sakrecoer_canonical is in charge for the website administration right?23:44
sakrecoer_i wonder if they have a statusnet server.23:45
sakrecoer_also. i'm looking in the logs, but i can't find it; was there some discussion about redesigning the site?23:45
sakrecoer_more and moar i see the "tour" section of website being small mini sexy html5 deployments.23:47
sakrecoer_it's so easy to do and if they are written with relative path, they are super easy to back up: no need to have the roght DB programe with the properly configured PHP cms...23:47
sakrecoer_tour= feature tour23:49
sakrecoer_this is pretty superfunky: http://johnpolacek.github.io/superscrollorama/23:53
sakrecoer_(its only fun when the page is scroling xD)23:54

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