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czajkowskiI've found a jcastro adn a marcoceppi here at FOSDEM so far!13:44
marcoceppiczajkowski: gotta collect 'em all!13:44
czajkowskimarcoceppi: did you get your waffle?13:45
marcoceppiczajkowski: not yet, Sandy and I are about to venture out. We've been sitting in talks most of the morning13:46
czajkowskimarcoceppi: get beer yet?13:47
czajkowskibeer + talks = win13:47
marcoceppiczajkowski: ofc13:48
marcoceppi<3 beer talks13:48
czajkowskijust dont fall asleep https://twitter.com/tamaraherbert/status/69342612037765530013:50
marcoceppiczajkowski: haha13:52
czajkowskito give you an idea of the numbers here this weekdn over 6000 attendees and https://twitter.com/pvaneynd/status/69350122436943872621:49
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