tsimonq2!help | ubuntu-mate00:00
ubottuubuntu-mate: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:00
k1lyep, he left already :)00:00
aitori need help00:03
dumihgirTo anyone: how can I get the IRC channel of Wikileaks.00:03
aitori have installed ubuntu and w10 in 2 disks00:04
nicomachusdumihgir: not here.00:04
k1ldumihgir: look at their webpage where they offer an ircchannel00:05
aitorhow can i do a dual boot?00:05
dumihgirYes, I've tryed, but I believe the have a new channel. Thanks anyway!00:05
aitorpls someone can help me doing a dual boot with ubuntu and w10?00:06
k1laitor: make ubuntu the first disk to boot. the grub should see the other disk with windows installed and put it into grub. run "sudo update-grub"00:06
aitorhow can i do that?00:07
k1ldo what?00:07
aitormake ubuntu the first disk00:07
k1llook into the bios settings00:07
aitori am going to do that00:08
justin__1what's your favorite console rss reader?00:09
emanuel_guten abend00:10
emanuel_good morning00:10
emanuel_jemand aus deutschland hier00:12
axk4545I just installed mysql 5.7 from the oracle site. how do I start the service? running the command mysql seems to do nothing.00:13
k1lemanuel_: der deutsche kanal ist #ubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-de-offtopic00:13
ralexandruyou mean the .deb file from the oracle download site?00:14
emanuel_wie komme ich denn dahin00:14
axk4545ralexandru: yes.00:14
axk4545ralexandru: I am a student and mysql 5.7 is required for the class I am taking.00:15
MonkeyDustemanuel_  /j #ubuntu-de00:15
k1lemanuel_: "/j #channelname"    eingeben00:15
ralexandruplease run ps aux | grep mysql00:17
ralexandruis anything running?00:17
axk4545ralexandru: nope00:17
ralexandrucan you find the my.cnf file in /etc/mysql ?00:18
ralexandrucheck for the error_log location00:18
axk4545ralexandru: gimme a sec00:19
axk4545ralexandru: there is no /etc/mysql00:20
ralexandruhow about /etc/my.cnf ?00:20
axk4545ralexandru: nope00:21
axk4545ralexandru: IDK what it did00:21
ralexandruwhat ubuntu version are you using?00:21
ralexandrualso what’s the output of mysql —version?00:22
axk45453.19.0-47-generic kernel on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS X86_6400:22
axk4545ralexandru: The program 'mysql' can be found in the following packages:00:23
axk4545 * mysql-client-core-5.500:23
axk4545 * mariadb-client-core-5.500:23
axk4545 * mysql-client-core-5.600:23
axk4545 * percona-xtradb-cluster-client-5.500:23
axk4545Try: sudo apt-get install <selected package>00:23
ralexandruok, I’ll help you00:23
ralexandruAre you sure you don’t want 5.6 or 5.5 ?00:24
ralexandrumore stable in the long runn at this point00:24
axk4545 ralexandru I got quieted. I should have used a pastebin. Prof said 5.700:24
ralexandrulet’s clean out any the system first: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14784365/00:26
ralexandruplease read carefull all the commands you’re typing in the terminal00:27
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:27
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ralexandruafter that done, lets add the official Oracle mysql repository00:28
axk4545ralexandru: cleaned out.00:29
ralexandrugo to step1 please: Adding the MySQL APT Repository00:30
axk4545ralexandru: Think I found issue, I only added the repo and never installed *facepalm*00:30
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ralexandrufollow the guide above I’ve send you00:32
ralexandruUbuntu 14.04 LTS (“Trusty Tahr”) is supported with the official Oracle MySQL repo00:33
axk4545ralexandru: will do thanks00:33
ralexandrualso make extra sure that you want the Oracle one and not MariaDB/Percona00:33
axk4545ralexandru: will do00:34
ralexandruhave you installed the MySQL package?00:34
axk4545ralexandru: yep. I think I got it now00:34
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axk4545ralexandru: thanks00:35
ralexandruafter you start MySQL use this command to check its status: mysqladmin status00:35
axk4545ralexandru: ok00:36
ralexandrualso use the following script to secure the installation: mysql_secure_installation00:36
ralexandruyou already have it installed along with MySQL00:36
axk4545ralexandru: ok00:37
ralexandruuse MySQL Workbench 6.3.6 as a GUI for it00:38
ralexandrubest of luck!00:38
* artois coughs mariadb, postgresql00:44
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dreadkoppi still have problems installing linux on this craplet... tried fedlet (fedora-based distro for uefi_x86 tablets) but encounter the same problem. after kernel+initramfs is loaded i fall back to emergency prompt because somehow it loses connection to the install usb stick... anyone encountered that behaviour?00:50
oswriternot me, but i've never tried installing linux on a tablet lol00:53
k1ldreadkopp: such tablets need some special treatment. better to look at that tablets community if there is someone with experience already.00:54
max3how do i negate the pattern in this command `find . -name "*.xml" -type f`00:54
tsp`use '!' for negation00:55
tsp`or -not00:55
max3so just find . -name "!*.xml" -type f00:55
tsp`no, before the operators00:56
tsp`find . -not \( -name '*.xml' -type f \)00:56
tsp`not sure if parens are needed00:56
artoisthey aren't00:56
artoisbut they're nice if you are doing more than a single match00:56
artoistldr: what I said00:56
max3thank you tsp`00:57
Remind1Hey everyone! Just have a question if you don't all mind. I'm on a hybid (intel/NVIDIA GTX 950M) setup. I feel like I finally have my system working: Did a fresh Ubuntu 15.10 install, got rid of everything nvidia*, and installed 358 nvidia-prime. My system finally boots up fine. My SYstem info finally shows the GTX 950M. And I can also access nvidia-settings. However, my games in Steam still seem like low quality. Any direction on what I00:57
artoisRemind1: your msg was clipped for being incredibly long00:58
Remind1artois: ......... My system finally boots up fine. My SYstem info finally shows the GTX 950M. And I can also access nvidia-settings. However, my games in Steam still seem like low quality. Any direction on what I can do to check it?00:58
artoisin what way do they seem low quality?00:59
Remind1The rendering seems like I'm using integrated, artois00:59
artoismaybe you are00:59
Remind1I was just under a Windows Setup playing Dota and the quality was much better. Under the NVIDIA X Server Settings, I have it set to NVIDIA (Performance Mode) under the PRIME profile as well00:59
artoishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2188201 ?01:00
Remind1artois: I'll check it out, thanks!01:01
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auctusim using 15.10, sometimes my whole desktop will freeze, but i can still move the mouse around. It also apparently doesnt respond to keyboard, i cant ctrl+alt+f1 for example01:02
auctusbut the mouse is fine?01:03
auctusits happened a few times from different causes, but now i can reproduce it by trying to play hearts of iron 3 in virtualbox/winxp/direct3d01:03
auctusjust wondering if anyone has any idea whats going on there or what logs i can read to get a clue or whatever01:03
artoisauctus: sure vbox hasn't just stolen your keyboard's focus?01:04
QwertieHow much space should building the kernel take? last time I tried it my 30GB vm disk filled up :L01:06
auctusartois: nah because if i load the game and then switch to another app, whenever virtualbox gets to the stage where it freezes, my desktop (unity?) freezes ... except the mouse, everything except the mouse doesnt work01:07
auctuslike i cant scroll in the browser or whatever, i can just see the cursor01:07
auctuscant switch applications01:08
auctusits frozen01:08
auctusonly way i can find to fix is reboot01:08
artoisauctus: what graphics?01:08
auctusartois: geforce gts 450 whatever the default drivers are i dont think i installed any proprietary ones01:09
artoisvbox doesn't say you've allotted too much ram?01:11
auctusartois: no i have 2gb for ram and 128mb vram01:12
auctusin the vbox01:13
auctuscomputer running it physically has 16gbram and 1024mb vram01:13
dani_hi guys01:13
artoisI don't know, I'd suspect a video or vbox bug01:14
artoisdani_: hi01:14
dani_hey artois01:14
dani_look, i bought a pci TV tuner card for my desktop.... the thing is is that my desktop doesnt actually have pci slot :/01:15
dani_only pci express01:15
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dani_can anyone recommend a tv capture card that is pciExpress x16 or PciExpress x1?01:15
auctusartois: id just assume it was virtualbox but its happened before in different situations so i guess maybe it is a video bug01:15
artoisvideo bugs crash X more than anything else, IME01:16
OvationGot a random question for ya: If I'm 100% happy with my current configuration (packages, files, settings, etc.) with Ubuntu 15.10, is there a way to take a complete snapshot of my system so I can restore 100% of everything due to something breaking down the road?01:25
Wouter0100Ovation, what I would say is install it using ZFS and just take a snapshot of your root dataset :)01:27
srulii've googled this but cant find an answer, i have some of the contents of my ecryptfs files /home/.ecryptfs/user/.Private i also made a note of the passphrase (ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase) i dont have the .ecryptfs dir, how would i use this passphrase to mount the ecryptfs?01:27
OvationIf I use dd to clone my system, will it also include things like the GRUB?01:33
ikoniaassuming you're cloning the full disk01:33
OvationYeah. I have a 2TB USB Hard drive. I'm extremely happy with my files/setup. I'd like to copy it completely incase something happens with this one or if something breaks01:34
OvationSo I'd like to copy it to that 2TB USB HD if possible, I assume dd could do that?01:34
OvationTo where if I removed my internal HD, I could plug in my USB one and boot like normal (at least the time of the backup)?01:34
ikoniadd is a block by block copy01:34
kirklandsruli: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html01:38
de-factoHow do I start a dbus daemon without restarting the whole system?01:40
Ovationsudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb       , this would be is sda is what i want to make a copy of, and sdb being the USB hard drive that I want to put the copy on, right?01:40
srulikirkland: i saw that page, question is what is it looking for just any dir named .private? the reason for my question is if i only have files from the .private dir not the actual dir and create a .private dir and put those files in will i be able to recover the files?01:41
DsbeerfHello someone can help me with http://pastebin.com/udPM9XPX i did some search on the web but i can't figure out the problem :(01:41
k1lDsbeerf: can you please pastebin a "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list.d/"01:46
Bashing-omDsbeerf: duplicated entires compare 'cat -n /etc/apt/sources.list ' and ' tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* ' for double entries - trusty-security/universe - .01:47
Dsbeerfok brb i do it01:48
k1lDsbeerf: wait. seems like the last line in sources.list is already the issue01:48
Dsbeerfk11: bash: grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list.d/: No such file or directory01:51
cesara_how the fuck this works01:51
ikoniatone down the language please01:52
ikonia!guidelines | cesara_01:52
Bashing-omDsbeerf: See k1l's last . He has the right of it .01:52
ubottucesara_: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines01:52
k1lDsbeerf: sorry, missed the * at the end.01:52
cesara_using xchat-GNOME01:52
cesara_not sure how to add another channel01:52
ikoniacesara_: please read the guidelines URL before doing anything else01:52
cesara_and sorry about the language01:52
ikoniano problem01:52
k1lcesara_: "/j #newchannel"01:52
cesara_how can i see whos on this chat01:53
cesara_is there better irc for ubuntu ?01:53
k1lcesara_: yes, use "hexchat" and not xchat-gnome01:53
Dsbeerfk1l, http://pastebin.com/rZb8kbuJ01:53
cesara_thanks alot01:53
cesara_u guys are beautiful01:53
cesara_Going to leave this palce01:54
k1lDsbeerf: remove the last line in sources.list01:54
Dsbeerfk1l, or brb i try01:55
k1lDsbeerf: and for future issues with elementary please ask the elementary support01:55
Dsbeerfk1l, working thanks, can you explain me where was the duplicate of the last line ?01:56
Dsbeerfk1l, oh ok sorry01:57
k1lDsbeerf: you added manually some repos that were already added in the sources.list01:57
Dsbeerfk1l, the patches.list ?01:59
k1lDsbeerf: no. the last line you added was just wrong. whatever howto you followed, that is rubbish01:59
ikoniaDsbeerf: is this ubuntu ?02:02
ikoniaDsbeerf: or is this a varient ?02:02
Dsbeerfikonia, well elementary os02:03
ikoniaok - so nothing to do with this channel then02:03
Dsbeerfikonia, well is ubuntu and i added the elementary os repo then apt-get install phanteon to try it02:03
ikoniait's not ubuntu02:04
ikoniaelementrary does it's own thing02:04
Dsbeerfikonia, i didnt install elementary os via their iso i install it via ubuntu alternate iso then i did an apt-add repo02:04
ikoniatheir software changes things02:05
Dsbeerfikonia, well just wanted to take a look at pantheon.02:05
Dsbeerfanyway thanks for the help is appreciate02:06
noobstraphi. just cloned a ubuntu machine and planning to put in on the same network as the source machine.02:13
noobstrapdo i have to do anything on the cloned machine02:13
ikonianoobstrap: chang it's IP, hostname and any difference in the disk layout02:14
Na3iLtake a look noobstrap http://askubuntu.com/questions/22835/how-to-network-two-ubuntu-computers-using-ethernet-without-a-router02:15
noobstrapok ikonia thanks02:16
noobstrapwill check it out Na3iL thanks02:16
ikoniaJOSHUAPOT: bump ?02:22
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Becky_I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and wifi is really slow. I can barely get a connection. Meanwhile my parent's windows laptop is getting 10 mps. Using a DSL modem.02:33
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PestBudaBecky_, what kind of computer is that/ desktop/laptop...02:43
dumihgirHello! I need help with the Xubuntu 4.10. It's an excellent sistem. But I have problems when I close and open again my laptop. When I inser the password to return to the sistem, the screen turns in black. Then, the only solution to remove the battery an put it again. I can't find the solution. Thanks!02:44
Becky_PestBuda this is a Toshiba laptop02:44
PestBudadumihgir, can you open a terminal?02:45
dumihgirPestBuda: Yes02:45
alphazuluis there a network traffic analyzer which has a web interface?  does wireshark have a web interface?02:46
SchrodingersScatalphazulu: what are you trying to do?02:46
PestBudadumihgir, what happens when you close the screen, do you have it configured to go to sleep?02:47
alphazuluSchrodingersScat: web based network analyzer.  view usage info and statistics for network traffic on interfaces.02:47
PestBudadumihgir, what Window-manager are you using, or Desktop Environment02:48
dumihgirThe laptop start to sleep02:48
alphazuluSchrodingersScat: do things like list destinations in order of traffic, look at statistics about types of traffic.  provide data about different types of traffic.02:49
PestBudadumihgir, I think your WIndow-manager or Desktop environment needs to be restarted... it's sounds like it crashes after sleep02:49
dumihgirI use de Desktop Enviroment of xubuntu02:50
dumihgirYes, its happens usualy when I let it sleeping for a several minutes.02:50
dumihgirOr When I do it 3 or 4 times02:51
dumihgirSorry, I'm a lego about this!02:51
PestBudadumihgir, Standard xubuntu that was installed?  you didnt mess with it?02:51
PestBudahang on...02:52
dumihgirPestbuda, I have the standart xubuntu.02:52
dumihgirPestbuda, I never touch it from the terminal. I never touch anything. I Only take a time to install the actualizations that offer me oficialy.02:54
dumihgirSorry for my english02:54
PestBudadumihgir, Ok find Light Locker Settings in "settings manager"02:54
Becky_dumihgir your english is good02:54
PestBudadumihgir, find the "Enable Light Locker" Click OFF -  then Click Apply02:55
dumihgirPestBuda: Ok, I wil. Thanks Becky_!02:57
PestBudadumihgir, find the "Enable Light Locker" Click ON -  then Click Apply02:57
PestBudadumihgir, Fist click OFF then click Apply, then Click ON and again click Apply02:58
dumihgirIts enable02:58
PestBudadumihgir, click OFF and then apply02:59
dumihgirPestBuda: Where in "enable"02:59
dumihgirPestBuda: I Cliked to turn it off and turn it on again02:59
PestBudadumihgir, click d and then apply02:59
dumihgirPestBuda: Ok!02:59
PestBudadumihgir, disregard the last one03:00
PestBudadumihgir, first Disable, then Apply03:00
dumihgirPestBuda: I stand you. I did it03:00
PestBudadumihgir, then Enable and again click Apply03:01
dumihgirPestBuda It is "enable" again.03:01
PestBudadumihgir, now close that window03:02
dumihgirPestBuda: Did it03:02
PestBudaand test if it will go to sleep and recover03:02
dumihgirPestBuda. Ok! Thanks! I will test it. Thanks!!!!03:03
PestBudadumihgir, Basically close the screen and give it a minute03:03
shanesterHi Guys! I've been googling for days trying to figure out how to setup a headless desktop (no monitor) to start up in X on boot.  Then at any time I want to be able to plugin a monitor and get the display to show up.  I'm running Ubuntu Server.  If you know of a guide or have done this, please let me know, I'll buy you dinner lol03:03
dixondhi all, I have an Asus laptop with 13.10 installed and when I install the nvidia-current package unity fails to start on login. nothing in the forums/websearch has helped. where do I begin debugging on the local machine?03:05
PestBudashanester, ok are you using KVM switch?03:05
shanesterPestBuda, no, just plugging it in03:05
PestBudadixond, how OLD is that asus?03:05
dixondPestBuda: a couple years. the card is GeForce 610M03:06
PestBudashanester, so why do you keep Plugging? Unpluggin?03:06
dixondIt works fine with the Ivy intel 2d drivers03:06
PestBudadixond, What kernel are you running    uname -r03:06
dixondPestBuda: 3.8.0-35-generic03:07
dixondSeems like GLX doesnt load/run as glxgears mentions no GLX on display03:08
dixondpossibly that hoses unity? but I have no way to verify and dont understand why that would fail03:08
PestBudadixond why dot load a new stable Xubuntu on it.. with kernel 3.19 atleast...03:09
Becky_Toshiba laptop running Ubuntu 14.04. Wifi runs so slow. Websites will barely load or even time out. Meanwhile Windows laptops are getting 10 mps from the dsl modem03:09
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Bashing-omdixond: Release 13.10 no longet has support. The software repo no longer exists as you have known it .03:11
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cookid123Hello, I need help loading a database into a cluster03:19
cookid123I have downloaded a .sql.gz file03:19
cookid123I'm trying to run the command03:19
cookid123mysql -u [username] -p newdatabase < [database name].sql03:19
cookid123I am receiving the message03:19
PestBydacookid123, what are distro? os?03:20
cookid123-bash: database.sql: No such file or directoy03:20
PestBydatell me about the cluster03:20
cookid123I understand that I am in /home/ubuntu03:20
cookid123and my file is in /Users/me/Downloads/blah.sql03:21
cookid123There is a master, child and two leaf nodes03:21
cookid123I am in master03:21
kbrosnanare you in Downloads?03:21
cookid123DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS"03:21
cookid123How do I point to Downloads03:22
kbrosnanin stead of [database name].sql use [full path to database]03:22
kbrosnaner instead03:23
cookid123can you please describe what that path might look like? because I used '~/Users/Downloads/blah.sql'03:23
cookid123but i believe that's inaccurate because it still can't find the file03:23
PestBydacookid123, try first "locate blah.sql03:24
kbrosnani would try the expanded verison /home/$USER/Downloads/file.sql03:24
cspackprobably ~/Downloads/blah.sql03:24
PestBydacookid123, did you try "locate blag.sql"   and then insert the full path from that???03:25
cookid123no, gonna give that a shot now03:26
Frogging101-chanI'm trying to build a DKMS module, but it won't build because it's using the wrong version of GCC. It needs to use the one in /usr/local/bin03:27
Frogging101-chanBut it's using the one in /usr/bin. My PATH is globally set to have /usr/local/bin first but it's not working03:27
PestBydadumihgir, try this if that problem still persists : sudo apt-get install --reinstall light-locker03:30
SahibPrimeI'm just hanging around here, while building kernel v4.403:30
PestBydaSahibPrime, thanks for "sharing"03:33
SahibPrimeI should probably go to #ubuntu-offtopic03:33
cookid123still no luck03:41
cookid123just to be clear i am on an osx03:42
cookid123and have sshd into a cluster03:42
cookid123an ec2 cluster03:42
cookid123and am currently  accessing ubuntu via the terminal. my working directory is /home/ubuntu03:43
john--_so, I’ve always been a RHEL person since i’ve been working in an environment that is all RHEL for the past 10 years or so. as a result i thought fedora was really my best desktop option, but it lacked polish and i do most of my work from OS X. lately i’ve been playing with ubuntu, which while nothing like RHEL is no different than me using a mac as a workstation. anyone had these struggles?03:47
artoisjohn--_: I'm sure someone has03:47
artoisjohn--_: is it the package manager you don't like from Fedora? Because visually it can look just like any other distro03:47
artoisjohn--_: you can use Ubuntu's default DE/configuration in Fedora, if you really want to03:48
john--_its mainly ubuntu is more polished interface-wise03:48
john--_like, they took more time to make the terminal font look better03:48
john--_i think ubuntu has its own fonts compared to whatever fedora uses03:48
artoisyes it does03:48
john--_i really dont know much about ubuntu since i’ve been supporting RHEL/CentOS since 200403:49
artoisif you're interested in coming at it from Fedora: https://www.google.com/search?q=fedora%20unity https://www.google.com/search?q=fedora with ubuntu fonts03:49
artoisbut the argument that you could just as well get along in Ubuntu is also good03:49
john--_i used to think ubuntu was a distro for windows users03:49
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john--_so i’ve ignored it03:49
artoisjohn--_: all you really have to do is translate the rpm/yum commands you know to dpkg/apt-get, etc.03:49
artoisyeah... it's not my favorite distro03:49
artoisbut it's ultimately Debian, and Debian is fine03:49
artoisthe arch people have a good "rosetta stone" for translating package manager commands, fyi: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Pacman/Rosetta03:50
john--_its not even about rpm vs dpkg, its more that somehow someone took the time to make ubuntu prettier. im not sure why this hasnt been done with fedora03:50
john--_it seems like a no brainer03:50
artoisno that part I get03:50
artoisI'm saying if you went ahead and went with Ubuntu because it's pretty03:50
artoisyou should not then have that much problem converting to it entirely03:50
john--_since my workstation is really just a place to run ssh and chrome and firefox03:50
artoisas you can just map your existing rpm knowledge to dpkg/apt03:51
john--_i think i came to the realization if im using a mac, its definitely not RHEL, so ubuntu is also not RHEL but its fine03:51
john--_i wonder what led to ubuntu having the more polished look, and nobody taking the time to do that with fedora. with the thousands of people involved its weird it wasnt done03:51
artoisyeah legacy is about the only reason to use RHEL et al.03:51
artoisI'd say it's because RHEL is primarily focused on enterprise/server/business03:52
artoisand Fedora doesn't really have their own money03:52
artoiswhereas Ubuntu/Canonical is focused on ordinary folk03:52
artoisand has their own money03:52
john--_yeah i suppose thats true03:52
artoisand more than that03:52
artoisRHEL is old03:52
john--_i cant imagine using anything other than RHEL in the enterprise03:52
artoisold things tend to stagnate03:52
artoisfor example, Ubuntu used to have lovely nude people, and now it hasn't03:53
john--_i used to think ubuntu was a toy, but a surprising number of companies are now running production workloads on it03:53
artoismmm, well03:53
artoisI wouldn't exactly base my decision of what is and isn't a toy on what companies are doing03:53
artoisbut it _can_ be roughly as useful as any other distro03:53
artoisand entirely as if you dig deep enough03:53
john--_well seems like google uses it as their desktop distro03:54
john--_and a lot of the web 2.0 cloud companies are hosting their site on it03:54
john--_i think snapchat might use it03:54
artoisweb 2.0 is meaningless03:55
artoisas is cloud03:55
artoisand google, well... :p03:55
john--_yeah i mean it as “web 2.0"03:55
artoisstill, it can do whatever you want03:55
john--_just that new generation of companies seems more likely to use it on AWS or their own cloud03:55
john--_while old banking03:55
john--_and insurance03:55
john--_and higher education03:55
john--_and healthcare03:55
john--_is all RHEL03:55
artoisyou could probably say the same in any field about any two alternatives where one is literally younger than the other03:56
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thepower1488how can i petition a ban?04:07
thepower1488k1l: i got banned by phunyguy for no reason04:07
cfhowlettthepower1488, #ubuntu-ops04:08
nicomachusand you got banned for good reason...04:08
thepower1488no i got banned for no reason04:08
cfhowletttake it up with #ubuntu-ops thepower1488.  arguing about it here will change nothing.04:08
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dumihgirThanks PestBuda!, if you are there.04:10
dumihgirI let the laptop close more than 20 minutes, and I open it again. It works!!! Thanks!!!04:11
SahibPrimeWill sudo apt-get upgrade upgrade all the packages on my system?04:12
nicomachuswell, mostly all.04:12
SahibPrimeWhat about sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?04:12
nicomachusdist-upgrade will upgrade your kernel.04:12
cfhowlettSahibPrime, but sudo apt full-upgrade04:12
fbtesttest test04:38
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...04:38
catopettDoes the "WINE" support Windows 10?05:16
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:17
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications05:18
ubottucedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega05:20
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:21
catopettpeer is active i see05:22
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression05:31
mangoevening friends, can someone give me some quick help with dual-booting ubuntu and windows 10??05:34
JosuGmango, what's the problem?05:34
mangoI had windows 10 already installed, but I partitioned another hard drive to learn linux on. i chose ubuntu. now when i restart the computer it doesn't give me the option to load Ubuntu or Windows 10. Just shoots into Windows05:35
JosuGmango, what are the steps you took while partitioning?05:37
catopettmango: You have to repartition your harddrive som the ubuntu fits on it, i shrinked my partition to 30Gb and made a SWAP for 4096 Mb and installed ubuntu on the free space, then i restarted and pushed F12 so i can choose between windows and ubuntu05:37
mangoI did a "Try Ubuntu" from the usb stick I used. From there I used the install icon on the desktop, formatted the partition with ext4, installed it, and when it restarted it went straight into Windows.05:38
mangoDid I mess something up or miss a step?05:39
JosuGmango: what disk did you select to install the boot loader to?05:39
mangois that where it said /, /home and all that?05:40
catopettMake two partitions om your harddrive, one for windows and one for ubuntu05:40
JosuGmango: yes. There should be an EXT4 part set to /, and a SWAP partition of about 4 GB.05:41
catopettAs i saed, i made a partition for ubuntu that is about 40Gb, and rest for windows05:41
mangoi have a full SSD for windows, and an SSD that I use for games. The games one I partitioned with about 30 gigs for Linux05:42
mangoHow do I do the SWAP thing? What is that?05:42
catopettThe SWAP is a partiton, to store temerary files, a kind of memory05:43
mangobased on physical ram right?05:43
JosuGmango: swap is a space on the hard disk that is used when there is not enough RAM.05:44
mangoI have 8GB of RAM... is that not enough?05:44
catopettIt depends05:45
JosuGmango: it is necessary because if you run out of memory, you computer could crash.05:45
catopettYou should allso have swap to05:45
mangoSo is that the reason I don't have the option to dual boot when I turn the computer on?05:46
catopettWhen you have 8Gb RAM you should have half of that as swap05:46
GenericNodeor buy a LOT MORE ram05:46
mangoCan I make a SWAP partition inside windows, or should I jump back over to linux?05:47
catopettIt is best to do swap partition in linux05:48
JosuGmango: when you use the Ubuntu installer, it should take care of everything for you when you select the "install alongside Windows" option.05:48
JosuGmango: did you try this already?05:49
mangoI didn't choose that one because it said something about copying documents and stuff... I was afraid it was going to try and use part of my C:05:49
egorhi guys05:50
catopettYou may use the C partition, just do shrink the partition05:50
spupuser1are there any free linux certs? it seems the linux foundation charges 300 dollars per attempt despite it being a free os05:51
JosuGmango: Linux runs completely outside of windows. All it will do when you install alongside Windows is shrink the Windows part down to fit Ubuntu next to it.05:51
mangoYeah I didn't want it to do that...05:51
mangoI wanted to use a separate hard drive05:51
JosuGmango: okay. You need to use a hard drive that you are okay deleting everything from.05:53
mangoOh. Well I don't have one of those lol05:53
mangoI thought giving my other SSD 30 gigs of space would be plenty05:53
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:54
catopett!dualboot | mango05:54
ubottumango: please see above05:54
mangoOkay, thanks guys05:55
catopett!wine | mango05:56
ubottumango: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:56
catopett!virtualizers | mango05:56
ubottumango: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications05:56
mangoOh wonderful! Thanks catopett05:57
mangoIt looks like I did it the hard way lol. Thanks for the help peeps!05:58
catopettI have a problem with a script for installing CubeSDR, need help06:08
catopettSomeone want to take a look at my script for installing CubeSDR?06:11
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allstarsnorks2Hi. I'm looking to replace Ubuntu Software Centre with GNOME Software on 14.04.3. Is there a way to do that?06:25
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dani_hi guys... can someone with experience please check out this new TV Capture Card i'm considering buying??  http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-MiniStick06:36
dani_was wondeirng if you recommend it for me?06:37
dani_do you think it will be as easy to set up and get going?06:37
tytrewsdani_: depends on your backup06:38
dani_? back up?06:39
dani_what do you mean tytrews ?06:39
tytrewsdani_ is a rude pubk06:44
orangedanyone have any experience with fancontrol and pmwconfig?06:47
orangedtrying to configure the script so the laptop fan will run at a constant speed instead of starting and stopping every few seconds.06:48
ted_where am I?06:49
catopett!where am i06:50
ubottucatopett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:50
catopett!where am i | ted_06:50
ubottucatopett: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:50
squinty!ted | ted   only he knows the answer06:51
catopett!ted_ |  ted_06:52
dani_the tv capture card im buying says - "It uses sms1xxx-hcw-55xxx-dvbt-02.fw firmware, which comes in linux-firmware-nonfree in Ubuntu." now what's all the x's mean???06:57
Bluekingsex pron porn ?06:57
vozit means the version so long as your using 1xxx and not 2xxx for example06:58
hicoleriHow do I remove geany's linked socket? It gives me this error when I try to execute it: "Geany tried to access the Unix Domain socket of another instance running as another user.06:58
hicoleriThis is a fatal error and Geany will now quit.". I checked the running applications and saw a second geany process. I killed it but it still shows this error.06:58
dani_thanks voz.. but how do i find out what to type instead of those.. please look (it's only very small page) http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Hauppauge_WinTV-MiniStick any advice on how to install would  be muchly appreciated...07:00
vozdani what tv or monitor are you using it on07:07
vozim assuming your trying to watch tv, but are you using an actual tv or a monitor with tower or are you going to use it on your laptop07:09
kamrthe internet is such a cool innovation like wow guys look at us07:11
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aacharizardhey guys, can anyone help me with installing drivers for my R9 380??07:15
NoCodeHi, how can I get my bluetooth adapter working?07:17
vozaacharizard so you have it installed on your box, what are you using as a backup or whats the problem07:18
saggoyhello ! can anyone suggest me some channel for ubuntu newbies ? I just started using it and excited to know and learn about open source and stuff07:18
voznocode not specific enough07:18
vozsaggoy this is the base channel for ubuntu, i would suggest asking for help in here07:19
dani_VOZ im using a 55" TV for my monitor07:19
aacharizardSorry, R9 380 is my ATI video card. I downloaded the linux_x86_64 driver from ATI's website. I have a .run file and a .sh file.07:19
abolfzl123I want install androidstudio but i get a error its this07:19
abolfzl123what i do?07:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:20
vozdani it should be fine but you wont know untill you try to use it. theres a bug but its with the video driver depending on the monitor07:21
vozaacharizard how handy are you with the terminal07:21
saggoythanks voz !07:22
vozbest way to learn is to jump right in, like try helping some of the people with questions saggoy07:23
vozabolfzl123 you should have downloaded android studio from the site instead of through the proxychain07:23
NoCodeWell, Bluez fails when I go to start it up, "Bluetooth Adapters" crashes.07:23
abolfzl123i can do it07:24
abolfzl123i cant do it07:24
voznocode is it an integrated adapter or add on?07:24
NoCodeAdd-on dongle.07:24
abolfzl123voz : i download it but it give an error to me07:25
voznocode ok whats the device name?07:25
abolfzl123what i do?07:25
vozdid you download from google?07:25
NoCodebrb, I'll get the box it came in.07:25
han-solo_why does some channel say: cannot send to #channel?07:25
abolfzl123no i download it with terminal with the commend07:25
saggoythis channel just seemed filled with experienced people so just hesitated coz I didn't want to sound silly !07:26
NoCodevoz, "KINIVO BTD-30007:26
saggoydoes ubuntu have any desktop chat client for facebook?07:27
YWH_1saggoy: no07:27
abolfzl123voz : where is the problem?07:27
vozabolfzl123 http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html07:27
vozdownload from google then build from there07:28
saggoythanks YWH_107:28
jake_I have 5 identical disks, 4 of which are >90% full, 1 is empty. Is it possible to convert theese to a RAID 5 configuration? Do I have to buy extra disks to backup the data during the switch?07:28
abolfzl123its forbbiden for  for my contry :)07:29
vozabolfzl123 sorry to hear that, direct from google is better, through the terminal might work but you will be missing pieces07:31
voznocode looking into it, should work out of the box i have a similar one with no issues07:31
NoCodevoz, Are you using USB3, I suppose it doesn't matter. But who knows. Figured USB 3 and below is backward compatible.07:32
voznocode using usb2 no issues but im using ubuntu lts what about you07:34
vozwhat ubuntu version are you using saggoy07:34
NoCodevoz, I'm also using Ubuntu. 15.10 with a MATE installation.07:35
voznocode there is a bug for a similar chipset(medialink) not sure if that is what is affecting you07:36
NoCodeMaybe I'll reset the dongle and try again, or maybe try a different port.07:36
voznocode the workaround is to add the usb dongle to the conf file or make one for it07:36
NoCodeIt was working before. I had a bluetooth icon in my system tray. then I don't know what happened07:37
NoCodevoz, Okay.07:37
NoCodeThat was a short time though. I almost forgot about that.07:37
NoCodeBrb. I will crawl under my table, and reset the dongle.07:37
NoCodevoz, Yeah lsusb does not show anything.07:39
NoCodeso i wil lreset.07:39
saggoyI'm using 14.04 voz07:39
oomkillerHi, I have an ubuntu 14.04 with an asrock q1900m, an nvidia geforce 510. It shuts down after exact 5hours uptime. It don't crashes I can see the rsyslog exiting on signal 15 at that time07:40
oomkilleranyone an idea what could cause that?07:40
voznocode the problem according to the bug is that because the dongle device name or id is not in the conf list or the driver list it runs and fails, you can add your device and see if the works, if your willing to try ?07:41
NoCodevoz, Of course. But how do I get the device name if lsusb is not listing anything?07:42
abolfzl123when get a package with terminal where dose the .deb file seved?07:42
vozsaggoy nice I like the 14 version for some reason, maybe you can help out oomkiller07:42
voznocode it would be general sort of let me type out an example07:43
vozabolfzl123 usually in downloads folder but depending on the method used it could a system file like tmp or something along those lines07:44
voznocode use the terminal comand lsusb to get the device id07:45
NoCodevoz, Yup. there.07:45
vozthen we will do a gksu gedit to add the device to conf07:45
NoCodevoz, Where's the configuration located?07:46
voznocode ok your going to need to type the following without quotes and where xxx is the name of the device like kinivo07:47
NoCode /etc/init/bluetooth.conf?07:47
saggoyvoz :no I'm just a newbie !sorry07:47
voz"gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/xxx-btusb.conf"07:48
jibjab111i would like to ssh into slave nodes from master07:49
vozso where xxx is type the name of the device like kinivo07:49
jibjab111currently i am getting permission denied(public key)07:49
jibjab111i have copied the id_rsa from master and pasted it into the authorized_keys in the slave07:49
jibjab111i think i'm missing something07:49
voznocode then you are going to paste the following code where xxx xxx is the device id you got from from lsusb07:50
vozinstall usb:v0A5Cp21E8d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip* /sbin/modprobe btusb; echo xxxx xxxx > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/btusb/new_id07:51
cspackjibjab111: you want to copy id_rsa.pub which is the public key07:53
jibjab111i have tried that07:54
jibjab111ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ubuntu@ip_of_slave07:54
jibjab111for some weird reason, i am getting id_rsa.pub doesn't exist07:54
jibjab111when i ls07:54
jibjab111i see id_rsa07:55
jibjab111but no id_rsa.pub07:55
jibjab111no such file or directory07:55
jibjab111does that mean it is not a public key07:55
deltaskeltaI made a logfile directory in /var/log/directory which needs to be owned by a certain user who runs a process that writes the logs. The log owner is reset on every reboot to root :( How can I make this stop?07:56
jibjab111ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa ubuntu@ip_of_slave07:56
NoCodevox, Okay, I plugged the dongle into the front of the machine now. lsusb doesn't show it. When I took it out it was WARM as heck.07:57
cspackjibjab11: public key should be there, you might have to generate another key07:58
voz nocode did you run the command and paste the code?07:58
NoCodevoz, Run what command? "install usb:v0A5Cp21E8d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip* /sbin/modprobe btusb; echo xxxx xxxx > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/btusb/new_id" ?07:59
voznocode gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/kinivo-btusb.conf08:00
NoCodevoz, Okay, that created the configuration file.08:01
NoCodealso opened it up.08:01
vozthen paste install usb:v0A5Cp21E8d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip* /sbin/modprobe btusb; echo xxxx xxxx > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/btusb/new_id in the conf file where xxxx xxxx is the device id you got from lsusb earlier08:02
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NoCodevoz, Yeah, I just said, I have no device id name.08:02
NoCodelsusb does not show the name.08:02
voznocode when you get the device able to be read then your goint to paste that into the conf file08:04
goddardubuntu isn't going to sleep08:04
goddardi have a swap partition08:04
goddardany idea how to debug?08:04
vozthat way your drivers can work with the BT08:05
NoCodevoz, Well, lsusb does NOT show the device.08:06
voznocode http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11897463 it is a different device but same idea hope that clears it up abit better08:06
voznocode your might want to reboot your computer or you can use disks to mount manually the usb08:08
NoCodealright, I'll restart again. beb08:11
han-soloumount it08:11
ppakhey guys08:11
vozppak hello, what do you need help with?08:16
ppakhey voz i was wondering if you knew any 11"-14" lappys that would be good to run ubuntu08:17
cfhowlettppak, several.  see #hardware08:17
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ppakhardware a seprate irc channel ?08:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:19
ppakthanks guys08:20
goddardppak: the Dell 13 inch is awesome08:21
goddardits made to run ubuntu08:21
ppakill look into it thanks08:21
goddardppak: they just came out with a new model as well08:21
lolaanyone have any experience w/ trisquel?08:24
cfhowlettlola, completely off-topic in this channel.  pretty sure they have their own support.  please go there for help.08:25
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alb-othello, any idea why unity tweak tool hotcorners feature doesn't start after reboot of my ubuntu 14.04? if i turn off and on it starts, but not at the begin after a reboot08:53
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DaMastahIS there a ppa for getting tmux 2.1 on 15.10 ?09:13
Miles_Hello, if you do a complete install of ubuntu onto a USB drive,  can you "backup image" in "gnome-disks"? and will that save everything, so you can restore later?09:14
Miles_i.e.   i want to make a customized Ubuntu install, to give to a friend, and to have for myself09:15
cfhowlett!uck | Miles_09:15
ubottuMiles_: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/09:15
=== root is now known as solo
sololol han-solo09:16
Miles_cfhowlett:  does Gnome-disks work for that?09:16
han-solohey solo, try this09:16
han-soloon terminal09:16
cfhowlettMiles_, should work with any ubuntu version09:16
han-solodo "while($1);do gnome-terminal;done09:16
solowho are u han-solo?09:16
han-soloassume you are using gnome09:17
cfhowletthan-solo, solo this is ubuntu support.  for off-topic chatter, please >>> #ubuntu-offtopic09:17
han-sologot it!09:17
solowell ok09:18
solobut i don't have gnome09:18
Miles_cfhowlett: thanks for UCK, but that is for *before* ubuntu is installed,  i wanted to know how to backup ubuntu, *after* it's installed09:18
OvationI just did a fresh install of ubuntu 15.10, configured my drivers/settings the way I like them. I ran dd to a USB 2.0 external hard drive to copy the image. It's been going for about 8 hours now. Is that normal?09:18
cfhowlett!backup | Miles_ sorry, I misunderstood09:18
ubottuMiles_ sorry, I misunderstood: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:18
soloi m trying to install some packages but i get the error of unable to locate the package09:19
solocan someone get me out of this?09:19
OvationSolo, could it be your sources.list not properly configured? Or the package name typed incorrectly?09:19
han-soloadd repos09:20
han-solothat'd fix it, i guess09:20
soloi tried everything, i have installed this linux on my android09:20
han-solomostly incomplete sources.list09:20
Miles_so is09:20
han-solopastbin the source.list and these guys will help you09:21
Miles_so is "cloning" the term for what i want to do?  complete backup & restore a system that is running on a USB09:21
solook, i'll paste the source.list09:21
soloin pastebin09:21
OvationMiles_: do what I'm doing, the command "dd". it copies the content/partitions on an entire hard drive to another hard drive09:22
han-sololunch time!09:22
=== solo is now known as prime_suspect
prime_suspectok han-solo09:22
prime_suspectbye..... i'll get the source.list and comeback again09:23
Miles_Ovation: does Gnome-disks "create disk image"   do the same thing?  i like GUI  :)09:23
OvationMiles_: Open up something like GPARTED To see the hard drives. For example, my internal hard drive I want to make a copy of and it's /dev/sda. My external hard drive is /dev/sdb. So I would use "sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb"09:25
Miles_Ovation: USB 2.0 is much slower than 3.0  :(    Internal SATA is the best for you09:25
OvationMiles_: I agree, but I currently have a hardware limitation :)09:25
Miles_what does DD stand for anyway, besides "disk destroyer"?09:26
OvationMiles_: That's the joke about it, because some people (from what I've read) mix the command up and do it backwards09:26
KiloJulietMiles_, Data Description09:27
OvationMiles_: Just make sure if you do it, you're 100% sure that if= is WHAT you want to make a copy of, and OF= is where you want it to go09:27
Miles_i just wanted to make sure Gnome-disks works. (it looks the easiest & safest)   this is the guide i saw:  https://www.maketecheasier.com/backup-hard-drive-gnome-disk-utility/09:29
Miles_KiloJuliet: thx09:29
KiloJulietdd is my favorite tool for testing how good the backups policy is =)09:30
Miles_Ovation: also, you can take HDD out of the enclosure, and put it in a USB 3.0 enclosure09:31
KiloJulietjust /dev/zero all the things and watch the magic happen09:31
OvationMiles_: It's a brand new computer with a Warranty still though09:31
KiloJulietLOL warranty09:31
KiloJulietyou can't void a warranty by replacing a drive or adding a card or anything09:32
Miles_Ovation: Desktop or Laptop?09:32
OvationSo just punching through the tamper tape doesn't void your warranty?09:32
OvationEven though it says it does, on the tape?09:33
Miles_if it's desktop, just connect with SATA.  -- where is the tamper tape Ovation ?09:33
OvationMiles_: It's a laptop09:33
lernersudo fdisk /dev/sdb -l returns Disk /dev/sdb: 512 B, 512 bytes, 1 sectors, but the unit is 1TB big...09:33
OvationMiles_: Over the screw holes09:33
KiloJulietoh laptops have dumb warranties09:33
ValiHey, anyone wanna help a complete newb?09:33
cfhowlettOvation, best perhaps to take that question to the computer company not to ubuntu, yes?09:33
Miles_Ovation: why would you need to open laptop anyway?,  you mean to put both drives inside a desktop?09:33
cfhowlett!help | Vali,09:33
ubottuVali,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:33
Ovationcfhowlett: I never asked the question, they presented a suggestion for my issue and I simply answered why I can't do that09:34
cfhowlettOvation, fair enough09:34
Miles_Ovation: why would opening laptop help?09:34
Ovation(04:31:01 AM) Miles_: Ovation: also, you can take HDD out of the enclosure, and put it in a USB 3.0 enclosure09:35
Miles_Ovation:  i say open external HDD, and connect it with USB 3.009:35
Miles_Ovation: you can leave internal  HDD (inside laptop)09:35
OvationMiles_: Ohhh. Well. I only have a USB 2.0 enclosure that it came with. Maybe for the future I'll try 3.0. I was just asking if 8 hours is a long time to perform dd to a USB 2.0 hard drive09:36
Miles_Ovation: do you also have a desktop computer?09:36
lernersudo fdisk /dev/sdb -l returns Disk /dev/sdb: 512 B, 512 bytes, 1 sectors, but the unit is 1TB big... lsblk lists the unit without partitions, but the right ammount of space (1TB). I cannot pvcreate like that: sudo pvcreate /dev/sdb returns  Device /dev/sdb not found (or ignored by filtering). whats wrong?09:36
OvationMiles_: I don't, sorry, just this laptop09:36
Miles_Ovation: yeh, USB 2.0 takes forever.  is it telling you the progress and MB/s?09:37
ValiRight. So, I'm looking to get a wireless driver on a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04. I have so far, installed update from the System Settings -> Details page. Software and Update's "Additional Drivers" tab is stating that no additional drivers are available. I have run lspci -vvnn, so I know my network controller info, but I have no idea where to go from there.09:38
OvationMiles_: Nothing at all, just my epileptic blinking light on my HD and a blinking cursor in terminal after the command09:38
Miles_Ovation: this is why GUI is better, lol  :P09:38
OvationMiles_: True, until your computer freezes in the middle of it and crashes :o09:38
Miles_Ovation: i think "pv"  shows progress of 'dd'09:39
Miles_(pv -n /dev/sda | dd of=/dev/sdb bs=128M conv=notrunc,noerror) 2>&1 | dialog --gauge "Running dd command (cloning), please wait..." 10 70 009:40
OvationMiles_: Dang, you're right. That would've been nice "dd if=/dev/urandom | pv | dd of=/dev/null "09:40
Miles_or you can just use  a GUI   :P09:40
Miles_like gnome-disk,  or clonezilla09:40
OvationCould also just use a tool like Norton's GHOST. Just boot into GHOST, make an image of the entire internal HD and just restore the HD whenever you want. I've used it at work a ton of times. Sometimes the OS/kernal breaks so bad you can't load into a GUI anymore09:42
Miles_Ovation: you want to copy drive, or write 'urandom' to a drive?09:42
Miles_Vali: maybe update the kernel?09:42
OvationMiles_: My situation is I got my Ubuntu 15.10 exactly the way I want it (drivers/settings/files). It's not broken and took a lot to finally get my GPU up and running with nvidia-prime. I just wanted to make a fool-proof 100% copy of my internal hard drive so if something breaks with update, I can bounce back easily with a restore09:43
Miles_Vali: or you can try 15.10, 16.04  if you want to be more risky09:43
Miles_Ovation: yeh, i'm trying to figure out the best backup tools also09:44
ValiI'll stick with something more stable. I'll get back to you when I go through updating the kernel, thanks.09:44
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Miles_Vali:  16.04 got wireless working in my friends computer,   but it's still in Alpha09:45
Miles_Ovation: do you use 'deja dup' ?09:46
Miles_Ovation:  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-dd-command-show-progress-while-coping/09:47
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Guest66961hey guyz i am new to linux platform ...i wanted to share a folder on my network...but cant seem to do so.....09:49
=== decaf is now known as Guest1419
cfhowlettGuest66961, mixed OS network?  i.e. windows + linux = samba09:51
Guest66961no linux to openelec is what i wish to achieve09:52
cfhowlettGuest66961, no idea what openelec is so I can only suggest you ask the experts:  #ubuntu-server and #networking09:52
Guest66961it is another linux machine runnig kodi09:53
ValiMike_: I've updated the kernel. I have no idea what that actually did.09:53
ValiWoops. *Miles_: I've updated the kernel. I have no idea what that actually did.09:53
Miles_Vali: is it a new install?  you can reinstall 15.10, if you dont mind reinstalling.   you can try 15.10 first on a livecd09:55
ValiMiles_: It's fresh. Does 15.10 come with the wireless drivers installed?09:57
Miles_Vali: it might have newer drivers,  you updated 14.04? connected to ethernet?09:58
ValiMiles_: Yes and yes. It's been plugged into the ethernet for a few hours now.09:58
yellabsdo you know any good speakers about open source for an event ? ( netherlands )10:02
cfhowlettyellabs, see your local LUG10:02
alb-otany idea why Unity Tweak Tool Hotcorners on Ubuntu 14.04 doesn't start after the reboot?10:06
ValiMike_: don't know if you're still here, but I fixed it. Turns out my wireless card wasnt supported by ubuntu, but there was a patched driver that I jurryrigged with an NDISwrapper. Thanks for the assistance!10:14
Miles_Vali: what is the link to that driver? where did you find it?10:15
Miles_Vali: yay  :)10:15
abolfazl123I try to install android studio with terminal and it download complete but after download that i get this error10:16
abolfazl123what i do?10:16
ValiMiles_: It was just a Mediatek 7630 driver.10:16
Miles_Vali: cool10:16
ValiWelp time to pass out. G'night and thanks again.10:18
cfhowlettabolfazl123, contact the package maintainer.  the complain indicates a problem with the source package, not with ubuntu.  lines 40 - 4310:18
abolfazl123cfhowlett: ok but where is the file that it downlad?10:19
abolfazl123where i can find that?10:19
cfhowlettabolfazl123, line 19 --- came from google10:20
=== Bayangan___ is now known as Bayangan_
abolfazl123cfhowlett:no where is it in my pc?10:21
abolfazl123the terminal download that10:21
cfhowlettit will be in your cache10:21
abolfazl123where is it dir?10:22
sruliis it possible to have multiple ecryptfs dirs (different pass etc) if yes how to i create and mount second one? not much info on google10:22
cfhowlettabolfazl123, do whereis adroid-tools10:22
=== timberlegs is now known as amiloxa1
abolfazl123you say i search in google?10:24
abolfazl123i get get confused....:-/10:25
cfhowlettabolfazl123, apt-cache show android-tools10:26
cfhowlettlook for the maintainer10:26
abolfazl123i dont understand what i do.i am begginer10:30
cfhowlettabolfazl123, see the email for the maintainer?  contact him/her for support10:33
abolfazl123oh ok i understand what you say.no it get time10:34
sruliis it possible to have multiple ecryptfs dirs (different pass etc) if yes how to i create and mount second one? not much info on google10:35
=== vincent is now known as Guest99658
Sawhi, I'm trying to figure out where are my network configurations located but can't find any. I have an eth0 interface which is configured by dhcp (I think so, anyway), yet there is no network-manager nor wicd, and /etc/network/interfaces contains only 2 lines about the lo interface.10:40
SawAny ideas where are the eth0 configurations are coming from?10:40
=== amiloxa1 is now known as b3000
abolfazl123how i can search for a file in my pc  with terminal?10:42
cfhowlettwhereis packagename10:43
Sawor locate10:44
abolfazl123no just package  any thing like a.txt10:44
hexhaxtronabolfazl123, updatedb; locate a.txt10:46
abolfazl123i write this10:47
abolfazl123 locate android-studio-ide-141.2422023-linux.zip.110:47
abolfazl123and it write this10:47
SawAnyone got any idea regarding my network configurations?10:47
abolfazl123but its not over there10:47
abolfazl123the /opt was empty10:48
sruliSaw: whats the output of ifconfig10:48
cfhowlettabolfazl123, that is the file you installed?  why are you looking for it?10:48
abolfazl123no its not installed i want it  to dont download it again10:49
cfhowlettabolfazl123, sudo apt-get install --reinstall packagename10:49
Sawsruli - http://paste.ubuntu.com/14799953/10:49
abolfazl123is it download again that?10:50
cfhowlettabolfazl123, nope.  but we already know that file is faulty so ...10:50
sruliSaw: seems like u have a ip address,what version of ubuntu are u using?10:51
Saw_sorry, had a disconnection. Anyone wrote something about I posted the ifconfig output?10:51
sruliSaw_: seems like u have a ip address,what version of ubuntu are u using?10:51
Saw_sruli - 14.04.2 LTS. And the IP address is configured for eth0. I want to configure eth1, not sure how though, nor where are the configurations for eth1 are.10:52
Saw_where are the configurations for eth0 are*10:52
fwefHi, is there any difference between installing ubuntu gnome from installation disc, and apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop?10:53
abolfazl123cfhowlett : the output was this10:53
sruliSaw_: do u not have a up/down arrow icon in top bar?10:53
abolfazl123whats it meaning?10:53
abolfazl123its write it installed10:54
Saw_sruli - I do, why?10:54
=== Saw_ is now known as Saw
sruliSaw: if u click it > edit connections, you be able to configure ur connections10:55
Sawsruli - I would like to edit them through the terminal, though.10:55
=== b3000 is now known as tenobi1
cfhowlettabolfazl123, the first thing you showed was that the file had an error.  sudo apt-get purge android-tools and try reinstalling.  if you still get the same error, STOP trying to install and contact the maintainer with your problem10:55
sruliSaw: in /etc/Network-Manager/system-connections/ do u have a file for each connection?10:57
akikSaw: there's nmcli to edit the connections in the terminal10:57
abolfazl123how i can remove it(android-studio) for try reinstall it again10:58
cfhowlettabolfazl123, sudo apt-get purge android-studio10:58
abolfazl123i did that thanks10:58
Sawsruli - kind of. I have two files in there, although they are named 'Wired conenction 1' and 'Ethernet connection 1'.10:59
Sawakik / sruli - looks like I am using the network manager then. I looked online on how to disable it, and I didn't found it, so I assumed I didn't use it. I guess the online guides I found were just old. thank you both!10:59
sruliis it possible to have multiple ecryptfs dirs (different pass etc) if yes how to i create and mount second one? not much info on google11:00
EriC^^sruli: encfs /path/to/.something /path/to/emptydir11:01
EriC^^i think so, never tried it with multiple dirs but it should work11:02
sruliEriC^^: encfs has too many vulnerabilities i want to use eCryptfs11:03
EriC^^sruli: do you have any links to the vulnerabilities?11:03
sruliEriC^^: 2 minutes will find them for u11:04
EriC^^thanks :)11:04
sruliEriC^^: https://defuse.ca/audits/encfs.htm https://defuse.ca/audits/ecryptfs.htm11:06
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genophyI have a trouble,  sudo NetworkManager;  then the command show: (NetworkManager:4154): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.11:11
genophyThis indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.11:11
genophyThe overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'11:11
genophywho know ,how to fix it?  and now the top right newworkmangaer is hiden..11:13
spupuser1is it possible for ubuntu to run a sys command that eavesdrops data on the bus or the chipsets?11:15
genophyer,the best way is reinstall the all system.?11:17
=== the_ktosiek is now known as ktosiek
sruligenophy: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/129021711:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1290217 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "The overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'" [High,Confirmed]11:20
genophysruli, thanks11:23
scubHi all, any peppermint helpers here ? :)11:23
Ben64scub: peppermint isn't supported here, sorry11:24
scubaww, trying to indetify my wireless adapter so i can search for drivers :)11:24
MonkeyDustscub  there's #peppermint, but only 4 users11:25
scubI`m one of them, they are all asleep i think :))11:25
Ben64if having an active support channel is important to you, maybe choose a different distro?11:25
scubaye, was thinking, playing around with a revo m1-601, only has 2gb ram, so thought peppermint would be best.11:27
MonkeyDustscub  or a lightweight ubuntu11:27
cfhowlettscub, lubuntu would love a system like that.  also see xubuntu  and ubuntu-mate11:27
scubobviously, wireless hardware a little new..11:27
HackerIIscub:  try 15.10, its pretty up to date11:28
sruliEriC^^: did u read both audits?11:28
=== RandPaul2016 is now known as Amr0d
scubi like the system, came with freedos, some form of 32gb flash drive. cheap and cheerfull. Seems to be all moulded into its case, so cant swap hdd`s or ant=ything11:29
scub15.10 version of ubuntu?11:29
HackerIIya, its a mate version also11:30
HackerIIlook 4 it11:30
cfhowlett15.10 is capable of running with 2gb but lubuntu would run faster11:30
lesshaste I have an lzma file which I would like to read in to wireshark (actually tshark). I don't think wireshark supports reading lzma files and I am not allowed to decompress it to disk. Is there some trick I can do to resolve this?11:30
scubk, thanky, will swap over to windows now and download :o)11:30
scubquick one, how do i know if I`m using framebuffer device?11:30
scubhehe, 32bit or 64?11:31
EriC^^sruli: read some of the first one11:31
cfhowlettscub, seriously doubt that a 2gb system is 64 bit capable11:31
sruliEriC^^: do u know if i can do multiple ecryptfs dirs and mount manually?11:32
scubhaha, this one seems to be running fine, just no wireless :)11:32
EriC^^sruli: i think you can11:32
HackerIIscub:  put 15.10 on a stick and run it and see11:32
sruliEriC^^: can find instructions/guide all thguides i found are for single with the sig files in .ecryptfs can u put multiple config files there? how do i mount the second one?11:33
MonkeyDustscub  use this machine to download the iso, no need to go to windows11:33
Ben64scub: it's 64bit11:34
Ben64according to google at least11:34
gcfhvjbknsay, i downloaded a bunch of packages from packages.ubuntu.com by hand11:34
gcfhvjbknwhere can i place them in my system so that apt-get picks them up?11:35
Ben64gcfhvjbkn: why11:35
cfhowlettgcfhvjbkn, did you also get all the dependent files?  cause apt-get install does that for you ...11:35
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  apt-downloads from the repos, you cannot place anything in the repos ... install what you downloaded with dpkg11:35
gcfhvjbknyes i did;11:36
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  apt-get downloads from the repos, you cannot place anything in the repos ... install what you downloaded with dpkg11:36
gcfhvjbknyeah, that's one option11:36
gcfhvjbknbut i thought there is a cache that apt-get uses11:36
Ben64but why do all that11:36
gcfhvjbkn /etc/apt-cache something something11:36
cfhowlettwhy not use normal installation method?11:37
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  what are you trying to do or achieve?11:37
gcfhvjbknbecause my new ubuntu installation needs custom drivers to access internet11:37
gcfhvjbknthat's common enough, i think11:37
MonkeyDustcustom drivers?11:37
gcfhvjbknyeah, i have wifi dongle11:37
gcfhvjbknthat needs drivers to work11:37
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue11:38
gcfhvjbknone sec11:38
gcfhvjbknubuntu 14.04.2 LTS11:39
gcfhvjbkn \n \l11:39
srulican anyone help me with how to mount a second ecryptfs dir manually?11:39
EriC^^sruli: no idea, i've barely used it11:40
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  first upgrade to .3 ... sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade11:40
gcfhvjbknMonkeyDust: will that work with no internet though?11:40
srulianyone? how to mount a second ecryptfs dir manually?11:40
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  use a normal cable, upgrade, then configure wifi11:41
gcfhvjbkni dont have a network card11:41
gcfhvjbknyeah i'd do that of course11:41
gcfhvjbkninb4 buy one11:41
gcfhvjbknwhy do i need to upgrade though?11:41
centricubuntu taking 5 -6 mins to boot up. can anyone help me?11:42
sruligcfhvjbkn: the packages you downloaded are they the driver?11:42
MonkeyDustgcfhvjbkn  because the current point release is .3 ... next week or so, it will be 14.04.411:42
gcfhvjbknsruli: they are build-essential and its dependencies11:43
gcfhvjbknMonkeyDust: ok11:43
gcfhvjbkncfhowlett: thanks, that solves my issue pretty much11:44
cfhowlettgcfhvjbkn, be aware that this is NOT a long -term solution.  get your network sorted ASAP.  happy2help!11:44
gcfhvjbknyeah, will do11:45
m3ch4n1cguys I am lookin for a hacker community is there any one?11:45
cfhowlettm3ch4n1c, not here.11:45
MonkeyDustm3ch4n1c  type /msg alis list #blah11:45
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jaliHello there11:50
LostSoul_I'm trying to set up email notification on my gitlab on Ubuntu using exim411:52
LostSoul_But I'm getting in exim4 logs:11:52
LostSoul_gitlab@my.domain Unrouteable address11:52
LostSoul_What can cause it?11:52
MonkeyDust!find exim11:52
ubottuFound: exim4, exim4-base, exim4-config, exim4-daemon-heavy, exim4-daemon-heavy-dbg, exim4-daemon-light, exim4-daemon-light-dbg, exim4-dbg, exim4-dev, exim4-doc-html (and 18 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=exim&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all11:52
jalieverything on ubuntu workes fine just fax service11:53
LostSoul_LOL MonkeyDust11:54
LostSoul_I still didn't find solution in your reply11:54
iGenii have 2 ubuntu systems   but the time between both is like 2 a 3 seconds off , how do i sync those 2 servers11:55
MonkeyDustiGeni  thee's also #ubuntu-server11:55
iGeniah k11:56
scubready to go on the ubuntu stick, but looking at ndiswrapper first for a bit of fun :)12:03
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__ravenjust tested kernel 4.4 and 4.5rc1 on ubuntu 15.10 with a acer aspire e5 573 to get the integrated wifi module working but with theese the touchpad is not working any more. any idea?12:06
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
deepimpact85Enabling Nvidia Server Settings detects monitors on graphics card but not the monitor on vga on the motherboard, what do I do?12:10
ikoniaare you sure it can do that12:10
ikoniais the vga on the motherboard not wired into the intel onboard chip ?12:11
deepimpact85iknonia, it is12:11
ikoniaso why would nvidia settings be aware of the intel chip ?12:11
deepimpact85the problem is using Nouveau i can see all 3 monitors (2 on the graphics card and 1 on the vga) using the recommended Nvidia driver I only see the 2 connected to the graphics card12:12
ikoniaright ?12:12
deepimpact85I want to see all 312:12
ikonianvidia settings only manages the nvidia chip12:13
deepimpact85so what manages the 3rd monitor then? it is no longer active12:13
ikoniawhat is it you're actually trying to do12:13
ikonialets work backwards from the end goal, rather than what you are currently doing12:13
funktanyone here anygood with jquery I know it's off topic12:14
ikoniafunkt: then don't ask if you know it's offtopic12:14
ikoniathere are java channels that can help12:14
funktI know there all dead12:14
funktnobody there12:14
ikonianot really this channels job to pick up the slack of java channels, sorry12:14
cristian_cjpmh: great!12:31
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BluesKajHiyas all12:31
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linuxlovei cant download http://files2.genymotion.com/genymotion/genymotion-2.6.0/genymotion-2.6.0-ubuntu15_x64.bin12:48
linuxlovecan someone put it in another link for me please?12:48
ikonialinuxlove: ok ?12:48
ikoniayou'd need to talk to genymotion.com for access to other links on their servers12:49
ikoniawhat happens when you try to download it12:49
linuxloveikonia, it just loading i don`t see any thing in process12:49
ikoniaurl works well for me12:50
linuxlovei don`t know what is wrong here12:50
=== mike3_ is now known as mike3
linuxloveikonia, could you put it in another link for me please?12:50
ikoniaI'm not a hosting provider for you12:51
linuxloveikonia, i know but it is a critical situation here12:51
ikoniathen contact the provider12:51
linuxloveikonia, i can download other links12:52
ikoniaso ?12:52
ikoniause wget to test the url12:52
ikoniaor curl12:52
linuxloveikonia, i have problem just with this link12:52
ikoniamaybe get some better debug12:52
linuxloveikonia, tried wget no result12:53
ikoniawhat do get12:53
linuxlovewget -c http://files2.genymotion.com/genymotion/genymotion-2.6.0/genymotion-2.6.0-ubuntu15_x64.bin12:53
ikoniawhy -c12:54
linuxlove--2016-01-31 07:54:14--  http://files2.genymotion.com/genymotion/genymotion-2.6.0/genymotion-2.6.0-ubuntu15_x64.bin12:54
linuxloveResolving files2.genymotion.com (files2.genymotion.com)...
linuxloveConnecting to files2.genymotion.com (files2.genymotion.com)||:80...12:54
sruliEriC^^: i used the mount command from this page to mount second ecryptfs dir, works fine http://www.systutorials.com/1638/setting-up-ecryptfs-in-linux/12:55
linuxloveikonia, same result without -c12:55
homahi my friends12:56
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BluesKajlinuxlove, looks like your country is still blocking interent sites. the url works fine here12:57
ikoniaahhh the country, good call12:58
iorialinuxlove, ping files2.genymotion.com12:58
Papachan_hi again12:59
Papachan_how i can check why network-manager is not starting at start up12:59
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am_hi there! anybody knows why in ubuntu time by time the system starting typing "555555555555555555" and don't stops till I press some key?13:08
am_in another words, system typing digit "5" by itself in cycle13:09
BluesKaj a lot of Irtanians use vpns to get around url blockers, wonder if the lifting of sanctions might change things there13:09
am_and then if I press some key it's stops, but first pressing on 5 not working, and second working properly and type 513:10
excelsioraWhen I try to log on my primary account, I see a flash of a shell and I'm immediately back at the login page where it's waiting for my password. This is different behavior than when I type in a wrong password, so I know that's not the problem. How do I troubleshoot it?13:10
atralheavenHi, how can I limit a user's internet traffic usage?13:11
excelsiorayou can restrict domains in hosts13:11
ioria!info squid13:11
ubottusquid (source: squid3): dependency package from squid to squid3. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.8-1ubuntu16 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 133 kB13:11
ioria!info squid313:12
ubottusquid3 (source: squid3): Full featured Web Proxy cache (HTTP proxy). In component main, is optional. Version 3.3.8-1ubuntu16 (wily), package size 1823 kB, installed size 6365 kB13:12
excelsioraatralheaven: http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-block-unwanted-website-in-ubuntu-linux/13:12
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excelsioraso how do I troubleshoot my login problems?13:14
excelsiorashould I start with renaming my .bashrc?13:14
excelsiorais it possible someone screwed with one of my logon .rc files?13:15
Lihere comes and an easy question for ubuntu gurus ...I looked into this howtogeek tweak to automatically running applications from last session but 1) I found my 15.04 distro already has the same settings 2) checked the auto-save-session-one-shot ... BUT in both cases all my running apps vanished after restarting the box.. http://www.howtogeek.com/203952/how-to-automatically-remember-running-applications-from-yo13:17
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wicopeHi. I press 'c' and the window closes. I need write 'c' and not be processed by the GUI. Please any tip. Thanks13:22
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gcfhvjbknok so i carried on with a plan to put my packages in /var/cache/apt/archives13:34
gcfhvjbknapt-get says "the following packages have unmet dependencies: … (name of the package) but it is not installable"13:34
gcfhvjbknwhat does it mean though?13:34
christian_what*s up?13:35
gcfhvjbkni imagine it could have something to do with file permissions for .deb files13:35
gcfhvjbknsorry; i was trying to install a few packages on my ubuntu machine that doesnt yet have internet access13:35
gcfhvjbknas per this blog post that someone has shown me13:36
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codepython777i've a laptop screen connected to a 27" monitor. How do i make ubuntu recognize it's resolution correctly? (Its set in vertical mode)13:51
JRSShello all! I'm looking to install Ubuntu on my old mac (2007) and I'm not sure it will be able to handle it.14:00
dociledevilhow old?14:00
OerHeksold mac, powerpc ?14:00
JRSSI need it mostly for file server and Plex.... and I'm not sure if I should choose the server or GUI14:00
dociledevilchoose the server..14:01
JRSSit's intel. Macbook 2007 model14:01
JRSS10.6 instaled14:01
dociledevilyah then choose a CLI..14:01
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OerHeksoh, any 64 bit server will run14:01
dociledevilif you have to only run a file server, then choose the CLI14:01
dociledevildid anyone see the new Cinnamon ?14:01
JRSSdociledevil, my knowledge of command line is very limited. Also, I would need to run a web browser on it14:01
JRSS(for Plex interface, for example)14:02
JRSSso this is why I'm not sure14:02
dociledevilwell choose a minimal GUI14:02
JRSSI am not famliar with Ubuntu all that much, I have Mint installed on my machine at home14:02
JRSSdociledevil, can I have a SAMBA share setup on Unity?14:03
tadaHi guys. do you know if it is possible to inclyde /var/log/apt.history.log in the system logs14:03
dociledevilyah sure14:03
dociledevilsamba can be set up on any GUI I guess14:03
JRSSSo maybe I should do that... I'm just not sure if the macbook can handle Unity.14:04
bekksJRSS: Unity is a desktop environment, Samba is a filesharing protocol. They have nothing to do with each other. :)14:04
JRSShmm let me pull up the specs one sec14:04
bekksSamba isnt even related to a GUI at all.14:04
dociledevilWell use Gnome..14:04
dociledevilDont use Unity14:04
JRSSbekks - yes I know, but I'm more comfortable with Unity then CLI lol and I'm wondering if I can run it on the old mac14:04
dociledevilor maybe go for xfce if you dont have that much processing power14:04
JRSSI will want to run firefox or chrome on it, I will probably have to at one point14:05
JRSSxfce.. hmmm14:05
dociledevilwell Unity is way too laggy even on my machine(I have a c2d with 4 gigs)14:05
dociledevilso go for Gnome or xfce14:05
JRSSok now.. how coplicated is it to get it to install on a mac? I saw different tutorials. anyone here with experience?14:05
dociledevilno idea about mac.. sorry!14:05
dociledevilI guess there must be tons of tuts out there14:06
bekksJRSS: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MactelSupportTeam/AppleIntelInstallation14:06
JRSSok let me give you some spes. I will look bekk, thanks14:07
JRSS2GB of ram, 2.16 CPU14:07
cristian_chello, a question14:07
JRSSit's a macbook 2,1 btw14:07
bekksJRSS: More important, look at the Mac Level, 11,1 or whatever it may be.14:07
bekksJRSS: Thats what you need to know, according to the link given.14:08
cristian_cHow could I add a new service/daemon at bootup with systemd?14:08
JRSSbekks I'm confused, this is def NOT 11....14:09
EriC^^cristian_c: i think you have to make a systemd unit14:09
JRSSbut is this manual good for macbooks as old as mine?14:09
bekksJRSS: Then you need to find out.14:09
cristian_cpreviously, I created a symbolic link in etc/rc2.d directory to a script in /etc/initrd with upstart14:09
cristian_cEriC^^: ok, understood14:09
EriC^^!systemd | cristian_c this might help14:09
ubottucristian_c this might help: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers14:09
bekksJRSS: If it isnt 11,1, what is it then?14:09
cristian_cEriC^^: systemd has the full control14:09
JRSSit's also not an iMac, it's a mabook14:09
cristian_cfrom vivid vervet14:10
cristian_cEriC^^: that wiki page14:10
bekksJRSS: So that guide is applicable, isnt it? "This information will not work for iMac (11,1 or newer) users installing recent versions of Ubuntu".14:10
bekksJRSS: So read it.14:10
cristian_c*is that wiki page related to 15.04 and later?14:10
cristian_c15.04, 15.1014:10
cristian_cor previous versions (for example 14.04)14:11
JRSSbekks: I'm not sure. it says what macs it IS good for, and it's very specific about what it's NOT good for. I rather find something that is specific to my model, if there is such a thing. Is this the only official ubuntu installation guide?14:11
JRSSugh. I meant to say, it ONLY says what it's NOT good for, not what it is good for.14:11
JRSSit covers a lot of ground for what it is good for14:12
cristian_cUbuntu 15.04 (using Systemd by default): Systemd runs with PID 1 as /sbin/init. Upstart runs with PID 1 as /sbin/upstart.14:12
cristian_cah, ok14:12
cristian_cPrior versions (using Upstart by default): Upstart runs with PID 1 as /sbin/init. Systemd runs with PID 1 as /lib/systemd/systemd.14:13
bekksJRSS: It tells you what it is good for. Why do you think it is not good for your model?14:13
JRSSbekks: lack of specifics. It also explains installion via CD, and I need to use a USB stick. these things might look minor but they make a difference14:13
bekksJRSS: Actually it doesnt matter at all.14:14
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bekksJRSS: The installation process is exactly the same.14:14
SchrodingersScatJRSS: normally usb/cd are interchangeable, except in cases when the image won't fit on a cd :)14:14
gcfhvjbknended up manually installing everything with dpkg…14:15
JRSSbekks: well, if I have a USB stick I need to have it formatted the right way... eh, they recommend using a CD. they have a different mantual for USB: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick14:16
JRSSbekks: regardless, ok, I will look there.. where are the minimal requirements for ubuntu14:16
bekksJRSS: You dont even need to care about your USB stick, since you just use dd for copying the image to the stick. No manual partitioning whatever is need at all.14:16
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu14:16
bekksJRSS: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements14:17
JRSSah! here it is.... thanks :)14:17
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JRSSok I think last question... are there any features that would work on Ubuntu server and not Unity or xcfe14:19
bekksJRSS: No.14:19
JRSSbekks: not at all? so it's just a matter of CLI and less apps installed by default?14:19
bekksJRSS: Server and Desktop are just a different sets of installed software.14:19
bekksJRSS: Correct.14:19
JRSSbekks: ok sounds good. I will try unity for a test drive, install Plex and try to watch a HD movie... and if the thing doesn't blow up, I know I'm good lol14:20
JRSSthanks for your help :)14:20
bekksJRSS: I've never heard of "Plex" - what is it?14:20
JRSSPlex is a media server14:20
bekksIt's not in the official repos.14:21
JRSScheck it out if you want. it uses your machine as a media server and comes with many features that are good for movie lovers.. like pulling rating and thubnails for you from the internet, apps for android and iphone so you can watch it anywhere, etc.14:22
JRSSbekks: I don't know why not, it has a ubuntu "official" installtion on the website14:22
bekksFrom what I can read so far, it is just webserver and a DNLA server. No need for testnig it out, since both are in the official repos.14:22
JRSSI have it working on Mint, which probably means it works on Ubuntu14:22
bekksJRSS: It is not in the official Ubuntu repos. Thats all that matters.14:22
JRSSeven though I have an issue with my external (it's NFTS)14:23
JRSSbekks: why?14:23
JRSSbekks: how do the officials actually become official?14:23
bekksJRSS: Ask the official repo maintainers.14:23
bekksJRSS: There is no official Ubuntu package, that would require it to be in the Ubuntu repos.14:23
JRSSbekks: hmmm I see. interesting. what makes it an official package?14:24
JRSSbekks: curious14:24
bekksJRSS: Whatever the authors of a 3rd party application name their product/release, unless it isnt in the Ubuntu repos, it isnt an official Ubuntu application.14:24
bekksJRSS: I told you three times now :P14:24
JRSSbekks: but I guess what I'm trying to understand, if there's something in the files themselves that make them official, like, you add something in the installtion script?14:25
JRSSor is it just a matter of saying hello and shaking hand and now it's part of the official14:25
bekksJRSS: It is more part of having the application packaged following the Ubuntu packaging guidelines, etc.14:25
am_anybody knows why ubuntu types digit 555555555 in period time by time?14:25
JRSSbekks: ahhh. now it makes more sense to me.14:26
am_I can't understand why it's happens14:26
JRSSbekks: well, I'm out of here. Thanks for your help again!14:26
am_just repeat typing "5"14:26
am_and stops typing when I press some key14:26
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am_I have the same problem in ubuntu 10.x 12.x 14.x and now in 15.x14:27
bekksam_: Sounds like your keyboard is broken.14:28
am_bekks This is not keyboard, because there are different keyboards each time14:29
BluesKajam check the key, make sure it isn't stuck half way pressed ..dislodge any foreign material under the key or near it14:29
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BluesKajoh no not another guestxxxxxx14:30
BluesKajgood, well done marvinmirek14:30
am_BluesKaj, i try with different keyboards this is the first thing I checked in14:31
am_In other distros this bug is not present14:31
marvinmirekI have installed Windows 8.1 and Xubuntu 14.04 on my laptop.Windows 8.1 is installed under UEFI and Xubuntu is installed under Legacy Mode in BIOS.If i want to delete the Xubunt partition will that affect the windows partition?14:31
marvinmirekBluesKaj, :D14:32
BluesKaj marvinmirek it shouldn't as long as you use something like gparted to do so14:33
LiAnyone knows why this is not working on vivid? http://www.howtogeek.com/203952/how-to-automatically-remember-running-applications-from-your-last-session-in-ubuntu-14.04/14:34
marvinmirekBluesKaj, got it but what about from thw windows partition section?14:34
BluesKajma it shouldn't matter since you used legacy mode on the Xubuntu install14:35
marvinmirekBluesKaj, are you sure or should i make a backup?14:36
BluesKajmarvinmirek, dunno id easy bcd in wiondows will work or not , it might if it can see the linux OS/partition14:37
BluesKajif you're at unsure , ask in #windows, marvinmirek14:37
BluesKajat all14:38
marvinmirekBluesKaj, got it thanks for your time...14:38
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LastAvengersHi all, I have a question with gtk programming, GtkStackSidebar's items are some label, how can i replace it with other widget? should I rewrite the whole GtkStackSidebar?14:40
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sruliwhat is the most secure portable password manager?14:48
bekksyour brain.14:49
srulibekks: how did u know?14:49
srulii need a portable password manager, anyone know which might be most secure?14:50
EriC^^sruli: give keepass a shot maybe14:53
EriC^^no problem14:55
sruliEriC^^: you heard of http://mypasswords.ehsunbehravesh.com/ ?14:56
EriC^^sruli: nope14:56
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frendaHow can I fix subtitle in baka-mplayer. The subtitle have ~2s delay15:38
tytrewsfrenda: stop using that trash an15:40
tytrewsfrenda: stop using that trash and use VLC15:40
frendatytrews: It does not work well! If you move the file towards/backwards, VLC muted the film!15:43
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gorianterhi. i use lubuntu and just installed the ubuntu-gnome-desktop DE. How do i install unity??15:48
gorianterand can anybody please suggest a good icon theme15:49
EriC^^gorianter: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:49
netw0rkgorianter, I think its sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop15:49
gorianteri will try it15:50
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loveheartjoylove(ಥ_ಥ)  I need a script that will launch all my browsers and gedits and Nautiluses in the right place, for my web dev environment that used 49 desktops16:00
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loveheartjoyloveit's not fun loading all that16:01
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codelionugh ok guys I'm on my last legs. I started having GL issues a few days ago, so I attempted to solve by installing more GL related 32 bit libraries (64 bit ubuntu 15.04) which then broke my nvidia drivers. I've been running it in circles for 2 days16:03
codelionRight about now, it boots an 800x640 graphical login screen, which flashes and returns to itself when it gets a password16:03
codelion(Ditnt mean to part, new touchpad not used to it yet)16:04
codelionI'm getting more and more lost with this, I have no idea whats broken16:05
codeliondmesg shows nothing that I recognize16:05
OvationAnyone have experience with NVIDIA Prime drivers? I'm using one for my hybrid system, intel/GTX 950M. When I play steam, the quality of one of the games(DOTA 2) doesn't seem as good as what it was on my other OS prior to Ubuntu 15.10. I also made sure I used Performance (NVIDIA) in the X Server settings too. Any ideas?16:07
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codelionOvation: its been a few years,  but in my experience the hybrid systems never work as well on linux16:10
codelionThey don't really make it obvious, but alot of them use proprietary drivers from the manufacturer which never quite make it over to linux16:10
codelionMy Samsung Chronos even didn't get the driver for windows (Samsung took 2 years to release a driver which even turned the DGPU on16:11
codelionI just purged nvida from my system, still can't get passed the login prompt16:15
codelionit just drops back to it repeatedly16:15
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ubuntu-mateHi all, I'm new here,have not installed ubuntu yet. Any suggestions?16:20
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D|nAubuntu-mate, your question is too broad16:21
SchrodingersScatubuntu-mate: suggestions for what exactly?  You're welcome to throw an image on a usb drive and play around16:21
codelionLinux is a fickle mistress16:21
bekkscodelion: No one forces you to use it.16:22
sruliwhat would be the command to execute as other user? "sudo su -user2" ?16:22
bekkssruli: No.16:22
llutzsruli: sudo -u user /man sudo/16:22
srulillutz: tnx16:23
codelion"su <user>" also works on systems without sudo16:23
codelionif you have enough permissions to drop to that user16:23
aryhi guys. Having trouble with html5 player on fullscreen16:23
ubuntu-mateI'm on a usb drive now. If I install will Windows be gone completly, or can I recover Windows?16:24
arythe video is frameskiping on fullscreen16:24
aryhow to fix it?16:24
sruliubuntu-mate: u can install side-by-side16:24
sruliubuntu-mate: the installer should give you that option16:24
netw0rkHow can you startx when a monitor is plugged in?  Or startx even when a monitor is not plugged in16:25
username1I lost all sound after migrating from Windows XP to Lubuntu. Sound won't work on Librepup GNU+Linux-libre either. My computer is Fujitsu Siemens Amilo La1703. How do I fix this?16:26
username1According to AlsaMixer my sound card is HDA VIA VT82xx and sound circuit VIA VT1708.16:27
aryHow do i fix html5 player? My html5 player is frameskiping on fullscreen.16:28
D|nAary, video drivers?16:28
aryDjnA, they are installed16:29
D|nAbrowser? GPU model?16:29
aryit has ben work fine before16:29
aryBrowser: Firefox16:29
aryGPU: Radeon 300016:29
D|nAsame problem with another browser?16:30
aryDoesn't try16:31
arylets give a try then16:31
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codelionIf I'm chrooted into a disk from a livecd is there any way to maaaaybe get it working without having to reinstall? just revert it as close to the original configuration as possible16:32
srulicodelion: depends what is the problem with the original install16:33
codelionI haven't been able to figure it out after 3 going on 4 days which is why I'm looking for a nuclear option16:34
ikoniawhat have you done ?16:34
ikoniaexplain the problem16:34
codelionMy graphics drivers stopped working after a reboot, first reboot in a long time so it could have been any number of configuration changes. Uninstalled all nvidia*, rebooted, now only one screen works. Install nvidia-352, reboot, 800x650 screen now, still only one screen. After a while of running that in ciricles, now it won't even go past the login screen (just drops back to the login screen after flashing black a few times)16:35
ikoniacodelion: ok - so forget the chroot for a moment, can you boot into recovery mode ?16:36
arytry to change boot options to nomodeset16:36
ikoniahang on16:36
ikoniathats just a random thing to say16:36
codelionHow do I boot to recovery mode from grub?16:37
ikoniaa failed login - why does that warrent "nomodeset"16:37
aryat logo screen press F12 and edit the boot line16:37
codelionI've not booted ubuntu to recovery16:37
ikoniacodelion: there should be an option in the grub menu16:37
codelionI found it in "advanced options" its booting up now16:37
codelionI mean, it boots, I just can't get passed the login prompt16:37
Nilesh_i tried to build kdepim, having been installed all the dependencies for  libkf5kdelibs4support- it still fails saying16:38
ikoniacodelion: lets see what you get here16:38
Nilesh_Could not find a configuration file for package "KF5KDELibs4Support" "16:38
ikoniaNilesh_: just use the package - why are you building it ?16:38
codelionikonia:  I'm in the recovery mode prompt, what should I do now. Has options clean, dpkg, etc16:38
ikoniacodelion: there should be something like "recovery shell"16:39
Nilesh_i installed all the dependencies with apt-cache search16:39
Nilesh_but still the same error16:39
ikoniaNilesh_: why are you building it and not using the package16:39
codelion"drop to root shell prompt?16:39
ikoniacodelion: sounds good16:39
codelionok I am in a root shell (could have dropped a shell with ctrl-alt-f1)16:40
Nilesh_trying to fix some Junior jobs16:40
ikoniaNilesh_: some junior jobs ?16:40
ikoniacodelion: you're fine16:40
ikoniacodelion: so do you have a file /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?16:40
Nilesh_fix some bugs..wanna contribute to kde16:40
ikoniaNilesh_: how can you expect to fix the bugs if you don't know how to build it ?16:40
codelionno, it looks like it got blown out by some of my previous changes16:41
ikoniacodelion: thats good16:41
codelionI usually generate it with nvidia-xconfig16:41
ikoniawe don't want it there16:41
ikoniacodelion: we want it to detect and go back to "fall back" poor graphics mode16:41
codelionah that makes sense16:41
ikoniacodelion: so %100 there is no xorg.conf file16:42
ikoniacodelion: ok , so what I suggest doing now, is remove the xorg logs so they are clean, remove the syslog so it's clean and reboot16:42
ikoniacodelion: let it boot, login, let it fail, then swap to a VT with alt+f1 and read the logs16:42
ikonialets get an idea of what's going on16:42
barnitois there a better torrent client for linux besides transmission????16:43
regediti have a USB that is 64GB large, it has a partition i think 32GB large, and on it is a bootable OS - all files of which add up only to about 8GB16:43
codelionikonia: other than dmesg, xorg.0.log, what should I check16:43
ikoniacodelion: the syslog16:43
regeditI wish to write (dd?) the USB to an IMG file that is as small as possible (8GB?) in a manner that i can subsequently easily 'dd' it back onto a USB and it will make the USB bootable to the OS stuff that was there on the 32(64)GB initial USB16:43
regedithow can i do this?16:43
RomanLierOh look16:44
codelionikonia: sorry, what is the command for that? I'm not usually looking at system level on linux16:44
RomanLierthomas is here16:44
ikoniacodelion: its /var/log/syslog16:44
aryD|nA, is a firefox problem. Works fine on chrome. Hope they fix it soon. Like to much firefox.16:44
codelionok uh... now its not getting that far16:44
RomanLierDo you remember me, thomas?16:44
codelionit flashed a few times now its hung on a semi-corrupted screen with a flashing underscore16:45
codelionlooks like something hung halfway into clearing the framebuffer16:45
D|nAtry to disablw hw accel in firefox16:45
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ikoniacodelion: ok - so reboot to recovery, and review the logs16:45
ikoniacodelion: get an idea what's going on16:45
BluesKajregedit, make sure the partitions both source and target are almost the same size , with the target slightly larger16:45
codelionI was able to get a terminal16:45
ikoniacodelion: perfect, check the logs16:45
codelionfrom ^!F116:45
BluesKajregedit, dd-ing an image to a parition is different of course16:46
codelionoh man its got a ton of nasty looking things16:46
codelionlightdm: /etc/modprobe.d is not a file16:46
ikoniacodelion: ok, so need to work through them16:46
codelionlightdm.service failed with result 'exit code'16:47
regeditBluesKaj: right, that's what i'm asking...when i try dd-ing the USB stick to an IMG, the entire 64GB seem to get written...16:47
codelionupdate-alternatives: no alternatives for x86_64_linux-gnu-gfxcore_conf16:47
codelionlightdm.service: Unit entered failed state | Failed with resulte 'exit-code'16:48
codelionService hold off time over - scheduling restart16:48
codelion^ above set of messages occurs about 3 times, then stops16:48
codelionsystemd: failed to start Detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes16:48
ikoniacodelion: approach each problem - work through each one and you'll get to a usable system that you can then tidu up16:49
BluesKajregedit, then use the file path of the image folder/source as if and the target ould then be of=/devsdx16:49
ikoniacodelion: or - backup your data and re-install and move forward putting your data back16:49
codelionoverall it looks like lightdm is just totally kerfuddled16:49
BluesKajoops "if"16:49
codelionluckily I keep all my important files on an external drive16:49
codelionits just the host reconfiguration which is a pain16:49
ikoniacodelion: we can work through that, if you consider that the quickest approach16:50
codelionhonestly it wouldn't take much longer to just reconfigure my system and I can do that myself for the most part16:50
codelionI think its probably about time to take that option16:50
ikoniacodelion: sounds like you know the best way to do it16:51
codelionsudo apt-get remove --purge lightdm just installed 136 packages16:51
regeditBluesKaj: iinc/excluding the partition number?16:51
BluesKajregedit, for example I just finished putting gparted live media on a small usb  stick with, sodo dd if=~/Downloads/gparted-live-0.22.0-1-amd64.iso  of=/dev/sdb, ...I ddn't usew a blocksize because the iso is only 300mb16:53
iRyiRy Anybody here who uses OpenXchange? I'd like to configure the quota tile in the portal to show the users quota instead the context.16:54
regeditBluesKaj: i was asking about the other way round; writing the (64GB sized 32GB partitioned 8GB filled) USB to an IMG file that can *subsequently* be easily dd-ed to USB and work as expected16:55
regeditBluesKaj: and have it take minimum space possible (8GB?)16:55
homahi my friends16:56
BluesKajregedit yes that'll work as longas your source partition will fit the in the target partition , hence the target should be a bit larger like 300mb or so , then you can use the check option in gparted to round off the target partition size after the dd is finished16:58
regeditBluesKaj: but when i do dd it seems to write the entire 64GB drive, not even just the 32GB partition, nevermind only the desired 8GB of data17:00
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BluesKajyou have to specify the partition exactly , the 8G parition must something like /dev/sdb1 or sdb2, not /dev/sdb17:02
regeditBluesKaj: and that will be bootable? doesnt it need the full filesystem table or wtvr?17:02
frostschutzregedit, dd has no notion of what space is used and what space is not used, it copies the entire device. if the free space was zeroed out you could use conv=sparse when creating the image (but not when restoring it).17:03
frostschutzregedit, maybe you could try your luck with partimage17:04
BluesKajregedit, I use fat 32 file system for the target usb,  dd-ing the iso to it makes it bootable17:04
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dreadkopphey guys .. my bash's PS1 looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14809901/ i'd like to have the '>' symbol as a blinking icon instead of the default bar but can't find any info how to do that17:10
manbehindthemadnhey fellas, I got an interesting project, I am trying to natively install ubuntu touch onto an older galaxy tablet to use as a mini g-code host, however it's being rather stubborn. Any of you performed this process before?17:11
barnitough qbittorrent is says files arent complete17:15
barnitowhen I know this torrent is good17:15
xangua!touch | manbehindthemadn17:15
ubottumanbehindthemadn: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:15
S_JHow do I kill a certain connection? like (myip, port). I get already in use bc i didnt terminate it properly17:16
MrMonkey31regedit, I think I can point you in the right direction.  your usual bootable image must be written to a device, and not a partition on the device.  a "bootable" partition is a misnomer, as you need a boot sector on the device at any rate, in order to boot a system17:19
MrMonkey31so you probably need a second image that makes a boot sector on the drive without altering the partition table < my best guess17:20
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MrMonkey31so to clarify, a typical image includes both parts - your OS/data in some "volume" and a boot sector outside the volume.  without both parts you don't have a independently bootable system, but with both parts in one file it's complicated to specify "only using x part of the storage device"17:24
burdenmemoris there any way to remove a user's password on ubuntu?17:32
EriC^^burdenmemor: you can enable autologin in the gui17:32
ikoniawhat do you mean remove it ?17:32
ikoniahave a null password, or lock it that the user can't login ?17:32
ikoniaor as EriC^^ have an auto login process17:32
burdenmemorhave a null password17:32
burdenmemorim running an os off a usb drive so im not booted into it17:33
Seveasburdenmemor: passwd -d17:33
ikoniaburdenmemor: why do you want to remove it17:34
burdenmemorand the only account usable is his guest account17:34
ikoniaas if it's for a login - the desktop won't allow a null password unless you tell it to17:34
burdenmemorand he forgot his password and doesnt have the installation media17:34
ikoniajust reset his password then17:35
ikoniayou don't need to blank it17:35
axk4545how do I enable exFAT support in Ubuntu?17:35
EriC^^burdenmemor: chroot into it and run passwd <user>17:35
ikoniaaxk4545: it's there by default17:35
ikoniaburdenmemor: the recovery mode shell should do it17:35
burdenmemorok, so boot into recovery mode shell and type passwd -d?17:35
ikoniaset a new password17:36
ikoniapasswd $username17:36
ikoniaand then set a new password for him17:36
EriC^^burdenmemor: boot into recovery mode, type mount -o remount,rw /17:36
EriC^^then passwd <user>17:36
axk4545ikonia: mkfs.exfat doesn't work for me for some reason on fresh ubuntu17:36
burdenmemorok, thank you17:36
homahi my friends17:37
axk4545oops thought I was in other window17:37
Bashing-omburdenmemor: Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword .17:37
freebs_axk4545: usually u have to type$   sudo synaptic17:38
ikoniano you don't17:38
ikoniaaxk4545: whats the actual problem you have ?17:38
axk4545freebs_, ikonia: either way I thought I was in my terminal but was in hexchat.17:39
ikoniaakik: what is the problme you are trying to fix17:39
=== F3Away___ is now known as bear2
axk4545ikonia: I just need to format a USB as exFAT.17:39
ikoniaaxk4545: what is the problem you are trying to fix17:39
ikoniaaxk4545: ok - what's stoppingyou17:39
axk4545ikonia: I needed to install a couple pkgs to make it work. good now17:40
freebs_what is the best GUI way to format USB to EXFAT?17:41
ikoniagparted ?17:42
freebs_i know GNome Disks works, but sometimes it wont work in a Windows machine17:42
lesshasteis it possible to mount an lmza compressed file ?17:43
freebs_lesshaste: i dont think so, but when u open it, it should be in RAM anyway  ( ~/.cache ) i think17:43
lesshastefreebs_,  ok but I am not allowed to uncompress it to disk17:44
=== 64MAAYGZN is now known as supergauntlet
freebs_lesshaste: why cant u uncompress it?17:46
lesshastefreebs_, it is 8GB in size compressed and the sysadmin won't allow it17:47
ikoniaif you mounted it - it would uncompress in ram17:47
ikoniaso he wouldn't allow 8gb of disk, but he will allow 8gb of ram ?17:47
lesshasteikonia, right... but isn't lzma compressed in chunks?17:48
username1Installing oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms (0.201601301031~ubuntu14.04.1) did not bring back sound. What can I do?17:48
ikoniait will still need to use the ram17:48
lesshasteikonia, that's interesting. I had assumed you could just decompress each chunk independently on the fly17:48
ikonialesshaste: it wouldn't be able to access the uncompressed data then17:49
ikoniait won't use 8gb at once unless you want it to - but disk space is a lot cheaper than ra17:49
lesshasteikonia, I suppose RAM automatically clears itself :)17:52
ikoniaso will the disk17:52
ikoniaas it's only temp space17:52
burdenmodehello again17:53
username1Where can I download an older kernel?18:00
ikoniausername1: your ubuntu install will still have the old kernels on unless you removed them18:01
ikoniausername1: why do you need an old kernel ?18:01
username1ikonia: I need an even older kernel in order to get sound. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1967394&p=11892141#post1189214118:05
ikoniausername1: I'm not convinced by that post18:06
ikoniakernels from 11.10 are a non-starter18:06
username1I don't know of any other solution. (ikonia)18:07
ikoniausername1: so as I understand it, that VIA chipset has pretty poor linux support, I'm tno seeing confirmation that it's been dropped in current kernels, but its a big thing to check18:08
B0bsF1shCan someone recommend a good netflow analyzer?18:09
username1ikonia, why is the support so poor?18:09
ikoniausername1: VIA are hard to work with from past experience18:09
BluesKajusername1, why don't you state your issue , the audio chip etc so someons can help you ...a new or older kernel isn't going to do much if your audio setings are wrong18:11
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regeditBluesKaj / frostschutz / MrMonkey31: sorry got pulled away, reading previous messages (thanks for helping BTW)18:13
username1After migrating from Windows XP to Lubuntu 14 I don't have sound. There are no error messages. My sound card is HDA VIA VT8237A/VT8251. I have tried different settings in AlsaMixer and pavucontrol.18:14
BluesKajregedit, well it seems you have more options, but dd still works best IMO18:14
username1Actually the sound works on external speakers. In pavucontrol the audio port is analog headphone jack (unplugged). There are no other ports available.18:15
BluesKajusername1, ok then what are you trying to accomplish sound wise if your speakers works ok18:17
username1I don't own an external stereo speaker system / headphones I just borrowed one for this troubleshoot.18:18
username1I have a laptop computer Fujitsu Siemens Amilo La1703 and I would like its speakers to work.18:19
b|ackwolfa friend of mine when he runs Ubuntu 14.04 on a Dell18:23
b|ackwolflaptop and after a restart the nm-applet icon disappeared from the top bar18:24
b|ackwolfI said to him to run nm-applet from terminal18:24
b|ackwolfhere is the output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14818819/18:24
b|ackwolfI told him to start network-manager service18:25
b|ackwolfbut the output was the same18:25
b|ackwolfwhat's the solution?18:26
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=== nolsen is now known as GabeN
username1Do you think my problem with HDA VIA VT82xx is Ubuntu-specific?18:32
username1or Linux-specific?18:32
srulii am trying to display a dialog (yad or zenity) in my up/down config cant get it to work, in gnome 15.10 (works in ubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 15.10) any ideas?18:35
=== GabeN is now known as nolsen
srulithe dialog works from command line but not from up/down script18:36
BluesKajusername1, looks like the search for linux audio drivers s almost a dead end18:41
DextarrrrrHey guys, question. Can anyone recommend me a good Capture Card for that is Linux Compatible?18:43
bekksDextarrrrr: A capture card doing what exactly?18:43
Dextarrrrrtaking in a HDMI output. I'm a gaming youtuber - the worst kind.18:44
DextarrrrrIt's an incredibly first world problem, but having to switch between 'doze; which I'd rather not use at all, just to record footage is messy, annoying and a real waste.18:46
gnomester23hello guys i have a question18:48
=== x100s is now known as k1ng440
bekks!ask | gnomester2318:50
ubottugnomester23: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:50
gnomester23I nulled a password so my client could log in to his account, but when he goes to log in, the screen comes back to the log in screen18:51
gnomester23not signifying password invalid or anything, what causes this?18:52
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Guest42087derp again19:00
username1I cannot format my 4 GB Kingston DataTraveler G3. Here is the error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14822887/. How can I successfully format?19:00
Guest42087totally fukkin new to ubuntu19:00
gnomester23command to make a new user with sudo rights in root?19:00
username1I am using the boot disk maker software.19:00
bekksgnomester23: What do you mean by "I nulled a password"?19:01
Guest42087running ubuntu mate on a raspberry pi 2b19:01
Guest42087want to install wine :(19:01
Guest42087not possible due to lack of i386 architecture19:01
gnomester23i used passwd -d on his account19:01
Guest42087so rotten19:01
bekksGuest42087: So obvious at the moment you bought the raspi.19:02
bekksGuest42087: Thats disabling the account actually.19:02
bekksgnomester23: And whats the issue now?19:02
Guest42087have a cheap ass windows program, got it with a sensor I want to run on a pi19:03
Guest42087source code not given by supplier19:03
gnomester23when he clicks his account to log in, the screen goes black then goes back to the user select screen19:03
k1lGuest42087: rpi is ARM and got nothing in common with i386 or x86_64 from pc19:04
Guest42087I understand now. still wanna run a small datalogger with USB on my Pi19:04
k1li would look out for a linux program that got compiled for arm.19:05
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b|ackwolfI've registered in login.ubuntu.com19:05
b|ackwolfbut when I logged in may username characters has been escaped19:05
b|ackwolfand became: backwolf? why?19:06
freebs_                                         19:06
freebs_                                         19:07
xanguab|ackwolf: that's not really something you could be helped here19:07
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Guest42087SCADA / Modbus RTU software for ubuntu mate ?19:07
Guest42087nobody ?19:09
b|ackwolfxangua: where should I the question?19:09
Guest42087ubuntu mate users in here ?19:10
Guest42087on a raspberry pi 2B ?19:10
xanguab|ackwolf: well there's a link that says "support" there, that takes to https://forms.canonical.com/sso-support/19:10
Guest42087totally ignored19:11
xangua!repeat | Guest4208719:11
b|ackwolfxangua: thanks19:11
ubottuGuest42087: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:11
Guest42087need SCADA or modbus software for ubuntu mate running on RPI 2b19:12
gnomester23what is the command to make a new user with sudo rights in root?19:13
dillonhas anyone here tried the macbuntu theme pack?19:15
bencevansAny suggestions for a high end laptop people are rocking Ubuntu on?19:17
rettt3bencevans:  9550 XPS 1519:18
xanguahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed bencevans19:18
rettt3bencevans:  Dell.  u might be able to get $100 off, if u ask for Ubuntu on it19:19
bencevansrettt3: ooo been looking at the 13" model but heard a few bad things about the backlight spilling and a dodgy trackpad :/19:19
bencevansxangua: ta19:19
frogg7hi, i have a public key (a pem file) in the authorized_keys folder of my remote machine19:20
bencevansrettt3: nice thanks!19:20
frogg7how can i get this public key19:21
frogg7i cannot log into the remote cluster using ssh user@blah.com because i have lost my private key19:22
frogg7i need to access the public key somehow19:22
frogg7from my local computer19:22
gnomester23what is the command to make a new user with sudo rights in root?19:22
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J4nusHi i'm trying to upgrade a ubuntu lts 12.04 32b but it fails19:23
J4nusi don't know where to find the root cause.. needs some help19:23
cristian_cJ4nus: you need to paste some messages/images19:26
cristian_c!paste | J4nus19:26
ubottuJ4nus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:26
cristian_c!image | J4nus19:27
cristian_c!screen | J4nus19:27
ubottuJ4nus: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen19:27
cristian_cuhm, sorry19:27
onezuffanyone using Guacamole? i can't get it to work with a vnc server even though i can connect with a vnc client. guacamole just says 'server error'19:27
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.19:27
cristian_c!info guacamole19:27
ubottuguacamole (source: guacamole-client): HTML5 web application for accessing remote desktops. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.3-1.1 (wily), package size 418 kB, installed size 589 kB19:27
ubottuOltreIrc`39977: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:29
tomas_Hey guys! is option 4 in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Upgrade? still a relevant choice to upgrade the kernel?19:35
bekkstomas_: Whats your Ubuntu, first?19:36
tomas_tried to do that to upgrade to 4.4 but got some errors that "failed to fetch GuC" when rebooting19:36
bekkstomas_: What do you need 4.4 for? :)19:37
tomas_read somewhere that nouveau for my computer works on that kernel19:37
tomas_having some irritating problems with my new xps 955019:38
=== Rikim4ru is now known as ffwacom1
bekkstomas_: Which Nvidia card do you have, exacty?19:38
bekkstomas_: thats an Optimus card, isnt it?19:38
tomas_sorry i don't know, not that tech savvy19:38
bekkstomas_: nouveau will not help you, you need to use nvidia-prime: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HybridGraphics19:39
broblemi want to reinstall ubuntu mate.....im currently using ubuntu 14.019:39
tomas_nice :) thanks!19:40
cristian_cI've got an issue: I've installed onb9ard19:41
cristian_c!info onboard19:41
ubottuonboard (source: onboard): Simple On-screen Keyboard. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 591 kB, installed size 3532 kB19:41
broblemhow do i backup my installed apps19:41
cristian_cI've enabled the settingsl but osk doesn't appear, after the login19:41
bekks!backup | brodul19:42
ubottubrodul: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning19:42
bekks!backup > broblem19:42
ubottubroblem, please see my private message19:42
tomas_uh alsooooo i did a apt-get remove linux-image-4.3* and it seems to have removed all the kernels... 4.2.0-25 is now listed as "deinstall" uh how do i undo that?19:42
bekkstomas_: By installing "linux-image"?19:42
anonymous287hello, which is the best: virtualbox or vmware workstation ?19:42
cristian_cHow could I find a way to detect the issue's origin?19:43
cristian_cAny ideas?19:43
r2d2__Hola, alguien habla español? gracias19:43
tomas_bekks: thanks :)19:43
bekks!es | r2d2__19:43
ubottur2d2__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:43
cristian_c!es | r2d2__19:43
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=== ffwacom1 is now known as m42
FelixFire619is there a version of ubuntu that will work in Secure Boot mode?19:48
MonkeyDustFelixFire619  what makes you ask that?19:49
FelixFire619MonkeyDust, i have a laptop stuck in secure boot mode and i need to get it work, my only option (legally) is a secure boot mode working ubuntu19:50
EriC^^FelixFire619: they all work19:52
Bashing-omFelixFire619: 'buntu's kernel is signed, will boot either way ... legacy or EFI . Ir depends on how you set the UEFI firmware .19:52
=== douche is now known as Deez_Nuts
BluesKajFelixFire619, any version of ubuntu should work , it's the uefi/boot that is the problem it seems19:52
FelixFire619Bashing-om, BluesKaj EriC^^ how do i make ubuntu-14.04.3-desktop-i386 boot in uefi ?19:54
EriC^^just boot the live usb in uefi mode and install19:54
FelixFire619secure boot is UEFI right?19:56
forcebananaFelixFire619: yes19:56
Bashing-omFelixFire619: "3-desktop-i386" is that not 32 bit ? and UEFI by default is 64 bit ??19:58
FelixFire619Bashing-om, did not know that, Thanks!19:58
FelixFire619(tis why i ask questions)19:58
Bashing-omFelixFire619: It can be done ... but not easy !19:58
FelixFire619Bashing-om, its fine, i can dl the 64bit19:59
FelixFire619should i use 14.04 or the updated 15.1019:59
MonkeyDustFelixFire619  use 14.04 lts20:00
=== m42 is now known as webad_13
FelixFire619Thanks guys20:09
hans_hi guys20:10
et_pantera rox20:11
hans_can i change the color off the indicators at the panel20:11
bekksThey did, two decades ago. Now lets get back to Ubuntu support. :P20:11
J4nuscristian_c, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14830675/20:14
J4nushere is the logs of the failed upgrade ubuntu 12.0420:14
J4nusshould i remove all the external repo ? (like webupd8 for ppa)20:15
bekksJ4nus: If you didnt, breaking the update process is expected.20:15
bekksJ4nus: Remove all PPA, and remove all software from those PPA as well, then try ahain.20:15
J4nusi must desinstall all the software also ?20:16
J4nusvery boring this.. :(20:16
bekksJ4nus: Yes.20:16
J4nusthen i don't upgrade, i will do a fresh install in the future20:16
J4nuscause it's my main pc20:16
MonkeyDustJ4nus  create a separate /home partition, that's a lot simpeler when you do fresh installs20:17
J4nusMonkeyDust, you mean to keep the data in the /home and the system & the rest (logs,..) in the / ?20:18
J4nusI think i will buy some disks or even new pc20:19
MonkeyDustJ4nus  your personal files and settings stay untouched, with a separate /home partition20:19
J4nuscause i'm working with outdated hardware20:19
bekksJ4nus: you keep your personal data in /home and everything else outside /home20:19
headpool182hello, just wondering if anyone can tell me if R9 380 is stable now?20:19
MonkeyDustwhat's r9 38020:20
J4nusyes it's what i do on all the pc's but here it's a very old installation20:20
headpool182Last time i attempted to run linux in november i was plagued with constant driver crashes,20:20
bekksheadpool182: Does it break into pieces when touching it softly?20:20
bekksheadpool182: If it doesnt, I assume it is stable.20:20
J4nusis there now hardware where the ACPI & hibernation (for laptop) is working efficiently ?20:21
bekksJ4nus: Since ages, yes.20:21
headpool182what separated it from say the 390 or other ones is that it's using a different chip20:21
J4nusbekks, i never had a laptop without acpi issues, specially hibernation :(20:21
bekksJ4nus: I never had one with issues.20:22
J4nusbekks, which hw do you use ?20:22
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=== webad_13 is now known as dl5rb
bekksJ4nus: How does that help you? :)20:24
J4nusbekks, i think the lenovo are the only one with a good support for acpi20:30
J4nusall the rest following my experience is weak or very weak20:30
=== Algorithm is now known as ^King
bekksJ4nus: You assumption is wrong.20:32
bekksJ4nus: HAd no problem with Asus, Dell, HP as well.20:32
mikubuntutrying to get a satellite a215-s4757 to boot to a usb loaded with lubuntu 14,04 but i can't get it to go into boot sequence or setup with f2 or f12 -- it says its entering boot device selection menu -- but -- nada, zip20:33
BluesKajmikubuntu, try Fn+F2 or F1220:34
J4nusbekks, do you use hibernation feature ?20:35
J4nusnot only "suspend" but hibernation20:35
bekksJ4nus: Yes.20:35
bekksJ4nus: Can you start to state your Ubuntu issue? :)20:36
hexhaxtronWhat would be a good IDE to develop websites?20:36
mikubuntuBluesKaj: is 'fdd' refer to usb drive?20:37
=== dl5rb is now known as epzil0n
bekksmikubuntu: "Floppy Disk Drive".20:37
=== aleksa is now known as Guest76674
J4nushexhaxtron, komodo IDE ?20:38
=== Guest76674 is now known as Aleksa
mikubuntubekks: after many unsuccessful tries i actually got into bios, and the options showing are hdd, cd/dvd, fdd, and lan -- so does that mean the usb i just loaded not an option?20:39
bekksmikubuntu: Correct.20:39
BluesKajmikubuntu, usb drive will be sdb or sdc etc , but not sda20:39
BluesKajmikubuntu, your machine is probly too old to boot usb20:40
mikubuntubekks: and BluesKaj so just for giggles i have an old cdr with lub 13.04 probably 32 bit, but the toshiba splash screen says turion 64x2 so i guess that means it wants a 64bit .iso?20:41
bekksmikubuntu: Wrong :)20:41
mikubuntubekks: ? so it's ok to try to boot into 32bit 13.04?20:42
bekksmikubuntu: a) you have to burn a 14.04 iso onto a cdr, and AMD Turion x2 64 designated that your CPU is 64bit capable.20:42
BluesKajmikubuntu, you have to use cd/dvd media in order to boot live media20:42
bekksmikubuntu: Forget 13.04, it is dead.20:42
mikubuntubut the cd image of 14.04 64bit is 727 mb so i guess it won't fit on cd?20:43
bekksmikubuntu: You need a DVD, yes.20:43
mikubuntubekks: dang it20:44
froggy123I have lost the private key that is required to ssh into my remote cluster, but was told that the .pem file available on the authorized_keys file within all machines of this cluster can be used to ssh into the cluster20:44
bekksmikubuntu: you can use the server iso as well, or the minimal iso.20:44
SahibPrimeIs it ok if my support question involves g++?20:44
froggy123any idea how i can access that .pem file20:44
SeveasSahibPrime: that means you're doing C++, which is generally frowned upon ;)20:44
J4nusfroggy123, it's the public key in the authorized_keys20:45
mikubuntubekks you have a link to the minimal? and so you said i SHOULD do the 64 bit?20:45
SahibPrimeAnyways, I've been trying to create a shared object library, and I finally made one20:45
SahibPrimeBut when I try to compile with it20:45
J4nuswithout your private key you cannot access the server, maybe via password if it's still enabled20:45
SahibPrimeg++ randint.cpp -o randint -L. -linversemonocytogenes20:45
SahibPrimeit tells me20:45
bekksmikubuntu: Yes, you should do 64bit. http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso20:45
SahibPrime"InverseMonocytogenes.h" header not found20:46
bekksmikubuntu: That thing is about 37M :)20:46
SahibPrimebut it's included in the library20:46
SeveasSahibPrime: try not using the enter key as punctuation...20:46
arcskyi have some trouble with ssl. is this the latest ? 1.0.1f 6 Jan 201420:46
froggy123@J4nus: so the following statement makes no sense then right:20:46
mikubuntubekks: ok i'll try -- so i should be able to erase the cdr with 13.04 thru gpartd?20:46
bekksarcsky: Which problems in particular?20:46
froggy123@J4nus: "all the machines in the cluster have the apple.pem public key on the authorized_keys file so you should be able to ssh to them using the apple key, even if you lost the private key."20:46
bekksmikubuntu: No. A CDR cannot be erased.20:47
mikubuntubekks: sry for the stupid questions20:47
mikubuntubekks: glad i axed bc i thought they were re-recordable20:47
J4nusfrobware, no it makes no sense following me.. you have your private key and public key. the public key has been copied to the authorized_key of few machines20:47
bekksmikubuntu: Can you please rephrase your last post?20:47
SeveasSahibPrime: if randint.cpp does #include <foo.h>, g++ needs foo.h to be available. So specify -I/path/to/folder/containing/foo.h20:47
J4nusif you then lose the private key, you cannot do anything with the public key...20:48
SahibPrimeYes, but the header file is inside of the shared object.20:48
SeveasSahibPrime: that does not matter.20:48
Seveasand no, it is not.20:48
Seveasobjects don't include their sources.20:48
froggy123@J4nus: yeah, that was my understanding as well20:48
SahibPrimeOk, I'll try that.20:48
froggy123maybe the admin is thinking that i am still logged into the cluster20:48
mikubuntubekks off on a mission to find a blank cd20:48
froggy123so i can copy the contents of the public pem file to save it locally20:49
BluesKajcdrw can be erased and used over again mikubuntu20:49
froggy123and acess it that20:49
bekksBluesKaj: cdr cannot, which was the initial question :)20:49
BluesKajbekks, yes and I;m suggesting he use a cdrw20:49
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SahibPrimeWell, compiling it (with -std=c++11) gives me lots of errors. "error: 'string' is not a member of 'std'". However, I did include <string>, and I am certain string is a member of std.20:50
OerHeksin theory a cdr can be erased, so it will not show written data, and is unusable ofcourse :-D20:51
=== epzil0n is now known as xcfdjse7en
bekksOerHeks: We have to define "erased" then :)20:52
=== Andrea is now known as Guest63178
BluesKajI always buy cdrws or dvdrws since my desktop casn't boot  from usb20:53
BluesKajanyway it's time to close up shop here....later folks , take care20:54
sehey all20:55
qassemcan you help me troubleshoot bluetooth issue on Ubuntu 14.04 on Asus X550 laptop?. It used to work - I used my bluetooth headset with it. now it suddenly stopped. Here's the output from lsusb and hciconfig  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14719029/20:59
qassemor, I'd be just as happy if you could help me figure out how to get the internal microphone to work...it never has!20:59
mikubuntubekks: OerHeks ok i burned the mini iso lub you referred, and set the bios to boot from cd/dvd driven, but machine is seemingly not recognizing the iso, microsoft boot manager comes up and only has a boot to vista optio21:01
bekksmikubuntu: Did you burn the iso as data cd or as cd image?21:02
mikubuntubekks: i thought it would automatically burn an .iso as image, so i dint pay close attention :(21:03
mikubuntubekks: been a while since i burned a cd21:03
bekksmikubuntu: Whatever "it" may be, but the default is burning a data cd.21:03
bekksmikubuntu: Which wont be bootable then.21:04
OerHekssome bios versions have an overide during boot, use that too.21:04
mikubuntubekks: have ONE more blank cdr do you recommend a particular burner?21:04
=== xcfdjse7en is now known as nobody44
bekksmikubuntu: As long as you create a cd image, it doesnt matter :)21:05
mikubuntubekks thought it was blank, but has plopkexec on it, whatever that is -- off to search for more blanks21:07
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atlaspainewhere does port 8080 lead to?21:30
mikubuntubekks and OerHeks i wonder what the problem could be, i was very careful to watch xfburn say it was writing 'image' to disc, and i set the bios to boot from cd/dvd, yet when i boot it keeps going to windows recovery mode ... arrrrgh21:30
atlaspaineFor some reason my Raspberry Pi's external address leads to my router's web page.21:30
mikubuntubekks OerHeks going right into windows startup repair21:31
mikubuntugod i hate windows21:31
mikubuntubekks OerHeks would it help to boot and nuke the hdd?21:32
mikubuntubekks: OerHeks i suppose darins boot and nuke is still available21:33
onezuffis there a way to disable the dkpg pop up when installing a package? it's hanging my script and i dont want it to popup21:37
squintymikubuntu,  if the dvd was burnt at too high of a speed, it can be a cause of errors and therefore can cause booting errors.   Personally I use ImgBurn (freebie) and burn at the lowest speed possible when creating dvd boot disks on my Windows machines21:38
=== tech2 is now known as c4nn1b4l
mikubuntusquinty: nope i'm creating the disc on a lubuntu machine, the target machine is the toshiba with windows21:39
Bashing-om!md5sum | mikubuntu ??21:39
ubottumikubuntu ??: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:39
bekksmikubuntu: Did you finally create the CD?21:40
mikubuntubekks: yes, but its still not booting even tho i set the first boot to cd/dvd it keeps skipping to hdd -- i was wondering if i should boot and nuke the hdd .. but it might still not boot to the cd i guess21:42
bekksmikubuntu: Unless you successfully booted, I consider the answer to be "no" :P21:42
bekksmikubuntu: And nuking your disk will not magically make your cd boot.21:42
mikubuntubekks: yeah thats what i figured, it doesn't solve the problem (but does put a bullet in microsofts head)21:43
bekksmikubuntu: It nukes your windows install, nothing more, nothing less.21:44
jorgeheey guys am having an usue here with my lubuntu... it goed threw the bootloader to the lubuntu bootscreen with the dots and thats it. it keeps showing the blue screen with the lubuntu logo and doesnt go any further. What to do??21:46
m_jimmeris there a gsettings or something that I can use to make the max min and close button's on the right ?21:47
arogyamanwhat's the error message?21:47
jorgei dont have any arror messages21:47
jorgei cannot get rid of the blue screen to see whats behind it21:47
tsimonq2jorge: press the Esc key and get us the output on the screen21:47
jorgejeej a start job is running for detect the available gpus and deal with system changes21:48
xanguam_jimmer: if you mean in Unity, no21:49
m_jimmerxangua,  yeah in unity7  thanks21:49
jorgea start job is running for wait for playmouth boot screen to quit 12min / no limiut21:49
tsimonq2jorge: well then that's your problem :)21:50
jorgestil dont know what that is lol21:50
jorgejust wait?21:50
jorgeit has always worked fine till i rebooted it this afternoon21:51
tsimonq2jorge: you try restarting it again?21:51
jorgeyeah many times21:52
=== c4nn1b4l is now known as Sh1G3rU
m_jimmerjorge,  is this start job network ?21:52
=== mike_ is now known as Guest40147
jorgei dont see network mentionend21:52
m_jimmerjorge, what version of Ubuntu ?21:53
m_jimmerjust wondering if systemd or upstart ect21:53
jorgelatest stable...have it now for a month21:53
tsimonq2jorge: 15.10?21:53
m_jimmerOk what is the last job before the waiting deal ?21:54
jorgeyeah i think so21:54
jorgei have two kernels in the bootloader but problem happens in both of them21:54
tsimonq2jorge: restart, hold the right shift key, then GRUB should pop up with a menu. with your arrow keys, select Adavanced Options for Ubuntu, then go to the first entry that has (upstart) in it21:55
m_jimmerjorge,  right before you see  "a start job is running for wait for...."   what is before that ?21:55
jorgedoing upstart now21:56
scrabcakesI'm running xubuntu, can't log in with the gui, it goes blank and then goes back to log in screen. I can log in through tty1 though. Any suggestions?21:56
tsimonq2scrabcakes: #xubuntu for #xubuntu support :)21:56
m_jimmerscrabcakes,  see what is failing for xfce21:56
m_jimmerstart it manaual and look at the log21:57
m_jimmerlightdm goes back to to login if there is a fail.21:57
m_jimmerjust delt with that with unity 7 myself.21:57
jorgem_jimmer, wait for playmouth boot screen to quit 12min / no limiut21:58
jorgestill busy with upstart21:58
m_jimmerjorge,  before that.21:58
m_jimmerwhen you boot and pylmoth comes up press the left key and see what is failing21:59
jorgeupstart is done...should i see something?21:59
m_jimmerscrabcakes,  but yeah I would drop to tty1 and "sudo service lightdm stop"  then "startxfce4"  and see where it is failing22:00
jorgem_jimmer will check again when i do a reboot22:00
tsimonq2jorge: is it booted properly?22:00
jorgeseems ok except: upstart: error while reading from descriptor: Broken pipe22:00
arcskyhey guys i try to start openvpn but it doesnt start. i have just done apt-get install openvpn.22:01
qassemcan you help me troubleshoot bluetooth issue on Ubuntu 14.04 on Asus X550 laptop?. It used to work - I used my bluetooth headset with it. now it suddenly stopped. Here's the output from lsusb and hciconfig  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14719029/22:01
arcskyps aux |grep openvpn says its not running and /etc/init.d/openvpn restart says not ruunning22:01
Bashing-omscreedo: Broke graphoc's driver ? can you boot into recovery mode - as a hint of such ?22:01
tsimonq2jorge: so it booted fine?22:02
jorgeand another thing: /lib/init/init-d-script: 12 /etc/rc.d/s02whoopsie: -c: not found22:02
jorgedont know what that means22:02
jorgeshould it boot into my desktop cause it aint22:03
jorgeit stops at starting network connection manager wicd.....done22:03
m_jimmerwhoopsie is that applicaiton that is used when something goes wrong on your computer to file bugs against22:03
jorgethats the last line in my screen22:04
m_jimmerjorge,  I had a feeling that it was network22:04
jorgecould network crash my laptop?22:04
=== Sh1G3rU is now known as Sh1G3rU_
m_jimmeror you hard coding in /etc/networking/interfaces or using resolv.conf ?22:04
jorgeam using gui apps22:05
jorgebut i have been downloading wicd and some others to manage my wireless networks threw a gui on openbox22:06
m_jimmerjorge,  reboot and and at grub select advanced options.  Then select revory mode.  then  login as root or user and cat /etc/networking/interfaces and tell us what you see22:06
m_jimmerrecovery *22:06
m_jimmerjorge,  I will brb .. phone call22:08
mikubuntubekks OerHeks any chance i'd have better luck with the alt 64bit image (628mb) ?? i mean as far as the machine recognizing it?22:08
jorgem_jimmer, np. Following i see is: 1.auto lo 2.iface lo inet loopback22:10
bekksmikubuntu: No.22:11
bekksmikubuntu: You need to burn the iso as image, not as data cd. And you need to very it afterwards.22:11
m_jimmerjorge,  that is all that you see in that file ?22:11
OerHeksmikubuntu, err this was a P4, iirc ?22:12
m_jimmerjorge,  cool.  it that computer hooked up to a ethernet cable ? if not can it be ?22:12
jorgeyes cable22:12
mikubuntuOerHeks: turion 64x222:12
m_jimmerjorge, when you do a "ifconfig" what do you see ?  a eth0 ?22:13
jorgenormally i use wireless22:13
jorgebut AP just died on me22:13
jorgei only see loopback interface22:13
jorgetried to do ifconfig eth0 up but that didnt work22:13
m_jimmerjorge, when you do "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"   what happens ?22:14
mikubuntudamn machine doesn't want to enter setup again22:14
scubhi all22:14
scubinstalled lubuntu?22:15
bekksmikubuntu: did you verify the checksums?22:15
scubinstalled chrome, and spoofing agent, next question, should netflix work now?22:15
jorgenetwork service error getting authority:: error initializing authority: could not connect: no such file or directory(g-io-. ok22:15
scubdo i need to install libnss-3?22:16
mikubuntucant find the md5sum for http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/mini.iso i guess i am md5dumb22:16
jorgestill only loopback in ifconfig22:17
bekksmikubuntu: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/MD5SUMS22:17
bekksjorge: same result in ifconfig -a ?22:17
jorgeoh lemme check22:17
=== Sh1G3rU_ is now known as kees1
mikubuntubekks: thx i'll see if i can figure out how to do it :(22:17
jorgeno more interfaces22:17
jorgeand wlp3s022:18
bekksmikubuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM22:19
mikubuntubekks: so this is checking against the downloaded file, and not the burned disk?22:20
scubnobody here uses netflix on chrome?22:21
m_jimmerjorge,  I have to step away for a couple of minutes I will be back But I am sure that someone will help.  DHCP is your issue make sure that you fix your networking and then you should be all good22:22
douglhow long should a mkfs.ext3 take on a 64gig usb stick?22:22
jorgealright thanks m_jimmer!22:22
bekksmikubuntu: you need to check both, as you already have been told.22:22
mikubuntubekks on file i get: mikubuntu@michaeltrout:~$ cd Downloads mikubuntu@michaeltrout:~/Downloads$ md5sum ./netboot/mini.iso md5sum: ./netboot/mini.iso: No such file or directory22:24
bekksmikubuntu: Well. Does that file exist...?22:24
mikubuntuin /home/mikubuntu/Downloads i have "mini.iso"22:25
bekksmikubuntu: Then why are you using a non-existing path for md5sum?22:26
mikubuntugood question :P22:26
mikubuntuso it shoud be command: md5sum mini.iso ?22:27
bekksmikubuntu: it should be a valid, existing file, yes.22:27
arooni-mobilehey folks; i was trying to follow this guide to getting tmux working http://superuser.com/questions/864364/tmux-printing-u0x001b-and-112-randomly ... by installing a newer version of libvte then i have on ubuntu 14.04 by adding in vivid's 2.9.0 version of libvte.  but now i'd like to go back to the default on ubuntu 14.04; but when i try to, i see this https://gist.github.com/arooni/9c9f9373d136892e12c6 ... its saying it w22:28
arooni-mobileants to install a bunch *MORE* packages out of vivid and so i said no to it.  what to do now?  :\22:28
jeniaI have  slight problem with ubuntu. I have to double click a key on "onboard" keyboard to press it when I'm using firefox22:29
jeniait doesnt work like that in gedit for example22:29
jeniadoes anyone know how to fix this?22:30
mikubuntumy output: 7297321c2fa6424417a548c85edd6e98 -- from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/MD5SUMS: 7297321c2fa6424417a548c85edd6e9822:30
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scubseems to be working now, installed libnss3 package, seems to be sorted..22:33
mikubuntubekks omg, checking the cd directly looks WAY over my head :(22:34
mikubuntuanybody with a brain willing to help me through it?22:35
Frank_LeachHi all...22:35
scubhmm, this will sound silly, but I have no sound?22:38
scubhow do i test?22:38
squintysystem settings -> sound22:39
qassemcan you help me troubleshoot bluetooth issue on Ubuntu 14.04 on Asus X550 laptop?. It used to work - I used my bluetooth headset with it. now it suddenly stopped. Here's the output from lsusb and hciconfig  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14719029/22:40
scublubuntu doesnt seem to have..22:40
squintyscub,  try  alsamixer   in terminal22:41
TheEagerPadawanhi, i've set up a nginx web server on my desktop and a apache virtually (virtualbox) in bridged mode. Both systems can ping each other. However when i try to wget a file on the virtualserver that is hosted by the nginx on the desktop it doesn't work, sadly enough22:42
scuboh, yeah, thanky, something happened anyway..22:42
scubdo i need to configure system for hdmi maybe?22:43
bekksmikubuntu: It is documented in the link given. You have to actually read it.22:43
scubsquinty :)22:44
mikubuntubekks i'm reading it over and over22:44
bekksmikubuntu: then you read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#Check_the_CD a multiple times now.22:45
squintyscub,  haven't used lubuntu in a long time.... you might want to ask in the #lubuntu channel22:45
voztheeagerpadawn it might be that you set it up as a local connection only so its not trying to get the internet instead the virtualserver thinks the host is the internet22:45
scubsquinty. thanx!22:46
squintyscub, yw22:46
scubwhy you called squinty, does your wife have chevrons tatooed on her inner thighs like mine does?22:47
voztheeagerpadawan try to ping google from the virtualbox22:47
scub(joke ) :o)22:47
mikubuntubekks trying to understand if i am to input just the first line of that dd block -- dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 count=38797312 | md5sum ?? do i first have to cd out of Downloads?22:48
vozmikubuntu no you dont but make sure the path is set correctly22:49
TheEagerPadawanvoz: pong's received from google22:50
scubhaha, lubuntu`s a busy channel..22:50
bekksmikubuntu: where did you got that dd crap from?22:50
bekksmikubuntu: Just follow the article I linked to you two times please.22:50
mikubuntuvoz -- im just copy/pasting from the page about checking the cd -- so i inserted the disk into the drive, and altered the count to what i got from ls -l mini.iso22:50
mikubuntubekks that's directly from that page22:51
=== Anon640 is now known as chem1strydioxide
bekksmikubuntu: "Check the cd - md5sum /dev/cdrom".22:51
bekksmikubuntu: Why dont you just use that?22:51
mikubuntubecause the page says that almost never works22:52
voztheeagerpadawn can you screenshot the error that would be helpful22:52
mikubuntuyou said you wanted me to read what the page says :P22:52
vozmikubuntu try what bekks suggested, dd might not work if used improperly just a word of caution22:53
scrabcakesusing ndiswrapper with usb wireless windows driver, installs fine and doesn't complain. modprobe. nothing, thoughts?22:54
vozi use dd when im flashing iso for making bootables22:54
mikubuntubekks voz heres what i get: mikubuntu@michaeltrout:~/Downloads$ md5sum /dev/cdrom e034c3174e575ad1caa638a79310bbe2  /dev/cdrom22:55
vozscrabcakes did not understand the last part22:55
bekksmikubuntu: Before md5sum'ing the cd - did you create the cd as image or as data cd?22:55
mikubuntubekks -- image22:55
scrabcakesvoz: sorry, I mean I did modprobe ndiswrapper, still not working22:56
vozscrabcakes is it a first time install or have you used it before22:56
scubguys, can i hotswap an hdmi cable?22:57
scrabcakesvoz: do you mean the driver?22:57
voztheeagerpadawan have you tried a service network restart?22:57
TheEagerPadawanvoz: tried restarting the nginx multiple times22:58
bekksmikubuntu: And did you try booting that cd?22:58
vozscrabcakes yes22:58
scrabcakesvoz: I use it on windows22:59
voztheeagerpadawn does it stop halfways on the webget, what exactly is the error output22:59
vozscrabcakes so its a first time on ubuntu?23:00
scrabcakesvoz: yes23:00
scrabcakesvoz: they have a linux driver but make gives an error23:00
mikubuntubekks: yes i tried booting it but it bypasses and goes to the hdd and windows23:01
vozscrabcakes what is the error?23:01
bekksmikubuntu: Did you set the correct boot order in the BIOS?23:01
scubsquinty: I`ve googledc the issue and installd Pulse Audio Control, seems my hdmi sound isnt listed in the available devices, only headphones, should I maybe go for a full ubuntu install?23:01
scrabcakesvoz: arch/x86/Makefile:129: CONFIG_X86_X32 enabled but no binutils support23:01
scrabcakesMakefile:669: Cannot use CONFIG_CC_STACKPROTECTOR_REGULAR: -fstack-protector not supported by compiler23:01
mikubuntubekks: yes23:02
scubI`ve seen on windows different drivers required for standard audio and hdmi audio, could be a driver issue23:02
vozscrabcakes are you running ubuntu?23:03
scubOMGG, is that the time, g`night all, thanks for the pionters squinty23:04
=== chem1strydioxide is now known as pala2
vozmikubuntu what kind of bios is it?23:04
scrabcakesvoz: yes23:04
vozscrabcakes is the driver you downloaded using the .deb format??23:06
scrabcakesno, I have to run make23:07
mikubuntuvoz i'm trying to get back into bios setup and it won't go, as it was earlier that i couldn't get into it.23:07
mikubuntuvoz 'Please Wait...' it says and won't proceed into setup23:08
vozscrabcakes i noticed it said arch on there, just trying to confirm you are using a deb file and not something else23:09
vozmikubuntu what kind of computer is it?23:10
mikubuntuvoz toshiba-satellite-a215-s475723:10
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FireMeJUST WHO IS ME TYPE  /whois skraito-0x7123:12
irreleph4ntHi. My ubuntu server 15.10 refuses to boot normally. It freezes at login screen unless I boot to recovery and resume from there. Any ideas?23:13
scrabcakesvoz: I got it from here if it helps http://www.tp-link.com/en/download/Archer-T4UH.html#Driver23:13
mikubuntuvoz nobody commented on the difference between: my output: 7297321c2fa6424417a548c85edd6e98 -- from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/MD5SUMS: 7297321c2fa6424417a548c85edd6e98 on the download file, and the output i got on checking the cd: md5sum /dev/cdrom e034c3174e575ad1caa638a79310bbe2  /dev/cdrom23:13
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Beanboywhat is this????????????????????????????\23:15
rwwBeanboy: elaborate on "this"?23:16
vozmikubuntu not sure about not being able to boot into bios, when you laptop boots ups besides the f2 what other options do you get?23:17
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=== murray is now known as Guest67924
vozscrabcakes ok so you did modeprobe but didnt get anything else? did you try lsmod to see if it loaded23:20
vozirreleph4nt did it boot before or is this first time boot23:20
scrabcakesvoz: ndiswrapper loaded, not the driver23:21
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FireMeJUST WHO IS ME TYPE  /whois skraito-0x7123:22
FireMewhat's up23:23
rhino3nick piggull23:24
=== rhino3 is now known as pigbull
pigbullhow is everyone23:24
Bashing-ompigbull: This channel, you tell us what is down and what you have done to get up .23:25
vozscrabcakes did you run it as sudo23:26
=== softer6 is now known as NOSKian2
scrabcakesvoz: lsmod, yes23:26
vozscrabcakes if you ran the commands everything should be running, did you reboot after?23:28
pigbullis anyone running linux on an intel nuc?23:28
scrabcakesvoz: yeah, I'll try again now though, 2 mins23:28
scrabcakesvoz: still nothing23:30
=== NOSKian2 is now known as kernelhunter92
vozscrabcakes does your adapter work? you might need to start over making sure you dont miss anything23:34
scrabcakesvoz: it works on windows. another thought, I have a pci network card, do I need to blacklist that?23:34
vozscrabcakes i dont think you need to blacklist, there is something missing and that is why it wont load the driver, have you tried to manually load it?23:36
scrabcakesvoz: how do I do that?23:36
vozmake sure your in the directory where the file is and run "sudo insmod 8812au.ko" without the quotations23:37
mikubuntuvos -- got in somehow -- its PhoenixBios version 1.40 -- now it reverted to booting from hdd, even tho my last action was to set cd/dvd boot first, saved and exited23:38
cheeseboyso, why are my network adapters showing up as wlp3s0 instead of wlan0 and enp0s25 instead of eth0? i thought that was a UNIX thing using the driver name to identify network adapters23:38
cheeseboyubuntu never used to do that23:38
=== kernelhunter92 is now known as h0m1x
mikubuntuvoz -- i've just set the hdd to disabled and i'll save and exit again, and try to boot again23:40
scrabcakesvoz: that's for the linux one right? the ndiswrapper win one doesn't have that, but the linux one (that I can't build) has it, and gives me "invalid module format"23:40
mikubuntuvoz -- omg it seems to be wanting to (finally) boot into mini.iso - but hung up on checking realteck fast etho network -- i don't have it on a wire will have to move it to other room and see if it will continue to boot23:43
Bashing-ommikubuntu: :)23:43
mikubuntuBashing-om: ty ladies and germs for all your patience23:44
Bashing-ommikubuntu: We have all been there ,, just a part of the learning curve .23:45
vozscrabcakes try this method http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32153959/is-a-linux-driver-available-for-archer-t4uh-usb-wireless-adaptor23:48
scrabcakesvoz: I will try tomorrow, need to sleep. cheers for your help! also I just got a step further with building the linux one, the download has dir names with spaces, changing to underscores gets further ><23:50
vozscrabcakes goodluck23:50
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest26495
vozhello guest23:51
Guest26495Never checked out IRC until now. Looks interesting.23:52
axk4545Can Ubuntu intelligently resize an LVM partiton to install alongside another Linux distro?23:52
vozaxk4545 it might but i would suggest selecting the partition yourself so you can adjust the size for the dual boot23:53
axk4545voz: ok.23:53
=== h0m1x is now known as b1ur
scrabcakesvoz: that SO answer worked, thanks a bunch! now I'm really going to bed23:54
vozscrabcakes glad to hear! cheers23:55
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econdudeawesomeHowdy all! I am hitting a "connection refused" wall with connecting to an opensshserver on my local network. I'm new at it. I created an rsa key on my client computer, then copied the public key to hte .ssh/authorized_keys file23:57
econdudeawesomeWhat do I need to do to make the server accept connections?23:57
cheeseboyso, why are my network adapters showing up as wlp3s0 instead of wlan0 and enp0s25 instead of eth0? i thought that was a UNIX thing using the driver name to identify network adapters23:57
cheeseboyecondudeawesome, a "connection refused" error has nothing to do with pubkey auth23:58
cheeseboyare you sure the sshd is running, econdudeawesome?23:58
econdudeawesomecheeseboy: i thought it was, used ps -A | grep sshd23:59
econdudeawesomegot what I believe is a process number back23:59
cheeseboyecondudeawesome, go into the sshd_config on the server23:59
econdudeawesome(I'm still new with all this)23:59

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