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yuanyou Hi,all: juju nodes always "Waiting for agent initialization to finish", that's why?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14848082/06:27
yuanyou WARNING juju.apiserver.client status.go:677 error fetching public address: public no address07:26
yuanyouHi all: when deploy openstack with juju , some nodes can't fetch public address?07:27
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bdxlazyPower: you getting this?11:04
bdx^vault stuff11:07
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deanmanAnyone using the juju vagrant images provided by ubuntu? I'm having trouble accessing the juju-gui as mentioned in the documentations13:34
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BrunoRdeanman: what kind of trouble?13:48
deanmanBrunoR: Once the VM is up, there isn't any service providing the web console for Juju as described in docs14:10
pmatulisdeanman: kindly file a juju docs bug if you feel there is something wrong with the docs14:20
deanmanThere is something wrong with the image altogether, not the docs. The latest wily 64 image will simply not run without errors from start to end.14:23
deanmanpmatulis: Where would be the best place to report a bug regarding juju vagrant images?14:27
pmatulisdeanman: i would start here. someone will push it along if it's the wrong place:14:31
deanmanif its launchpad then i have found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-vagrant-images but not sure if its updated14:31
pmatulisdeanman: looks good to me14:35
ShruthimaHi All, Iam Shruthima working on IBM Installation Manager product , which is useful for installing many IBM products. I will be developing these charm from layers and I explored to make use of basic layer which is present in ” http://interfaces.juju.solutions”  but not sure about it…!!  Could you please guide me which layer and interface I can use for charming IBM-IM product ?14:50
nagyzis there a way to add a charm to reference an already deployed, non-maas service?14:55
nagyzlet's say I already have ceph up and running, but I want my cinder to be configured for it14:55
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pmatulisShruthima: jcastro is your guy but he's not here presently15:14
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Shruthimaok when he will be available?15:15
pmatulisShruthima: don't know. but he's usually always here15:17
Shruthimathanks pmatuils will wait for his reply15:20
BrunoRpmatulis: i can confirm the issues reported by deanman. current wily vagrant image produces and 'command not found' in /tmp/jujuredir/setup-juju.sh, writing ticket15:47
BrunoRpmatulis: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-vagrant-images/+bug/154047116:32
mupBug #1540471: Juju vagrant box failed to start (wily) <Juju Vagrant images:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540471>16:32
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