cjwatsonelbrus: Thanks!  I'll sort out a bootstrap once xenial is a bit happier about building things in general again01:05
cjwatsonelbrus: And a couple of rebuilds will be easy enough after that.01:05
tewardwas a decision ever made on what Lua versions are being kept in Main for Xenial?  (I never bothered to check o.o)01:48
tsimonq2!info lua xenial01:48
ubottuPackage lua does not exist in xenial01:48
tsimonq2!info lua xenial-proposed01:48
ubottuPackage lua does not exist in xenial-proposed01:48
tewarddoesn't get answered that easy heh01:49
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elbruscjwatson: you're welcome09:48
mitya57Mirv, can you please remind me what our Qt plan is for X? Expected upstream release date is Feb 24th, while our FF is on 18th.10:56
mitya57Does this mean we'll FFe it?10:57
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cjwatsonelbrus: fpc/arm64 bootstrapped; rebuilds of castle-game-engine and lazarus uploaded.  Thanks for the work and the heads-up16:26
cjwatsonelbrus: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/castle-game-engine/5.2.0-1build1 doesn't look very healthy - would you mind having a look?17:12
elbruscjwatson: will have a look tomorrow20:51
elbruscjwatson: seems like we need to sourcefully upload (should be done for other reasons as well) to include a new build dependency, or we should fix this in fpc. I'll investigate and fix in Debian.20:55
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