apwlinux-image-generic-lts-* should be equivalent to linux-image-generic and there thould be no issue removing the latter if one of the former is installed00:12
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xnoxapw, hola =)10:14
xnoxI think i see what's going on.10:14
xnoxI've pasted a patch to: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/153681010:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 1536810 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel install failed /bin/cp: cannot stat ‘/boot/initrd.img-4.3.0-7-generic’: No such file or directory" [High,Confirmed]10:14
xnoxit does mean a kernel upload, again =/ and thus no cloud images until 4.4 lands =/10:14
apwxnox, but why is it copying it in the first place, it should only do that if something is wrong, it should be making symlinks, which we cna do to the non-existant file10:53
apwxnox, yes in copy mode it will fail, but we should never ever use that10:53
apwxnox, your patch essentially renders the deferred building null and void in all cases10:59
apwwhat we need to work out is why we think we are unasble to use a symlink for htat combination11:00
xnoxapw, not in all cases, only on upgrade (e.g. not reinstall as far as i can see)11:57
xnoxapw, why kernel manages symlink of initramfs instead of update-initrmafs?11:57
xnoxwait a minute.11:59
xnoxapw, we change to '/' and check existance of 'initramfs.img' rather than checking 'boot/initramfs.img' for the link_in_boot case12:01
xnoxapw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14800299/ ?12:05
* xnox tests12:05
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xnoxapw, however, in /etc/kernel/postinst.d/initramfs-tools INITRAMFS_TOOLS_KERKEN_HOOK=1 is set.12:35
xnoxthus negating the deffered initramfs-tools update.12:36
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xnoxapw, i'm chatting to ben here at fosdem.12:48
xnoxhe totally fixed this bug 6 years ago.12:48
ubot5bug 6 in Launchpad itself ""next 10 entries" at bottom of page" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/612:48
xnoxsorry 212:48
ubot5Debian bug 738707 in src:linux "linux-image-3.12-1-amd64: Failed to symbolic-link /boot/initrd.img-3.12-1-amd64 to initrd.img." [Normal,Fixed]12:48
xnoxapw, https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/kernel/linux.git/commit/?id=373d086904305699561b1eb505c33b010c24de9b12:49
xnoxi shall try cherry-picking that.12:49
xnoxapw, i think we shall resync our maintainer scripts.12:53
apwxnox, likely we should, but that is no small task13:18
apwgiven we have split linux-image and they do not, so we need to test properly13:18
xnoxapw, right cherrypicking that one commit is easy. especially since it's quite easy to reproduce on amd64 with ben's steps from there.13:19
apwxnox, so i'll have a look at pulling that in to what we have for now, and get an upload done early next week13:19
xnoxwhich is still slightly different from what i have ondisk in the old cloud image, and slightly different what live build does. but it smells as the closest thing.13:20
apwmight even be able to get it in tonight, will see13:21
apwwe are waiting on testing anyhow13:21
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xnoxapw, i think we can build cloud images with ppa's enabled, and with proposed enabled. cherry-picking above mentioned commit will be like a good thing to do (it's a valid bug on ubuntu currently). But e.g. i cannot easily validate if that will fix livebuilders or not =/ cause that needs a livebuilder, which means having a launchpad do it.13:24
apwxnox, oh if you can do PPAs i could ram one into our unstable PPA for testing14:19
apwxnox, you'd need just s390x right 14:20
apwxnox, those only take like an hour to build14:20
xnoxwell arm64, powerpc64el, armhf are also broken. But i couldn't care less about them =)14:21
apwxnox, right, to allow you to confirm this fixes your issue, i could build it such that the others blow up14:23
apwxnox, if you can confirm a PPA would do for a test ...14:23
xnoxi need cloudy people.14:24
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apwxnox, i've uploaded a +apw1 to ppa:canonical-kernel-team/ubuntu/unstable which should build for s390x18:01
xnoxapw, tah.18:56
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