holmzhi, I have been playing around with themes but when i change the gtk theme i lose the window buttons for a lot of apps (ones that still have <file> <edit> etc) -- has anyone else noticed this? any suggestions for a fix?03:31
holmzfor example firefox or empathy do not have window buttons, like close or minimize, but the tweak tool and nautilus do03:33
holmzddg didn't present any answers but when i googled it (like with google) it seems like it could be that the theme doesn't match with the gnome version03:41
holmzi guess i will have to delete it and "manually build" the theme... whatever that means ;-)03:42
darkxstholmz, you need to make sure the theme you choose, supports the version you are using05:02
darkxstalso do you mean window buttons or menus? only Unity supports menus for gtk3 apps05:03
holmzwindow buttons05:29
holmzi just had to use a newer/different theme05:30
LinDolhi all12:35
Rainman387Hi there13:34
Rainman387I'm running ubuntu gnome 15.10 with radeon drivers13:35
Rainman387Trying to install latest catalyst - crimson gives me a black screen at login13:35
Rainman387Only see a pointer13:35
Rainman387Anyone can help ?13:35
redrawTurned off ask for password on session login > have problems with keyring > can't set password at login back23:55
redraworg.gnome.Shell already exists on bus and --replace not specified23:55
redrawGNOME Shell 3.10.423:55
redrawOn "Users" I have auto-login without password -unchecked-.23:57

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