devilmani like flash ubuntu touch on my redmi 200:48
devilmanis that possible to try00:48
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Aditya__anyone here?09:20
andyworkAditya__: 238 peoples at this moment09:29
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vayansomeone got syncevolution + fastmail working ?12:32
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manbehindthemadnhey fellas, deploying ubuntu-touch onto an older galaxy tab 2, curious what the procedure is for wiping the device prior to install17:17
popeymanbehindthemadn, is the galaxy tab 2 even supported?17:29
manbehindthemadneh, that really doesn't matter to me, if I gotta recompile and config by hand I kinda figured I was gonna have too, im just curious how to prep the device.17:30
ogra_`you need to be able to flash it ... so an unlocked bootloader is kind of essential17:43
ogra_`the rest (boot.img, recovery.img) get replaced by ubuntu anyway17:43
ogra_`though dont underestimate how much a port takes you ...17:44
* ogra_` would plan with a month or more if you are an experienced android *and* ubuntu developer .... else plan longer17:45
nolsenWhen will Ubuntu touch phones be available in the US?17:53
ogra_`once an US manufacturer is found,the FCC requirements are fulfilled annd the paperwork is done :)17:54
ogra_`(you can buy the bq phones in the US if you can live with 2g though .... they ship worldwide)17:55
ogra_`( at https://store.bq.com/gl/ )18:02
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_SpongeCould birdie and vocal be supported in Ubuntu-Touch ? https://github.com/nathandyer19:36
samdroidHello!  Is it possible to allow mir to accept the connections of a Gtk+ app running from the terminal?20:37
SourceSlayerIs there anyway to set Qt Creator to use QMake for Unity Scopes?20:43
SourceSlayerDang Ubuntu SDK ruined Qt Creator20:54
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m_jimmerI am going to create a application that uses and stores some sensitive information.  I have a encryption library. I am just wondering what is the best place to store said files.  like applicationConfigure dir ? or somewhere else21:24
m_jimmerthe idea is to use sqlight but to encrypt the files and make enduser unlock . This application will also need networking.21:25
m_jimmerso setting the default data dir for sqlight will need to happen.  So just wondering where that would be best suited.  Like QStanderedPaths::standerPaths(QStanderedPaths::ApplicationConfigDir).first() ? or somewhere else21:26
m_jimmerthanks for your time21:27
m_jimmerAlso is there somewhere where I can get a list of all the default lib's that I can link against for applications ? thanks21:34
m_jimmerThis way I know what I have to package myself.  Just starting out with Ubuntu sdk and not sure how that all works21:35
m_jimmerThe application that I am going to make will be a mix between ansible tower and nagios21:36
mcphailm_jimmer: scroll down to the Runtime Environment section of https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/ . As for libs, if in doubt, bundle them22:00
m_jimmerthanks mcphail22:00
dobeym_jimmer: a) #ubuntu-app-devel is the best channel to ask about app dev questions. b) ApplicationDataDir i think would be better. config files go in ConfigDir, you're writing data, so DataDir would be better.22:00
dobeyc) when you create a chroot in the sdk for the click target, any libraries which don't already have the -dev packages installed, are things you shouldn't be depending on the system to provide, and you should build and include them in your own package22:01
m_jimmersweet thanks a bunch and I will join that channel22:03

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