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valkalonHi guys08:01
valkalonI may have found a bug on the 'whereis' command, would like to check with you if I'm doing everything correctly08:01
valkalonis there anyone available ?08:01
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redwolfhello. I have a question. how do I convert non-real bugs to questions? they're affecting some packages in my team (lubuntu artwork) and I'm not allowed20:51
redwolfthanks in advance! :)20:54
tewardredwolf: there should be a "Convert to Question" button; if it's against a package and there's not, give me a ping i'll see if I can't help22:37
redwolfI see it, but when I click on it, I get this: http://pasteboard.co/1bIbfOTl.png22:37
redwolfany idea why this happens, teward?22:46
tewardyeah you don't have perms probably22:47
tewardredwolf: is it a bug against a package, or a project your team has governance/owner-state on?22:47
redwolfa package, lubuntu-artwork. is there any difference?22:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1530383 in lubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity slideshow shows "Lubuntu 15.10" on 16.04 daily images" [Low,Invalid]22:48
redwolfwxl was able to convert it to a question, what I was trying to do22:48
* teward pokes wxl's profile page22:51
wxli doubt it's limited to bug control (though i am)22:51
wxlbut it may be limited to bug squad22:51
wxlsince essentially it's a triage task22:51
tewardwxl: bugsquad has no additional privs22:51
tewardat least, last i checked22:51
tewardbugcontrol has "triage" power to set to Triaged22:52
redwolfso I lack some perm22:52
tewardredwolf: link to your LP?22:52
tewardthe only difference between you and wxl, afaict, would be the bug control perms.22:53
wxlhe's not bug squad tho is he?22:53
tewardwxl: see #launchpad, i'm hoping to stab this shortly in the testing instances to see if I can actually narrow down22:53
tewardbut no he's not22:53
tewardy'know, bdmurray may know the perms layout better than I22:54
wxlyeah well he's probably out living la vida loca, so22:54
redwolfso you think it's that, teward? I'm de-privileged?22:55
tewardredwolf: unprivileged is the correct word22:55
redwolfbut not so funny :|22:56
tewardredwolf: it's likely a case that you're not in a group with the proper privileges to access, but I would either need to test that, or find someone who knows the perm structure in and out22:56
wxli can tell you what it's not: owner/dev access to the package22:56
wxlsince he's artwork head honcho22:56
redwolfso some users simply can do that, and others don't22:56
tewardwxl: i don't think it's package-level access22:57
redwolfyup, I'm "da boss" here22:57
tewardi think it's a 'global bugs permissions' thing22:57
redwolfbut this is some LP specific behaviour22:57
tewardor, specific to Ubuntu project23:04
tewardagain, that's why i'm poking things :)23:05
redwolfI'll dig a bit more tomorrow23:09
redwolfthanks, anyway, teward23:09
tewardwell on the sandbox i can convert to a question as an unprivileged user; was the bug marked "Private" or something?23:11
redwolfno, a normal bug23:16
redwolfsorry, teward. bed time!23:17

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