tvinIs this where I go to resolve my being banned from ubuntu channel?21:44
k1ltvin: which channel?21:45
k1lthen its #ubuntu-ops21:46
tvinwhat is this channel for?21:46
k1lmainly for bureaucracy of setting up and running channels. but resolve bans if they loco teams dont have own ops channels.21:47
Na3iLHey k1l I've nominated myself for the Ubuntu IRCC, I've some questions if you don't mind :)21:50
k1lask them. but i am starting to make dinner right now. i try to answer them21:50
Na3iLokay, thank you :)21:51
Na3iLI've been familiar with IRC since 2 years, I mean commands and those things, I wonder how to grap testimonials when I was focused on helping others and answering their questions about Ubuntu21:52
Na3iLI hope that you get what I mean..21:52
tvinwhen is there usually someone on in ubuntu ops?21:54
tvink1l, ?22:07

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