zequenceknome: Thanks!00:17
zequenceI'll check with the theming tomorrow. Any changes we have made should be committed to a separate branch for now (the theme is a git repo)00:18
knomezequence, afaics, all the changes you have done so far are either doable from the main theme, or are related to content :)00:30
sakrecoer_zequence knome cub: together we can make them think.02:24
sakrecoer_everyone included02:26
sakrecoer_thinking is a good gym.02:26
sakrecoer_i have no idea what i was trying to say. but i'm fairly convinced i was trying to be friendly: i had too much fun. i'll do my best to stay away while partybrain is in charge...13:10
knomei have no idea what you were trying to say either :P13:12
knomeanyway, please check the new dark variant, and feel free to propose improvements to it13:12
knomei have no problem carrying that with the main theme, as long as you don't want some blue hues (since we can't make sure that'd work with all color combinations)13:13
zequenceI pulled changes to the theme and changed to the dark variant14:32
zequenceknome: Just tried the theme in a phone, and I would make the minimum width small enough for those small phone screens14:35
knomezequence, there's a github issue for that14:35
zequenceknome: Ah, ok.14:35
knomebut it's not trivial at that point because then you *will* need a hamburger menu14:36
zequenceNot familiar with that term, but I assume it is one that changes when the width gets smaller14:36
zequencejavascript, I assume14:37
zequenceknome: Also, notes on the dark variant. I feel like there should not be two dark tones, but one, making the borders for the content part invisible. Also, the text is a bit too dark, or the background is a bit too light. Not enough contrast for me14:39
zequenceWe used to have official dark colors, but I'm not so sure we should stick to those14:39
zequenceThe blue needs a nice hue of darkness to make it sit right, so one dark hue should be enough. As for the text, I'm mostly concerned with how pleasing it is to read14:40
knomeyeah, one that collapses to a single button, with javascript (and css)14:41
zequenceWe should really get Zak on board with this since he is supposed to be our art lead. I'll check with him. Else, I will take the lead on this. 14:42
zequenceSeems like a nice opportunity now to redesign our website and get a nice look for 16.0414:42
knomere: two dark tones, we should probably fine tune that, but even in the light version the notifications have a slightly different tone14:48
knomeall the dark bg related stuff is in style-dark.css if you want to have a stab at it (and do a pull request)14:49
zequenceknome: Yep. I just sent an email to Zak. Once I established who will do what, I will announce plans on redesigning the theme, and take it from there14:50
zequenceFor this particular distro, it makes sense to have our own look, considering digital arts is our main focus. But, also, nice to have something that links us with the rest of Ubuntu14:51
zequenceThe font makes a huge difference14:51
knomeare you ok with having the dark variant available for others then?14:51
knomeand you can obviously do a lot of visual stuff that separates you from the rest even within the same theme framework14:52
zequenceAs long as the dark variant doesn't include our blue as default it should be fine14:53
knomeof course not14:53
knomethe orange is always the default14:53
knomeenabling the dark variant simply changes the background14:54
zequenceAnd, seeming as we will probably be tweaking a few details slightly which might not seem logical for the default dark variant, we should stand out14:54
zequenceOk, gotta go. Cheerio.14:57
knomehf & ttyl14:58
krytarikzequence, knome: Did you notice the improper indentation of the wrapped text in the footer boxes here yet?: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/19:00
knomethe indentation is intended :P19:09
sakrecoer_probably looks better with more entries :)19:18
sakrecoer_hi y'all!19:18
sakrecoer_seems the flickr link is broken again...19:18
sakrecoer_to the wallpaper contest..19:21
sakrecoer_i like the darktheme19:21
sakrecoer_i think i agree with zequence about the borders19:22
sakrecoer_we should have a good way to attach photos to posts...19:23
sakrecoer_the framed blogroll is great for news, but it is a bit boring in the feature showcase context...19:24
krytarikknome: Try in a smaller window. :P19:26
knomedefine smaller?19:34
krytarikknome: Like 1280 x 960 px.19:36
sakrecoer_the headlogo is not homelink?19:37
sakrecoer_knome: the comments colos are funky: http://www.ubuntustudio.zequence.net/uncategorized/masterpost-of-posts-with-a-title-so-long-it-will-rule-the-title-lines-fro-generations-of-masterpost-titles-to-come-and-beyond/#comment-219:50
sakrecoer_knome: the post titles do not print on homepage.20:13
zequencethere's almost nothing done except the community theme is chosen, so there will be lots to do. If someone wants to start in a specific area content-wise, be my guest. Such as the feature tour, or documentation, etc20:18
zequenceWhile we change themes, we might as well reorganize and rewrite20:19
knomesakrecoer_, read the README20:22
knomekrytarik, can you elaborate then?20:23
krytarikknome: "improper indentation of the wrapped text".20:25
knomeyes, i read that20:50
knomei don't see anything special though20:50
sakrecoer_i added a few dummy-posts and i think the indentation is nice20:55
sakrecoer_knome: the readme on zequence ftp?20:56
knomezequence, i just pushed a new revision that improves the dark variant21:01
knomesakrecoer_, https://github.com/knomepasi/ubuntu-community-wordpress-theme/blob/master/README.md21:01
knomeactually, there was a bug that is now fixed in the latest revision. sorry for that21:23
knomezequence, ^21:23

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