knomedid we decide to participate in A2?00:57
krytarikknome: Yes - no. :P00:59
krytarikknome: "<bluesabre> flexiondotorg: we are not participating in a2".01:00
bluesabreevening knome 01:54
knomehello bluesabre 01:56
bluesabrehey knome 01:56
bluesabrehow's it going?01:56
knomewatching eddie murphy standup from the 80's and planning to go to bed once it's finished01:56
bluesabrecatching up on -ot01:58
knomealso check the issue @ github :P01:59
bluesabreknome: I pinged you earlier for that btw02:01
knomedid you02:02
knomeoh, right02:02
knomemakes sense02:02
knomemaybe add that to the requirement list :P02:02
knomethough i think php7 was installed02:03
knomewill check tomorrow when i boot up the vbox02:03
bluesabreUnit193, krytarik: I moved those brances to ~xubuntu-dev, so if we want to adjust the name further, Unit193 should have write access to just revert the top commits02:04
krytarikAnd yep, it's fine there, of course.02:05
knometime to bed, ttyl02:16
krytarikbluesabre: And as I mentioned to Unit193 earlier, we should probably update them for Xenial too, then.02:21
skunkbunnyFor Firefox, is there a way to change the window title bar to show the menus, File, Edit, etc. instead of the page title? It's kind of annoying, because it seems like wasted space.03:21
krytarikskunkbunny: I use this add-on for it - and support is in #xubuntu still: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/personal-menu/03:29
skunkbunnykrytarik: Thanks, and sorry for asking in the wrong chat. I'm just testing though, and finding problems and annoyances.03:34
dkesselare there any new features to look out for when trying the new xfpm from the ppa? or bugs that should not be there anymore?07:27
dkesseland... should anything happen when i connect my phone for charging?07:29
flocculantdkessel: it should charge I guess :)07:29
dkesselha ha :p07:30
dkesseli just wondered about anything special because you mentioned in the mail07:30
flocculantand I guess they're after regressions or fix confirmations :)07:30
flocculantright - I was just paraphrasing what ochosi had said to me :)07:33
jjfrv8flocculant, found a couple of issues with xfpm on my laptop. One is a different take on an old bug where my display dims when it shouldn't.14:11
jjfrv8The other is new, I think. If I have my Laptop Lid setting to Switch off display, it works as expected if System tray icon is off, but it suspends if System tray icon is on.14:11
jjfrv8If that sounds like a real bug, I can file the report later.14:11
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flocculantjjfrv8: sounds like a real bug to me 16:18
bluesabrejjfrv8: that definitely sounds like a bug22:37
flocculantreally pleased you said that :p22:49

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