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jonathonMorning! Is there a "good" way to diagnose "unmet dependencies" in a buildlog? e.g. I'm trying to build curl [1] but it's getting stuck on a package that is present in the PPA. Previously I've diagnosed by adding the PPA to a clean VM but in this case the VM doesn't have an issue installing the dep... [1] https://launchpadlibrarian.net/235894429/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.curl_7.43.0-1ubuntu2.1~ubuntu14.04.1york1_BUILDING.txt.gz08:45
wgrantjonathon: I use "chdist" to test this sort of thing.08:55
wgrantYou can give it the same sources.list as the build without needing a full chroot or VM.08:55
* jonathon looks up chdist08:55
wgrantSo I've set up the sources.list in my "tmp" chdist, and run "chdist apt-get tmp install SOME PACKAGE NAMES" with plausible sets of packages until it fails.08:56
wgrantIn this case, there's a pretty common package for this sort of problem involved: libgnutls-dev08:56
wgrantSo I tried "chdist apt-get tmp install librtmp-dev libgnutls-dev", and indeed: "librtmp-dev : Depends: libgnutls28-dev but it is not going to be installed"08:56
wgrantlibrtmp-dev wants libgnutls28-dev, which conflicts with libgnutls-dev. But you Build-Depend on both librtmp-dev and libgnutls-dev.08:57
jonathonNice, thank you. I need to play with chdist, that looks to work far better than a VM. :)08:58
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UmeaboyWhat's the correct adress to upload translations for launchpad?21:48
UmeaboyI have translated the doc po for Unity.21:48

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