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soeeyofel: when upgrading to Plasma 5.5.4 on Wily, package plasma-widget-kimpanel is going to be removed i hope this is intended :)07:19
soeeclivejo: yofel: i have upgraded to 5.5.4 (from staging ppa) here @ work my Wily system. All fine ;)07:36
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lordievaderGood morning.08:03
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soeehiho lordievader08:14
soeelordievader: @ home ? :)08:15
lordievaderJup, home, sweet home :)08:15
soeelordievader: i think best way to start this week would be testing Plasma 5.5.4 on Wily? 08:17
lordievaderHehe, I might have time later today ;)08:17
valorieshouldn't it be moved from staging to landing or so?08:19
soeeit is in staging, clivejo wanted 2-3 ppl to test it before moving to landing08:20
soeeit is tested by me and some other user i cant remember name right now08:20
valorieI was going to test it, but some others spoke up08:20
valorieand I was busy last night and today both08:21
soeesure thing :) we can handle it08:21
soeebut this is pretty safe update08:22
soeeas it is onlt bugfix release08:22
valorieit went well on my xenial box08:22
valoriesmooth as butter08:22
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clivejosoee: :)10:29
clivejoyofel: is it ok to copy plasma 5.5.4 to backports landing ?  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports-landing here?10:31
clivejoyo yo Phil !!10:32
lordievaderclivejo: If you need more testers, I should have time to test this afternoon.10:37
clivejojust wanted a couple of people to test the update10:38
clivejoI dont have wily to test it myself10:38
lordievaderThat is what I mean, I have a test box with Wil (+backports)10:38
clivejoif I can get a nod or a wink from sgclark or yofel, Ill move them to landing10:40
morphisyofel: ping10:41
sitterclivejo: java.io.IOException: Can't connect to server10:52
sitternot entirely sure why though10:52
morphisyofel: you already had time to drop the hybris-dep from kwin in xenial?10:54
clivejositter: theres been a few netsplits over the last few days10:54
sitteryeah, but I just trigged the plugin to re-init10:55
clivejositter: regarding KCI, it is trying to merge into kubuntu_stable branch of kdeconnect-plasma, but that branch doesnt exist.  should there be one?10:58
sitterclivejo: it appears to me that the plugin might be bugged or something because of netsplits11:03
sitterI put the CI in maintenance mode. once it is done building the things it is still working on give me a poke and I'll do some maintenance11:03
clivejoit was able to connect via kubuntu-ci-i ?11:04
sitterbut 11:05
sitterit thinks it is still in the channel11:05
sitterhence why I think it is bugged out11:06
Quintasanclivejo: poke me once you move them to landing so I can test on willy11:14
clivejoQuintasan: only one l :P11:15
Quintasanupgrading from backports removes muon and pam-kwallet{4,5}11:17
Quintasanit's pulling libpam-kwallet though11:21
QuintasanSo why is muon getting removed it beyond me.11:21
* clivejo pokes sitter11:22
clivejositter: was the package counter disabled for performance or some other reason?11:23
Quintasanlibdiscovercommon depends on libmuon < 5.5.3a11:24
sitterclivejo: package counter?11:24
clivejoits used to have "senile FIX (151)"11:25
clivejoin each tab11:25
sitterno clue, wasn't intentionally removed by me anyway11:25
sitterirc still doesn't want to connect11:28
sitterah, no auth and freenode doesn't like the data center I guess11:30
soeeQuintasan: muon is unmaintained if you asked about it, that is why it gets removed11:37
soeebut some people tend to remove discover and install muon - than it works11:37
sitter11:38 !leguin.freenode.net *** Notice -- You need to identify via SASL to use this server11:38
clivejositter: is that a new requirement?11:38
sitterclivejo: you'll probably have to talk to a freenode staffer. it appears the amazon web services datacenter was spammy so they made it require sasl11:38
sitterit appears to me jenkins' irc plugin doesn't support sasl though, so11:39
clivejocan they make an exception?11:39
sitteryou'll have to talk to a staffer about that11:39
sitternot much I can do11:39
clivejook, Ill try11:40
sitteryofel, sgclark, clivejo: kci fully upgraded to jenkins 1.646 FTR11:40
soeeisnt there some work on jenkins 2.0 ?11:41
soeewere they on FOSDEM ?11:41
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soeesitter: thanks11:43
clivejosoee: appears FreeNode wont make an exception11:54
clivejocould we use a proxy, or maybe a KDE BNC?11:55
soeesitter: ^11:57
clivejo!info libtelepathy-qt5-dev xenial12:01
ubottulibtelepathy-qt5-dev (source: telepathy-qt5): Qt 5 Telepathy library (headers and static library). In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 682 kB, installed size 7116 kB12:01
sitterclivejo: we can use either if you get something set up ;)12:03
lordievadersoee, clivejo: Which ppa did you want me to test?13:02
soeelordievader: plasma-staging13:03
soeethere is 5.5.4 for Wily13:03
lordievaderOke, will do.13:04
lordievaderUpdating now :)13:07
BluesKajHi folks13:16
clivejositter: can the package count be turned back on?13:38
lordievadersoee, clivejo: Updated to 5.5.4 without trouble. Rebooted and see no issues. :)13:50
clivejolordievader: :)13:50
clivejoI is happy!13:50
lordievaderNice work :)13:51
clivejostanding on the shoulders of giants!13:52
clivejoanyone know if Riddell's talk has been published yet?13:53
soeenope, he said it might take couple of days13:54
sitterclivejo: needs another restart14:10
clivejositter: to enable to counts?14:11
clivejowas it disabled for performance issues?14:11
sitterI don't know14:11
clivejoits handy to see the count, as I can see the packages decrease if and when a package is fixed14:12
vipclivejo: i've connected second monitor after unsuspending, still needed to xrandr in console, to kde detect it (gotta go, bye)14:15
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lordievaderHmpf, Wily's installer crashed. It tried to overwrite some locale file...14:25
lordievaderMight have been the update tick.14:25
soeei tried 3 times yesterday to install it in VB14:28
soee3 time crash14:28
acher88kubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso ?14:38
soeeyup, wrom website download secion14:41
acher88just going to try again14:41
acher88maybe there is something buggy in your locale packages/updates?14:54
acher88I select en-gb UK 14:54
acher88seems to go fine14:54
lordievaderIt might be that my image is outdated.15:05
lordievaderI'll redownload it at some point.15:05
clivejositter: how do you update package list on KCI?  For example http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_discover/ is failing as the name has been changed to plasma-discover - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/plasma/plasma-discover.git/15:25
BluesKaji mistakenly installed the linux 4.4 Wily kernel on my Xenial install, everything seemed to work ok, but I removed the kernel anyway. I'm a bit confused as to why it worked so well, any ideas ?  :-)15:27
BluesKajuses the dsame kernel modules perhaps?15:28
acher88kernels often work fine on adjacent or not too distant releases from the one they were compiled for15:34
clivejosame with a lot of packages too15:35
lordievaderUbuntu Trusty works fine with 4.4 kernels too ;) (For non X uses anyways)16:02
lordievaderOeh, I guess my Wily installer was OLD. Even Ubiquity looks differen XD16:25
lordievaderHmm, still get the error 'trying to overwrite \'/usr/sbin/validlocale\', which is also in libc-bin 2.21-0ubuntu4' error message.16:38
sgclarklordievader: that needs to be reported, we don't package libc16:39
lordievaderCheck, will do.16:39
acher88one the wily iso still?16:41
acher88there's only that version in wily as far as I can see, so unless it's trying to overwrite itself, not sure what is going on16:46
acher88welcome back bot17:16
lordievaderWould it be that the previous install on the live-stick is causing the error...18:16
* lordievader goes to test.18:17
acher88I always install straight from the iso with virtiualbox18:34
lordievaderHmm, another error this time. Something with initramfs failing. I guess I'll look at it tomorrow in more detail.18:39
acher88you are using latest virtualbox, yes?18:43
lordievaderI am not using Virtualbox, real hardware.18:44
acher88ah, must have misread18:44
soeei see Kernel 4.4 in archive18:45
acher88oh, it was soee who was trying in VB. You both replied one after the other earlier18:45
acher884.4 was in proposed for xenial the other day18:46
acher88gone to release 6 hrs ago according to LP18:47
clivejositter: did you fix the bot?19:19
clivejoor did it become self aware and fix itself?19:26
yofelclivejo: go ahead19:30
yofel(In case you're still waiting)19:30
yofelQuintasan: muon is not a part of discover anymore19:31
yofelso unless there's a seperate muon release, it's gone19:31
clivejoyo Phil!!19:36
clivejohows you?19:36
yofelFirst day in a new project today, so couldn't be online all day. Might stay that way for the rest of the week19:37
clivejodid you get your MySQL thing sorted?19:38
yofelyep, porting everything to utf8 went faster than expected.19:39
clivejoyofel: could you go over the moving packages between PPA's again19:47
clivejoI dont seem to have wrote it down19:47
yofeluse kopypackages from kubuntu-dev-tools19:48
clivejooh I did19:48
clivejotoo many "notes"19:48
clivejoyofel:  ./kopypackages -a ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma wily ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing wily ?19:51
yofellooks right19:52
clivejoit seems to be copying frameworks too, is that okay?19:53
clivejoI dont like the look of this output!19:55
clivejoyofel: https://paste.kde.org/pju2mzywe19:56
clivejoRequesting copy of unity8 8.11+15.10.20151009-0ubuntu2~wily1~qt551~1+hackQML ?19:56
clivejowhat is unity8 doing in staging-plasma?20:04
yofelgot in with qt520:04
clivejois that ok?20:05
* clivejo stops sweating20:07
nicolsevening! 20:25
clivejohi nicols20:25
clivejoyofel: I think files have been published now20:27
nicolscan i help with something? rest something? i see a big update in wily atm20:29
nicolsit is 5.5.4?20:29
clivejoyou can try plasma 5.5.4 in landing-backports20:29
nicolsi am stupid :) ... i was sure i have removed landing, but apparently i did not :)20:31
* nicols is checking changelogs :)20:32
clivejosoee: can you call for testers?20:42
soeeclivejo: well there is this command: testers 20:43
soeebut i'm not sure how many active testers we have20:43
soeei say it's tested enough to release it20:43
soeeyofel: ^ what do you think ?20:45
* nicols must reboot :)20:51
yofelclivejo, soee: Looks fine from a quick dep test here. I can't do any UI testing this week, so I'll trusty you guys on that21:51
clivejoyofel: I havent tested it personally21:51
clivejoId like a few more people to test it in landing before its moved21:53
clivejoyofel sgclark: can you suggest where these missing files are supposed to be ?  - https://paste.kde.org/pomnuw9km22:17
clivejoor even point me in the direction of where I can find out!22:45
valorieweeee, upgrading via landing-backports23:12
* clivejo crosses fingers23:13

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