elachechedamascene: just saw your message :/ :( I can't be online during weekends.. :/14:08
N`importe_quielacheche: why so? aren't you free in weekends?18:34
N`importe_quipretty weird18:34
elachecheNope am not N`importe_qui :) Some of us have a AFK life :)19:24
N`importe_quielacheche: wat was your AFK life about this weekend? :o19:40
N`importe_quiwhat *19:40
elachecheThat's called personal life :)20:17
=== marwen_ is now known as MarwenDo
N`importe_quielacheche: your personal life is allover the internet lmao21:27
N`importe_quiit's not personal anymore21:27
N`importe_quiany random nab may know it21:27
elachecheThat's my public life, not the personal one :)21:40
elachecheYou can't be anonymous when you're a member of an International community :)21:41
N`importe_quimeh at yhis international community of yours21:43
N`importe_qui*this *21:43

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