hggdhk1l: i just got a pm from frewtc4ke03:56
thepower1488phunyguy banned me for no reason04:09
thepower1488k1l: are you there?04:09
phunyguythepower1488: you really have no idea why you were banned?04:13
phunyguycome back later when you are willing to be truthful.04:13
thepower1488i have no idea, other than saying nigger once and then someone told me about the code of conduct and then i stopped using those kinds of words04:16
elkyare you sure that's all? remembering we have eyes.04:18
thepower1488yes i'm sure, i haven't done anything besides saying nigger04:19
thepower1488i don't remember anything else04:19
elkynot even the antisemitic rant you had?04:19
thepower1488how is it antisemitic?04:19
thepower1488do you not know history?04:19
elkyapparently i know it better than you04:20
thepower1488it's what happened04:20
thepower1488the fine brothers are on youtube taking down videos04:20
phunyguyhow long must you keep this up?  Your entire purpose seems to be suckering people into arguing about racism.04:20
thepower1488they're trying to control business and people's lives04:20
phunyguyyou are even showing that in this channel04:20
thepower1488that's what jews did pre world war 204:20
elkyyes i'm sure staff would be interested to know about this04:20
thepower1488hitler took care of that problem04:20
hggdhreally? You found nothing new to do?04:25
hggdhthepower1488: so, anything else we can do for you here? If not, please /part04:26
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tvinAnyone here?21:46
tvinWould someone please help me21:57
tvinchu DalekSec Flannel22:05
chuWhat's the problem tvin?22:09
tvinWhen I try to join ubuntu, it says I am banned22:10
tvinand it's been a long time since I have last been there22:10
tvinMonths ago or something22:10
tvinchu, Are you still there?22:13
chuI am. Your ban was set about 3 months ago, but it appears you have quite a history.22:15
tvinchu, and?22:19
tvinNot sure what history you mean, and I don't know what to say to that. So can I please get unbanned now? I am not sure what I did wrong, but isn't three months long enough?22:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:27
rwwthere we go22:27
rwwtvin: considering that you have the same behavior as you had in 2011, apparently not22:30
tvinWhat behavior?22:31
rwwthe one you have had explained to you multiple times in the past. please feel free to refer to your memory of previous encounters with #ubuntu-ops22:32
ikoniatvin: you're well known as true-purple, you've caused multiple problems, and had it all explained to you before, so just because your nickname has changed, I don't think we want you in the ubuntu channels any more22:33
ikoniait's that simple,22:34
tvinYou're banning me for life?22:34
ikonianot really, but every time you join, it's a problem22:35
ikoniaso probably best you joined somewhere else/depended on somewhere else until you don't cause a problem22:35
tvinThat doesn't make sense, I don't know what problems you mean, setting aside that. Please explain this requirement for being unbanned22:37
ikonia"stop causing problems so that the operator team have to ban you and explain it to you again"22:37
ikoniaI'm not going to go over all your bans again as it's been explained to you multiple times, I know I've spoken to you personally at least 3 times22:37
tvin"not cause a problem" do you think Ive been causing problems for 3 months that I havent qualified for this?22:37
ikoniano, because you've been banned22:38
tvinYeah and in order to be unbanned -------?22:38
ikoniato be honest - you'll do well to just find somewhere else to gain support/help22:38
ikoniain order to be unbanned - we need to feel comfortable that you are not going to problem and give you yet another chance22:38
tvinWhere else is there? So I am banned for life?22:38
ikoniaand at this time - we don't22:38
tvinAnd how is that possible?22:38
ikoniaok - lets make it easier for you to grasp then22:38
ikonia"you're banned for life"22:39
tvinWhere else is there to get help?22:39
ikoniano idea, the forums, other IRC channels, other IRC networks22:39
tvinWhat other IRC channels?22:39
ikoniano idea22:39
ikoniayour problem to research them22:39
ikoniaI hope you find a better support resource for you to use22:40
ikoniagood luck and good bye22:40
tvinI doubt that22:40
ikoniawell, bye then.22:40
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com22:40
rwwfor some URLs22:40
tvinThough I think I tried the forum before, waited forever and no replies22:42
elkyeveryone uses askubuntu instead now i think22:42
tvinI will try it22:42
tvinSo that goes for ubuntu support too? Most people go to askubuntu instead of that?22:44
rwwno idea, try the various venues and see which works best for you22:44
tvinTo clarify, is there a method to make you comfortable with me?22:46
ikoniayou've had too many chances22:47
tvinThis is all false accusation anyway22:47
ikoniaprobably best you try those other resouces then.22:47
ikoniagood luck with it,22:47
k1l<FireMe> JUST WHO IS ME TYPE  /whois skraito-0x7123:25
rwwi think he means on that other ircnet23:25
k1li wonder why he doesnt nick skraito in here too, when he tells who he is anyway.23:27
rwwbecause then he wouldn't be able to talk in all the channels with existing bans on that nick23:27

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