bprompthmm just hmm I've never set up a media.... how did you set it, you picked out "media" from the pulldown menu for the partition type, when creating the partition?00:01
darksimNo it wasn't available be default so I typed it in00:03
bprompthar har00:04
bpromptdarksim:   anyway... just do away with it, /media is just mounting filesystem and devices, so, they're just pointer entries, you don't need a partitiion for that00:05
bpromptI assume you meant that partition for videos, music, documents and such, well00:06
bpromptjust rename it then... to ... say    multimedia :)00:06
bpromptor my documents00:06
darksimCan I create my own mountpoints?00:06
bpromptdarksim:    what do you mean?00:07
darksimWell you already have the default stuff like /bin /etc /mnt /usr etc.00:07
bpromptwell, those are not mountpoints, those are actual directories00:08
darksimCan I just make one new that doesn't exist, name it for instance /newmedia and make that the mountpoint of that HDD00:08
DragnslcrYes, you can mount devices to any directory00:08
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bpromptcan you make a new directory?  heck, you can make as many as you wish, sure, and name it whatever, so long they don't conflict with other devices00:08
darksimCan it be created in the root directory?00:08
DragnslcrKeep in mind that the directory doesn't even have to be empty00:08
DragnslcrYes, you can create new directories in the root directory00:09
darksimAlong etc, bin, mnt etc.00:09
DragnslcrYou'll need to use sudo, of course00:09
darksimDragnslcr: if I'm using the graphical installer on a liveusb?00:10
bpromptdarksim:    in case you haven't noticed at the $HOME directory, there's a ~/Music and  a ~/Videos and ~/Pictures and ~/Documents folders, btw00:10
darksimManual disk setup00:10
DragnslcrYou wouldn't create the directory during the install00:10
darksimSo I'd have to manually set this up post-install?00:11
DragnslcrYou create it afterwards, then you can mount whatever device you want to it00:11
darksimPerma-mount it, I don't want it to act like a usb flash drive00:11
darksimWhere it's unmounted until I try and access it for the first time that session00:11
DragnslcrIf it's a partition on the disk you're installing to, there might be an option to enter the mount point when you format the disk00:12
DragnslcrI haven't gone through the installer in a long time, so I don't remember offhand00:12
bpromptdarksim:   for the installation, you only need, "/"  and "swap", is all, partitions wise, just for the install, now, if you want one for your videos and music and docs, create a partitiion, say ntfs and name it "multimedia depot" or so00:12
bpromptdarksim:    $HOME is fine at sdc3, and the ~ folder will already have those directories I mentioned, Pictures, Videos, Documents and Music00:14
darksimBut I can't mount the HDD to all those different folders at once, right?00:15
bpromptbut is not a bad idea to have a partitiion for media only, just don't give it a mountpoint type of "media" =), since it will conflict, as you can see00:15
darksimJust confused why it worked before and why it's a conflict now...00:15
darksimI guess I'll have to come up with a new name that's indentifiable00:16
darksimI think... /mass will do00:16
bpromptdarksim:   you can't mount w0t?   the system will mount, whatever is in /etc/fstab <--- so, if /etc/fstab has it, even if it's say a dvd or an external hdd or a network one, the system will mount it00:17
darksimas in mass storage, short name00:17
darksimJust saying that my computer as of now, has a 1TB HDD mounted onto /media00:17
bprompt  /mass?   what the?   I think you need to work some more on your naming =P, how about /stuff ?  or /things?00:18
darksimFaster to type00:18
darksimstuff looks too sloppy00:18
bpromptso it's mass =)00:19
darksimNo offense :P00:19
bpromptmass? for what? to make bread?  to make tortillas?   is that a molecular mass?     your catholic chums will think you're often at church when they'd see the /mass, so they'd figure you have lots of church "mass" docs =)00:20
darksimIt's multi-use00:21
bpromptsame goes for "stuff" and "things"00:21
darksimIt's like stuff but more academically nonsensical00:21
darksimworks better than mounting it on /dev/null00:22
darksimat least00:22
bpromptanyhow... use, whatever works, I myself think mass is terrible, but, different strokes for different folks, it depends, some namings maybe longer, or too descriptive, but they're unambiguous and you can pick them up at a glance when needed quick00:23
darksimLet's not bring down the world on naming, shall we? ;)00:26
darksimNext time I'm doing a complete wipe I think I'm going to try LVM at last :D00:27
bpromptlvm for a 1tb hdd.....oooooookkkk00:28
darksimWell I have a 256GB SSD too, LVM just seems nifty00:29
darksimAlso snapshot backups and ability to extend/shrink partitions easily00:29
darksimAnyways, installtion complete, time to reboot00:31
darksimThank you! <300:31
philoniareis there anyone who has created a custom keyboard layout?00:52
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Guest84228does anyone know a pdf file with terminal commands02:17
Guest84228for ubuntu02:17
ArazelHello.  First time in this channel.04:32
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solvarrHey all05:00
solvarrHow do I link an application to an activity?05:00
valoriesolvarr: KDE applications can be linked, others are problematica05:27
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bob2021Hi.  I'm using lightdm and the kde greeter.  When I boot and then log in, it seems that the machine changes splash screens back and forth like 6 times before the desktop comes up.  Can this be improved upon?  Thanks.06:56
valoriebob2021: in what version of kubuntu?06:59
valoriesddm is the default06:59
valorieI found problems when I had both lightdm and sddm installed06:59
bob2021valorie: you don't remember me?  I'm hurt :(07:00
valorieI remember you07:00
valoriebut not your k version07:00
bob2021I uninstalled sddm.  it's ubuntu 15.10 with kde installed on top07:00
bob2021varlorie well its nice to know that i'm more than just a k version to you07:00
valorieyou like lightdm more or so?07:00
bob2021valorie: i haven't been doing this long enough to have a preference, but i didn't see a reason to change more than necessary07:01
valoriewe used it up through 14.04 I think07:01
valoriewell, you uninstalled the default07:01
bob2021valorie: well, i installed k on top of ubuntu, so from another perspective, i just restored the default07:02
valorieI also found kdm installed and also uninstalled that, so you could check for that.....07:02
valoriesure, and you probably could get better help with lightdm in #ubuntu07:02
bob2021valorie: no i definitely can't get help in #ubuntu07:02
valoriewhy is that?07:03
bob2021i'm embarassed07:03
valorieit's a much bigger channel07:03
bob2021look, what's past is past, i can move on from it, i don't hold a grudge07:03
bob2021besides, if i was going to #ubuntu, you and I never would have met07:04
valorie.... for lightdm, I said07:04
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bob2021is there a reason to swtich to sddm?07:04
valoriewe prefer it because KDE devels prefer it and support it07:05
bob2021valorie but... what?07:05
valorielightdm requires devels to sign a CLA to submit any patches07:05
bob2021why rather07:05
valorieand most non-Canonical employees don't like doing that07:06
bob2021valorie but is there anything better about sddm?07:06
valorieit is supported by our upstream07:06
bob2021valorie what about features and all that? appearance? behavior?07:07
bob2021ohhh wait i remember now07:07
bob2021the reason i didn't use sddm is that my username never showed up07:07
bob2021i always got a password box without being able to select a user and i said fuck it07:07
valoriethat's odd07:07
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList07:07
bob2021that was totally English, I'm pretty sure07:08
valorieplease don't make me kick you07:08
bob2021can we get back to the splash screens?07:08
valoriemulti-user support is coming to sddm, but you are right that right now it is single user07:09
bob2021and that single user wasn't me, because my password didn't work07:09
bob2021but any-hoo, i'm really focused on the splash screens07:09
valoriehey soee07:11
soeehiho valorie07:18
valoriesoee: were you at fosdem?07:19
soeevalorie: nope but i know lordieva1er was :)07:19
valoriethis chan was pretty quiet with all devels who attended07:20
bob2021ok lets see if its fixed now07:24
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lordieva1erGood morning.08:02
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valoriewb, lord of nickserv08:05
lordievaderHehe, I forgot I might not have been identified to nickserv ;)08:06
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BluesKajHi folks13:16
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Taggnostr2is there a way to temporarily disable all the notifications?15:48
BluesKajTaggnostr2, yes in the system tray settings15:49
Taggnostr2BluesKaj, do I just uncheck "notifications"?15:51
BluesKajyes, then recheck it whjen you want notifiers15:51
Taggnostr2I still get a popup from quassel, but no beep15:52
Taggnostr2also plasma just segfaulted :)15:52
Taggnostr2and now I got the beep and a weird-looking popup at the top of the screen15:53
BluesKajTaggnostr2, update and upgrade15:57
Taggnostr2I did it this morning15:57
Taggnostr2BluesKaj, I tried to re-enable and disable them again, and I always seem to get the popup, and sometimes the beep too16:01
Taggnostr2would switching to a separate activity prevent notifications for apps running on the other activities?16:02
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BluesKajTaggnostr2, uncheck notifications in the general mode/options of system tray settings16:24
Taggnostr2BluesKaj, that's what I did16:25
Taggnostr2they still are unchecked, but I got popup and beep for the message you just sent me16:25
Taggnostr2it's the option between media player and networks, right?16:26
BluesKajTaggnostr2, the check your irc client setings16:26
Taggnostr2BluesKaj, I could disable it from quassel, but I was looking for a more general solution16:26
Taggnostr2also because I would have to disable all the notifications and reenable them again every time16:27
BluesKajwell one of the advantages of using Konversation is not needing to set that option16:28
BluesKajthe tab turns is coloured when there's a general message and specifically chosen colour if your nick is used in the chat16:29
BluesKajtab text rather16:30
acher88Is there anything in system settings > start up/shutdown > background services?16:34
acher88can't recall if knotify etc runs in the background or just on demand?16:35
BluesKajacher88, ststus notifier manager was running in start up/shutdown > background services here, but I don't see anything about knotify16:44
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cortexmanhow do i disable alt showing me a "Type your command" window on my right monitor when using Terminal?17:21
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noaXesshey all and good evening18:16
noaXessinstalled 15.10 and wondering if there is any similar as ktimetracker to track times automatically if i switch to another desktop.. in ktimetracker it was possibe18:17
noaXessand a good feature18:17
AristidenoaXess: Sorry I know only KTimeTracker18:18
noaXesshm.. but seams that ktimetracker won't be migrated to KF5 ;(18:19
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marcellushi! I just installed Kubuntu 15.10 a couple of days ago and everytime I open Dolphin or System settings, it freezes!19:08
marcellusIt was a fresh install19:08
marcellusany ideas what can I do?19:09
marcellus_hi marcellus19:13
marcellushi back marcellus19:13
marcellus_I have the same problem19:16
marcellus_and I reinstalled but no changes19:16
marcellusyup. seems like I'll have to go back to 14.04...19:17
drleviathanI installed 15.10 this weekend (from 14.10) and did not have that problem.19:18
drleviathanmarcellus, maybe you should make a second (test) user account and see if the problem happens there?19:19
drleviathanI wonder if some kde settings that were migrated over are causing the problem.19:19
drleviathanor... was a complete clean install that cleared our your $HOME dir?19:19
marcellusit was a clean installation19:20
marcellusfirst I used ext2...19:20
marcellusthen ext419:20
drleviathanhrm... maybe disable all advanced eye-candy effects and verify that you have the right video driver (I'm just guessing here)19:21
marcellusWhat I did, as I always do, is use just 2GB for swap partition...19:21
drleviathanI've seen cases where plasma didn't work well because it was still running on the intel chipset and I had an nvidia alternative GPU19:21
marcellus... I think I have a hybrid chipset...19:22
acher88can be problems with those I think?19:22
marcellusI am using the 'recommended' driver....19:23
drleviathanmaybe disable all eye-candy anyway and try again.19:24
marcellusok. I'll try that19:24
drleviathanbtw, when it "freezes" what exactliy freezes?  the whole system or just the dolphin window?19:25
marcellusfor example, I open dolphin and it freezes the whole screen for 1-2 seconds19:25
drleviathankeyboard also freezes? (do you have access to virtual terminals?  e.g. ctrl + shift + F1 through F5)19:25
marcellusthe when I open system settings19:25
marcellusor anything that has to do with the system19:26
drleviathanI see, it blocks for a finite time and recovers.19:26
marcellusit works on after the 2 seconds19:26
marcellushow do I disable the eye-candy stuff?19:27
drleviathanyeah, the only idea I've got is that it is trying to so some eye-candy on the CPU19:27
drleviathansettings --> desktop behavior --> Desktop effects  (I think)19:27
nyanhey guys19:28
nyanwas hoping for a bit of help?19:28
nyanwhen I reboot/shutdown my computer freezes19:28
nyanive edited the grub file like a forum said so, and it hasn't helped19:28
drleviathan"freezes" how exactly?  GUI still visible but mouse + keyboard don't work?19:29
drleviathangoes black and takes forever to actually shutdown19:29
marcellusit freezes like when you take a screenshot19:30
nyanlike the kubuntu logo is visible, but the little spinning thing just freezes when I shut down. BUT when I REBOOT, it goes totally black.19:30
marcellusmouse, keyboard, everything is frozen19:30
drleviathansorry marcellus, I was talking to nyan19:30
marcellusno problem19:30
drleviathannyan, still have access to virtual terminals?  ctrl + shfit + F1 through F5 ?19:31
nyannothing works19:32
nyanat all19:32
nyancomplete freeze/black screen19:32
drleviathanstarted all of a sudden? or after a new install?19:32
nyanIt's been starting all of a sudden on Kubuntu and other flavours of Ubuntu too...just out of nowwhere. Never encountered the issues before, my computer is perfectly "healthy" (checked the memory, the disk for errors etc). Don't know what to do.19:33
nyanAnd my computer isn't old either, so it's weird.19:33
drleviathan"and other flavours"... what, you installed new stuff?  or it is already dual booted? or you booted off of DVD or USB?19:34
nyanMeaning I tried previous flavours before, wiped the drive completely and installed Kubuntu to see if it would make any difference trying difference flavours but evidently it didn't.19:35
nyanAlso read forums of different users encountering similar issues too.19:35
drleviathanit freezed when you logout? or only on shutdown?19:36
nyanI honestly haven't  tried log out. I'll try it now and get back to you.19:37
nyanLog out is fine.19:37
drleviathanalas, I don't have a good theory about what is wrong19:38
nyanI know, right? That's what the guys in Ubuntu said too. :P19:38
nyanDon't worry about it. Thanks for your time. :)19:39
drleviathanbut according to your info it really is during the shutdown itself.19:39
nyanYep, it does seem to be the shut down only.19:39
nyanMight try a reinstall.19:39
drleviathanbtw, after you reinstall, you "apt-get upgrade" right?19:40
drleviathanthat is, you're apt-get upgraded right now?19:40
nyanAs in upgrading the operating system? I'm using 15.1019:40
nyanthough the issue happened in the previous release suddenly too19:41
nyanI thought upgrading would help19:41
drleviathanthe install medium is always out of date on distribution.19:41
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drleviathanafter an install you open an terminal and make sure you have all the latest udpates19:41
drleviathanthat were releases after the install ISO was cut19:41
nyanOkay, it installed and unpacked 1 update. I'll try reboot I guess.19:42
drleviathannyan, you did "apt-get update" first?19:42
nyanIt prompted me to install updates when I first installed it, yes.19:43
nyanDownloaded them all19:43
nyantried to reboot19:43
drleviathanok then, it is unlikly to have been fixed, but good luck19:43
nyangot the issue again19:43
nyani'll try it once more19:43
drleviathanwow, rapid turnaround19:43
nyan_nope same issue again :(19:46
nyan_just always have to power off with the button19:46
* drleviathan does not know.19:46
nyan_I know you dont.19:47
nyan_Just gonna chill here for a bit.19:47
nyan_Thanks for your help though :)19:47
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drleviathannyan, I googled a bit.  It seems there were some problems with the grub splash screen.19:49
drleviathansomeone caims to have fixed their problem by "disabling 3D acceleration in the bios" whatever that means19:50
nyancould be it19:50
drleviathanthis link.  might be relevant: http://askubuntu.com/questions/236476/how-do-i-diagnose-hang-on-shutdown19:50
nyanand I found another thing to type in grub file19:50
nyanI'll try them both :)19:50
darksimI'm liking Kubuntu 15.10 so far. Only a few quirks I want to fix. Like why I can't drag and drop files into Chrome to open them with Chrome20:13
bob2021valorie: do you think my kde-freezing issues might improve if I switched to wayland?22:15
valoriehey bob2021, you'll get better information if you ask the chan, not me22:17
bob2021valorie well, so far, kinda the other way22:17
valorieI've not tested wayland yet, but I hear it is coming along well22:17
bob2021but ok i'll try it22:17
valorieask questions in #plasma where the experts live22:17
bob2021channel:  Do you think Valorie would advise me to switch to wayland to reduce kde freezes and video issues?22:17
FritigernSo plasma 5.5.3 landed in the backports PPA... I am a little scared to try it out...23:22
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valorieFritigern: I've been running it for at least a week23:40
valorieand am now upgrading to 5.5.423:40
valorieyou'll be fine23:40
Fritigernvalorie: Remember my pont issues? They are supposedly fixed in 5.5.x so I am quite eager to upgrade...23:41
valorieI suggest you do that then23:42
Fritigernpont = font23:42
valorieyou can always ppa-purge if you don't like it23:42
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:42
valoriejust set that up ahead of time23:42
FritigernI already have it, but thanks for reminding me)23:43
valorierestarting for .423:43
FritigernI also have y-ppa-manager which is also a great help23:44
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