lazypower|travelfirl yeah :(02:38
firllazypower|travel: gotcha, is there a benefit to doing it this way over having k8s bootstrap the env itself?04:09
lazypower|travelThe flannel networking is a bolt on for cross host communication. The charm itself does deliver a k8s bootstrapped cluster04:09
lazypower|travelwe're leveraging hyperkube to standup the cluster, so we're closer in alignment with their reference arch04:10
lazypower|travelfirl - unless i completely missed the questions intent....04:11
lazypower|travelwhich is possible, its 5am04:11
firlhah yeah gotta love time zones04:11
lazypower|travelfirl - ah yeah, dont trust that document :) thats in reference to our older charm work where we were delivering k8's entirely via CM04:12
firlhah kk04:12
lazypower|travelit was klunky to say the least, but it was an important evolutionary step in our understanding of their stack04:12
lazypower|travelthats actually a prime topic in my FOSDEM track today04:12
firltoo bad I couldn’t come haha04:12
firlSo I should wait until monday? will it get pushed to the charm store04:13
lazypower|travelit'll be recorded, and since we're buds, i'll do a special after-session for ya if you're interested :)04:13
firlor just fixed so I can deploy the bundle with charm build layer04:13
firlIt’d be cool to get a better understanding04:13
firlI am going through bulletproofmeteor and they are recommending kubernetes04:13
lazypower|travelyeah, what I'll do is after FOSDEM lets out and I get settled in Gent i'll dive back into fixing that stilly bug.04:13
firland since the meteor charm is broke, I figured why not04:13
lazypower|traveli can ping you here or via email once i've got a fix proposed, or you can star the layer-k8s repo04:14
lazypower|travelas I gate all that work through mbruzek04:14
firl( I will star the github also )04:14
lazypower|travelawesome. I'll reach out when i've got the fix in place for the flannel containers :)04:14
firlI have a build node all set aside for it04:14
lazypower|traveljust for good measure04:14
firlI can at least smoke test it for ya04:15
firlsince I replicated it04:15
lazypower|travel<3 really appreciate that04:15
firlso I should just do a single docker node for now04:15
lazypower|travelsure, actually if you remove 'layer:k8s' from the layer.yaml04:15
lazypower|travelrebuild and deploy with a single k8s node + single etcd service04:15
lazypower|travelyou should be in like flynn04:16
lazypower|travelsorry, remove 'layer:flannel'04:16
lazypower|traveland you can even scale that, you just wont get distributed pods working. the scheduler is intelligent enough to know this in my testing04:16
firllol gotcha I was like … yeah it’s not there04:16
firlI will do that for now and see how it goes04:16
firlthen once it’s ready I can add the overlay networking04:16
lazypower|travelin-place upgrade should take care of that missing component04:17
firlany DTR charms you recommend04:17
lazypower|travelwhats DTR stand for again?04:17
firldocker trusted registry04:17
firl( to use outside of kuber )04:17
firlfor it to reference04:17
lazypower|travelI started on, but haven't finished it yet, we spiked on TLS support instead of the registry04:18
lazypower|travelwith that being said, I can see hvaing a docker distribution charm in the next 30 days or so04:18
lazypower|travelif you're feeling spunky, i can get you early access there as well04:18
firlyeah, I don’t mind testing/contributing04:18
firlall of my charms currently are private only repo’s04:19
firlI also haven’t written anything for 1.25.304:19
firlso status/update/blocking is still a foreign concept04:19
lazypower|travelwell, 2.0-alpha1 is coming really soon04:19
firl( for dev that is )04:19
lazypower|travelso be prepared for nomenclature changes, and even more awesome04:19
firlyeah running trusty-liberty now04:19
lazypower|travelas in single controller - many models (thats right, one state server for many environments)04:20
lazypower|traveland thats just the tip of the iceberg :D04:20
firlya, i’m a fan of it04:21
firlhave fun at the FOSDEM, I will try to deploy the bundle without flannel now04:21
lazypower|travelfirl - thanks :) feel free to reach out if you encounter any further issues. I'm happy to lend a hand. And I really appreciate the testing/patience while we iron out our next major release of the charms04:22
firlhah yeah, it’s been a bumpy ride. It’s nice though to have configuration around the environments in a private cloud04:23
nagyzfirl, so there was a maas 1.9 bonding + juju bug but it should be fixed in .309:45
bdx_ghentghent-charmers: what hotel are we in?10:48
iceyis it possible to set a charm config from within an action?11:31
firllazypower|travel: if you messaged me I missed it21:08
firlI saw a notification but the scroll history buffer is not big enough to show me what it was21:08
lazypower|travelfirl - nope but here's a repost - nagyz firl, so there was a maas 1.9 bonding + juju bug but it should be fixed in .322:12
firlhah, k22:12
firllazypower|travel: I am still on for tomorrow for setting up the cluster let me know when you want me to test it22:12
firlIf I can get it, will deploy over maas and openstack22:13
lazypower|travelfirl - will do. I'm still preoccupied with prep for the charmer summit, but for sure I'll be hacking on that regression22:13
lazypower|travellooking like its going to be first up tomorrow morning unless i get completely shanghaid22:14
firlno worries, I can do tuesday too if that’s easier. no worries on my end22:14
lazypower|travelOk, lets shoot for that so i have some breathing room :)22:14
* lazypower|travel adjusts the todo due-date22:14
firlhaha k22:15
firljust realized I was on the http://summit.juju.solutions/ website lol22:15
lazypower|travel:) Yep!22:17
* lazypower|travel chants "one of us, one of us"22:17
nagyzlazypower|travel, yeah but it's not :(22:29
nagyzlazypower|travel, I've been trying with .3 yesterday as well22:29
firlnagyz at least you have something to track though22:32
nagyzshould I reopen the bug?22:32
lazypower|travelnagyz - link to the bug?22:34
=== lazypower|travel is now known as lazypower|summit
nagyzI think this is the one that firl mentioned: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/151689122:52
mupBug #1516891: juju 1.25 misconfigures juju-br0 when using MAAS 1.9 bonded interface <juju-core:Fix Released by frobware> <juju-core 1.25:Fix Released by frobware> <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1516891>22:52
nagyzbut my bug is that SOMETIMES it has some weird error.22:53
nagyz50/50 :)22:53
lazypower|summit:-/ hrm22:55
lazypower|summityeah, if you have logs/data to back up the hinky behavior, it'll go a long way to re-open the bug with logs22:55
nagyzI've posted the pastebin yesterday - do you have logs or shall I relink them?22:56
lazypower|summitnagyz - same output contained in comment #19? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1516891/comments/1923:01
mupBug #1516891: juju 1.25 misconfigures juju-br0 when using MAAS 1.9 bonded interface <juju-core:Fix Released by frobware> <juju-core 1.25:Fix Released by frobware> <MAAS:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1516891>23:01
nagyzI don't run VLANs23:02
lazypower|summitok, yeah - i would most def attach the logs and at bare minimum poke the bug23:05
nagyzthe thing is it's not that it misconfigures the interface23:07
nagyzit's just.. something. I have no idea what. I can ssh to the node and whatnot.23:07

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