ochosibluesabre: yeah, i thought we could scale it a bit09:02
dkesselflocculant: good day. testing session is today, in 30 minutes, or is my calendar totally out-of-date?15:31
flocculantdkessel: it was - ~15 now :D15:45
dkesselflocculant: good day. testing session is today, in 30 minutes, or is my calendar totally out-of-date:p15:45
* dkessel needs to minify his fingers15:45
flocculanthi akxwi-dave 15:49
flocculantwho's here for the package test session?16:00
flocculanthi Jack :)16:00
bluesabre(for questions more than anything)16:01
flocculantwell if it's just Jack and dkessel we can just let them ask what they want :D16:01
knomei guess i'm here too ;)16:02
flocculantleave it for 5 minutes and then just open it up to questions anyone has I guess16:02
flocculanthi MrTulias 16:02
MrTuliashi 16:02
flocculantMrTulias: did you get chance to look at the contributor docs?16:02
flocculanthi akxwi-dave 16:03
flocculantok so with MrTulias and people from team I guess the best way would be for people to ask things16:06
akxwi-daveflocculant, re the thunar crashes.. been trying to get my laptop to crash, but no matter what i throw at it, it wont16:06
flocculantI'd assume that MrTulias will have most :)16:06
flocculantakxwi-dave: :)16:06
flocculantif not I'll start with a topic then see if that works :D16:09
bluesabreakxwi-dave: is this with or without the thunar package currently in the xubunt-staging ppa (uploaded the night before last)?16:09
bluesabre(or both)16:09
MrTuliasSure, I do not know what to do if a fault occurs, how to report it16:09
jjfrv8my only question is about filing bugs against dev packages. I've been unsuccessful in the past on a couple of occasions even following the instructions.16:10
flocculantok 16:10
flocculantso let's do standard packages first 16:10
flocculantMrTulias: assume you've got a fault with thunar and you've not been presented with the apport (crash/bug reporter) it's simply running that from a terminal16:11
flocculantubuntu-bug thunar16:11
flocculantthat'll start the reported up16:12
flocculantMrTulias: try it now and you'll see what it does - you can abort16:12
akxwi-daveflocculant, knome: this is with 1.6.10, i have the 3 development ppa installed, and do a daily update & upgrade16:14
jjfrv8I just got 1.6.10-2 on my Vivid desktop. I have not had issues with 1.6.10-1. Haven't test on my X laptop yet.16:15
flocculantMrTulias: did you see that? 16:16
MrTuliasYes, I try it with MenuLibre16:16
flocculantk - so that's how to report simply16:17
flocculantif you're trying to do so with a package from a ppa then ubuntu-bug fails16:18
flocculantto do that you're need to go to the launchpad page - https://launchpad.net/menulibre16:19
flocculantfrom there you can manually report a bug, link in the Get involved section at top right16:20
knome(or in the case that the projects upstream isn't launchpad https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/packagename)16:20
flocculantwhat you find is though - none of the data that ubuntu-bug would provide happens - so you're basically at the whim of a dev asking16:21
flocculantfor our ppa's - the dev's are all in team - so they would ask16:22
flocculantbluesabre: wouldn't you :D16:22
jjfrv8That might be where I want wrong. The two different methods don't show in the QA docs.16:23
knomejjfrv8, let's fix that :)16:23
jjfrv8ok :)16:23
knomeright, let's not fix that ;)16:24
flocculantand above it the ubuntu-bug way :)16:24
flocculantjjfrv8: the docs got a pretty massive overhaul 16:24
knomei propose to add new subheadings for that part16:24
knomeeg. one "Reporting bugs" header, then subheading "Regular bugs", "Bugs in PPA packages"16:25
knomeor sth16:25
knomemight make it a bit more obvious16:25
flocculantbut there are some other changes to ppa to add in when bluesabre has them set up16:25
flocculantMrTulias: following ok? 16:26
bluesabreI should have those updated this week16:26
MrTuliasyes, I see it16:26
flocculantokey doke 16:26
jjfrv8I'm still confused.16:27
MrTuliasbut not updated, sorry16:27
knomejjfrv8, ubuntu-bug when the package isn't from a PPA, manual reporting when it is (developers will ask for more data)16:27
jjfrv8The "Reporting bugs with PPAs section only lists one way to file a bug, not the one flocculant mentioned about the "Getting involved" link on LP16:27
flocculantjjfrv8: oic - the one in the docs is basically the shortcut to what I said16:28
flocculantbut we can make that more obvious perhaps16:28
jjfrv8ah, but I think when I've tried that in the past, it said sth like "no such package".16:29
knomethe package names aren't always completely obvious16:29
knomei guess..16:29
flocculantjjfrv8: I've seen similar - or I've seen where something says "we don't really use launchpad"16:30
flocculantI suppose in those outliers best to ask someone16:30
knomeone situation where LP might say that16:30
knomeif you are trying to file a bug against a virtual package created by another package16:31
knomefor example, (IIRC), the slideshow has a virtual package ubiquity-slideshow-xubuntu, which is created by the source package ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu16:31
flocculantjjfrv8: better now? 16:33
jjfrv8Yup, think so :)16:34
flocculantMrTulias: how about you? 16:34
flocculantok - other questions? 16:35
jjfrv8not I16:35
flocculantI can ask one :)16:35
* bluesabre hands flocculant the mic16:36
flocculantdoes everyone understand what we mean when we talk about exploratory testing?16:36
flocculantbluesabre: thanks :p16:36
jjfrv8you mean if we understand, why no one does it?16:36
flocculantnot really - just making sure people do understand :D16:37
bluesabrethe thunar bug is a good example I'd imagine, reporting a bug as you find it through normal usage16:38
flocculantMrTulias: anything else you want to talk about?16:41
jjfrv8I just have to remember to periodically update the tracker if I'm paying attention to that kind of thing.16:41
MrTuliasThe tests must be repeated on each update?16:43
knomeevery time you test, you have to report, yeah16:43
flocculantMrTulias: say you found a bug in menulibre, then it gets an update, you would want to see if the still saw the bug16:44
knomethat too :)16:44
knomethat's why there's a list of the bugs to look for in the tracker16:44
flocculantthe bug report itself - should get set fix released16:44
flocculantassuming that the update included it16:45
flocculantMrTulias: was that what you meant? 16:46
jjfrv8in the specific case of Thunar, is testing the latest on vivid still valid? (I do plan to install xenial on my desktop in the next few days)16:47
MrTuliasThey are discussing the bug thunar, I did not have any. I wondering if I should repeat the test to update16:48
jjfrv8I mean wily16:48
akxwi-daveif you have the luxury of testing on both, it would be great..16:48
flocculantMrTulias: are you testing on xenial? do you have ppa enabled? 16:48
knometesting with the development version (eg. xenial) is the best, but sometimes tests with other releases might be just as valid16:49
bluesabrejjfrv8: generally, we push ppa fixes to the most recent release (in this case wily) and current development (xenial)16:49
bluesabrewhen in doubt, go for xenial :)16:49
akxwi-daveThere was a bug that seeme to only happen on xenial with the ppa's, but those same ppa's on wiley didnt have the bug16:49
knomein the situation akxwi-dave mentioned, tests with wily are less meaningful16:49
jjfrv8yup, got it today on wily and that's the machine that gets the most real-life testing16:49
knomei mean once that's figured out16:50
knomebut when a bug happens on both releases, then it's fine to test with that16:50
bluesabreakxwi-dave: that's good information to add to the bug report, can help to identify the source of the bug16:50
knomeconsidering the new version we are testing has landed to the PPA16:50
knomebut ultimately, we always want at least some tests on the development release16:50
flocculantMrTulias: so if you're using the ppa and xenial and not seeing the bug - then that's what bluesabre would want to hear :)16:52
bluesabreyes, very much so16:52
jjfrv8thanks, flocculant et al. This has been a help. Gotta head out now.16:53
flocculantobviously he'd want to hear if it didn't as well - but not as happily :)16:53
flocculantjjfrv8: ok thanks for asking things :)16:53
flocculantit's always easy to assume everyone knows what *you* do 16:53
bluesabrethanks jjfrv8!16:56
flocculantMrTulias: anything else?16:57
MrTuliasat moment :p16:57
flocculantanyone else? 16:58
flocculantif not we'll call it :)16:58
bluesabreI'm good16:59
flocculantMrTulias: obviously you can just come here and ask things if they pop up16:59
knomeor the mailing list16:59
MrTuliasok, thanks16:59
flocculantthank you :)17:00
flocculantbiab then17:00

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