364/11:01
TJ-andai: "easier partition resizing" is a misnomer. LVM provides for easy Logical Volume resizing. Partitions are outside of that in this context.11:01
xboxikonia i just need to know a linux utility that formats the hdd11:02
xboxbut to format it the xbox way11:02
TJ-andai: generally we do disk > partition table > partition > Physical Volume (PV) > Volume Group (VG) >>> multiple Logical Volumes (LV)11:02
TJ-andai: 'LVM' covers PV,VG, and LV11:02
ikoniaxbox: so you just need to research what file system/partition layout the xbox has11:02
andaiTJ- do you recommend installing Windows and then shrinking it, or ubuntu with some space left over11:02
xboxor maybe a link to how the partitions r supposed to look like and ill do it myself11:02
ikoniaxbox: then I'm reasonable sure linux will do it11:03
ikoniaxbox: although I also remember if you put a disk into the xbox unformatted, it will pop up and say would you like to use this disk and formats it for you11:03
xboxhow do i find that11:03
ikoniaxbox: look on the xbox/microsoft forums/websites11:03
xboxi need to format the hard disk11:03
ikoniayes, you said that11:04
TJ-andai: I'd say it is easier with the Ubuntu installer to leave  free space for Windows, although with the caveat that I'm seen mention that Windows needs to have the first partitions - it rather depends on whether Windows is installed in Legacy/BIOS or UEFI boot mode I think11:04
xboxu mean to take the hdd out and back in again?11:04
xboxtried it didnt work11:04
andaiTJ- Yeah, windows overwrites the bootloader. I guess windows first then. Thanks11:04
ikoniaxbox: no, not what I said11:05
xboxi guess the free60 ubuntu really changed it11:05
ikoniaxbox: ?11:05
xboxso what did you say?11:05
sruliHi, in 15.04 network interfaces names changed (e.g wlan0 to wlp3s0) are the new names fixed on the PC or can they change with updates etc?11:06
xbox\i pop in a cd game?11:06
ikoniawhat ?11:06
xboxand itll ask me to format the hdd?11:06
Smittlli use wine open an exe file,but no error,yet i can find where it install,it could not work when i use wine start ie.it is strang.11:07
ikoniaxbox: you need to either a.) understand the partition layout/file system an xbox needs b.) delete all the partitions on the disk, put it into the xbox and see if it offers you the option to format the disk11:07
xboxhow do i find the partition layout system of xbox?11:08
xboxisnt there a linux utility that does that?11:08
xboxits a fatx file system11:10
xboxor xtaf11:10
ikoniaxbox: check the microsoft/xbox documentations/forums11:10
ikoniaonce you konw that you can manually re-create it11:10
xboxi've searched google for ages11:11
xboxfrom the dawn of time11:11
ikoniadidn't say google11:12
xboxsince ice age 111:12
ikonia(although it's worth checking)11:12
mika`xbox - this might enlighten you a lil:  http://withinrafael.com/taking-a-peek-at-xbox-one-formatted-disks-in-windows/11:12
maza__can't pair bluetooth device http://paste.ubuntu.com/14678345/11:12
xboxbut its xbox one11:12
xboxi have 36011:12
mika`feel free to state that next time you ask a question.11:13
xboxi am actually reading this- free60.org/wiki/fatx11:14
xboxlooks vvery complicated11:15
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xboxi just need a tool that formats and rearanges the partitiohns automaticaly11:16
lotuspsychjexbox: what do you mean automaticly11:16
xboxthe way they were11:16
ikoniaxbox: you need to know what they where11:16
ikoniathen you can do it11:16
ikoniaas I've said11:16
ikoniaresearch what the partition layout/file system is11:16
xboxits an original xbox hdd11:16
ikoniaOR delete all partitions and put the disk back in and see if the xbox re-lays it out11:17
xboxhow do i delete them?11:17
lotuspsychjeikonia: yeah, OerHeks told someone the other day xbox auto-repartitions when insert11:17
ikoniaxbox: open gparted, delete all partitions11:17
Muh2Hi, is there a way to communicate with a SIM based modem through the terminal?11:18
xboxgparted? is that in ubuntu?11:18
xboxok thanks11:18
lotuspsychje!info gparted | xbox suggested by ikonia11:18
ubottuxbox suggested by ikonia: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.19.0-3build1 (wily), package size 422 kB, installed size 1852 kB11:18
mcphailMuh2: you can send AT commands, if that's what you want to do11:19
Muh2mcphail: any where I can read more about AT commands?11:20
xboxcant find it, do i install it through syhnaptic package managert?11:20
ikoniaxbox: that will work11:20
mcphailMuh2: if you haven't heard of AT commands, I presume that _isn't_ what you wanted to do. What do you want to achieve?11:20
xboxwell im from an live cd ubuntu on a usb11:21
Muh2mcphail: I need to be able to send message through the SIM just as I would have done if the SIM was in a phone.11:22
xboxso its getting some errors11:22
xboxbut ill still try11:22
maza|2try connect audio-device, got errors http://pastebin.com/ddpYtvRJ11:22
mcphailMuh2: have a look at wammu/gammu and see if they do what you want11:22
Muh2mcphail: thanks.11:22
mcphailMuh2: you can use AT commands to send SMS as well. I can't rememebr the syntax, but google should help you out11:23
Muh2mcphail: will look into it as well11:24
xboxwhere do i find it after the synaptic package manager install?11:24
ikoniain the menu11:24
ikoniait's called gparted11:24
mcphailMuh2: I have a huawei modem unlocker app which sends AT commands to the modem from a python script. You could hunt that down on github for some inspiration11:24
Muh2mcphail: any link?\11:25
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lotuspsychjemcphail: those modems not avalaible from http://192... ?11:26
mcphailMuh2: I can't just now as I'm IRC'ing by phone. But I'm "mcphail" on github, so easy enough to find11:26
xboxcant find it11:26
mcphaillotuspsychje: I think some of the more modern ones are11:26
xboxi guess it had to many errors11:26
Muh2mcphail: cool, thanks11:26
lotuspsychjeMuh2: not sure thatl work, but if you have no gui you could links2 http://192 = your modem adress11:26
xboxisnt there a simple terminal way to delete them?11:27
mcphailMuh2: my code is a mess, but I'm not a developer ;)11:27
lotuspsychjexbox: try gksu gparted from terminal11:27
xboxi think11:28
xboxbut was too fast11:28
xboxisnt there anyh addition to that command syntax or something?11:28
lotuspsychjexbox: maybe you could also check a more specific xbox channel for howto?11:28
xboxthe xbox cchannel is dead11:28
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jophishIs there a way to disable the unity sidebar icons peeking onto the screen and shaking?11:28
xboxdeader than dead11:29
jophishwho on earth thought that was a good idea...11:29
lotuspsychjexbox: gksu gparted should do the trick, if gksu is installed...11:29
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xboxit is11:29
lotuspsychjejophish: this is not the right channel to discuss how unity should be11:29
Muh2mcphail: there are several links with "mcphail" in them can not figure out which one, anyway will start with gammu/wammu, looks to be what I was looking.11:30
xboxa window is supposed to  pop?11:30
lotuspsychjejophish: try tweaking stuff the way you want instead, unity-tweak-tool or ccsm11:30
lotuspsychjejophish: or even another ubuntu flavor without unity...11:30
jophishlotuspsychje: perhaps I should have added to my question "how can I tweak stuff to be the way I want"11:31
lotuspsychjexbox: yes11:31
jophishhopefully someone here can direct me in ccsm11:31
lotuspsychjejophish: the more details your questions hold, the better we can try to help11:31
lotuspsychje!details > jophish for next questions :p11:31
ubottujophish, please see my private message11:31
jophishWhen a program wants my attention it's icon peeks onto the screen and shakes. How can I prevent this from happening11:32
xboxwhen i type gksu a window pops up and then i type gparted and nothing happens11:32
xboxno error but nothing starts11:32
lotuspsychjexbox: you need to enter your password on the popup...11:32
lotuspsychje!partitioning | xbox you better read this first before messing with gparted11:33
ubottuxbox you better read this first before messing with gparted: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap11:33
m_tadeuhi...how can I onstall libstdc++5 in 14.10?11:33
maza|2[14:22:20] <maza|2> try connect audio-device, got errors http://pastebin.com/ddpYtvRJ11:34
lotuspsychje!14.10 | m_tadeu11:34
ubottum_tadeu: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic11:34
ikoniamaza|2: 14.10 is EOL11:34
ikoniaoops, sorry maza|211:34
xboxmine is 9.04 and up11:34
ikonia9.04 and up ?11:34
ikoniayou mean you are running ubuntu 9.0411:34
xboxso its partition manger11:35
m_tadeulotuspsychje: anyway it's the one I have to deal with11:35
xboxill try that11:35
lotuspsychjem_tadeu: not very recommended to upgrade from an eol, for security reasons11:36
xboxi think now its working, installing11:36
lotuspsychjem_tadeu: backup and clean install a version from our topic instead11:36
xboxthe partitiojn manager11:37
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB) whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2. What kind of Hash? ... MD5 SHA1 SHA256?11:37
lotuspsychjexbox: please dont use this channel to spam every step your trying...11:37
lotuspsychje!md5 | gianni100011:37
ubottugianni1000: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:37
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB) whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2. What kind of Hash? ... MD5 SHA1 SHA256?11:37
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB) whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2. What kind of Hash? ... MD5 SHA1 SHA256?11:37
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases11:37
xboxok psych11:38
OerHeksgianni1000, what 14.04 exactly ? current is cab6dd5ee6d649ed1b24e807c877c0ae *ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso11:40
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB) whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2. What kind of Hash? ... MD5 SHA1 SHA256?11:41
xboxok thanks for the help ikonia11:41
gianni1000I downloaded the ISO image of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit (1.1 GB) whose Hash: 743bc6fad39e3a35460d31af5322c131dd196ac2.11:41
OerHeksgianni1000, again: what 14.04 exactly ?11:41
OerHeksoh keep repeating, not reading11:41
xboxdoesnt seem to work, not gparted nor partiton manager11:41
xboxhave a good day11:43
gianni1000ubottu: thanks11:44
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:44
xboxthank u ubottu11:45
xboxits not a bot... :P11:45
xboxwell bye11:45
xboxthanks for the help again ikonia11:46
xboxubottu: thanks11:46
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:46
xboxoh i c11:47
xboxikonia: thanks11:47
xboxgood day 2 every111:48
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gianni1000OerHeKs: Yes is ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso11:50
OerHeksgianni1000, perform a md5sum on that iso, and the hash should be cab6dd5ee6d649ed1b24e807c877c0ae >> http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04.3/MD5SUMS11:51
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows11:51
evalI'm trying to preseed a trusty image with HWE and it doesn't work anymore as it did before. I'm still getting asked the questions about my language and keyboard layout, even though I did not get asked these questions with the original 14.04 image.11:53
evalHas anything changed in how preseeding works post 14.04?11:53
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gianni1000OerHeKs: Ok! I installed GtkHash, I calculate MD5 and is OK: cab6dd5ee6d649ed1b24e807c877c0ae. Thanks11:56
evalI'm pressing tab at the boot prompt and adding "auto url=http://some.url/preseed.cfg". With the original 14.04 image I didn't get asked any more questions before the network was up and the preseed was downloaded, but now I get asked about the language I want to use and the keyboardlayout.11:56
sutradhari need help about ubuntu11:56
hateball!help | sutradhar11:57
ubottusutradhar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:57
hateball!pm | sutradhar12:01
ubottusutradhar: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.12:01
sutradhar my os get 68% of ram i m using eclipse..but first its get only 19% of ram so what can do12:02
hateballsutradhar: Is the problem that you think Eclipse is using a lot of RAM?12:03
hateballsutradhar: How much RAM does the machine have in total?12:03
hateballUnused RAM is wasted RAM. It's only a problem if you start swapping.12:04
lotuspsychje!info preload | sutradhar install for overall system boost12:04
ubottusutradhar install for overall system boost: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (wily), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB12:04
sam___hi, how can i pass array as parameter to script.?12:18
cickohello, can someone tell me what this means and why it takes 12 seconds, it is output from 'dmesg' displaying boot log: [   35.407321] init: samba-ad-dc main process (1115) terminated with status 1   [47.047969] init: plymouth-upstart-bridge main process ended, respawning12:26
fbiread your boot logs12:27
galeforcehey, i'm having a load of trouble getting a USB device to be recognized by linux. i'm running windows 7 on virtualbox and i need linux to see it before it can be seen by vb12:27
cickofbi that is the boot log, but what does it mean?12:27
hateballgaleforce: what manner of device is this? does it not show up with "lsusb" ?12:28
galeforceit does, but no real info besides ID12:28
galeforceoh, and this is a 3d printer, by the way, not a drive12:29
orfeohello folks12:30
galeforcethe only way i could tell the cable even worked is by doing lsusb with and without it plugged in12:31
orfeowhy there are a few upgrades kept back when I try to realize it?12:31
orfeohow do I solve that?12:31
orfeocould someone help me out please?12:31
=== ubuntu542 is now known as Ubuntu2330
hateballorfeo: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:34
Ubuntu2330Can someone help me get JACK working? I installed jackd and the pulseaudio module, but I get no sound when starting JACK. The connection lines between PulseAudio and System in JACK are red.12:34
orfeohateball: is it a good idea to run that?12:35
stangelandhi.... for some reason i cannot log in with ssh with the normal user. are there special ssh users?12:36
hateballorfeo: Unless you've manually held back packages for some reason (and then you would know) then it will be fine12:37
MonkeyDuststangeland  what happens when you try12:37
stangelandMonkeyDust, i cannot log in with password12:38
MonkeyDuststangeland  any error message?12:38
stangelandsorry it was my mistake :)12:39
orfeohateball: ok, thank you!12:40
zambahi! we've turned on automatic security updates for our ubuntu server.. this means that new kernels will be installed automatically.. apt-get autoremove will only remove kernels older than the running one.. and since we don't reboot on every kernel update, we have the situation where we have lots of intermediate kernels that will never get used.. is there a way to automatically purge these?12:42
DavidFromBEhey all, is someone familiar here installing amd gpus on ubuntu 15.04 desktop in headless mode ?12:42
DavidFromBEif that makes sense12:43
MonkeyDust!info ksplice | zamba12:43
ubottuzamba: ksplice (source: ksplice): Patching live kernel without having to reboot. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.9-5 (wily), package size 527 kB, installed size 3525 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; arm; armel; armhf)12:43
zambaMonkeyDust: hm, i don't think that answers my question12:43
zambaMonkeyDust: the question is how to remove all installed kernels (> running_kernel && < latest_installed_kernel)12:44
MonkeyDustzamba  i guess you'd need a script ... better ask in #bash ... and there's also #ubuntu-server12:44
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OerHekszamba, create a bash script and put it in /etc/kernel/postinst.d/ ? like this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157346612:54
=== _16aR_ is now known as dolanor
wyrm_88<msg nickserv register x35y23 jeveland@live.com12:55
OerHeksuh oh, not < but use /12:56
zambaOerHeks: oh, interesting12:56
zambaOerHeks: like that better than running it in a cron job12:57
=== victor_ is now known as cortes
eirikrhey hey, for some reason the following packages have been held back any clue why? "linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic"12:57
eirikrubuntu 15.1012:58
Gotham25_detai: Are you there ???12:58
eirikrI also get a Hash Sum mismatch on apt-get update13:07
zin_my mdadm raid wont auto mount after power failure. is it posssible to fix this?13:08
xfce_userhi everyone13:10
klfAm I the only person who is experiencing system lag/hang/freeze when using VMware Workstation in Wily?13:12
bishopsHey guys, everytime I start my system on ubuntu 15.10 i get this crash message coming from /sbin/plymouthd. Any ideas?13:13
holdsworthOT: do you know of a messaging service that I could use that would delete my messages after X amount of time after the user had opened the message I sent him?13:16
BluesKajHey all13:17
Sarah-VAIOhi _S4MUR4I_13:19
Sarah-VAIOiam [diablo]13:20
hateball!ot | holdsworth13:23
ubottuholdsworth: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:23
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DamlageЛюбителям убунты большой привет13:47
Damlageранее не пользовался этой программой13:47
Damlageпрокоментирует кто-то в двух словах, как здесь обстоят дела?13:47
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:48
deadpirates| ||||||| |||| ||||| ||||||||| ||||||||||13:51
MonkeyDustdeadpirates  it works, we see you13:51
deadpiratesoh I got it13:52
deadpiratesi was just checking13:52
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kourckdo you guys think something cool I found that only is relevant for Ubuntu GNOME users is too niche for the /r/ubuntu subreddit?14:16
pbxkourck, only one way to find out...14:17
kourckHaha, good point14:18
GNUmadhello! I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, my keyboard is misconfigured, i've tried ibus-setup, dconf-tools, dpkg-reconfigure keyboard... and setxbmap... nothing worked, really need solve this. Many thanks.14:25
MonkeyDustGNUmad  did you check the system settings?14:26
GNUmadyes, everything seems normal14:26
MonkeyDustGNUmad  language support too?14:26
GNUmadyes, i've tried many foruns and configurations, this problem just appeared14:27
MonkeyDustGNUmad  if you do ctrl-alt-f1 ... is it also wrong in the tty screen?14:28
GNUmadyes, my letters became numbers, if i type "a" returns a number, and so on..14:29
GNUmadi'm using a usb keyboard for now14:29
hateballGNUmad: Is this a laptop? some of them have an Fn-switch to turn keyboard into numpad14:29
GNUmadyes is a laptop, also not the FN key...14:30
GNUmadjust appeared after the last update14:30
MonkeyDustGNUmad  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue14:31
GNUmadMonkeyDust Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l14:32
GNUmadthe laptop is a brazilian brand called CCE14:33
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OerHeksGNUmad, logout. login as guest, if this works correct, go back and remove /home/$USER/.config/ibus might solved the issue.14:35
OerHeks* with your latopkeyboard14:35
GNUmadok OerHeks, i'll try you sugestion...then i'll let you know..Many thanks to all!!!14:37
=== sfgsgs is now known as pogitel
pogitelhey quick question, is there any way to reset ur ubuntu to "factory settings" ?14:38
mas8899How do I extract some 7zip files by parts? Ex: part.7z.001,part.7z.002 all together?14:39
OerHeksGNUmad, also this old bug from 2013, got a reply that looks interesting, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ibus/+bug/1240198/comments/10414:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1240198 in ibus (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU]Wrong keyboard layout active after booting into desktop" [High,Fix committed]14:39
OerHekscheck when logged out if the keyboard has changed14:39
GNUmadthanks again OerHeks!!14:39
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OerHeksmas8899, 7z x "*.7z"14:41
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mas8899OerHeks : Error: there is no such archive14:42
OerHeksmas8899, cd into the folder first, i guess14:43
mas8899YEs, I'm in the folder.14:43
mas8899But the archives have a second extension. name.7z.001, name.7z.002, name.7z.00314:43
OerHeksmas8899, what if you use nautilus, select all archives, rightmouse> open with archivemanager14:46
PsychoX75For some reason I'm unable to login into my Ubuntu machine through GUI. Tried removing .xauthority file and made sure that it's owned by the user. I also tried these: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   AND  sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop14:47
mas8899OerHeks, I don't use nautilus in elemetary, but when I select all them I don't see the that option.14:48
OerHeksmas8899, ohh, might be an elementary issue, not sure about that.14:50
OerHeksbtw it works fine on ubuntu.14:50
mas8899Hm, okay, thanks.14:51
MonkeyDustmas8899  is that Elementary?14:52
PsychoX75For some reason I'm unable to login into my Ubuntu machine through GUI. I see the username on the launchpad but when I fill the password it simple jumps back to the launchpad screen without giving any errors. Tried removing .xauthority file and made sure that it's owned by the user. I also tried these: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   AND  sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop14:52
mas8899MonkeyDust elementaryOS14:54
=== Guest38712 is now known as someone
MonkeyDustmas8899  that is not supported here14:55
MonkeyDustmas8899  type /j #elementary14:55
DavidFromBEhow do i prevent ubuntu 15 desktop to start x on boot ?14:57
MonkeyDust!text | DavidFromBE14:57
ubottuDavidFromBE: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:57
mas8899Well, since it's based in ubuntu 14.04 I thought you could help, thanks any ways.14:57
DavidFromBEin other words, how do i make it boot in texte mode ?14:58
OerHeksmas8899, elementary has got panteon desktop, not available on ubuntu.14:58
DavidFromBEi can't access boot menu as i'm remotely connected through ssh14:59
MonkeyDustDavidFromBE  that's a tiny detail you didnt mention15:00
DavidFromBEMonkeyDust: indeed, i'm sorry15:00
DavidFromBEi edited /etc/default/grub15:01
DavidFromBE--> GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text" and ran update-grub15:02
MonkeyDustDavidFromBE  yes, i was going to suggest that http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/01/boot-into-text-console-ubuntu-linux-14-04/15:02
DavidFromBEbut it seems unity is still running after reboot15:02
MonkeyDustDavidFromBE  how do you know, if it's connected with ssh?15:03
DavidFromBEMonkeyDust: ps is showing lots of processes like unity-greeter, lightdm, etc.15:05
administrator_I am using ubuntu-mate on my computer15:05
administrator_I need to take the remote session to this machine from a windows pc15:06
administrator_How can I install and set up vnc on ubuntu mate15:06
CelphishI figured out how to silence my work-laptop when it's running Ubuntu!15:10
Celphishfor anyone who cares: Used cpufreq-set to set the frequency to 2.0ghz instead of 3.615:11
CelphishThat was the ONLY issue still remaining for a complete transition to Ubuntu (will still keep dual boot with win10 though) :D15:11
MonkeyDustCelphish  there's also indicator-cpufreq15:13
CelphishMonkeyDust: hmm.. what's that?15:13
MonkeyDustCelphish  a gui for what you found15:13
DavidFromBEit seems i have to do :15:13
CelphishMonkeyDust: omg, how nice!15:13
DavidFromBEsudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force15:13
CelphishMonkeyDust: is it in the repository?15:14
DavidFromBEsudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target15:14
DavidFromBEbut before doing that, how do i undo (in case i want to undo)15:14
MonkeyDustCelphish  yes, i found it by accident, saved my old laptop15:14
CelphishMonkeyDust: thanks! I really appreciate the advice :D15:15
MonkeyDustsaved my old laptop, together with thermald15:15
CelphishMonkeyDust: I've had the fans running wild today since I've been using Virtualbox and Windows for lync, and Windows update sucks balls15:15
sw0rdfishis there a spanish speaking channel for ubuntu15:16
CelphishMonkeyDust: my Gigabyte-laptop actually stays cool as long as the cpu doesn't go to fast, which means that the fans are there, if needed, but they rarely go up if the freq is low enough :)15:16
MonkeyDustCelphish  i had similar issues... but mind your language15:16
Omnipotent I have this green and blue jack's on my sound card, headphone and speaker's are attached to each of them respectively, so in when in Windows.. both work as output devices..15:16
OmnipotentWell, mostly because I selected blue jack from Realtek and clicked speaker checkbox...15:16
CelphishMonkeyDust: sorry ;)15:16
OmnipotentI can't immitate same in Ubuntu... any ideas? The problem is that, I can't get blue jack working as output one.. so I can only use headphones from the green one... the regular standard output jack15:16
DavidFromBEyes it worked15:16
DavidFromBEbut now how do i undo15:16
CelphishMonkeyDust: but that indicator-thing, that's a "set profile"-kind of app isn't? I just set the frequenzy according to what the app in Windows sets it to15:17
=== mstfa is now known as mstfacmly
MonkeyDustCelphish  in Windows?15:23
MonkeyDustCelphish  not sure what Windows has to do with anything... the indicator has 'on demand' as an option15:24
LonelyDanbois my inability to view 3D models or half the pictures on websites due to me stopping tumblerd ? That stupid thing was freezing up my computer and I couldn't figure out how to fix it.15:26
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  this is ubuntu support15:26
lesshasteis there a tool which can do case sensitive search of pdfs? it seems evince doesn't support it15:26
LonelyDanboMonkeyDust, tumblerd is something that runs in Ubuntu. it creates thumbnails for images and videos.15:27
MonkeyDust!find tumble15:27
ubottuFound: libtumbler-1-0, libtumbler-1-dbg, libtumbler-1-dev, tumbler, tumbler-common15:27
MonkeyDust!info tumbler15:27
ubottutumbler (source: tumbler): D-Bus thumbnailing service. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.31-2build1 (wily), package size 63 kB, installed size 263 kB15:27
LonelyDanboI found it would access my HD heavily for like 5 minutes, freezing my game because of it.15:28
gwanghi lol15:29
lotuspsychjeLonelyDanbo: try a hd benchmark with bonnie++ while you tail -f /var/log/syslog15:29
LonelyDanbobut now I'm thinking maybe me selecting "terminate" on the task manager might be the reason why some images aren't loading on a website.15:29
gwangshould i use 14.04 or 15.10?15:29
lotuspsychjegwang: depends on you mate15:29
lotuspsychje!lts | gwang15:29
ubottugwang: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)15:29
dordonnihey, does wubi work on windows 7?15:29
MonkeyDustgwang  14.04 if you want long support, 15.10 if you want the latest15:30
lotuspsychje!wubi | dordonni15:30
ubottudordonni: Wubi was a way to install Ubuntu from within Windows, but it is no longer supported in recent versions of Ubuntu and was never well maintained even for Ubuntu 12.04. Do not use Wubi. See !install for other options for installing Ubuntu.15:30
gwangMonkeyDust: what are the chances of something breaking15:30
gwangwhen i upgrade15:30
MonkeyDustdordonni  avoid wubi, it's the worst invention since justin bieber15:30
gwangfrom 15.10 to 16.0415:30
LonelyDanbowill terminating tumblerd cause those kinds of problems?15:30
dordonnilotuspsychje is there a way to install ubuntu from windows?15:30
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate15:30
LonelyDanboI still see it listed in the task manager for some reason.15:30
lotuspsychjegwang: you can join #ubuntu+1 for xenial, wily to xenial went fine for me15:30
lotuspsychjedordonni: easiest way is to make an ubuntu usb stick with universal usb installer from windows15:31
gwanglotuspsychje: would it make sense to install 16.04 now?15:31
gwangis it stable enough?15:31
gwangfor a workstation15:31
Riku-Kirihello ^^15:31
lotuspsychjegwang: depends what you really want15:31
MonkeyDustgwang  it's not even in alpha stage15:31
gwangoh snap15:31
lotuspsychjegwang: this stage is for testing15:31
gwangdoesn't it release in a couple months?15:32
gwanghow is it not alpha yet?15:32
LonelyDanboI don't understand this. why does it load some pictures and not others? why would tumblerd give me problems with some pictures but not others? maybe it's not a tumblerd issue.15:32
SchrodingersScatgwang: 3 monhs, the number at the end is the release month, april15:32
MonkeyDustgwang  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule15:32
=== PerpetualWar is now known as PerpetualWar__
lotuspsychjegwang: xenial is already pretty stable, but that doesnt mean it cant break...thats why its still in development phase15:33
MonkeyDustgwang  correction, it's not yet in alpha215:33
gwangand it's going to use a new version of unity?15:33
gwangwhich is better looking?15:33
CelphishMonkeyDust: Well, what I was looking for from the start was a similar function as SmartManager V3 does for me in Windows, sets the fan-profile to "quiet". To do that it lowers the cpu-freq to 1.6 or something like that.. Soo, I wanted to lower the cpu-freq :)15:33
lotuspsychjegwang: unity8/mir is planned for 16.1015:33
lotuspsychjegwang: but you can already test it right now15:34
gwangwow, i just installed an SSD on my thinkpad and it's dead silent now. you never realize how much noise mechanical drives make until you don't have one.15:34
gwanglotuspsychje: why would they do that?15:34
lotuspsychjegwang: what do you mean?15:34
gwangthat means unity 8 won't be in a LTC release until 201815:34
gwangthat wasn't too smart15:34
MonkeyDustCelphish  random pic: http://www.lissy.se/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/indicator-cpufreq-small.png15:34
lotuspsychjegwang: its not released yet, so we dont know right15:34
gwangso unity 8 could be in 16.04 maybe, lotuspsychje?15:35
bcohi have a network connectivity problem am i right here?15:35
lotuspsychjegwang: for now its known to be in 16.10...15:35
CelphishMonkeyDust: when I ran indicator I just got "Powersave" or "Performance", nothing more15:35
lotuspsychjegwang: but i cant read the magic ball of the future15:35
=== littlebunnyfufu is now known as SonikkuAmerica
SonikkuAmerica(Now only if ubottu had an 8 ball)15:36
lotuspsychjeSonikkuAmerica: :p15:36
gwangso, that basically means that Unity 8 won't be in a LTS version of ubuntu until 2018 lol15:37
gwangthat's horrible15:37
SonikkuAmericaRiku-Kiri: You failed! :D15:37
lotuspsychjegwang: i just told you, you can run unity8 already...15:37
CelphishMonkeyDust: http://askubuntu.com/questions/544266/why-are-missing-the-frequency-options-on-cpufreq-utils-indicator15:38
lotuspsychjegwang: when its ready, it will be ready right15:38
MonkeyDustgwang  and 'horrible' is a bit strong15:38
gwangMonkeyDust: not really15:38
gwangboolean: hi lol15:39
gwangboolean: you shouldn't use linode, they don't keep their customer info secure15:39
zapotahmisguided fools using vpns for "anonymity"15:41
Riku-Kirinot work15:41
gwangzapotah: huh?15:41
gwangwhy is it misguided?15:42
Netwolfboolean: use vultr. Better/faster/cheaper depending on use ofcourse15:43
EriC^^this is ubuntu support15:43
SonikkuAmericacasy: /quit15:45
SonikkuAmerica!ot | Just a reminder...15:47
ubottuJust a reminder...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:47
* EriC^^ punches gwang in the face15:48
=== theOGbaber is now known as justaboutdead
sidiWhy does Ubuntu prevent the execution of Bash scripts in /run by root?15:55
sidiwhat exactly is the rationale!?15:55
EriC^^sidi: not just root, it's the filesystem options15:57
EriC^^tmpfs on /run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,size=10%,mode=0755)15:57
Picisidi: the rationale is described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StricterDefaults15:59
sidiEriC^^, ah, thanks, this explains that then!15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
Sarah-VAIOThere are 144 users and 93787 invisible on 27 servers16:01
Sarah-VAIO24 IRC Operators online16:01
Sarah-VAIO17 unknown connection(s)16:01
Sarah-VAIO56188 channels formed16:01
Sarah-VAIOI have 10831 clients and 1 servers16:01
Sarah-VAIOCurrent local  users: 10831  Max: 1200016:01
Sarah-VAIOCurrent global users: 93931  Max: 10082316:01
lotuspsychjePici: nice find +1 never seen that116:01
sidiPici, /run/shm is a thing, /run is another :-) Purposefully preventing exec from root on a path is ludicrous since root would just move the file around.16:02
SonikkuAmericaSarah-VAIO: Could you please not spam?16:02
BeladonaI had kubuntu 14.04 LTS and now I installed the same on an other machine. Can I just copy and paste the /home directory to get my files and desktop settings back as they were in old?16:02
lotuspsychjePici: would you know if there's a trigger for that?16:02
MonkeyDustBeladona  yes16:02
Picilotuspsychje: not to my knowledge, I just did some googling to find it.16:02
lotuspsychjePici: ok tnx16:03
BeladonaMonkeyDust,  do i need to worry about anything? what things wont come back?16:03
MonkeyDustBeladona  make sure you have all the same programs installed16:03
BeladonaMonkeyDust,  what if I ever deleted the full /home16:03
MonkeyDustBeladona  try it, but make a backup first16:03
BeladonaMonkeyDust,  Thanks!16:04
MonkeyDustBeladona  if you have a backup, you can do what you want16:04
dc786what freenode channel for discussing tv tuner capture problems (mencode, vlc, avconv, etc)?16:07
avi_hi guys, where can i find llvm-config package?16:08
paafter the last upgrade, it seems that gnome-settings-daemon is not starting anymore16:09
pais it only a problem i have?16:10
padc786, for capturing i'd say maybe kaffeine?16:10
pathere should be also a dvb channel16:10
pabut i don't remember which one it is16:10
palinuxtv or somethign16:10
dc786pa, thanks16:15
pano worries16:16
pai'd like tho someone helping out with gnome on 15.1016:16
pai cant resist more than 4 hours on unity16:16
kid4codinggood evening16:16
paeven with all keyboard shortcuts and so on16:16
kid4codinggents, I am trying to fix the screen size problem of Ubuntu16:16
ubuntu-gnomehi all - I'm trying to install Ubuntu Gnome as a persistent installation on a 16gb flash drive16:16
kid4codingI am actually running it through VirtualBox16:16
pamaybe ubuntu-gnome knows what happened with the last update to gnome-settings-daemon16:16
ubuntu-gnomecan I just do this with the normal installer? How do I configure it16:17
MonkeyDust!persistent | kid4coding16:17
ubottukid4coding: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:17
paif i run it it says  Name taken or bus went away16:17
kid4codingI have already installed it16:17
EriC^^ubuntu-gnome: yeah, use the Something else option to partition the usb and set the mountpoints, and set the bootloader location to the usb16:17
MonkeyDustkid4coding  my reply was actually for ubuntu-gnome16:18
ubuntu-gnomehm im in there but I cant select the drive16:19
ubuntu-gnomeok I selected device for bootloader installation: sandisk cruzer fit16:20
ubuntu-gnomethat worked. but now how do I make sure it installs only to there?16:20
ubuntu-gnomeok I formatted the drive16:20
ubuntu-gnomehow do I set up the partitions in a good way?16:21
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: Are you trying to make a persistent Live USB install?16:21
ubuntu-gnomeYep. exactly.16:21
loveheartjoylovePartimag, clonezilla, fail miserably for my separate EFI partition required laptop. Because the boot stuff is on the EFI partition, I want to try using DD from a live system to backup and restore my operating system. Anyone know the commands?16:21
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: Read this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:21
ubuntu-gnomeShould I select the whole thing as ext4 filesystem?16:21
EriC^^ubuntu-gnome: yeah16:21
EriC^^and set the bootloader to the usb16:22
ubuntu-gnomeI read that but the instructions there aren't working16:22
loveheartjoyloveCome on most of you know this I dont want to gtfm16:22
SonikkuAmericaloveheartjoylove: Wait, what do you wanna do?16:23
ubuntu-gnomeok so in the installer, the other partitions on the computer are set to "Do note use"16:23
ubuntu-gnomeand the boot loader is set to /dev/sdc, or the sandisk cruzer fit16:24
ubuntu-gnomeand I set up the entire drove as a 16006 mb ext4 system16:24
ubuntu-gnomeshould I pull the trigger and install?16:24
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: Are you doing this for BIOS or UEFI machines?16:24
EriC^^ubuntu-gnome: is the ext4 one set to "/" as mountpoint?16:24
ubuntu-gnomeEriC: Yes16:24
ubuntu-gnomeand I think this is a bios machine, it is running windows 716:24
ubuntu-gnomeits for my girlfriend. I want her to be able to run persistent linux off this pendrive16:25
ubuntu-gnomeuntil she can backup and install16:25
loveheartjoyloveSonikkuAmerica, boot into live system, mount OS partition, cp mounted directory to another mounted filesystem. then, for testing, format OS partition, and use DD to put the stuff back on the now empty partition, and boot to it.16:25
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: If you have the ext4 fs mountpoint set to / and your bootloader is set to your device, you should be set.16:25
ubuntu-gnomeSonikkuAmerica: Thanks. Should I make a swap partition or nah?16:26
loveheartjoyloveI have a separate partition EFI, so the directory structure and file availability should be all that counts for a working backup restore method.16:26
ubuntu-gnomethis comp has 6gb memory16:26
SonikkuAmericaloveheartjoylove: I don't know what damage dd would do to your target, but I'd try rsync'ing16:26
loveheartjoyloveSonikkuAmerica, I only want to hurt /dev/sda3, mounted on /mnt/sda3, using /mnt/sda3 for the DD option. It will work, or fail, but it won't touch other partitions using that syntax16:27
kid4codingI am following this guide step to step16:27
loveheartjoyloveI'll look into rsync16:27
kid4codingI left with only one issue unfixed16:27
=== nuclearbob is now known as nuclearbob_afk
Bassemwhat is the best java for ubuntu16:28
MonkeyDust!java | Bassem start here16:28
ubottuBassem start here: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.16:29
SonikkuAmericakid4coding: (a) #vbox could help you better, (b) Did you install the Guest Additions?16:29
paok fixed16:29
josharensonMy microphone isn't working (sound settings won't let me mute/unmute it) and my 2 largest CPU consumers currently are pulseaudio and randomsound. Any advice?16:29
SonikkuAmericajosharenson: What kind of mic?16:29
ubuntu-gnome"The installer needs to commit changes to partition tables, but cannot do so because partitions on the following mount points could not be unmounted:"16:30
ubuntu-gnomeWTF T_T16:30
ubuntu-gnomeI'm not using the drive16:30
ubuntu-gnomeand now the installer froze and I can't close it16:30
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: Are you sure? You can check by umounting it16:30
SonikkuAmericaubuntu-gnome: and you'll have to force-close ubiquity and start it again16:31
reactormonkHow do I list the available versions of a package?16:31
ubuntu-gnomehow do I force close, its not letting me16:31
Riku-KiriASK > Gparted not work ...16:31
Bassemis there any widget that show me the transfer speed or bandwidth of my network16:31
SonikkuAmericareactormonk: Use the !info flag here for your version -> !info $PACKAGENAME $RELEASE_CODENAME16:31
ubuntu-gnomeok did it with gnome-system-monitor16:32
reactormonk!info oracle-java8-installer wily16:32
ubottuPackage oracle-java8-installer does not exist in wily16:32
reactormonkSonikkuAmerica, ^^16:32
MonkeyDust!find oracle-java wily16:32
ubottuPackage/file oracle-java does not exist in wily16:32
SonikkuAmerica!info openjdk-8-jre wily16:34
ubottuopenjdk-8-jre (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT. In component universe, is optional. Version 8u66-b17-1 (wily), package size 57 kB, installed size 223 kB16:34
SonikkuAmerica(Oracle's Java is based on OpenJDK)16:34
SonikkuAmericareactormonk: Try that16:35
xanguaFor unity you mean?16:35
reactormonkSonikkuAmerica, I know. My boss wants Oracle JVM. Found it out via aptitude.16:35
xanguaBassem: for unity you mean? There's also conky if you want something like a desktop widget16:36
josharensonSonikkuAmerica: The mic integrated into my thinkpad16:36
kid4codingwho's got Ubuntu desktop 14.04 LTS?16:37
Bassemxangua, i used conky before but it wasnt good16:37
xangua! Ask | kid4coding16:37
ubottukid4coding: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:37
kid4codingI have installed the guest addition package16:38
hehnopefor iptables and masquerading; is it possible to masquerade back to source address; is there a variable for this?16:38
kid4codingI have updated and installed the distro, but it does not get in full screen mode16:38
hehnopesort of like regex with '(.*)' => \116:39
hehnopeiptables -t nat -A prerouting -s -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination <some_special_variable_back_to_source>16:40
kid4codingit seems that those commands fix the problem16:43
kid4codingsudo apt-get remove libcheese-gtk23 sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x1116:43
kid4codingIf previously I used to install virtualbox-guest-x1116:44
kid4codingI used to get an error that stated, the package has no dependencies16:44
waterCreaturehi, i want to reinstall my os, I am not sure if I should go with windows or ubuntu. i like ubuntu, but the graphics drivers are not very well, working or something, my laptop would just overheat and battery drains quite fast. I was thinking of using windows with deep freeze16:45
waterCreaturebut I dont know if that's the best solution,16:45
xanguawaterCreature: this is an Ubuntu support channel, what answer do you expect?16:46
waterCreatureI dont know. I was thinking of some ubuntu solutions?16:46
kid4codingIt's working fine, though.16:47
kid4codingIt goes in full screen mode as it should.16:47
kid4codingWhat does the libcheese gtk23 does on gnome?16:47
platzdoes anyone like this design for HN (for a person who goes there often) http://i.imgur.com/YLSajIK.png16:52
xangua! Ot | platz16:54
ubottuplatz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:54
locksmit1rI miss the original digg.com16:54
platzubottu: ok16:57
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:57
reactormonkWhat exactly is responsible that a host can resolve its own hostname?16:57
xa6I am trying to install ubuntu16:59
Bassemis there better downloading application than uget ? or can uget download one file with more than one conenction?16:59
xa6in a macbook 12 retina16:59
xa6it boots from USB-C16:59
xa6but... the mouse and keyboard does not work, I get to the welcome window17:00
detaiGreat question Bassem17:00
pbxBassem, what do you need that a single connection with curl or whatever will not do?17:01
xa6is detai some type of robot ?17:01
Bassempbx, download the file with full Internet speed17:02
pbxBassem, why does curl not give you "full internet speed"?17:02
pai suspect my gnome theme became radiance17:03
pahow can i reset to ambiance?17:03
pacan find it only in unity-control-center but it doesnt change it for nautilus17:03
Bassempbx, because it just download the file with one connection ,,,internet download manager make more than one connection for the file which make it downloaded with full speed17:04
pbxBassem, unless you're in a datacenter you only have one connection to the internet17:05
Bassempbx, what do you mean datacenter?17:05
pbxBassem, is the host you're downloading from limiting the rate per connection?17:05
pbxBassem, how are you connected to the internet?  cable modem?17:05
Bassempbx, some time it do,some times the host just not give enough speed17:06
xanguaBassem: be sure to read the uget site for docs and help, I believe you need another packages to be able to download with multiple connections17:06
Bassempbx, adsl17:06
detaibassem: just open another terminal17:06
detaipress CTRL+ALT + T17:06
pbxBassem, making multiple connections will not give you more bandwidth.17:07
Bassemdetai, it have to be with uget so at the end it can join the pieces that it download into one file17:07
Bassempbx, it will make me download with my full bandwidth17:07
pbxBassem, ok, well, you seem to have faith that multiple connections is the right thing for you. i've got no ideas for you there. good luck.17:08
detaiBassem what is the size of the file you're trying to Download with MultiLink17:09
Bassem2 GB17:09
OerHeksBassem, maybe server-side it is prohibited17:09
detaiBassem then find a torrent of that file17:10
Bassemguys my adsl connection is 250 KB and uget download average is 170-180 KB17:10
detaibassem that would accomplish the same result17:10
kid4codingI got one usb drive attached to my physical host17:10
kid4codingand I have ubuntu running on virtualbox17:11
kid4codinghow can I access this drive17:11
detaiOk you have a crappy dsl, and multichannel downloading WILL not Drastically improve your Connection problem17:11
kid4codingI tried to type fdisk -l17:11
kid4codingbut it did show only the linux file system17:11
OerHekskid4coding, you should enable that in the VM settings in virtualbox17:14
locksmit1platz: whats the website?17:19
Bassemi just install vuze where can i find th einstalltion directory17:24
detaiDoes anyone know or have even heard of which kernel version of linux Supports USB 3.1???17:24
OerHeksBassem, in terminal : which vuze17:28
OerHeksdetai,  Linux kernel mainline contains support for USB 3.0 since version 2.6.31, cannot find specs about 3.117:29
BassemOerHeks, give me nothing17:29
OerHeksBassem, " locate vuze " should work17:31
OerHeksi wonder why which vuze gives nada17:32
tgm4883OerHeks: is vuze the binary?17:32
mike_papaHello. I want to mount some samba shares on login, but different for each user. My personal folder is different, than my wife's. Now, what should I put in fstab? Several entries pointing to /home/me/share and /home/mywife/share ? That will cause file manager to list both of them, but I'll be able to mount only one.17:32
Bassemhow can i make ctrl+v work for paste in terminal17:32
OerHekstgm4883, i have no clue17:33
tgm4883appears so http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/all/vuze/filelist17:33
mike_papaBassem: select some text and use middle button.17:33
mike_papaBassem: or use Ahift+Ctrl+V17:33
BassemOerHeks, it give me this /usr/share/app-install/desktop/azureus:azureus.desktop is that normal17:35
OerHeksBassem, that is just one item in the list. no?17:36
tgm4883Bassem: for the install location of vuze?17:36
BassemOerHeks, thats what i get17:36
OerHeksBassem, i am sure you get more than 1 item17:37
BassemOerHeks, its all what i get17:37
OerHeksor if you searched for azureus, that is an other question17:37
tgm4883Bassem: how did you install vuze?17:38
bazhang!info vuze17:38
ubottuvuze (source: azureus): Multimedia BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version (wily), package size 7 kB, installed size 59 kB17:38
ioriaBassem, sudo updatedb17:39
ioriaBassem, and run locate again17:39
tgm4883This all seems like a lot of work if he's just looking for the binary17:39
Bassemioria, now i get alot of lines17:40
tgm4883although "which" apparently didn't work, so who knows17:40
ioriaBassem, yeah17:40
ioriaBassem,  ls /usr7bin/vuse ?17:40
OerHekswithout updatedb, i find "which vuze  /usr/bin/vuze"17:40
ioriaBassem,  ls /usr/bin/vuse ?17:40
OerHeksso sue me :-D17:41
ioriaBassem,  sorry /usr/bin/vuze17:41
Bassemioria, ls: cannot access /usr/bin/vuze: No such file or directory17:41
ioriaupdatedb is cron17:41
tgm4883Bassem: how did you install vuze?17:42
detaibassem The better question is Why are you trying to locate vuze?17:42
mike_papaBassem: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall vuze" - did you try to reinstall it?17:42
ferret_guywill  * */1 * * * /my_script.py run at boot and every hour after boot or will it run 1 hour after boot then every hour thereafter?17:42
Bassemdetai, i want to know where it been installed so i can add some script file to it17:42
tgm4883ferret_guy: that would run every minute17:43
ioriaBassem,  apparently you don't have vuze if it's not in /usr/bin17:43
OerHeksthis is what i get, Bassem > http://imgur.com/ZzFpkth17:43
tgm4883Bassem: how did you install vuze?17:43
Bassemtgm4883, i download the file to my desktop, extract it, then used ./azureus to install it17:43
ferret_guytgm4883: so would */60 */1 *** work then?17:43
tgm4883Bassem: why not use apt?17:44
xa6Has anybody experience with macbook 12 retina ?17:44
mike_papaBassem: or "find / -name 'vuze' 2>/dev/null" to find any file named "vuze" on your drive(s).17:44
tgm4883Bassem: which would be the *correct* way17:44
ioriaBassem,  why ?17:44
xa6It boots and looks very nice but the mouse and keyboard doesnt  work when installing17:44
tgm4883ferret_guy: why not "0 * * * *"17:44
tgm4883ferret_guy: that would run it at the top of every hour17:45
ferret_guytgm4883 the idea is to have it run every hour after boot i.e. 60mins after boot 120mins ect...17:45
tgm4883ferret_guy: there really isn't a reason to do */117:45
Bassemioria, i just download the latest version from the site17:46
mike_papaBassem: try using find, to find where it is. It must have installed to some strange location. Does it work at all? Maybe it's not installed, cause installation failed for some reason.17:46
ioriaBassem,  i see ...17:46
tgm4883ferret_guy: I don't know if there is a way to do that.17:46
Bassemmike_papa, it work fine17:46
OerHeksBassem, then you want to search for azureus, not vuze.17:46
xa6nobody likes Macbook users with linux, we are like gay communists17:46
ferret_guytgm4883: thanks!17:46
tgm4883ferret_guy: "*/60" I don't think this would ever run17:47
mike_papaBassem: then do "find / -name 'vuze' 2>/dev/null" (without quotes)17:47
ferret_guytgm4883: that's what I thought I will just go with 0 * * * * and check if uptime is less than 1 hour17:47
tgm4883ferret_guy: for things like "*/3", I believe that means if the (hour, or minute, or second, etc)  is divisable by 3.17:48
julianwhat is the best music player for linux?17:48
=== julian is now known as Guest73985
tgm4883ferret_guy: you could do 2 cron lines for it. One "@boot" the other "0 * * * *"17:48
ferret_guytgm4883: I know, now realizing that the minute is 0-59 I really could do /59 but that is silly17:49
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=== Guest73985 is now known as chindy
mike_papaBassem: It will search through all your drive(s), to be precise through your root directory / and all subdirectories, and look for file named 'vuze'. If it will encounter any error (like cannot access directory due to permissions) it will throw it to /dev/null, not on your screen.17:49
tgm4883ferret_guy: yea "*/59 is silly17:49
ferret_guytgm4883: super thanks!17:49
mike_papaBassem: responsible for redirecting errors is this part: 2>/dev/null17:49
Bassemmike_papa, it just give me this one line /home/bs/Desktop/azureus/vuze17:51
Bassemmike_papa, which is my source folder17:51
mike_papaBassem: is there /home/bs/Desktop/azureus/vuze/bin folder?17:52
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=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
ioriaBassem, i wouldn't be surprised if it installed in the java directory ....17:52
=== FelixFire619_ is now known as FelixFire619
Bassemmike_papa, no there's /home/bs/Desktop/azureus/vuze which vuze is script file17:53
mike_papaBassem: do 'ls /home/bs/Desktop/azureus/vuze' and paste outcome to http://paste.ubuntu.com/. Then give me a link to it17:53
Bassemmike_papa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14680933/17:53
mike_papaBassem: ok. So you have your vuze. What more are you looking?17:53
Bassemioria, do you think?17:53
ioriaBassem, meh17:54
Bassemmike_papa, i want to installation folder to add some script to the application17:54
mike_papaBassem: As far as I can see, download from www.vuze.com isn't actually installer.17:56
jfmcarreiraheyy guys17:57
maumHow can I find to Figure out what the node root disk is17:57
mike_papaBassem: Whole program is in your  /home/bs/Desktop/azureus/17:57
ioriaBassem,  right... its not installed17:57
jfmcarreiraI am using Ubuntu 14.04 and I am not being able to install Wine (1.4 neither 1.6)17:57
Bassemmike_papa, 1- i download file VuzeInstaller.tar.bz2 >>2- i extract it>>>3- i run terminal >>>4- i cd to the directory >>>5- i run ./azureus17:57
ioriaBassem,  it'a jar17:57
Bassemmike_papa, now the program work fine but i want to find it's installation directory17:58
jfmcarreiragetting https://bpaste.net/show/d3ed738d617217:58
mike_papaBassem: and all you did, was running program from this folder. There is no installation directory. It's not installed.17:58
mike_papaBassem: It's all in one place17:59
ioriaBassem,  right17:59
mike_papaBassem: there where you extracted it.17:59
Bassemmike_papa, really?17:59
ioriaBassem,  yep17:59
mike_papaBassem: I just did the same17:59
mike_papaBassem: No installation script is in VuzeInstaller.tar.bz217:59
mike_papaBassem: It's written in Java. So whole program is Azureus2.jar and two scripts that run it - azureus and vuze.18:01
jfmcarreirais it possible to resolve this conflits and install wine? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14680988/18:01
Bassemmike_papa, and how can i run this script?18:01
mike_papaBassem: If you want to really install it, use 'sudo apt-get install vuze'18:01
mike_papaBassem: './vuze'18:01
alexmunoz905Is it possible to get a software like Mamp or lamp for linux? Instead of using lamp18:01
mike_papaBassem: or './azureus'18:01
Bassemmike_papa, no application to run it like pypr218:02
ioriaBassem,  and if you want you change the code and stuff... download the source (if available)18:02
mike_papaBassem: Just use 'sudo apt-get install vuze'. You're missing some dependencies.18:02
OerHeksvuze wants to add untrusted certificates, really nice.18:03
christarazianyone here with a radeon 6850?18:03
OerHeksbut that is part of the illegal download scene, i guess.18:03
Bassemmike_papa, one more question my terminal always start at sudo apt-get install vuze18:04
Bassemmike_papa, one more question my terminal always start at bs@BS-desktop:~$ but it never show my desktop files18:04
mike_papaBassem: ~/ folder is your home folder. It has 'Desktop' directory in it. This is where your desktop files are.18:05
OerHeksno items on your ~/Desktop, is a design by ubuntu.18:05
christaraziBassem, the part that says "BS-desktop" is just the name of your computer18:05
mike_papaBassem: but don't keep files on Desktop - it's dirty.18:05
Bassemmike_papa, one more question my terminal always start at bs@BS-desktop:~$ and when i type cd folder name it says No such file or directory18:06
mike_papaBassem: exactly. Its bs - you, @ - at, BS-desktop - computer name, ~ - home folder (means /home/bs/)18:06
Bassemmike_papa, so how can i make the default directory is my desktop18:06
mike_papaBassem: it tells you no such file or directory when you put 'cd Desktop'?18:07
mike_papaBassem: remember file names in linux are case sensitive18:07
Bassemmike_papa, no when i put other folder name on my desktop18:07
yellabshi there18:08
mike_papaBassem: and what about 'cd ~/Deksktop/other_directory' ?18:08
Bassemmike_papa, so i want my default directory to start terminal with is my desktop18:08
yellabswhat would you recommend for power saving thinkpad ?18:08
Bassemmike_papa, bash: cd: /home/bs/Deksktop/vuze: No such file or directory18:09
Bassemmike_papa, and the vuze directory is right there18:09
mike_papaBassem: paste 'ls -la /home/bs/Desktop18:09
OerHeksDeksktop ?18:09
mike_papaBassem: paste 'ls -la /home/bs/Desktop'18:09
mike_papaBassem: OerHeks is write - you've misspelled Desktop18:10
Bassemmike_papa, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14681137/18:10
mike_papaBassem: If you want to avoid it, just write Des and hit Tab18:10
OerHeksyellabs, laptop-mode-tools?18:10
OerHeks!info laptop-mode-tools18:10
ubottulaptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.66-2ubuntu1 (wily), package size 76 kB, installed size 415 kB18:10
mike_papaBassem: vuze is there. So 'cd ~/Desktop/vuze' should work. Just don't misspell it.18:11
Bassemmike_papa, now it work,, is there any way to make my desktop top the default directory that terminal start at18:11
ioriaBassem, you can edit .bashrc   and at the end ~/Desktop18:12
ioriaBassem, sorry,    cd ~/Desktop18:12
mike_papaBassem: and if you wish to start at Desktop folder... use this 'gedit .bashrc' and at the end add 'cd Desktop'18:12
otyughis there a way to use xorg without using a GPU and that would not be an overkill on the cpu usage or is it a lost battle and I should stay with tty ? (i'm working on a laptop where the GPU is soldered to the motherboard, and the gpu is dead)18:12
maza|2otyugh: vaio?!18:13
Bassemmike_papa, it work thanks alot18:13
otyughnope, acer18:13
mike_papaBassem: but I advise against it. It's very bad habbit to keep things on desktop. Desktop should contain links only. Maybe some temporary files. You'll get mess if you keep working on desktop18:13
otyugh(the gpu is a nvidia model which is known to die young...)18:14
mike_papaBassem: sure. np.18:14
Bassemmike_papa, im not trying to keep anything on desktop\18:14
maza|2i have vaio with dead Nvidia8600GS, and i don't know how use it without gpu18:15
pgunnarsQuestion: Do all the file descriptors in /proc/x/fd count towards the limit  ulimit -n?18:16
OerHeksotyugh, no, even if your CPU does the work, still need your GPU to send the screen18:16
otyughOerHeks, well, tty display just fine18:16
otyughIn fact only when drivers are used, everything gets mad.18:17
otyugh(windows or linux)18:17
otyughso I guess the cpu is quite fine to send stuff.18:17
otyughor the basics gpu capabilities ?18:18
OerHeksotyugh, oke, so without driver your CPU handles the rendering.18:18
Bassemioria, the vuze i download with "sudo apt-get install vuze" is vesrion 4 but the one from the website is version 518:18
ioriaBassem, and you needed version 5 ?18:18
Bassemioria, yes18:19
OerHeksYour CPU might get hot with the 3d functions in Ubuntu, choose a light desktop.18:19
ioriaBassem, ok18:19
otyughyou can use an appropriate ppa, or compile it yourself.18:19
otyughI guess the link lay around their official website or ubuntu's wiki.18:20
Bassemioria, some one wrote that comment in the softwear center Download the latest version instead of this one, then clear your previous config file on the application  options page and the crashing will stop - for the most part. Subscriptions will still crash, but downloads and seeding will work.18:21
OerHeksvuze should not be in our repos, like popcorntime is removed.18:21
Bassemioria, Great client but this version is quite old. To get the latest just download it from the vuze website and copy Azureus2.jar into /usr/share/java, overwriting the older one already in there. Now simply restart Vuze and you will be running the very latest one.18:21
ioriaBassem, that's wonderful ....18:22
Bassemioria, paste is not active in java folder18:23
ioriaBassem,  you previously installed vuze with apt-get install ?18:24
Bassemioria, yes18:24
ioriaBassem,  so purge it18:25
Bassemioria, huh?18:25
ioriaBassem,  remove it , if you want to use the one you downloaded18:25
Bassemioria, the comment says i need to copy Azureus2.jar to the java folder but it wont let me paste it there18:26
yellabsstrange with pidgin on irc18:26
ioriaBassem,  you'll need sudo to copy in that folder .... but i wouldn't copy anything in there18:27
Bassemwhy not18:27
ioriaBassem,  because is a system folder18:28
ioriaBassem,  let apt manage it18:28
Bassemioria, how18:28
ioriaBassem,  " overwriting the older one " ... you said ... do you have a Azureus2.jar  in there ? (usr/share/java)18:30
Piciikonnnn: hi, how can we help you today?18:33
Maxiehello, is there a way to sync idevices via usb on ubuntu 15.10?18:40
bazhangMaxie, sync idevices with what18:41
bazhangMaxie, with iTunes?18:41
bazhangMaxie, iTunes is not a linux thing18:42
k1litunes used to run in wine. but i dont know if that still works.18:42
bazhangrun is being generous18:43
OerHeksitunes on wine > https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=31322  they say silver, but should be bronse=garbage18:44
bazhangor just pitch black18:45
nicomachusbaby poop green18:45
=== stack_ is now known as narengan
OerHeksitunes on playonlinus > works, but no sync https://www.playonlinux.com/en/app-2586-iTunes_12.html18:46
yellabsOerheks, why even try ? LOL18:46
ikonnnnDID YOU KNOW THAT IKONIA IS AN INCOHERENT BABBLING MORON,  AND TO MAKE HIM SELF FEEL IMPORTANT,  HE BANS COMPETENT TECHS LIKE detai.   Oh you can't even offer to help users in the channel,  because IKONIA cares about following arbitrary rules more than helping people with real problems,  use a WORD in all caps - BANNED... OFFER TO HELP PEOPLE IN THE CHANNEL - BANNED...  IT'S ALMOST LIKE IKONIA IS PAID BY MICROSOFT/APPLE TO DISCOURAGE PE18:47
tewardrww == fast18:47
yellabsi like ikonia chmod 666 you18:47
rwwteward: it was not unexpected18:47
SilencedGuys . Is there any way to switch between GPU's in integrated graphics without restarting ?18:48
MaxieThanks for replies18:50
tewardSilenced: I do not believe so18:54
tewardbut, don't quote me on that18:54
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yellabsSilenced , i guess its a laptop ?18:55
tylerjust installed ubuntu mate18:56
=== tyler is now known as Guest77471
Guest77471dual boot with windows 1018:56
Guest77471need advice on linux how to make sure all drivers are working properly18:56
Silencedyellabs: Yes. Its a laptop18:57
OerHeksGuest77471, i think windows10 uses exfat?18:57
korpr_ukkahello people18:57
yellabsSilenced , i guess you can set it in your bios, but you need to reboot to acces it, and its not the easy way to switch18:58
OerHeksGuest77471, install sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils, then reopen the filemanager, and voila!18:58
korpr_ukkaanyone got time to help "a little" ?18:58
yellabsexfat ? is that not for ssd ?18:59
Silencedyellabs: Did that already mate. I just don't wanna reboot my laptop19:00
SilencedAnyways . Thanks :)19:00
SilencedAnyone uses irssi ?19:01
yellabsSilenced, hmm, cant help you , reboot needed in any option19:01
SilencedI just have a doubt regarding notification. I dont get a beep :/19:01
Bashing-omSilenced: For irssi .. suggest that you join #irssi channel . Better help there . ( bells are a terminal thing ) .19:03
korpr_ukkawell, maybe someone: laptop had windows, format and install ubuntu, all good. format and install mint -> OS not found. format + install x10. format and install ubuntu -> os not found19:04
korpr_ukkatried boot repair and all but nothing I can think of helps19:04
korpr_ukkaanyone got a clue what might be the problem?19:04
OerHeksos not found usually is a bootdevice setting in your bios19:05
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Boot a liveDVD and see what is on the hard drive(s) ' sudo parted -l ' for a place to start .19:05
korpr_ukkaI have very little options in bios. nothing that might help or be of any use19:06
korpr_ukkak, booting the live usb19:06
yellabskorpr_ukka, is grub showing ?19:07
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: K, we want to see partitions that have linux file systems on them ( ext4 for example ) .19:07
korpr_ukkaall of the partitions have ext419:07
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: K; then next is the firmware/booting ... efi/MBR ?19:08
korpr_ukkahmm, there's 316gb ext4, then there's 4gb extended without filesystem and 4gb swap19:09
korpr_ukkasaid the parted -l19:09
korpr_ukkanext on list is grub...19:10
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: OK, so only one installed operating system . Last installed system is what controlls MBR booting .19:11
korpr_ukkahmm, where should it be?19:11
korpr_ukkathe grub...19:11
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Depends .. MBR or EFI booting ?19:11
korpr_ukkaI'm not that far into linux yet to know what those mean :(19:12
korpr_ukkafound grub folder in /boot19:12
Bashing-om!uefi | korpr_ukka19:12
ubottukorpr_ukka: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:12
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Be aware, if you do not have 'buntu installed ... your situation is off topic for this channel .19:15
korpr_ukkaI had it installed and trying to install again19:15
korpr_ukkanow in ubuntu live19:16
korpr_ukkaso the first problem is that I don't have quick boot/fast boot in bios...19:17
AlexPortablebest method, adding user to sudo group or adding him to /etc/sudoers ?19:17
tewardrww: i poke thee19:18
AlexPortablehejrr: whats wrong with irc?19:18
AlexPortableoh he left19:18
tewardAlexPortable: don't comment on the spam heh19:19
k1ldont mind the troll.19:19
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Look'n more loke you may not be an efi system . While I consider, what returns ' [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS ' .19:19
hosifiedjoin #archlinux19:21
korpr_ukkathat line returned ' BIOS '19:21
korpr_ukkakind of hard to type with wrong keyb conf :/19:21
SilencedI am loving tmux :D19:23
AlexPortablebest method, adding user to sudo group or adding him to /etc/sudoers ?19:24
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, anything else?19:24
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: K; one more check ' ls -ld /sys/firmware/efi ' .. does it return " ls: cannot access /sys/firmware/efi: No such file or directory " ?19:24
Jordan_UAlexPortable: Adding the user to the sudo group is easeier and less prone to error.19:25
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, yep19:25
Bashing-omOK, let's re-install grub. I need to see what we are working with . in a pastebin ' sudo fdisk -lu | pastebinit ' .19:26
BluesKajwhayt about naming it uefi instead of efi in that string?19:28
Bashing-omBluesKaj: Think that 'efi' is the designated name of the directory . I can be taught otherwise .19:29
BluesKajBashing-om, I was just guessing ;-)19:29
Bashing-omBluesKaj: :) There are those times your best guess is better than my unsure knowledge .19:30
korpr_ukkahad to install pastebin on the way19:30
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/14681785/ .19:31
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, thank you so much19:31
AlexPortableJordan_U: but whats the difference?19:32
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
AlexPortabledoes it does the same?19:34
Jordan_UAlexPortable: If you read /etc/sudoers you will see that there is already a line there giving any user who is a member of the "sudo" group permission to use sudo with any command. You could add another line to the file giving a specific username that permission also, or you could add users to the "sudo" group as needed. The only reason why I would add a new line to /etc/sudoers is if I wanted to allow a s19:36
Jordan_Upecific user or group to run a *specific* command as root with sudo (i.e. only allow "sudo apt-get upgrade" but not "sudo vim /etc/fstab").19:36
AlexPortablesudo or sudoers ? whats the usergroup called?19:37
=== nicomach1s is now known as nicomachus
PiciAlexPortable: sudo (or admin  if you're on an older release)19:38
AlexPortableok thanks19:40
AlexPortablesorry wrong window19:40
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Re-install grub from the liveDVD: ' sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt ; sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda ; sudo umount /mnt ' . Reboot into the install ( remove the DVD, change bios to boot the hard drive ) once in the install now run ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo update-grub ' . Tell me all is good now .19:41
=== aerth is now known as Guest20844
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, is there something to be replaced with my own stuff in that?19:41
Grimm_My head phones suddenly stopped working after a critical shut down due to battery running out19:41
korpr_ukkaor just type it?19:41
Grimm_please any ideas on how to fix this?19:42
BluesKajnew battery?19:42
Grimm_It does not work on my tablet either19:42
Grimm_I'm running 15.0419:42
nicomachusGrimm_: suggest updating to 15.10 asap19:43
=== Guest20844 is now known as aerth
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Nope, should run as if .. Why I wanted that fdisk output to tailor it to your need .19:43
=== mccloud is now known as Guest91920
Grimm_nicomachus: But if I do that won't I loose all the apps I've installed?19:44
nicomachusGrimm_: no.19:44
nicomachusGrimm_: 15.04 stops receiving updates in less than a week.19:44
Guest91920Goo afternoon,19:45
Grimm_nicomachus: but it's the headphone that is damaged19:45
Guest91920I am lookin for some assistance with associating an xrdp session with an instance of GoogleChrome in Kiosk Mode.19:45
Grimm_nicomachus: It does not work on my phone or tablet19:46
nicomachusGrimm_: yea I know, I don't have a solution for you there. But you should update your ubuntu.19:46
Grimm_But it worked perfect before19:46
Guest91920I have configured chrome to run on boot on Ubuntu Minimal,  and configured XRDP for the rdp server.19:46
Guest91920When I go to access the rdp server, it connects me but it takes me to a basic desktop. no icons, or taskbar, just a right click option19:46
Grimm_I'll do the update though, but I really want to fix my headphones19:46
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, well surprise surprise. OS not found19:47
Grimm_It's the only one I have19:47
OerHeksGrimm_, so if your headphone is not working on an other machine, it is broken. how do you want ubuntu fix this?19:47
Guest91920I have actually documented all of this in an ask ubuntu question, but have not received a response. After review other similar posts, it does not appear that anyone has received an answer for this type of question.19:48
korpr_ukkawith python you can fix it with ' import working_headphone '19:48
nicomachuskorpr_ukka: not helpful.19:48
Grimm_OerHeks: It's just really strange to me19:49
nicomachusGrimm_: sounds like the headphones may have shorted. regardless, not an ubuntu issue.19:49
Guest91920I am going to leave and return with my stackexchange username so I am not showing as guest. So ahead of time, p[lease excuse the duplicate post19:49
nicomachusGuest84090: you don't need to leave to do that19:49
nicomachusjust type "/nick newusername19:50
nicomachus"/nick newusername"19:50
Grimm_nicomachus: Please do you know how I can fix this?19:50
OerHeksGrimm_, so if your headphone is not working on an other machine, it is broken.19:51
FrameFeverwhere can I get support for curl?19:51
korpr_ukkabattery ran out on headphones or laptop?19:52
nicomachusGrimm_: buy new headphones... or fix the short. but it's not an ubuntu issue, so not on topic here.19:52
=== TokyoGhoulFan is now known as TokyoGhoulGuy
Grimm_thanks anyway19:52
johnheneryplease assist in associating xrdp with xorg running chrome in kiosk mode.19:53
johnheneryReference: http://askubuntu.com/questions/726003/how-can-i-associate-xrdp-with-windows-sessions-showing-application-in-fullscreen19:53
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: An advisory from bios ? Did you select the 1st hard drive as 1st boot priority in bios ?19:54
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, boot priority order has IDE HDD fujitsu mh22 etc as 1:19:55
korpr_ukkathe rest are usb stuff and ide cd19:56
Jordan_U!bootinfo | korpr_ukka19:58
ubottukorpr_ukka: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.19:58
charllieHello could you help me with my problem connected with gnome terminal called guake?19:58
korpr_ukkak, will try that then19:59
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Ouch then .. Maybe take a look from the liveDVD and see what is on the hard drive . ' sudo mkdir /mnt/looksee ; sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/looksee ; ls -al /mnt/looksee/boot/grub/ ' See lots of files here ? . Now backout gracefully when all done looking ' sudo umount /mnt/looksee ' .20:01
KingMidasK1l the sooner ikonia apologies for banning de-tai the sooner this cat and mouse will be over..  "i thought I saw a pussycat(or his IRC client),...  I did!  I did... " LMAOOOO  nice bans (fix your connection)  ohhh you missed... That wasn't me20:01
* pbx yawns20:01
* CTC drools in sleep, wakes up thinking i wetted myself20:02
guest32423how is Ubuntu in terms of privacy? does it sell user data to advertising companies?20:03
nicomachusguest32423: no. there is no user data gathered that could be sold.20:04
k1lguest32423: no20:04
OerHeksguest32423, if ubuntu did, there would be no more ubuntu.20:04
guest32423how come?20:04
OerHekshow come what?20:04
ubottuPlease do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt20:04
Jordan_UCTC: Please keep such comments in non support channels in the future.20:04
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, there's only a few files and folders20:04
guest32423I am just asking if Ubuntu is a good option for privacy, a big question these days20:05
johnheneryCould somebody please assist in associating xrdp with xorg running chrome in kiosk mode.20:05
Bashing-omkirkland: Do you see " -r--r--r-- 1 root root   41645 Jan 19 14:51 grub.cfg " ??20:05
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka:  Do you see " -r--r--r-- 1 root root   41645 Jan 19 14:51 grub.cfg " ??20:06
=== victor is now known as Guest49017
Bashing-omkirkland: Sorry bout the bad hilight .20:07
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, yeah, except mine is 726720:08
Jordan_Ukorpr_ukka: Did you see my message (via ubottu) asking you to run boot info script?20:08
korpr_ukkaJordan_U, yep, haven't gotten into that yet20:08
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Then .. not booting up now makes no sense to me . Re-installed grub, MBR bootcode, and the config file is there . I know of no other reason - lessen the hard drive is bad - for it not to boot .20:10
MannyLNJI'm trying to get VirtualBox on Ubuntu to see an Iphone but Ubuntu keeps taking control and not passing it through, Hellp please20:10
pouet12345I am in 14.04, and I want to upgrade to 14.10 then 15.04 then 15.10 . Is it ok to do that ?20:11
pouet12345I am trying to do it with do-release-upgrade20:11
pouet12345but it proposes only 15.1020:11
pouet12345"do-release-upgrade -p" proposes 15.0420:12
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, any way to check the HDD for badness?20:12
pouet12345"do-release-upgrade --check-dist-upgrade-only" proposes 15.1020:12
OerHekspouet12345, normally you should go from 14.04 > 14.10 ( eol ) > 15.04 > 15.10 .. not sure here is a bug.20:12
k1lpouet12345: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?20:12
pouet12345I inverted the releases for 15.04 and 14.1020:13
pouet12345k1l, Description:Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS20:13
VayriCan anybody tell me a channel for inquiring about wordlists for brute force attacks? I mean I need a really big one (>100gb) and did the mistake of querying /list on the server20:13
k1lpouet12345: ok, the servers for 14.10 are already shut down since its dead since months. so you need to use the !eolupgrade20:14
Jordan_U!alis | Vayri20:14
ubottuVayri: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http20:14
PiciVayri: That sort of thing is not on-topic for this channel.20:14
PiciVayri: maybe ##security20:14
VayriThanks lad20:14
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:14
pouet12345k1l, ?20:14
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: Wont hurt a thing to follow Jordan_U's directive, and see what is in the report . as the checking the hard drive : 'smartctl' see : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools .20:15
k1lpouet12345: see the bots message just before you20:15
xanguapouet12345: 16.04 is coming out in a few months, you'll be able to upgrade directly to it20:15
korpr_ukkahere's the bootinfo: http://pastebin.com/nxQi0vJ220:15
pouet12345xangua, I know20:16
pouet12345xangua, I want to upgrade a snapshot of my system20:16
pouet12345it's ok if it breaks20:16
pouet12345I have a dual boot20:16
Bashing-ompouet12345: Developes hard at work. You may be inb good shape. See: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1497024 <- release upgrades should jump over unsupported releases - fixed ?20:17
=== TheFreakler is now known as Al3x_10m
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497024 in update-manager (Ubuntu Vivid) "release upgrades should jump over unsupported releases" [High,Fix released]20:17
fiterHi. Guys, I need your help. I was installing Virtual Box from Software Center, and my Opera was deinstalled. What I should do to restore my Opera history?20:17
pouet12345k1l, ok I didn't saw that one20:17
=== master is now known as Guest61734
xanguafiter: just install opera back20:18
Bashing-omkorpr_ukka: look'n at the script .20:19
korpr_ukkawth, that smartmontools showed some weird mail server thing20:19
OerHeks profile and mail files will be created in ~/.opera and ~/.opera/mail/ the first time the user runs Opera .. not sure why opera is removed, with/without data ..20:19
OerHeksfiter, rename ~/.opera to something else, install opera, and set it back?20:20
pouet12345Bashing-om, I read it but that's really confusing20:22
pouet12345I understand that the bvehavior is normal20:23
pouet12345but, is it ok to actually do the update ?20:23
pouet12345from 14.04 to 15.04 ?20:23
xanguapouet12345: no20:24
nicomachuspouet12345: why do you want to update from 14.04 to 15.04?20:24
xanguaUnless you want a broken system20:24
MonkeyDustpouet12345  15.04 is !eol, next week or so20:24
pouet12345nicomachus, the question is why the do-realse upgrade proposes it ?20:24
fiterGUYS, I've solved my problem.20:25
xanguapouet12345: didn't you see the bug you were mentioned?20:25
nicomachus!yay | fiter20:25
ubottufiter: Glad you made it! :-)20:25
TokyoGhoulGuyufhyghujtujrf ufy7hy7yu,hirakkysfdrk7fgdjsyr8ytgfkdyasgwbvge 6ecy 6d7suawyfqeeuwtrhejui8fb 7yfdewjisauwhgssdj ciop cxujikwerdotdrt20:25
TokyoGhoulGuy cjvghj3ecfj kfghbgyrehjtgfyhjsdkdeofigtungv hjnj20:25
pouet12345xangua, i said i don't understand what it means20:26
MonkeyDustTokyoGhoulGuy  stop20:26
pbxtx Jordan_U20:26
korpr_ukkawell that smartmontools isn't working properly for me20:29
Bashing-omJordan_U: korpr_ukka Is this a raid or LVM instance of some sort ? " No volume groups found " from ' StdErr Messages: ' at the end of the boot-info script .20:29
pouet12345so I upgrade to 14.1020:29
nicomachuspouet12345: why do you want to upgrade at all?20:30
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, got no idea20:30
MonkeyDustpouet12345  easiest an safest is to stick to 14.0420:31
Jordan_UBashing-om: No, that's just a spurious error.20:31
pouet12345as I said I upgrade a snapshoted system, so I have a running backup.20:31
Jordan_Ukorpr_ukka: "not working" in what way?20:31
pouet12345this years I staid on the lts because of issues with a video card20:32
korpr_ukkaJordan_U, I'm at some postfix configuration and I can't hit <Ok>20:32
shibbolethCritical OpenSSL update tomorrow. *Maybe* Ubuntu will provide updated packages before Monday this time?20:32
pouet12345but I want to see what's new20:32
geniikorpr_ukka: tab key to change options, enter to select option20:33
k1lshibboleth: you got a cve?20:33
nicomachuspouet12345: best to wait until April and just upgrade to the newest LTS.20:33
pouet12345latter I can still upgrade my system from 14.04 to 16.04 i want to, because actually I have a backup on a dual boot20:33
MonkeyDustpouet12345  install it it as a virtual machine, if you simply want to see what's new20:33
pouet12345I have a LVM, I don't need a virtual machine20:33
shibbolethThe last three times Ubuntu has not provided updates until the following Monday20:34
korpr_ukkathanks genii20:34
geniikorpr_ukka: You're welcome20:34
shibbolethEven though both upstream and Debian were updated on a Thursday20:34
pouet12345I just snapshot and upgrade a duplicate system. I mean I would not try if I had only one system20:34
k1lshibboleth: the last times i can recall that there was a fix quite fast after there was a patch available.20:34
OerHeksnot crutical, high severity https://mta.openssl.org/pipermail/openssl-announce/2016-January/000058.html20:34
shibbolethk1l, nope20:35
MonkeyDustpouet12345  what was your initial question, what brings you here20:35
=== nerdboxzz is now known as nerdbox_
shibbolethOerHeks, Heartbleed was also "high severity"20:35
k1lshibboleth: but better file a bug instead of ranting in a volunteers channel. that will just make one look bad20:35
shibbolethk1l, I'm not complaining20:35
pouet12345MonkeyDust, asking why it proposed to got from 14.04 to 15.04 when doing release upgrade20:35
k1lshibboleth: then you should rethink your words since it comes with attitude and rants.20:35
MonkeyDustpouet12345  simply ignore it20:36
pouet12345MonkeyDust, asking if it was right, or if there was some problem. but apparently there is a bug20:36
shibbolethk1l, no implied, maybe inferred20:36
pouet12345MonkeyDust, I want to go to 15.10 from 14.04 . So obviously I though about waiting for 16.04. But I don't want to. but well, I will just do the end of life upgrade20:38
k1lshibboleth: you can look at http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/ then20:38
shibbolethk1l, i do. daily20:38
OerHeksno cve yet, http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/cve/pkg/ALL-linux.html20:39
_RarityHello! I have a large 32GB USB drive that I would like to format to FAT12 for educational purposes. Does anybody know how to do that?20:40
le_pigI'm interested in this, too.  Thankfully, I can rely on unattended-upgrades in my environment.20:40
_Rarity"mkfs.fat -F 12" complains20:40
shibbolethehm, fat > 32 does not support partitions larger than 2GB iirc20:41
shibboleth< 32 even20:41
OerHeksfat12 limited the size to 32 MB20:42
_RarityI know. AFAIK, it only supports 16 MiB. How do I format my drive to that?20:42
johnheneryHow can I associate XRDP with Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode. I am attempting to remote into my linux box, which is only running Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode (Reference of setup: https://thepcspy.com/read/building-a-kiosk-computer-ubuntu-1404-chrome/) but when accessing the machine remotely, it takes me to a basic grey background and cursor. I am wanting to set it up to rdp into a session of googlechrom in kiosk mode, However, I have 20:42
pouet12345i wonder why i use linux when i see how messy it is ^20:42
nicomachusfat32 should be able to hit 32gb20:42
OerHeksfat32 4gb ?20:42
cihhanhi all! anybody tried using EC2 with VNC sessions? I am trying to instantiate Ubuntu Server and install ubuntu-desktop (even xubuntu-desktop was tried) and use X11VNC but I was not successful. Do you have any suggestions?20:42
_RarityI am learning about file systems, and FAT12 should be easy to learn. I want to format my USB to FAT12 so I can inspect the bytes of the drive :)20:43
pouet12345Bashing-om, so according to the bug, what will happen when I do releaseupgrade from my 14.04 ?20:44
jayjo_can I kill an attached screen, or do I have to detach and kill the process?20:45
shibbolethjayjo_, man screen20:46
MonkeyDustjayjo_  ctrl a k20:46
jayjo_MonkeyDust: that worked thanks20:47
bob3247how to permanantly disasble bluetooth on my ubuntu 15.10 laptop, i want to kill it as thoroughly as possible?20:47
jayjo_when I use ctrl+a A to rename my session, when I'm detached it doesn't show that name20:48
jayjo_but attached it does show that name20:48
Bashing-ompouet12345: The way I read it .. the release upgrade from 14.04 direct to 15.04 should work . BUT it is not tested !20:48
NightKhaosIs there an existing way to upgrade to OpenSSH client 6.7 (or better) for Trusty? I want to take advantage of some features that came out in 6.7 (namely support for SSHFP type 4 records), but I cannot justify a full OS upgrade.20:48
MonkeyDustjayjo_  ctrl a "   to see a list of screens20:49
MonkeyDustjayjo_  correction, list of windows in a screen session20:49
Jordan_U_Rarity: I wouldn't bother with a USB drive at all: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/disk.img bs=4M count=1 && mkfs.fat -F 12 /tmp/disk.img20:49
Jordan_U_Rarity: Note that sudo is *not* required for those commands.20:50
MonkeyDustjayjo_  you can rename windows in a screen session, but not the session itself20:50
pouet12345Bashing-om, ok. but still if I want to upgrade to 14.10, how to do it ?20:50
pouet12345Bashing-om, ok, anyway doesn't matter, it upgrades to vivid20:50
pouet12345I don't care20:50
pouet12345I will resnapshot my curent system if it fails20:51
Jordan_Upouet12345: Have you read the eolupgrade link that has already been given to you?20:51
pouet12345Jordan_U, yes, but this is to upgrade "from" a eol upgrade, not "to"20:51
_RarityJordan_U: Aha, thanks a lot!20:52
Jordan_U_Rarity: You're welcome.20:52
pouet12345Bashing-om, ok, i guess migrating to 15.04 was untested because it fails right away ^^20:52
pouet12345Jordan_U, am i mistaken about the eol upgrade ?20:53
korpr_ukkaBashing-om, the short test on smartctl was clean20:53
bob3247how to permanantly disasble bluetooth on my ubuntu 15.10 laptop?20:55
Neensanyone have a few minutes to spare to help me with fixing my boot time with ubuntu 15.10? can't really pinpoint which problems are worth fixing20:55
=== luist_ is now known as luist
korpr_ukkawell, I'm off to bed. hopefully I can fix this thing before weekend20:56
korpr_ukkaand thanks all who helped!20:56
MonkeyDustbob3247  service --status-all <-- to see what's running ... then: sudo service bluetooth stop20:57
johnheneryHow can I associate XRDP with Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode. I am attempting to remote into my linux box, running chrome- kiosk(Reference of setup: https://thepcspy.com/read/building-a-kiosk-computer-ubuntu-1404-chrome/) but when accessing the machine remotely, it takes me to a basic grey background and cursor. I am wanting to set it up to rdp into a session of googlechrom in kiosk mode, However, I have not been able to achieve this20:57
Jordan_Upouet12345: With the caveat that anyone else reading this (that isn't just working in a snapshot) shouldn't try this, try adding copies of all of your current sources.list lines that use http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ before starting the upgrade. I have no idea if this will work.20:58
pouet12345Jordan_U, yeah not bad idea20:59
pouet12345I try20:59
Jordan_Upouet12345: To be clear, all of the lines should still use the codename "Trusty". Changing the codename might initiate an upgrade, but it would be one almost destined to break.20:59
pouet12345Jordan_U, in fact the repos are not the first issues. the first issue is that it upgrades straight to 15.04 .21:03
pouet12345Jordan_U, what I would need is to force to 14.1021:03
Neensis this an okay init time?          10.424s gpu-manager.service21:03
pouet12345But beside doing a dist upgrade after manually changing the sources.list to unicorn, I don't see how yet21:03
pouet12345do-release-upgrade doesn't propose a way to specify the version21:04
xanguapouet12345: did you try to set upgrades to "normal"releases in software center, edit menu, sources, updates tab?21:05
bigpicnewb here.. I’ve got a box with 2 nics and I need to change the default route so that it uses the gateway of eth1 instead of eth021:05
bigpicI can do a route add21:05
bigpicbut i need to persist the changes through a reboot21:05
bigpicgoogle’d around and didn’t find anything obvious21:06
bigpiccan anyone point me in the right direction?21:06
pouet12345xangua, it's enabled21:07
pouet12345I tried do-release-upgrade -d21:07
pouet12345and it fails because it tries to find files on "http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/utopic/main/binary-amd64/Packages "21:07
nicomachuspouet12345: do not use -d21:07
k1l_pouet12345: -d is stupid21:08
MonkeyDustbigpic  try ##networking21:08
k1l_pouet12345: use the eol repos. that will work21:08
pouet12345k1l_, how ??21:08
bigpiclol buddy this is ubuntu specific21:08
nicomachus!eol | pouet12345 check the links...21:09
ubottupouet12345 check the links...: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:09
k1l_pouet12345: you need to change the sources.list like the !eolupgrade page tells you21:09
pouet12345-d is the closet to give what is needed, by trying to upgrade to 14.1021:09
k1l_pouet12345: i think i told you that already some minutes ago21:09
pouet12345k1l_, I told you the this page tell you how to update FROM an EOL not TO an EOL21:09
pouet12345k1l_, and I told you a minute a ago that you proposing something that doesn't fit to the use case21:10
geniipouet12345: -d does not do that. It tries to bring you to the Ubuntu which is currently under development, in this case Xenial ( 16.04)21:10
k1l_pouet12345: you need to do this because you want to upgrade to a eol release, too21:10
forg9002does anyone have a problem with the last version of firefox21:10
forg9002on ubuntu 14.0421:10
k1l_pouet12345: is there a reason you want to go to 15.10?21:10
Gallomimiahi. i'm running a ubuntu server installer, and i've dropped into a shell to fix some things. the monitor seems to have gone to sleep and i can't get the system to display anything. i'd like to continue what i was doing without a reboot. any ideas?21:10
pouet12345genii, yet -d proposes me to go to 14.1021:11
Gallomimiapouet12345: why are you so stuck on -d?21:12
pouet12345Gallomimia, because nothing works21:13
Gallomimiadoesn't the command work without -d?21:13
pouet12345Gallomimia, no !21:13
k1l_pouet12345: how often should we tell you the right way and you still dont do it?21:14
pouet12345but i may have make a mistake between unicorn and utopic names21:14
SonikkuAmericapouet12345: just point /etc/apt/spurces.list to the target version of choice anc run a dist-upgrade21:14
CountryfiedLinuxAre Ubuntu phones GSM or CDMA?21:14
k1l_SonikkuAmerica: not really supported21:14
xangua! Touch | CountryfiedLinux21:14
ubottuCountryfiedLinux: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch21:14
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: Depends on the carrier21:14
pouet12345k1l_, how often should I tell you that what you propose is not working ?21:15
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, I'm considering buying one if I can bring it to Boost Mobile.21:15
pouet12345the only working solution is to NOT upgrade at all21:15
Gallomimiapouet12345: never. you should quote the error it gives instead.21:15
k1l_pouet12345: so you changed the source.list? can you pastebin it?21:15
Jordan_Uk1l_: I'm not actually convinced that adding old-releases.ubuntu.com entries in the sources.list is the correct way to do this. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1497024 seems to imply that letting update-manager skip 14.10 is the supported solution.21:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497024 in update-manager (Ubuntu Vivid) "release upgrades should jump over unsupported releases" [High,Fix released]21:15
pouet12345I would not have need you to tell me that lol21:15
pouet12345k1l_, sure21:15
geniipouet12345: Change the lines in your /etc/apt/sources.list file which start with something like http://us.archive.ubuntu.com   to be instead http://old-releases.ubuntu.com   ...then do sudo apt-get update. After this you should be able to sudo do-release-upgrade   without the -d21:16
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: an unlocked phone would be GSM21:16
pouet12345If you have a way to have the terminal output force display to english21:16
Jordan_Upouet12345: export LANG=c21:16
pouet12345genii, ok21:16
rmx77hello all21:17
rmx77whats all goin down21:17
Jordan_Upouet12345: Technically it should actually be "export LANG=C", but I expect the lowercase 'c' will give you the same effect.21:17
Gallomimiaubuntu support21:17
MonkeyDustrmx77  this is ubuntu support21:17
CountryfiedLinuxSonikkuAmerica, My current Boost phone is GSM. Are the Ubuntu phones GSM?21:17
rmx77well i have a hickup myself for ubuntu-mate for a raspberry pi2 i installed it and made the software updates and bam it says i am almost out of space21:18
GallomimiaCountryfiedLinux: he told you that both are avail. also someone said phones are in a different channel.21:18
k1l_pouet12345: change the utopic back to trusty21:18
SonikkuAmericaCountryfiedLinux: Like I said, check the carrier, and you should be set. Ubuntu phone firmware shouldnt affect that21:19
MonkeyDust!phone | CountryfiedLinux21:19
ubottuCountryfiedLinux: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch21:19
CountryfiedLinuxok thanks21:19
Jordan_Upouet12345: Don't ever manually change the release name in /etc/apt/sources.list .21:19
pouet12345Jordan_U, he told me to change it21:20
nicomachusrmx77: how much space do you have on the pi?21:20
pouet12345but I would not to a dist upgrade21:20
pouet12345after changing the name21:20
rmx77i have an 8gb microsd card21:21
pouet12345k1l_, it fails21:21
Bassemis there any easy way to run shell files without terminal command ./shell file name21:21
Gallomimiarmx77: df -h21:21
pouet12345maybe I have unoficials some software that it cannot resolve the dependencies21:21
Jordan_UBassem: That seems pretty easy to me. What would you prefer?21:22
k1l_pouet12345: make sure to shut down the PPAs for the upgrade21:22
rmx77the thing says i have 3.8gb for the total space and then 3.6gb for the space available and 100mb that is left21:22
pouet12345but that doesn't looks goor for the future 16.04 upgrade21:22
MonkeyDustBassem  what's easier than ./ ?21:22
pouet12345k1l_, I removed external sources21:22
k1l_pouet12345: then please pastebin it21:22
Gallomimiarmx77: oops. sounds like you need to grow your filesystem to use the whole disk21:22
* jmpp greets!21:23
k1l_i just see your wrong sources.list in a pastebin pouet12345 and we told you to correct it.21:23
johnheneryHow can I associate XRDP with Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode. I am attempting to remote into my linux box, running chrome- kiosk(Reference of setup: https://thepcspy.com/read/building-a-kiosk-computer-ubuntu-1404-chrome/) but when accessing the machine remotely, it takes me to a basic grey background and cursor. I am wanting to set it up to rdp into a session of googlechrom in kiosk mode, However, I have not been able to achieve this21:23
Gallomimiai forget how to do that. but i had to do it with my pi121:23
rmx77it says i have in the root 3.5gb of total space and 3.4gb used21:23
pouet12345k1l_, http://pastebin.com/8qXhqMhu21:23
Gallomimiai know there's a pi channel and they pass out advice on that all day lon21:23
BassemJordan_U, i dont want to open terminal then navigate to the file directory to run it...isn't there other way to run it by clicking on it21:23
jmppsystem info question: I have a user that /var/log/auth.log shows as logging in, even yesterday. But lastlog(1) says she's never logged in, and so do last & lastb21:23
pouet12345k1l_, yes and it doesn't work either21:23
k1l_pouet12345: now please a "sudo do-release-upgrade"21:23
jmppI've been googling but I can't find any explanation for this. Any pointers?21:23
jmppthanks in advance!21:24
MonkeyDustBassem  yes, you can link to it... is what i do for my custom suspend sciptlet21:24
Gallomimiajmpp check that the last file exists. if not, touch it.21:24
Gallomimiai can't remember the path for it21:24
pouet12345Jordan_U, I don't know why the export LANG=C doesn't work anymore, that's what I was doing before21:24
jmppthe lastlog file?21:24
BassemMonkeyDust, how can i do that21:24
rmx77how am i to make or clean up space21:24
Jordan_Upouet12345: In what way is it "not working"?21:24
Gallomimiarmx77: stop everything until you manage to grow that ilesystem21:24
pouet12345Jordan_U, it still displays french21:25
pouet12345but I am in a chroot21:25
jmppGallomimia: it does exist, and it shows an up-to-date last modification time21:25
pouet12345maybe that's a problem ...21:25
rmx77how am i to do that though21:25
MonkeyDustBassem  with a text editor, write your script and save ... then in the file manager, right click, make executable and 'make link'... then move that link to the deskto21:25
Jordan_Ujmpp: I don't know if scp / sshfs use counts as a "login" for lastlog, but I would expect it to count for auth.log.21:25
Gallomimiamaybe that user is not starting a shell when they log in? perhaps they're using scp?21:26
jmppGallomimia: I get useful info out of it through lastlog(1), e.g. showing my last login date. But for this particular user it says "never logged in", when /var/log/auth.log shows sshd accepting a connection from her21:26
pouet12345ok, thank you guys, I will get back to that another day21:26
jmppJordan_U: it could be the case that she's logging with a GUI, e.g. MySQL Workbench, which uses SSH tunnels 'n stuff21:26
Gallomimiaim not sure at this point jmpp. i had a problem like that, and what i suggested was all i figured out about it21:26
jmppso only interactive shells update the lastlog db?21:27
Gallomimiaunsure. would like to know21:27
BassemMonkeyDust, what do you mean with file manager?21:27
MonkeyDustBassem  more complex, install gnome-panel... you can then use 'gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new'21:27
jmppinteractive and/or login shells21:27
MonkeyDustBassem  nautilus, where all your files are listed21:27
Jordan_Ujmpp: http://askubuntu.com/questions/107602/command-last-does-not-show-logins-through-sftp-is-there-something-similar-or-an21:28
jmppJordan_U: any idea about that last question? Do only interactive and/or login shells update the lastlog db?21:28
BassemMonkeyDust, you mean files?21:28
MonkeyDustBassem  yes, files, that's what i said21:29
MonkeyDustBassem  oh yes, nautilus is now called files, true21:29
jmppI wonder if an SSH tunnel, which is what i think Navicat & MySQL Workbench do, also don't count as a login21:30
BassemMonkeyDust, i can't find make executable when i right click the script21:30
MonkeyDustBassem  permissions21:30
MonkeyDustBassem  right click, properties, permissions21:31
Gallomimiajmpp: an auth but not a login.21:31
Gallomimiai should think for more details, ask mysqld and its logging facilities21:31
jmppthanks for the info, pretty useful21:31
Gallomimiai agree. i learned a lot21:32
jmppat least it takes a bit off of the scare I had regarding this account21:32
jmppearlier my box experienced some form of a flood attack, and I thought this account was showing tampared information21:32
johnheneryHow can I associate XRDP with Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode? I am attempting to remote into ubuntu minimal, running chrome- kiosk(Reference of setup: https://thepcspy.com/read/building-a-kiosk-computer-ubuntu-1404-chrome/) but when accessing the machine remotely, it takes me to a basic grey background and cursor. I am wanting to set it up to rdp into a session of googlechrom in kiosk mode, However, google research and similar questi21:33
BassemMonkeyDust, i did and click on allow execution file as program but when i double click it open with pypar221:34
MonkeyDustBassem  is it a python script?21:34
MonkeyDustBassem  what do you want it to open with?21:34
BassemMonkeyDust, donno honestly thats what typed in the title bar pypar221:34
MonkeyDustBassem  what is the script supposed to do?21:35
BassemMonkeyDust, its vuze21:35
MonkeyDustwhat's vuze21:35
MonkeyDust!find vuze21:35
ubottuFound: vuze21:35
MonkeyDust!info vuze21:35
ubottuvuze (source: azureus): Multimedia BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version (wily), package size 7 kB, installed size 59 kB21:35
K0d1_Hi Y'all21:35
TemmisCan I install Ricochet chat using Synaptic?21:36
Gallomimiavuze = new name for azureus21:36
MonkeyDustBassem  in files, go to /usr/share/applications/  ... find vuze and make link to the deskto21:36
Bashing-om!info ricochet trusry21:36
ubottu'trusry' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed21:36
Bashing-om!info ricochet trusty21:37
ubottuPackage ricochet does not exist in trusty21:37
Bashing-om!info ricochet21:37
ubottuPackage ricochet does not exist in wily21:37
Bashing-omTemmis: ^^ " Can I install Ricochet chat using Synaptic? " short answer is no .21:38
BassemMonkeyDust, its not there. it's not installed application21:39
MonkeyDustBassem  how do you want to run it, if it's not installed21:41
BassemMonkeyDust, it's executable script file when i type in terminal ./vuze the application run well21:42
MonkeyDustBassem  i'm sure someone else can help better21:42
BassemMonkeyDust, i just want to run it with clicking not to open terminal every time and navigate to the script folder and type ./vuse to run it every time21:42
rumsup all21:47
johnheneryHow can I associate XRDP with Google Chrome in Kiosk Mode? I am attempting to remote into ubuntu minimal, running chrome- kiosk(Reference of setup: https://thepcspy.com/read/building-a-kiosk-computer-ubuntu-1404-chrome/) but when accessing the machine remotely, it takes me to a basic grey background and cursor. I am wanting to set it up to rdp into a session of googlechrom in kiosk mode, However, google research and similar questi21:48
dinosaurCan a .sh file just be a list of commands21:49
Ben64johnhenery: you need to start chrome then21:49
Ben64dinosaur: yes that is what they are21:49
dinosaurlike I want to do this http://pastebin.com/gesV77n421:49
Ben64dinosaur: some of those probably want input from you, so that's not a great idea21:50
dinosaurah right21:50
johnheneryBen64: The interesting thing is, if I right click and choose to open web browser, nothing happens through rdp,. but on the local machine, a second session of chrome openhs up.21:50
TemmisBashing-om: Why not?21:50
TemmisI installed it on another computer using the command line but someone was helping me and I forgot what I typed.21:50
Ben64johnhenery: same user?21:50
Ben64johnhenery: well there you go. since the user already has chrome open, it opens a new window where that is21:51
kelii want to update youtube-dl avconv any help21:51
Ben64keli: sudo apt-get install youtube-dl avconv21:52
keliit isn't working21:52
Ben64keli: elaborate please21:52
johnhenerySo if I set chrome to open as a different user, then rdp with my username, it will allow chrome to open?21:52
Ben64johnhenery: why not rdp with another user21:53
compdocHow could I easily gather all the scheduled jobs (cron, etc) from several machines/VMs throughout a lan? So that I can know the times when each machine might be doing something cpu intensive?21:53
johnheneryI welcome any ideas. The full setup is xrdp through Cuacamole (webbased rdp)21:54
johnheneryI want to be able to connect, and have a new session of google chrome on the rdp screen.21:54
Ben64johnhenery: use a different user for rdp21:54
johnheneryI have to associate guacamole with a user on my machine. Should I change that user to another?21:55
Ben64i would21:55
keliBen64: Unable to locate package avconv21:55
johnhenerySo I should set a different user for both xrdp, and guacamole, as well as chrome?21:56
johnheneryall of which are not my username?21:56
Ben64keli: what version of ubuntu21:56
Ben64johnhenery: yeah, would keep everything nice and separate from your user21:57
MonkeyDustkeli  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue21:57
Bassemany one know how ubuntu14.04 run shell script by double clicking21:57
johnheneryI understand that for the purpose of organization, but how would I get chrome to launch anytime a new rdp session is started?21:58
Bassemok i done it21:58
keliBen64:version  14:0421:59
Jeeves_Mossdoes anyone know of an image that will boot to the SD card on a BeagleBone Black and not reflash the eMMC?21:59
Ben64keli: oh apparently its "libav-tools"21:59
Ben64Jeeves_Moss: think you're in the wrong channel21:59
keliBen64: okaay let me tr that22:00
Jeeves_MossBen64, yea, I've asked in #BeagleBone, and no one is there.22:00
sheilongI am user of fedora. But after get a lot of trouble to make the newer version run on my machine I am wondering about install ubuntu, so I 'd like to know if I can mantain my /home partition intact during the install of ubuntu22:00
MonkeyDustJeeves_Moss  what makes you come here? ubuntu is no way related to your question22:00
keliBen64: works thx22:01
SlimJimQuick question, if anyone knows: what is the order of the palette colors in gnome-terminal? There are 16 blocks, but I don't know the order/names of the colors. Thanks!22:01
k1l_sheilong: there is no guarantee. could work, could break. i would try to manually copy the old folders to the new /home and see if that works for every program22:01
=== bcoh__ is now known as bcoh
MonkeyDustSlimJim  you mean in the profile preerences?22:02
johnheneryBen64: for the purpose of organization, I understands changing the usernames to match the services, and will try that to resolve the issue with chrome not running on rdp session. My next question, is how can I setup xrdp to start the rdp session with chrome, instead of seeing the basic desktop environment?22:03
akiksheilong: for the install, /home is preserved if it's a separate partition. you can mount it during the install also22:03
SlimJimMonkeyDust yes22:03
sheilongakik: Yes it is in a separated partition22:03
sheilongI just want to make sure it be preserved, I wil lcreate the same user22:04
MonkeyDustSlimJim  here it's simply Pallette entry and then a number22:04
sheilongakik: can I select the partitions manually for install ?22:04
sheilongI have already my scheme just want to use the same.22:04
Ben64johnhenery: i'm not familiar with the remote stuff you're using22:04
akiksheilong: yes there's a selection to specify partitions manually22:05
SlimJimMonkeyDust I was wondering for example: if I wanted to change the top right color, which value is that (i.e., am I overwriting red, fg, bg, etc.)22:05
k1l_sheilong: you can do manual partitioning and tell what partition to use for what and if you want to format it22:05
MonkeyDustSlimJim  that still depends on the selected scheme22:06
SlimJimMonkeyDust ahh I see, it's just what the scheme wants to use it as. Thank you!22:07
DirtyDanHey stupid question: i dont know how to use the GUI to see my steam files. I installed steam, but i dont know where it is. i tried searching for "steam" in all files but nothing22:07
akiksheilong: it's the last choice when choosing installation type (something else or specify partitions manually i forgot how it's written)22:07
johnheneryBen64: Do you have anywhere/one you might be able to refer me?22:07
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compdocjohnhenery, I think you need to define a different session that uses a different port, to be able to have two independant desktops22:08
k1l_DirtyDan: what do you want to find22:10
compdocjohnhenery, , you edit /etc/xrdp/xrdp.ini22:10
johnheneryI read that I can specify the port in the rdp.ini. but that forces a connection to the same session. Which I am content with, but starting an rdp with a new session of chrome is ideal.22:10
compdocsame instance, new instance. they each have uses22:12
DirtyDan:kll my steam folder22:12
MihasiHi guys. I've got a networking-related problem I can't solve. I'm running Ubuntu (Gnome) 15.10, and for a while now I haven't been able to access outlook.com from Firefox. I've gone over all router and firewall settings I can imagine, yet still no go. I can connect to the site from Chrome, or from any browser from any other device/OS. Resetting or reinstalling Firefox doesn't seem to help. Any ideas on how to diagnose the problem?22:12
k1l_DirtyDan: what do you want to do with it?22:12
DirtyDanmsg kll install mount and blade:warband mods22:12
akikMihasi: that service changed its address to outlook.live.com. maybe that'll help?22:12
DirtyDanhow do i message?22:12
k1l_DirtyDan: its .local/share/Steam in your users home22:13
Mihasiakik, oh wow. That never even crossed my mind. How come it redirects properly on all other devices though?22:13
Mihasi(it works, by the way)22:13
=== invalid is now known as dougl
MihasiI've been trying to figure this out for weeks now, and it turns out to be this easy. *-)22:14
akikMihasi: works for my firefox. maybe it's stored somewhere on your system22:14
k1l_DirtyCajun: but i dont know if it will work that way22:15
Jordan_UDirtyCajun: Don't private message users to reply to them, just keep your reply in the channel but include their nick at the beginning of your message.22:15
Jordan_U!tab | DirtyCajun22:15
ubottuDirtyCajun: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:15
johnheneryComdoc. Making the changes now. I will have the results in a minute22:15
johnheneryComdoc: Making the changes now. I will have the results in a minute22:16
johnhenerycompdoc: Making the changes now. I will have the results in a minute (disregard the earlier typos)22:16
Mihasiakik, where could it be stored? (I deleted the entire ~/.mozilla folder when I reinstalled FF.)22:17
FrameFever1whats is the easies way to upload a folder to an ftp, rename a folder and delete a folder?22:17
FrameFever1via command line?22:17
akikMihasi: try "getent hosts | grep outlook"22:17
akikMihasi: oh btw. browsers also have dns caches22:18
akikMihasi: maybe this could work https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/dns-flusher/22:20
pedr0`hi there22:23
Mihasiakik, no output on getent.22:23
akikMihasi: oh sorry i didn't notice you remove .mozilla. did you remove ~/.cache/mozilla?22:23
urbanendeavouris there an AWS channel?22:24
Mihasiakik, forgot about that, but no, doesn't work.22:25
bprompturbanendeavour:    oddly enough, ##aws22:25
urbanendeavourwhat is the command line for searching with wildcards?22:25
bprompturbanendeavour:   you could try http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?chat=aws22:25
dylanhello guys im installed windows 10 on my macbook but this hard drive that has come with it has 250gigs it has 219 right now what is the recommened i should set if i want to install ubuntu on it22:25
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
dylanas in dualboot22:25
=== jemadux__ is now known as jemadux
bprompturbanendeavour:   or just http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode22:26
akikurbanendeavour: find . -name "*text*"22:26
urbanendeavourakik, I meant in IRC22:26
k1l_!alis | urbanendeavour22:27
ubottuurbanendeavour: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http22:27
bpromptdylan:    I'd think depends on what you want running on it, but basic instal will take up around 10gbs22:27
dylanto install ubuntu 14.04 is 6.6gbs +updates i think22:28
dylancause i needed to dualboot windows on my mac for school22:28
k1l_dylan: swap partition = ram size. 10-15GB+ as / and the rest as /home22:29
Mihasiakik, DNS flusher also doesn't work. This is so weird. *-22:29
dylancan you walk me through the steps to dualboot please?22:29
bpromptdylan:     I recall my 14.04 basic install was a little over 9gbs22:29
Gallomimiaon a mac?22:29
akikMihasi: do you run a nscd process?22:29
dylanfor me it says ubuntu 14.04 needs 6.622:30
k1l_dylan: i am not familiar what exactly a mac needs to be done22:30
akikMihasi: it could cache host entries22:30
dylananyways im gonna disconnect and ill jump on my ipad brb22:30
k1l_!appls | dylan22:30
k1l_!apple | dylan22:30
ubottudylan: For PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.22:30
Gallomimiaoh. you'll need rEFInd.google it22:30
k1l_!mac | dylan22:30
ubottudylan: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages22:30
Gallomimiak1l_: no one has a ppc anymore.22:30
dylangallominmia i cant because this mac doesnt have os x anymore22:30
dylani wiped it22:30
Gallomimiayou can put that back if you want22:31
dylanno you cant22:31
Gallomimiayou'll need a copy :/22:31
Gallomimiasure you can22:31
k1l_Gallomimia: dont say that. we have a guy running a g5 in the german ubuntu channels22:31
dylanim happy with my windows 10 on my mac22:31
Gallomimiak1l_: and i still have my G422:31
dylanbut im gonna dualboot ubuntu too22:31
Gallomimiawell, here's what you do22:31
dylanif i can manage the space:/22:31
Gallomimiayou have windows running?22:31
k1l_dylan: see the ubuntu wiki link22:31
dylanyeah gallomimia why?22:32
Gallomimiayou boot from the ubuntu installer, you choose the option to install alongside existing OS. you might want to choose to set up the partitions yourself, or it can do it manually22:32
Gallomimiayou answer its questions and go get a hot beverage while it does its thing.22:32
geniimmm beverages22:33
Gallomimiaas for it being a mac, you might to install rEFInd. which you can do from windows or ubuntu22:33
mr3dAnybody knows if you can create a raid5 array with mdadm and keep the data on the disks?22:33
Gallomimiamr3d: yes. no.22:33
Bassemi install this application "sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtop2-dev libgtk-3-dev libappindicator3-dev git-core" then "git clone git://github.com/mgedmin/indicator-netspeed.git" then "cd indicator-netspeed" then "make" then "sudo make install" how to uninstall it22:34
Gallomimiamr3d: or perhaps its remotely possible. are they in a raid now? how much data?22:34
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mr3dGallomimia: Nope. They are all on their own22:34
Gallomimia3 single disks. what % is used?22:34
geniimr3d: Then no, you have to shuffle the data off somewhere else first, make the array, copy the data back22:35
mr3dGallomimia: 4 disks with 8 TB data22:35
Gallomimiaif you can get it all on one, you can manage it by creating a partial array, then copying the data off that one to the running array before adding it to the array itself22:35
akikBassem: you can use checkinstall to see where the files were written22:35
Bassemakik, how to use it22:36
Gallomimiamr3d: nope. you'll lose it all.22:36
mr3dgenii: Unfortunately I dont have a place to move the data atm22:36
=== I is now known as Guest75221
mr3dGallomimia: Okey then I'll have to wait until I can move the data22:36
Gallomimiamr3d: you're going to lose 2TB of capacity for raid5 parity right off the top anyways22:36
Gallomimiaso, pick the first 2tb of data that's going to die.22:36
akik!info checkinstall22:37
ubottucheckinstall (source: checkinstall): installation tracker. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.2-4ubuntu1 (wily), package size 114 kB, installed size 501 kB22:37
geniimr3d: Whats the size of all 3 hd?22:37
Gallomimiagenii: he said it's 4 drives, and he implied they were 2tb22:37
mr3dOkey so that wont work. New question, is it possible to add drives to the raid5 later on?22:38
mr3dgallomia: Correct22:38
akikBassem: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall22:38
Gallomimiabut not just simply yes22:38
mr3dIs there weird process to get there?22:39
Gallomimiathe "partial array" i was talking about involves putting all-but-one drive in, but not having the aforementioned parity data22:39
Gallomimiai'm not sure how easy it is to simply add drives22:39
geniiGallomimia: Conceivably possible if he makes two partitions on each drive, copies data to non-raid partitions, raids the other partitions, copies data to raid, then extends raid to entire disks22:39
genii...but convoluted22:39
akikBassem: checkinstall --install=no22:40
Gallomimianext question: why are you bent on raid5? i made a raid5 with 3x 2tb drives. if i'd had 4, i'd have made a  raid1022:40
akikBassem: that will create a .deb file which you can then inspect and see where the files were written22:40
Gallomimiagenii a great many of these problems could be solved by using lvm2 instead of mdadm, and not bothering with the parity data22:40
Mihasiakik, nope, didn't even know what nscd was.22:40
mr3dhavent really decided on what kind of raid but 5 seemd right. dunno now thou22:41
Gallomimiasoftware raid?22:41
akikMihasi: ok i'm exhausted of information :)22:41
mr3dGallomimia: yes22:41
Gallomimiafast system?22:41
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Dylan____Im back guys just burning ubuntu to cs22:42
=== Voltasalt is now known as xSke
Gallomimiacd :(22:42
mr3dYepp. 2 x5550s and 48 GB RAM22:42
Gallomimiai wish you had a usb drive handy22:42
Dylan____I have heaps od usb drives22:42
Gallomimiamr3d: oh that might handle the math for raid5 sure22:42
GallomimiaDylan____: then use that instead?22:42
mr3dI hope so xD22:42
Dylan____But cd i need to get my nvidia drivers working properly so i dont get black screens22:42
Gallomimiaoh? i had no need for a cd when i installed ubuntu on this mac. again nvidia drivers22:43
k1l_Dylan____: see the wiki page for what to do for your exact model22:43
Bassemakik, install --mode=755 indicator-netspeed  /usr/bin/22:43
Bassemakik, install: cannot remove ‘/usr/bin/indicator-netspeed’: Permission denied22:43
mr3dGallomimia: Was thinking about freenas in the start but then found mdadm and it seemd to work22:43
Gallomimiamr3d: can i ask what this system is for? obviously serving something22:43
Dylan____I already know what i need do for my drivers22:44
Gallomimiamr3d: i use mdadm for mine22:44
Dylan____I need to install ubuntu with no efi22:44
akikBassem: maybe "sudo checkinstall --install=no" ?22:44
Dylan____Anyways back to where im getting im installing ms office on my mac now and then ill reboot and get going in ubuntu22:44
Gallomimiafor school huh?22:45
mr3dgallomima: Filestorage. Movies, VMs22:45
Dylan____Yeah gallomimia22:45
mr3dgallomimia: Do you have mdadm running with raid5?22:46
Dylan____Cause my schools getting chromebooks but i cant get one cause i already got two laptops so im using this mac i have to get windows and ubuntu22:46
Mihasiakik, alright, thanks for trying. I'm just glad I don't have to use Chrome anymore. :P22:46
Dylan____Otherwise if i had been stuck woth22:46
Dylan____Ubuntu id probably be screwed22:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:47
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Bassemakik, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14683282/22:47
akikBassem: no idea22:48
mr3dGallomimia: What do you think about zfs and raid-z?22:49
Gallomimiamr3d: they seemed interesting, but i had a heck of a time understanding how to implement them. i went with ext4. also there's a crypto and lvm2 involved22:50
Gallomimiamr3d: also it's worth noting that it's been over a year since i built this raid22:51
Gallomimiaso, things have changed.22:51
mr3dGallomimia: I started to look at freenas and zfs but know if that's the way to go22:51
mr3dNo problems after a year?22:51
rumWhat's better in everyone's opinion...ubuntu or kubuntu22:51
lucascavcsó de boa22:52
svetlanarum, whatever floats your boat.22:52
Jordan_Urum: That's completely subjective, and we don't do polls in this channel. Try both, see which you like better.22:52
Gallomimiamr3d: when i started doing that, zfs seemed not developed enough to use22:52
k1l_!br | lucascavc22:52
ubottulucascavc: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:52
Gallomimiamr3d: oh yep. lots of problems :) suggest you don't update kernels or reboot often22:52
mr3dGallomimia: Hehe x) Do you have a opinion on zfs now?22:53
mr3dGallomimia: Might get a ups then x)22:53
rumI personally prefer kubuntu. Just asking what everyone else likes but thanks.22:53
akikBassem: if you manage to create a .deb file with checkinstall, later you can use lesspipe package.deb to see what is inside of it22:53
shibbolethas a linux user you should look into btrfs over zfs22:54
Bassemakik, im new to ubuntu so i dont really get what do you mean..it's like im dealing with dos here every thing have to type command to get it done22:54
akikBassem: it's the linux way22:54
mr3dshibboleth: isn't btrfs only in development?22:54
mr3dand quite ustable?22:54
Bassemakik, i know but most things i dont understand yet or know how its done22:54
Dylan____Ok so im booted into ubuntu as im mentioned before i would like to dualboot windows 10 and ubuntu but because my hard disk now only has 215gbs left what and how much space should i give ubuntu22:55
k1l_mr3d: yes.22:55
shibbolethnot in my experience22:55
k1l_Dylan____: same as i told you just before22:55
akikBassem: checkinstall should do the same thing as "make install" but also create a deb file of the files that are written to your hard disk22:55
mr3dDon't know if I want to use that then :p22:55
mcphailmr3d: btrfs has been marked as stable for a while now.22:55
shibbolethtools are at version 3.X22:55
mr3dmcphail: Hmm how stable? :p22:55
shibbolethalso, radi1022:56
Dylan____Cause im not good at partitoning and im never dualbooted before22:56
k1l_does btrfs have proper tools for fsck etc now? once that actually work?22:56
ikoniaDylan____: what where you told to do before22:56
mcphailmr3d: how do you quantify that?22:56
mcphailk1l_: of course not ;)22:56
mr3dNo crashes and data loss22:56
mcphailk1l_: don't break it and you will be fine22:56
k1l_<k1l_> dylan: swap partition = ram size. 10-15GB+ as / and the rest as /home22:56
mcphailmr3d: no filesystem offers that22:56
mr3dMore than other ones22:57
k1l_mcphail: its like my old car: if it doesnt brake it works :)22:57
mr3dis it more then others?22:57
mr3dI can't english22:57
Dylan____To go on another channel k1l?22:57
mcphailmr3d: again, how do you quantify that?22:57
mcphailmr3d: I used btrfs on 2 machines for 3 years without issue. I only had beakages on another machine with a dodgy hard disk. Ext4 broke on that as well22:58
mr3dmcphail: I want a solution that doesn't lose data because it is unstable.22:59
mcphailmr3d: but ext4 was more recovaeravle22:59
mr3dWhat did you sue that raid for?22:59
Gallomimiamr3d: you need a UPS at any rate.22:59
mcphailmr3d: well, as I said, it is marked as stable. If you want stability, stay away from zfs on linux. It is a hack at best22:59
mr3dmcphail: zfs on freebsd seems quite praised, like freenas23:00
Gallomimiai considered btfs. that one seemed useful for what i was doing, but couldn't understand it23:00
mcphailmr3d: zfs on freebsd has been pilloried. It was dreadfully unstable for ages23:00
mcphailmr3d: if you want stability, pick any filesystem and keep redundant backups23:01
Gallomimiamr3d: anyway. no problems with dataloss. the issues i've been having are on keeping it bootable. /boot has to live outside the raid for me given all the other stuff i use.23:01
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Dylan____Guys when i booted ubuntu into my mac it says no operating systems im running windows as 32bit and ubuntu as 6423:02
mr3dGallomimia: What do you recommend? Now knowing the specs and that the I/O isn't high and is mainly storage23:02
GallomimiaDylan____: seems like you need rEFInd23:03
Gallomimiamr3d: raid zero23:03
Dylan____Uhmm how can i get that since i dont own mac os x anymore23:03
Gallomimiagoogle for refind23:03
Gallomimiafollow the directions23:03
Gallomimiafor windows23:03
Dylan____Then when i boot into ubuntu it should show that windows is detected?23:04
Gallomimiamr3d: or you might try raid10. then again raid5 gives you more space and still tolerant of failure in 1 drive23:04
Gallomimiaor better yet, leave it as 4 separate drives23:05
Gallomimiaget software that will file things appropriately23:06
mr3dIs that what you are saying?23:06
Dylan____Doesnt work on legacy:/23:07
shibbolethmr3d, both zfs and btrfs are a bit slower than say ext423:07
shibbolethmr3d, with raid10 you get both the speed of raid0 and the redundancy of raid123:07
shibbolethwith raid5 you do not get the speed23:08
mr3dshibboleth: How many drives can i lose with raid 10? 1?23:09
shibboleththen just remove the faulty drive, add a new and balance the fs23:09
xokecan anybody hep me with fixing23:09
xokeon my linux machine23:10
xokei can post error23:10
mr3dshibboleth: What if another one break then? Then I'm fscked.(pun)23:10
mr3dshibboleth: If I want more redudancy, is it raid5 then?23:11
shibbolethit is also worth noting that part of the mission statement of btrfs is to avoid some of zfs limitations23:11
shibbolethmr3d, no23:11
mcphailSarah-VAIO: stop spamming the channel again23:11
shibbolethbtrfs is also part of the kernel, ZFS is not (and won't ever be under current circumstances)23:12
mr3dshibboleth: Is part of the kernel a psotive thing?23:12
Gallomimiamr3d: yes.23:14
Gallomimiait means you can run it without addons, and it's part of the native OS23:14
Gallomimiaor...something. someone else add to this?23:14
mr3dI should maybe look into btrfs23:14
Gallomimiacould be worthwhile23:14
Gallomimiabut i'm still leaning on the idea that 4 separate disks can do what you're trying to do23:15
jophishhi all23:15
jophishI get terrible (or should that be tearible) screen tearing in 15.1023:15
jophishwhat can I do about this?23:15
jophishI've fiddled with the options in ccsm and the x backing store23:16
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Jordan_Ujophish: What drivers are you using?23:17
mr3dThank you for all the help. Now I have some things to think over23:18
Bassemwhen i type dpkg -l i get too long list that i cant scroll to its beginning the first package is ii  plymouth-theme-ub23:19
jophishJordan_U: nvidia 35223:23
MonkeyDustBassem  dpkg -l|less23:23
bpromptBassem:    are you looking for an specific package?23:25
Bassembprompt, flasgot23:25
bpromptBassem:   then just do -> dpkg -l flasgot ;  :)23:26
m477does e2fsck have to be runned from liveCD if I am checking no system disk?23:26
Jordan_Um477: No, the fileystem just needs to not be mounted.23:27
k1l_m477: unmount the partition23:27
k1l_you cant unmount system paritions. that is the issue with the fsck23:27
Jordan_Ujophish: Is this an Intel + Nvidia combination?23:27
Bassembprompt, no packages found matching flasgot although flshgot appear when i right click in webpage23:28
bpromptBassem:    you could also grep it -> dpkg -l | grep f.+got   <-- try that23:28
Bassembprompt, nothing23:29
m477e2fsck can take a whole night if it is 2TB HDD and slow PC right?23:29
bpromptBassem:    then, there's no package that starts off with "f" and ends with got :)23:29
bpromptBassem:     as far as the right-click.... it depens on the browser, the browser could include entries for many things, that are not necessarily installed23:30
Bassembprompt, yes right sorry its firefox addon23:31
Bassembprompt, im new to ubuntu s23:31
bpromptBassem:    well... that simply means, "it requires flasgot installed"  to work :)23:31
Jordan_Ujophish: If so, then you might be hitting this: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/775691/linux/vsync-issue-nvidia-prime-ux32vd-with-gt620-m-/1 For now it seems the only work around is to ensure that the display you're using is connected directly to the nvidia card, or disable the nvidia card completely and only use the intel card.23:32
sakrecoer_has ubuntu or canonical got any statusnet instance?23:34
stickybranchesWhat is the best laptop for running ubuntu/arch (13 inch) with a decent core i5/i7 processor, preferably 6th gen23:36
k1l_edgardoweb: wrong channel23:37
stickybranchesbump?  What is the best laptop for running ubuntu/arch (13 inch) with a decent core i5/i7 processor, preferably 6th gen23:37
CelphishI need some help, I'm getting really pissed.. it's regarding cpufreq23:39
CelphishI need to get my laptop to stay below 2ghz after boot to prevent the fan from making to much noise23:39
stickybranchesWhat is your OS?23:39
su_mosui have a ia64bit tablet with windows on the boot drive (16 gigs) with a 64gig sdcard. how much effort would it take to make it dualboot without taking up more than a few megs on the main drive?23:40
CelphishI've edited /etc/default/cpufrequtil , governor="powersave"23:40
Celphishstickybranches: ubuntu 14.0423:40
stickybranchesWhat is  your laptop?23:40
CelphishI've tried to edit /etc/init.d/cpufreq to not put the cpu in "ondemand"23:40
Celphishstickybranches: gigabyte p34w v323:40
stickybranchesdo you have TLP?23:40
stickybranchesNice lappy btw23:41
Celphishif I run cpufreq-set -g powersave everything works (I've set max_freq to 2ghz in the powersave-settings)23:41
Celphishbut every time I reboot it ignores what I've done and keeps setting itself to ondemand, which is annoying since the fan sounds too much.. and I don't wanna go back to windows23:41
Celphishstickybranches: ye, thanks23:41
Celphishwhy the **** doesn't ubuntu save my governor-settings on reboot?23:42
stickybranchesI had issues with 14.04 with my lenovo x131e (i3 3227u model) which the trackpad would time to time go random, and it was rather sluggish. I run fedora 23 atm :( I used to be an Arch user23:42
stickybranchesI am just waiting for 16.04 lts xD23:42
stickybranchesWhat is your DE?23:42
m477I dont have to run badblocks before I run sudo e2fsck -cfpv ?23:42
Celphishstickybranches: DE?23:42
Celphishstickybranches: unity23:43
stickybranchesAh :@23:43
k1l_Celphish: did you set it to use powersafe at startup?23:43
Celphishhave to use that, using a targus usb 3.0 dock for the 2nd and 3rd monitor at work23:43
Celphishk1l_: I've tried, but it keeps ignoring it!23:43
Celphishk1l_: I've even removed "ondemand" from the /etc/init.d/ondemand23:43
stickybranchesCelphish: do you have TLP?23:43
Celphishstickybranches: tlp?23:44
k1l_Celphish: what ubuntu exactly?23:44
stickybranchesHe has 14.0423:44
Celphishk1l_: 14.04 lts23:44
stickybranchesApparently with unity23:44
xokehow do i reinstall tor23:44
xokethe cmd23:44
bazhangxoke, thats backbox23:44
stickybranchesTor is the onion vpn type thingy right?23:44
bazhangxoke, so go to the backbox support channel, thats not here23:45
xokewhats ya point homine23:45
Celphishk1l_: I've even tried to chmod -x ondemand, but something else sets the cpu-profile23:45
k1l_Celphish: where does /etc/init.d/cpufrequtils  link to what governour?23:45
xokebackbox is ubuntu tho....23:45
bazhangxoke, no its not, so dont ask for support here23:45
stickybranchesCelphish: Try installing TLP, you need it really, it will also help with battery saving! http://linrunner.de/en/tlp/docs/tlp-linux-advanced-power-management.html23:45
xokehttps://www.backbox.org/Simplify security in your IT infrastructure with BackBox Linux. Easily manage large ... BackBox is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.23:45
xokecmon bro23:45
Celphishk1l_: omfg, I think you solved it, I completely missed that file!23:46
Celphishlet me try, hold on23:46
OerHeksxoke, we do not support forks :-)23:46
stickybranches<code> tlp start </code>23:47
xokebut he said it wasnt ubuntu lol23:47
bazhang!alis | xoke have a search23:47
ubottuxoke have a search: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http23:47
stickybranchesI've ran it all on my previous OSes, (arch, ubuntu 15.10/fedora2323:47
bazhangxoke, its not, its based on, not supported here23:47
jmssHi, what's the name of Ubuntu's installer program (for bug reporting)?23:47
stickybranchesReally helps, although I had to battery calibrate my lappy, I only average 3hrs23:47
k1l_xoke: we cant know what others changed. we can only support the official ubuntu releases in here. please ask the backbox support. thanks23:47
stickybranchesclose to 4hrs23:47
k1l_jmss: ubiquity23:48
OerHeks!info laptop-mode-tools23:48
ubottulaptop-mode-tools (source: laptop-mode-tools): Tools for Power Savings based on battery/AC status. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.66-2ubuntu1 (wily), package size 76 kB, installed size 415 kB23:48
jmssk1l_: thanks23:48
Celphishk1l_: doesn't seem to work ... but I'll wait 1 minute23:54
k1l_Celphish: see if this could help: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/04/prevent-your-laptop-from-overheating.html23:57
ubuntu815Hey all. After I had crashes with my Ubuntu dual boot I tried Debian and ended up with the same crashes.  On debian, before reboot I got a black screen that reported CPU Machine Check Exception and Kernel Panic - not syncing: Timeout synchronizing machine check over CPUs.23:57
ubuntu815Ran memetest through windows and had no errors reported23:57
ubuntu815How should I proceede with identifying the cause of my crash?23:58
k1l_dont run memtest from windows. run memtest from grub/livecd23:58
ubuntu815ki1_ you helped me last time I came here a few days ago. Thank you.23:59
ubuntu815how do I do that?23:59
ubuntu815run debian from the live cd and then run memtest through that?23:59

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