chemWhen I restore items from the Trash, I get an error message for each file: "Items in the trash may not be modified"00:25
chemClicking "yes" to skip seems to restore them fine however. Any way to disable this?00:27
thomaHi. So, problem is, that I have my custom ~/.Xresources file that I use for xterm settings. This file should be read by xinit, but it is not. I see that in `/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc` in lines from 66 to 85 script tries to properly set up .Xresources file and call xrdb. Anyone knows why this thing isn't working?09:23
thomawhen I call it after I log in, with `xrdb -load ~/.Xresources`, then everything is ok09:33
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Voyagemy redmine says Installed: 3.0~20140825-8 in ubuntu "apt-cache policy redmine" but 2.5 in url/redmine/information page. Any clue why?12:50
sim642I have this low-battery issue on my laptop: there's nothing xubuntu does when the battery level goes too low so at one point it just runs completely out and shuts down in a moment, not taking any normal shutdown procedures.13:45
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GeekDudeWhat is the best/prettiest way for generating a battery life statistics graph? IBAM sounds close to what I want, but I thought I'd check in here to see if you guys had any reccomendations16:37
GeekDudeSlow sunday I gues17:54
xubuntu87wnewbie here, trying to get on21:44
xubuntu87wJust wanted to say that I read about Xubuntu @ Dedoimedo and was impressed.21:46
xubuntu87wSo decided to try 15.04 and wow am I ever impressed. I have tried so many flavors of Linux for the last 10 years and you guys have REALLY got it.21:48
GeekDude15.10 is more fun :D21:49
tsimonq2+1 XD21:49
xubuntu87wDedo is a Brit who reviews linux distros21:49
xubuntu87wDedo didn't like 15.10 as well21:50
xubuntu87wBut I sure will try it21:50
GeekDude15.10 comes with LibreOffice21:51
GeekDudeA change I very much appreciated, as Gnumeric and Abiword just weren't cutting it for me21:52
xubuntu87wNow all I have to do is figure out how to get Oanda's trading platform to drop a working icon on my desktop. I can get it to load from the website.21:52
xubuntu87wI've got the icon there, but can't seem to activate it.21:53
GeekDudeWhat is the icon supposed to do?21:54
xubuntu87wIt will start Oanda's trading platform from the desktop.21:55
xubuntu87wIt runs on java.21:56
GeekDudeHow do you normally start Oanda?21:56
xubuntu87wThat's it. But you can also start it from the website.21:57
xubuntu87wTakes more time.21:57
xubuntu87wGotta go, just mainly wanted to rave about Xubuntu!!21:59
scrabcakesI can't get past the gui login, any ideas? It seems to blank and then go back to the login screen22:33
scrabcakesI can login as guest, however22:39
knomedid the login work before?22:41
knomeif it did, what did you do before it stopped working?22:41
knomewhich version of xubuntu are you using?22:41
scrabcakes12.04 I believe, and I pointed /home to usb22:42
scrabcakesI can access home in tty1 though22:43
knomexubuntu 12.04 is EOL since april 201522:44
knomeand i think you have just described your own problem22:45
knomeor tbe, the cause22:45
scrabcakeshow can I find out specifically what's causing it though? are there logs?22:48
knomeit sounds like permission problems, but as i said, 12.04 is EOL; please upgrade to 14.04 or any other supported release for support on this channel22:49
scrabcakesI stand corrected, it's 14.0422:55
scrabcakes(yay for me)22:55
GeekDudescrabcakes, you set your /home to a USB device, yes?23:02
scrabcakesGeekDude: yes23:03
GeekDudeIs this USB device set up to mount on boot?23:03
scrabcakesand does so successfully (I can access home in tty1)23:04
GeekDudeHave you been able to log in with /home on your USB device before?23:05
scrabcakesit was previously on an SD card which worked fine, but no I haven't logged in with the usb23:05
GeekDudeIt's probably as knome  said then23:06
GeekDudeI'm useless when it comes to permissions problems :|23:08
scrabcakesI changed permissions of .Xauthority as per a forum post, it now doesn't loop but still doesn't log in23:08
knomeif you create a new user, what happens with that?23:08
knomedoes it log in like the guest?23:08
knomeif yes, then the permission problem exists in the users' home23:09
scrabcakesyes I can log in as guest23:10
knomedid you read what i said?23:10
scrabcakesoh, sorry, 2 secs23:10
scrabcakesknome: new user also loops back to log-in23:12
scrabcakesfixed it with sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME23:25
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en_sabah_nur_Hello, Guest26495.23:53

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