davuxI'm trying to detect (and react) when a job respawns, so I'm following http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#detect-if-a-job-stopped-before-reaching-its-respawn-limit00:34
davuxbut it's not working. The action is executed when I remove the "respawn" stanza00:35
davuxI'm doing this in the "watchdog" job: start on stopped RESULT=failed, then echo "job '$JOB' just failed" >> /tmp/failures.log (inside a script block)00:47
davuxand that's litterally it. With no respawn in the target job, the watchdog works, however with a respawn I don't get anything in /tmp/failures.log00:48
davuxI don't understand. I can't find a way to detect that a job failed if it has a respawn stanza01:41
davuxis there a way to get upstart-monitor along with upstart 1.5?18:18
davuxI'm on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and there's no upstart-monitor package :(18:19
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