tsimonq2tvin: hello tvin! what's up?21:37
tvinneed some help21:37
tsimonq2tvin: what would you like some help with?21:38
tvinTrying to make a ubuntu live from usb flash drive installer.21:38
tvinfrom ubuntin21:38
tvinI used unebootin, it installed the ISO, it seemed, but the USB won't boot21:38
tsimonq2tvin: you are welcome to stick around if you are in Wisconsin, but #ubuntu is the place for support, so please type the following and they will be able to help you: "/join #ubuntu"21:39
tvinI can't, it says I am banned21:39
tvinIt's been a long time since i've last been there too21:40
tvinNot sure why I would be banned21:40
tsimonq2tvin: what client are you using?21:40
tvinWhy did you ask what Id like help with, if you weren't going to help me?21:40
tsimonq2tvin: because I didn't know what you wanted help with, that's all :)21:41
tvinEither way you weren't going to help apparently21:41
tsimonq2tvin: plus, this is not a support channel, and I don't know how to solve your problem :)21:42
tvinWhat's the name of the channel for disputes for ubuntu channel? something with council in its name?21:42
tsimonq2tvin: #ubuntu-irc21:43
tsimonq2tvin: and #ubuntu-ops21:44

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