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vir17hi, anyone know how to install wireless in ubuntu snappy xenial?#10:44
ogra_`vir17, everything you need should be there, just create a wlan0 (or however your device is called) file in /etc/network/interfaces,.d11:40
vir17thank you ogra_`12:13
vir17i suppose within classic shell?12:14
ogra_`nope, directrly in snappy12:14
ogra_`here is an example of the syntax http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/snappy/dragonboard/README12:14
vir17perfect, I will try it12:16
vir17and another stupid question12:22
vir17i use touch to add wlan0 file12:22
vir17but I dont know how to add data inside this file12:23
ogra_`use vi :)12:23
vir17i have nano instal12:23
vir17but i get permission denied12:23
ogra_`sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces.d/wlan012:23
vir17sorry nano is for classic12:24
anpok_i now get signature verification failed when trying a install a snap.. even when using --allow-unauthenticated15:36
renatHi all! It's Renat from Screenly.15:50
renatI need a help with snapcraft.15:50
renatFor the some reason, when it ask it to build for armhf acrh, - it builds for x86_64 arch.15:51
renatIt generates armhf snap, but inside there are x86 executables.15:51
renatAnd I cannot execute them on the RaspberryPI=(15:51
anpok_i guess I should rather ask .. how does snapcraft sign snaps?..16:09
anpok_renat: hm i tinkered with cross compiling snaps.. but couldnt manage to solve the problem you describe..16:10
anpok_maybe time for a bug report...16:11
renatanpok_I don't need to cross-compile. It used to work as I rememeber. I just need to run a python script.16:11
anpok_I am now building on one of my boards in a chroot env on a decent sata drive16:11
renatanpok_ : Sign - you mean - install without --allow-unauthenticated ?16:12
anpok_hm yeah that used to work16:14
anpok_i updated to newest snapcraft and updated the system image today16:14
anpok_now i get verification failed with exit status 1416:15
ogra_`anpok_, snapcraft doesnt sign them at all, only the store does, if you have locally build snaps you always need (and needed) --allow-unauthenticated17:26
ogra_`could it be that you used the snappy-remote script in the past (that sets the option by default when installing) ?17:27
anpok_hm no only found out about snappy-remote today..17:33
anpok_could it be that the snappy update failed17:33
ogra_`snappy list would tell you17:35
anpok_hm still the old one17:36
anpok_i guess i need something newer than september 2015 to work with current snaps17:36
ogra_`snapcraft 2.0 needs xenial/rolling17:36
ogra_`only 1.0 works with 15.0417:37
renatogra_: hi! It's Renat from Screenly.17:37
renatI have a question=)17:37
ogra_`i see it above :)17:37
ogra_`i dont think you can build armhf snaps on non armhf systems yet17:37
renatIs it possible to build armhf snap on the amd64 ubuntu?17:37
anpok_ogra_`: something like: release: ubuntu-core/15.04/edge17:37
ogra_`anpok_, thats the non QAed build of 15.04 ... before it goes to the stable channel17:38
ogra_`(and can only use snapcraft 1.0 binaries)17:38
renatogra_: understood. Thanks. So I need an other ubuntu. For example Trusty for Rpi.17:39
ogra_`if you target xenial (16.04) then you can build on your snappy system17:39
ogra_`the 16.04 images have the "classic dimension" ... i.e. a container thats shipped by default to enable you to use apt17:40
ogra_`sudo snappy enable-classic17:40
ogra_`snappy shell classic17:40
ogra_`and you anc atp-get install what you need17:40
ogra_`(i.e. snapcraft to do native armhf builds)17:40
ogra_`note though that this obnly works in 16.04 images17:41
anpok_ogra_`: is there an easy way to get to get to xenial?17:41
ogra_`well, as easy as re-flashing :)17:42
ogra_`there is no update path17:42
anpok_ok .. guess it is time to learn that17:42
ogra_`just use ubuntu-device-flash to roll an up to date image :)17:42
anpok_i guess I could reuse the device part from lemaker ..17:47
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