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LostSoul_I'm getting in exim4:12:04
LostSoul_gitlab@my.domain Unrouteable address12:04
LostSoul_Any ideas?12:04
iGeniwhe i make 1 of my servers sync with ntp  can i let all my other server sync to that internal server?12:08
iGeniinstead of putting them all open12:08
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arcskyhi guys i have problem with openvpn. it doesnt start when i do /etc/ini.t/openvpn start22:25
pmatulisarcsky: what ubuntu release are you using? openvpn may be using upstart, not sysvinit. try 'sudo service openvpn start' ?22:37
TheEagerPadawanhi, i've set up a nginx web server on my desktop and a apache virtually (virtualbox) in bridged mode. Both systems can ping each other. However when i try to wget a file on the virtualserver that is hosted by the nginx on the desktop it doesn't work, sadly enough22:42
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: elaborate on 'doesn't work'22:48
pmatulisi.e. is it a web server error or a network error?22:48
TheEagerPadawanpmatulis: when i try to wget it doesn't start the download22:49
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: check the web server logs to see if the request is detected22:50
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: if detected, see if the logs can illuminate what the problem is22:51
TheEagerPadawanpmatulis: logs don't seem to say anything regarded to the download i'm trying to do22:52
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: if not detected, forget the application layer, and go to the network layer. see if you get a response on port 80 (assuming using port 80)22:52
pmatulisnc -vz <ip address> 8022:53
pmatulisif no response, see if the desktop is listening on the port22:54
TheEagerPadawanpmatulis: got ya, thanks seems like the virtual can't reach desktop on port 8022:55
pmatulisthen on desktop:22:56
pmatulissudo lsof -i4tcp:80 -n -P22:56
pmatulisshould get similar to:22:56
pmatulisnginx   993 www-data    6u  IPv4   9021      0t0  TCP *:80 (LISTEN)22:56
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: then nginx is not running22:58
pmatulissudo service nginx start22:58
TheEagerPadawanpmatulis: what if i told you it is running22:59
JanCnot configured correctly22:59
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: yeah, so something is just wrong with nginx23:00
TheEagerPadawanseems like that the lsof only pops up when i'm actually browsing to such said website on the desktop23:01
TheEagerPadawanby using the private ip23:01
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: using inted/xinetd ?23:04
TheEagerPadawanpmatulis: http://www.tiikoni.com/tis/view/?id=336728223:04
TheEagerPadawanno, on both cases23:05
pmatulisTheEagerPadawan: does the wget command work from the desktop?23:05
TheEagerPadawanlet me see23:06
TheEagerPadawanthat would be wgetting from
TheEagerPadawanyes that works23:08
TheEagerPadawanit just the virtual that doesn't seem to get access to port 80 on the desktop23:08
pmatuliswell, it sounds like a configuration problem23:11
TheEagerPadawanwelp i atleast i know who to hit over the head tomorrow ;)23:11

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