MarkDudeAnd cant help it when I get near a ladders, need to sing Mamboo #5 and climb and dance00:00
MarkDudeTanong; is it rude to pretend I dont know, and to call Wally from EB Hanunoo, and pretend that tribe is all bald?00:01
MarkDudeHanu meaning like pala, as in all forhead00:01
MarkDudeBut as far as your bigger picture, what do you want to learn, and how much slef teach do you want to do?00:02
JOSHUAPOTLol at like the Rogelios00:02
* MarkDude made some jokes trying to tie in Aldub and Filipino mythology, not many got it00:04
JOSHUAPOTHmm, short term goal...I've experienced applying an upgrade as well as a dist-upgrade once and ended up with a no-boot OS. I would like to understand how to revert back to a working state removing what broke which. Long term goal would be to focus on network security so maybe I'd be using Kali most of the time since the tools mostly work without is00:04
JOSHUAPOTsues with it. I don't know what Kali is based on but it just fits what I'd like to do. The Aral Balikan Rizal pic is cool by the way :)00:04
MarkDudeBathala asked Visayan God, what you gonna do with that desert, made me think of EB00:05
MarkDudeTy, I did him doing pabebe wave too00:05
JOSHUAPOTI don't really have much time for self teach right now because I am working for a BPO for believe it or not MS. Lol, when it's time to go home most of the time is spent with family but I do find time to read up from time to time. Not to mention play with VM's when at work00:05
JOSHUAPOTYeah, they play that song a lot on that show.00:06
MarkDudeThats how many in Linux make a living00:09
MarkDudeMS things00:09
MarkDudePM me your email, I can think of a few events you could meet people00:09
JOSHUAPOTYeah, it actually piqued my interest when you said that CentOS overlaps enterprise things on OpenSource and Server stuff. Specially when you said that most people get IT work off of that skill00:10
JOSHUAPOTSure :)00:10
MarkDudeI know one of CDOs groups might be of use. And you would qualify as use case for my Fedora efforts. We have a theory that as you teach folks, more use Linux, the better. Some of them will stay and make Ubuntu more awesome, some will do other things00:11
MarkDudeBesides, gives me an excuse to reach out to UP00:11
* MarkDude has all sorts of silly titles I can use to make it fancier, let alone with some bobong kano writes greeting in Baybayin, it gets attenion00:12
JOSHUAPOTMy partner is form UP. She might be able to reach out but she's been out of Uni for a while now so I cannot commit to anything00:12
MarkDudeNo worries, thats my best skill, finding contacts, and getting spaces for events.00:12
MarkDudeMore like a lets get together in coffe shop type thing (Fedora drops for coffee maybe)00:13
MarkDudeand go from there00:13
MarkDudeSome of what CDO is doing is re-starting some groups that have not been meeting00:14
JOSHUAPOTYeah, it's awesome that somehow the advocacy for OpenSource also opens up our country and culture to other nations as well. I just hope this does not become a reason for FOSS to be even more segmented.00:14
MarkDudeSee if you can try a CentOS in a VM, or sumthin. They want a real push to grow00:16
MarkDudeAnd it would make CDO seem nationwide with such interest00:16
MarkDudeRedHat bought Centos in last few years, so there has been fine tuning, and gettting ready to promote00:16
MarkDudeCent has goal of being close to Upstream, or projects closer to the kernel00:17
MarkDudeThe folks you could meet this way are some high up connections00:17
JOSHUAPOTI am getting scared already. My skillset is laughable at best00:18
MarkDudeCent saves you time on rollouts of many machines00:18
MarkDudeAgain, this is more looking at what you want to do00:18
MarkDudeAlso, what is fun00:18
MarkDudeMany projects need art help, you can do things with Design teams00:19
MarkDudeThere are also some globalization efforts that you could help with in short time. Localizing for region/translation00:20
MarkDudeOf course most Pinoys can speak English, but a nice starter thing to just get them installed and going00:20
MarkDudeThese are being done by folks in many places00:20
JOSHUAPOTMaybe I can help with that, I do have some talent with art stuff but I mostly work with traditional stuff, pencil and paper...the boring stuff hahaha00:20
MarkDudeTried GIMP?00:21
MarkDudeKrita is supposed to be awesome, but takes some work to do00:21
JOSHUAPOTYep, I tried that when I was still customizing themes for the PSP00:21
JOSHUAPOTGIMP I mean, it's been years though00:21
MarkDudeAnd take pics of your drawings and digitize them00:21
MarkDudeIts a bt better00:21
MarkDudeThere is what you can do now, and what you want to learn. And the long term00:22
MarkDudeArt transfers to any project, as do globalization/trqanslations00:22
MarkDudeTagalog mo?00:22
JOSHUAPOTYou're right, instead of just learning stuff on my own it's still best to expose myself and broaden my network.00:22
MarkDudeYep, and be worried if a Fedora guy says ONLY join Fedora, or Ubuntu person forces their ideas00:23
MarkDudeIts what you may like00:23
MarkDudeIf your partner is interested in some, the bigger communities have many fun things to offer too00:24
JOSHUAPOTYup, art is a part of everything. If MS is following Metro UI, Google has Material Design, I am actually wondering which design standard will be recognizable for the community. I like Elementary OS but I don't like that it's always labeled as a Mac rip off00:24
JOSHUAPOTYeah, I get what you mean. I don't understand how OpenSource can become so segmented.00:26
JOSHUAPOTI will take your advice and take one step at a time. Thank you for making this day a lot better mate!00:26
MarkDudeYou bet. I emailed before I forgot. I can see what the CDO folks have going, they go by ITG, and do more than just Linux btw :)00:27
JOSHUAPOTITG? Hmm, I still don't get what CDO stands for but if they have a social network account I am sure I will find them.00:28
MarkDudeLast dumb link for me to share https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF0H9NaIlfk00:28
MarkDudeThey do And yes Cagayan de Oro.00:29
JOSHUAPOTThat's some mad editing skills hahaha00:29
JOSHUAPOTtake care Mark :)00:29
MarkDudeJust not sure, they have python and other folks00:29
MarkDudePaalam JOSHUAPOT 00:29
MarkDudeOh, I wanted you to see I had Fedora, and Ubuntu stickers to my left00:30
MarkDudePenguin Family. Laters00:30

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