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stokachufabrice: i was wondering what still needed to be done for https://github.com/juju/theblues/pull/8 to finalize?17:42
stokachui have my own debian package repo for theblues as well17:42
rick_h__jrwren: ^17:42
stokachualso is this package blocked on anything for making it into the official archives?17:43
jrwrenstokachu: I don't know. going to official was never a goal. It may not pass deblint17:44
jrwrenstokachu: ah, it depends on libmacaroons which is not in official archives, so there is a dep chain up which would need to become official.17:46
stokachuok, is there any word on if libmacaroons will be in the official archives for xenial?17:46
jrwrenstokachu: I know of no effort. Maybe best to ask in #ubuntu-devel17:48
jrwrenstokachu: or even check debian WNPP?17:49
stokachuhow are you guys using it?17:50
stokachujust compiling from source?17:50
jrwrenstokachu: we packaged libmacaroons ourselves, so again, probably much deblint. Never with scrutiny of an official archives package17:50
stokachuso is it safe to say then i shouldn't be relying on theblues for our projects?17:51
rick_h__stokachu: it's safe to say we should be working to get that pushed farther. theblues is supposed to be the client library we offer folks as a canonical supported tool. 17:52
rick_h__stokachu: it's just not gotten the attention/roadmap love as it's been young and mostly used on the team17:52
stokachuno worries, im just in a bit of a time crunch with this other project that uses the charmstore api17:53
stokachuand i don't see getting libmacaroons in debian then ubuntu anytime soon17:53
rick_h__stokachu: you need it packaged and in before freeze?17:53
stokachuyea 17:53
stokachui can always just use requests and call out manually17:53
rick_h__yea, I don't think the team realized that 17:53
stokachunah i didn't tell anyone I needed that either17:54
rick_h__we'd prefer to use the client tool and to make it official and avoid the juju based library messes of the past17:54
stokachuas this project was kind of last minute17:54
rick_h__stokachu: understand. 17:54
jrwrenthe requests calls can get tricky with auth and macaroons IIRC.  But I may be confused on that.17:54
stokachuwell whatever i can do, i can get into debian mentors and get libmacaroons packaged17:54
stokachuit's just finding someone to quickly pull it in before our freeze17:54
rick_h__stokachu: I don't think we can get it in before freeze. The team is sprinting next week and the package does work17:54
stokachuso right now im only using the api to pull in a bundle file17:55
rick_h__stokachu: if we can find someone to help review/push it along we can ask the team to help with the items17:55
stokachucould probably ask stephane or xnox17:55
rick_h__stokachu: the team will need someone to help them build out the required effort to see what needs doing17:56
stokachuill see what it takes to get libmacaroons packaged17:57
rick_h__stokachu: ty, if you can get a cursory list of what's ungood in the current package then we can chat how much time it'll take to address. 17:57
stokachusince theblues is really ubuntu only that shouldnt be as bad17:57
rick_h__stokachu: thank you17:57
rick_h__stokachu: yea17:57
stokachui ran a lintian against my theblues package and it didn't give any bad errors17:58

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