lordievaderAre there more people going to Riddell's talk this afternoon?10:19
soee_lordievader: do you have some Wily installation ?10:24
lordievaderYes, but do note I am not at home ;)10:24
soee_aah sorry :)10:25
soee_lordievader: @ FOSDEM ?10:25
lordievaderExactly :)10:25
soee_cool :D 10:25
lordievaderIt is closeby, and you only pay for a hotel, so why not :)10:40
clivejosoee_: did you test plasma 5.5.4 for wily? 11:46
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vipclivejo: where's plasma 5.4.4?12:09
clivejovip: no idea12:10
clivejooh 5.5.4 is in staging12:10
vipclivejo: thanks 12:13
BluesKajHiyas all12:31
lordievaderI think my test box is going to get another OS soon, one with Project Neon :)12:32
soeelordievader: after Riddell talk ? :D12:35
lordievaderYes ;)12:36
BluesKajhey lordievader, soee, no neon packages for Xenial yet tho12:36
soeelordievader: did they took some video from this talk ?12:36
clivejoapparently Neon will only be on stable Ubuntu12:37
soeeBluesKaj: true and i wont use Neon till it is based on Xenial12:37
lordievaderLike last year they tape everything.12:37
lordievaderSee video.fosdem.org.12:37
soeeclivejo: downloading iso to test 5.5.412:37
BluesKajyeah, not gonna install Wily just for neon ;-)12:38
lordievaderBluesKaj: Neon is now 15.10 only, after 16.04's release it will most likely move to that. See the website.12:38
clivejolordievader: which video is JR?12:39
lordievaderI dont think this year's will be availabe yet. Took a couple of months lat year befor the videos where available.12:39
BluesKajyeah it's all over the linux. kde rss feeds in akregator, which I finally got working again 12:40
lordievaderBut it should go to K4401, there was his talk.12:40
clivejolordievader:  there is something there from this morning - http://video.fosdem.org/2016/aw1121/12:40
clivejothe hectic life of a KDE dev, Europe, LA,  Catalunya sounds like the life of a glamour model!12:44
acher88would imagine at least some 'unstable' neon packages would be done for 16.04 prior to release? 12:45
clivejobasely just KCI?12:45
acher88or near as makes little difference12:46
soeenext neon + is it uses own QT builds, so they don't have to wait till Ubuntu use new version12:47
soeeand usually newer QT = more bug fixes12:47
acher88good point12:48
clivejoacher88: have you a wily box?12:48
acher88only VM at the moment12:48
clivejowould you mind trying plasma 5.5.4 for me?12:48
acher882 laptops on xenail, and desktop on vivid still.12:49
clivejoId like a couple of installs to go ok 12:49
soeeclivejo: installing willy in VB now12:49
acher88on wily? I will later, but am due for Sunday lunch for a few hrs12:49
clivejowho was the one looking for 5.5.4 for multi monitor?12:49
acher88not me12:50
acher88any bugs to check are fixed? or just the upgrade process you want tested?12:50
clivejooh it was yossarianuk12:51
acher88OK. Literally have to go NOW. I'll check back on IRC logs later12:51
clivejojust the upgrade process for now12:51
clivejoI dont have any wily installs to test it on12:51
clivejoI g2g too12:52
clivejolunch time12:52
soeeclivejo: ill report in a few minutes how upgrade was12:53
lordievaderFrom what I heared Neon is based on Kubuntu-ci.12:54
soeeinstaller crashed ...13:00
vipwclivejo: my upgrade seems fine13:00
vipwclivejo: I will use second monitor tomorrow13:01
vipw5.5.3 with second monitor worked too, after suspend I've to xrandr to kde noticed 2nd screen13:02
soeeinstaller crashed second time 13:13
soeei give up trying Wily in VB13:13
BluesKajVB is a pita 13:14
snelemultimonitor (kscreen) crashes are mostly qt bug which are supposedly fixed in qt 5.613:16
BluesKajsoee, KVM is supposedly the best VM for linux hosts and linux guests13:23
lordievadersoee: Is it still crashing on the ubiquity import?15:11
acher88clivejo: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma for upgrade test?15:22
acher88of 5.5.415:23
clivejoyup, but only as a one off!15:23
clivejoyofel will shout at me!15:23
acher88soee: wily installs fine in VB here15:23
acher88plasma still hates 3D accell in VB, but not sure if that impacts install15:24
soeelordievader: it was downloading some packages when installing and crashed 3 times15:26
acher88installed wily from kubuntu amd64 iso at least 2 times in VB here, but not sure if I selected the "download updates while installing" option when I did that?15:28
acher88maybe I didn't15:28
lordievaderHmm, that is different.15:30
acher88clivejo: after adding ppa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14802884/15:33
acher88upgrade in progress15:35
acher88Note: that was from a wily rolled back to prior adding the backports with 5.5.315:35
acher88clivejo: not pretty: http://i.imgur.com/CYIP77F.png15:53
acher88but did not delete plasma cache as I normally would, as not sure casual user would have a clue to do that15:54
acher88forced removal of plasma cache and a 2nd reboot sorted it, but plasma is still a bit crashy15:58
acher88this is on VB still though, so could be more stable on real machine15:59
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clivejosoee: has any other debian based distro packaged it yet?20:15
clivejois kubuntu-ci offline?20:17
clivejodoesnt seem to be reporting20:17
clivejosoee: its available here - https://launchpad.net/~philip5/+archive/ubuntu/extra20:34
clivejoif they are calling the package digikam5 why not reset the epoch?20:35
soeebut im waiting this year for Neon stable isos :-)20:55
clivejoyou are very impatience :P20:56
clivejolike new stuff?20:57
soeei'm just curious :)20:57
soeeDolphin can't browse my phone, that sucks :(21:01
clivejocd kio21:05

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