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tsimonq2!help | johny_15:43
ubottujohny_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:43
johny_I would like just to report an issue I had trying to install lubuntu 15.10 from bootable usb (created with dell xps and ubuntu 15.10), I saw "boot error" and that's all... something is wrong, I've tried on a few machines and everywhere with same result. I've moved to lubuntu 15.04. So it seems bootable images is broken?15:44
johny_thanks guys for welcome and help message ;) I hope the one I've experienced is a known issue ;)15:45
tsimonq2johny_: can you be more specific? is it an architecture problem, is it a bootloader problem, I just needs to know more specifics. :)15:45
tsimonq2johny_: did it just say, "boot error"?15:45
johny_on black screen on top there was a common line "Linux something..." and the second line was "boot error" and nothing happened, I've recreated that bootable usb, same effect, tried on a 3 machines, same effect, I've created bootable usb for 15.04 on same device and was fine, looks like corrupted image or something? md5sum from my downloaded file of 15.10 was same as on website15:48
johny_that might be bootloader problem?15:49
username1How does one find out which version of Lubuntu one is using?16:33
username1Apparently with lsb_release.16:36
Mathisenlsb_release -a16:36
PatHi, I'm running two laptop with lubuntu. One with version 14.04 lts and the other one with version 15.10. I tried to install 14.04 lts on the second one (dell inspiron 5000 series) but was unable (probe failed) so I gave up and install 15.10. Whit 14.04 it's easy to download to external drive (lacie cloudbox) via network. both laptop connected to network via wifi. Whit 15.10 I get error message from transmission Operation not supported17:08
Patnot sure if it's relevant but I'm using pcmanfm file manager. I Can access copy, etc to lacie when I go to network. I set the dowload file to be lacie. Work for few second than I get the message I mentionned.17:17
MathisenPat, not to judge anyone or anything but ask in #ubuntu also its kinda quiet in here sometimes17:18
Patok thanks for the your honesty.17:19
allegoricalhm, been trying to get an audio cd to work in lubuntu but no such luck so far... any ideas? i'm trying with VLC but keep getting Your input can't be opened:17:43
allegoricalVLC is unable to open the MRL 'cdda:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.17:43
allegoricali enabled debug messages... something like "cdda error: could not read TOCHDR17:45
allegoricalcdda error: no audio tracks found17:45
allegoricalcore debug: no access modules matched17:45
allegoricalcore error: open of `cdda:///dev/sr0' failed17:45
allegoricalcore debug: dead input"17:45
allegoricalapologies for spam17:45
allegoricalanyone ?18:23
allegoricalafter putting cd in, there should be a popup box ? (i get none)18:38
allegoricalpopup box/menu*18:38
njubhello guys , im having troubles setting up keyboard shortcut for new input method in IBus20:30
njubat this point i would like to have default shortcut , but even that is not possible it seems20:31
scubhi all22:47
scubnew here,22:47
scublooking to configure sound, think i may need to tell lubuntu to use hdmi interface?22:48
scublooks like my hdmi sound isnt listed in available ports.22:58
zooko-webHello, folks! I like Lubuntu, and I'm looking for something to install on my new Samsung Chromebook 2 Exynos (ARM chip).23:37
zooko-webIf anybody wants to help me figure out how to follow instructions like http://archlinuxarm.org/platforms/armv7/samsung/samsung-chromebook-2 or http://linux-exynos.org/wiki/Samsung_Chromebook_2_XE503C32/Installing_Linux23:38
zooko-webbut end up with Lubuntu instead of Arch or whatever, I would be very grateful! And we could write a wiki page about it as we go.23:38
zooko-webHere's yet another instruction set, this one for Debian: http://www.galexander.org/chromebook/23:39

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