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kamehello, I tell them I'm surprising with the number of failures that brings the new plasma 5, now there is a widget indicating weather, for some reason my 2.5GHz processor, 2.9GHz exceeds Kubuntu 15.10, someone knows something in this regard, I am seriously considering switching to Debian and unfortunately gnome00:25
valoriethat isn't really a bug report, kame00:26
* valorie is running plasma 5.5.3 without problems00:26
valoriein fact, loving it00:26
valoriecan you say what problems specifically you are experiencing?00:26
kameif, as the subject processor says, Conky can not be configured, removed many options for customizing the desktop and many widgets, etc ... it's a hassle to deal with so many problems on an OS, this is more constructive complaint that is that there is no solution00:29
valoriehmmm, someone was just discussing conky above, which by the way is not kubuntu software....00:31
valorieexplains how to fix conkyrc files00:32
kameI was, above 14.04 LTS is perfectly used in the version00:32
valoriewell, this is about tools,, not religion00:32
valorieif debian suits you better, gnome suits you better, that's fine00:32
valoriewe can still be friends00:33
valoriemy husband uses Windows00:33
valoriecan you tell me what weather widget you're using?00:33
valoriethat is one bit I do miss00:33
kameI only raise that Kubuntu 15.10 has many flaws00:34
valorieand we welcome bug reports about each specific flaw00:34
valorieand of course, patches00:35
valoriethis is a community built distro00:35
kameso I try to contribute, but the bugs are solved in other distros so I am forced to migrate, now as you can report these problems to the developers?00:37
valorieno, because I'm not experiencing the problems00:38
valoriethis is why we want bugs filed00:38
valorieI advise using the commandline: ubuntu-bug packagename00:39
valorieas the easiest way to do that00:39
valorieI file bug reports as I find bugs, of course00:39
kameyou are a developer?00:39
valorienot a coder, no00:40
valorieI write, test, and do various other things for Kubuntu, including serving on the council00:40
valorielots of ways to help out00:41
soul_I could talk about kipi-plugins. When I take a screenshot and try to upload it to imgur, the application explodes00:43
valoriesoul_: that bug report should be filed at bugs.kde.org00:44
valorieand I think it already has been, so your input on that bug report would be valuable00:44
kameok thank i do00:47
kameideally distros evolve each year, and not the opposite as is the case with gnome00:49
valoriesoftware evolves, and distros package it, test it, release it00:50
valorieand in our case, we work with all our upstreams to improve the software we get, as well00:51
kameis really frustrating to see is reduced and the amount of widgets that had avanico plasma and kde before the latest changes00:52
valoriekame: help porting widgets is always welcome00:52
kameI'm a basic user so I need something simple to use00:53
kameI can only contribute with ideas, I'm not a programmer or advanced00:54
valorieas I said, there is a lot besides coding that's needed00:54
valorietesting and filing bug reports are two of them00:55
kamesi lo ise! reporte los informes00:55
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hack_whats up02:44
hack_why should I use kubuntu instead of ubuntu02:45
ikoniaup to you02:47
ikoniatry them - see what you like02:47
mparillohack_: If you come from Windows, the 'start' menu at the bottom and the window controls at the top right will feel familiar02:54
mparilloon Kubuntu. Ubuntu will take some adjustment. And if you like further customization, you will find KDE SW generally offers more options.02:56
mparilloI think Dolphin is a more capable file manager than Nautilus, Kate a better text editor than Gedit.02:59
mparilloAnd if you care to progress into a contributor (and there are many ways to contribute), the Kubuntu community is more involved in the larger Free and Open Source Ecosystem than Ubuntu.03:01
mparilloEnd of sales pitch for me, but as ikonia writes, if the software does not fit your use cases, then the rest does not matter.03:01
hack_thanks guys03:26
hack_i decide to install Windows 10 finally03:26
hack_i can't put it on USB03:26
hack_its driving me crazy03:26
Nubiaalguien que hable espaƱol ?03:39
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dick_need network help update killed my network04:30
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bob2021hey.  kubuntu is very unreliable about finding icons for apps and putting them in the launcher.  how can i fix this?05:17
bob2021anyone home?05:29
Fritigernbob2021: Sounds to me like you have installed appmenu-qt5. Uninstall that and replace with appmenu-qt and you should be fine06:04
bob2021fritigern: how do i do that?06:05
Fritigernsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get purge appmenu-qt5 && sudo apt-get install appmenu-qt06:05
bob2021it looks like they're both installed06:05
bob2021right now they're both installed; so i just uninstall the one?06:06
FritigernYes, just the one06:06
Fritigernso : "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get purge appmenu-qt5"06:06
bob2021and then do i need to do anything to tell it to adjust itself?06:06
bob2021i already removed06:06
FritigernJust reboot to make sure everything works and you're set06:06
bob2021any way without rebooting?06:09
ejayAny idea why after last backports update (5.5.3) notifications are not working and how to fix that?07:55
solvarris project neon the same with kubuntu?07:56
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valoriesolvarr: neon is different, however it is based on kubuntu09:31
valorieejay: what sort of notifications?09:32
ejayvalorie: those popup messages that comes from above systray. I have bash scripts with kdialog --passivepopup. Those popups are now absent (they did work). No errors in console while kdialog code should show popup.09:40
valorieI would ask in #plasma09:43
valoriefirst I've heard about this one09:43
solvarrhow is neon different then?10:10
solvarris it more progressive than kubuntu?10:10
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BluesKajHiyas all12:31
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omkar_hi guys what is the minimum requirement for kubuntu 15.1014:45
omkar_hardware requirement for the os14:45
omkar_I have 4Gb machine running Intel corei5 processor with Gigabyte motherboard and storage of 500GB14:45
BluesKajomkar_, those specs are fine14:48
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu14:48
mooseVLC doesn't correctly show H.264 video after update of Kubuntu 15.10 using latest Plasma and Frameworks updates from ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports15:46
acher88does not show ion what sense?15:47
BluesKajmoose, describe your issue with h26415:47
mooseVideo footage is H.264 1080p 25fps. VLC shows only the top-left part of the image, both in window mode and full-screen mode. If I resize the VLC window to be very small, then the full video image appears.15:49
moose1:1 display doesn't work: shows only part of video image; display is 2560x144015:50
BluesKajmoose, with all H.264 videos?15:50
Minetreeshello forks15:50
Minetreescan i ask something?15:51
mooseYes. BTW I'm working a lot with H.264 footage, editing and creating it all the time.15:51
BluesKajwhich vlc versio?15:51
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danmoose: i've had problems with vlc videos being the wrong size after recent upgrade. a workaround i've found is to right click and go tot he "video" section, then choose one of the options such as "always on top" you can remove the option after that15:51
danit seems to trigger the video resizing15:52
MinetreesI'm trying to install kubuntu 15.10 on my KVM guest, I want to manually set up the partition because my swap size is too big15:53
danmoose: i've also found changing the default vlc skin to something else can help as well15:54
moosedan: fullscreen helps, but deselecting it later causes the bug to reappear despite exiting vlc inbetween.15:54
dantry resizing the window. then selecting "always on top" for video then unselecting it15:54
danthat would make things the right size for me15:54
mooseBluesKaj: vlc is 2.2.1-3 according to aptitude15:55
danit's a workaround, but it's made vlc at least usable for me15:55
acher88Moose: It's a known bug it QT15:55
acher88if it is this? https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-4832115:56
mooseacher88: than I'm glad it doesn't get triggered in Kdenlive ... at least for what I checked. I'm a heavy user of Kdenlive and we already had some Qt fun back during applications 15.0415:58
BluesKajwell, I'm running 16.04 witht the new linux 4.4 kernel and i have no problems with vlc version 2.2.1-5 which is the nwewest i guess.15:58
BluesKajnewest even15:59
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mooseBluesKaj: vlc gives me constant trouble as it forgets all the time that I preselected to use my USB mix as audio playback device because I need to work with studio headphones for quality control.16:01
acher88BluesKaj: the same on my laptop. have tried to replicate that qt bug on xenial but can't16:01
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acher88I use smplayer for most video though with latest mpv16:01
mooseacher88: thank you for pointing out smplayer; I've just installed it and it works fine on my footage. It seems to be decent for controlling my final rendered footage. Thanks!16:06
mooseacher88: and it correctly uses my behringer usb mixer for playback as set in control center.16:07
acher88VLC is great, but not as great as it used to be IMO16:08
acher88glad you now have something that works16:08
mooseacher88: a player that explicitly supports IPv6 will *always* get my full love... ;)16:10
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mooseanother issue I saw is with the panel background using the "Breeze Dark Panel Background": it causes redraw bugs in the application boxs when hovering or selecting an application in the task panel. Breeze Panel Background works though.16:15
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kujawhat's up?16:38
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kuja salut17:24
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tvinI know this is small potatoes, but how do I make a live install usb from ubuntu? My searches only come up for instructions through windows21:15
AristideHello !21:24
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rwwDoes Kubuntu still provide PPAs with versions of KDE released after the Kubuntu release?22:55
Aristiderww: Hu ?22:56
Aristidehttps://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/stable or https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable22:56
AristideHello rww :)22:57
Aristideclivejo: lol I use this repository22:58
Aristide(unstable ^^)22:58
AristideBut I like to live dangerously22:58
clivejovery dangerious!22:58
AristideYES !22:59
AristideHell clivejo :)22:59
clivejorww: please dont use the kubuntu-ci PPA's23:01
AristideAh sorry23:02
rwwclivejo: by backports you mean https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports i guess?23:02
rwwah ha, there it is23:04
rwwsomehow i completely skipped over the "News" tab on the website23:04
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philoniarehi guys, just installed kubuntu. Enjoying the experience so far!23:45
philoniaredoes anyone know a way to easily create a custom keyboard layout?23:45
darksimHello! Im trying to install Kubuntu instead of my Linux Mint installation23:47
darksimI have a special setup of drives and partitions Id like to not destroy23:48
darksimOnly / is the one I'll format, but on my HDD which was mounted to /media before is not able to be mounted there during installation23:48
darksim"You've assigned a seperate file system to /media, but in order for the system to start correctly this directory must be on the root file system. Please correct this from the partition menu."23:49
bpromptdarksim:   so... what's the issue again?23:51
bpromptfrom what I've read, you want to format /, but not devices mounted on /media.... well, easy, unmount them :)23:51
darksimEverything that's affected by the installation is unmounted already23:52
bpromptso, you're kosher then?23:52
darksimShould be but the manual disk setup during installation throws this error at me anyways23:52
darksimHence me asking for help23:53
darksimsda1 as ext4 /media - sda2 as swap - sdc1 as efi - sdc2 as ext / - sdc3 as ext4 /home23:55
bpromptdunno myself what " "You've assigned a seperate file system to /media, "  means.... how did you assign it to another filesystem? =)23:55
darksimand Bootloader installation on sdc23:55
darksimI use ext4 on my current installation so I haven't changed any file system23:56
darksimand I can clearly do it the way I've done it before so I dont get why Kubuntu installer is throwing a fit for this23:56
bpromptdarksim:     seems that, it's asking on to get rid of sda1 as /media and simply to use sdc2 for it, in root /23:58
darksimYeah, it seems like it but I don't want to :/23:59
bprompthmm why not? :)23:59
darksimBecause I already have it set up and I like having a nice place to store bulk data23:59

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