phillwtsimonq2: ping02:07
phillwwxl: ping02:10
tsimonq2phillw: what do you require?02:12
phillwtsimonq2: I've got mini-iso to the tasksel stage of selecting what would I like to install.... I have lots of options, is it lubuntu-desktop that you need testing?02:14
tsimonq2phillw: yes02:15
phillwrunning tasksel02:15
tewardphillw: link to mini?02:15
* teward is bored and needs something to do :)02:15
phillwcheck the bug :P02:16
tewardE: No Scrollback, IRCing from phone02:16
tewardthank you02:16
phillwteward: you and cdimage must kiss an make up!02:17
tewardit's behaving now02:17
tewardi think it was the fact my firewall was blowing up02:17
* teward had to reinstall pfSense on his border firewall, then restore VLANs and rulesets02:17
phillwteward: well, this should either give a nightmare or squish bugs. I've asked the initial tasksel screen to install lubuntu-desktop02:18
phillwteward: as you recall, before, we didn't see the whole list. Now I do.02:19
tewardphillw: i read something about a deps issue though?02:19
tewardi.e. lubuntu-desktop metapackage being broken02:20
phillwteward: yeah, tsimonq2 said it appeared broken, but he did not have a reproducable system for me to follow. So I've used the tried and tested https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall as the test case.... Been running for longer than he's been out of short pants :P02:21
phillw1266 files to down load :)02:22
tewardbleh the one thing i hate about the installers, it does NOT set up autoconfiguration of networking for all network interfaces02:24
tewardso i have to configure secondary interfaces manually >.<02:24
phillwi have that with fedora before I use RDO cloud script... bloody PITA02:25
tewardi have the harder task - i have to reinstall Server on the QA testing VMs I have.  Then take a snapshot02:27
tewardso i can keep everything easily restorable to "good" heh02:27
tsimonq2phillw: dud I just had a minimal install then sudo apt -y install lubuntu-desktop02:28
tsimonq2that. is. all.02:28
phillwteward: well, I had a fall out with core image, expanded it to my ISO directory.. mv'd my ISO's to a tmp area and then fcuk'd up the mv and my ISO directory now looks like...02:29
phillwphillw@piglet:~/Desktop/ISOs$ ls -l02:29
phillwtotal 4198402:29
phillw-rw-rw-r-- 1 libvirt-qemu kvm 42991616 Jan 21 15:08 mini.iso02:29
tewardthen in theory i should be able to replicate by loading my 32bit Server install, `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade`, then attempt to install02:29
tewardphillw: kablooey :p02:29
phillwStill, it has cleared a shit load of space of the HDD02:29
phillwtsimonq2: that is NOT the test case.... But, i will hold my tongue to see if my instructions fail.02:31
tewardslow wifi is slow02:32
tsimonq2just to make everyone aware, I will be working on bug 1185953 tomorrow, it was tagged with lubuntu so I wanted to inform here02:32
ubot93bug 1185953 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Gdebi" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118595302:32
tsimonq2phillw: well let's see02:32
tewardi'll have to grab my LAN connection and bridge it i think02:32
phillwteward: I'm lucky, I'm about 10 foot away from the WiFi link... I also do have a couple of extended ethernet cables if needed ... my longest is 33 foot.02:34
phillwor, as you yanks call 10 meters .. 11 yards (P.S. so do we in UK)02:35
tewardi'm on the other side of a wall from my wifi, and that's full strength, but it's metered to not go over 20 Mbps02:35
tewardbecause i have other segments of my network that take more bandwidth02:35
tewardthe LAN-connected machines get the most bandwidth02:36
phillwI'm on home, so 10mb/s is good. Before they got here with the cable, we got about 750 kb/s .... :D02:38
tewardmuch much faster heh02:38
tewardphillw: indeed, i have a 150Mbps download speed though so ratelimited wifi doesn't help :p02:39
tewardesp. when the fiancee i netflix-ing at the same time02:39
phillwteward: I demand a recount!!! .. effing system test says I have 26 Mb/s link02:39
tewardmy internal LAN links are gigabit02:39
tewarddownload speed is 150Mbps (Megabit)02:40
phillwteward: yeah but you do not live in a little village02:40
tewardon the LAN, 75 - 100 typically02:40
tewardphillw: no, i don't.  :P02:40
phillwI love it since a few years ago they designated the road as a main artery road when the cars come down and the tractors and trailers who take up 2/3 of the road come tonning up with the hazard lights on!!!02:41
phillwtsimonq2: we have not forgotten you, the files have been downloaded and are now installing... It is at this point you say it will go 'boom' :)02:43
tsimonq2phillw: well it shouldn't install, it should have dep errors02:53
phillwJeez, the local works after my bitching complaint have got us up to 20 Mb/s here.... we got 12 Mb/s02:54
phillwtsimonq2: I can not confirm or say I cannot replicate a bug until the test finishes.02:55
phillwtsimonq2: do i confirm grub only finding one O/S ... seems hopeful02:59
tewardE:Slow on the mini iso03:00
tewardi get faster on server heh03:00
tewardoh, might be 'cause all my Ubuntu systems are getting security updates right now from Landscape lel03:01
tsimonq2well bed for me, let me know phillw and I'll look at it tomorrow morning03:02
phillwtsimonq2: well, 16.04 installs perfectly if you follow the instructions. So the meta-package is not broken at any level, except in your mind.03:05
tewardphillw: or he had old apt-get data03:06
teward(I see that every so often with nginx installs in 16.04 actually)03:06
phillw-virtualtsimonq2: hello from the machine03:06
* phillw-virtual waves to teward 03:06
* phillw-virtual it does take a lot for me to drag myself up for a major error...03:07
phillw-virtualAt least I now know that the issue was pebkac and not some thing serious.03:08
tewardat least we hope03:08
tewardAFAICT it's working fine with the test03:09
tewardbut i'm going to test i386 to make sure if installing `lubuntu-desktop` actually works03:09
teward(snapshots in VMs, for the win)03:09
phillw-virtualI'm speaking to you from tasksel...03:09
phillw-virtualWhich I thought you were also concerned about. Well the mini-iso's offer a full choice of what to install.03:10
tewardphillw-virtual: i'm concered about the Manual Package Selection task which doesn't get a test03:10
tewardit didn't run in mini iso either03:10
tewardthe rest of tasksel i think was already confirmed working03:10
phillw-virtualteward: are you up for trying that now?03:11
tewardtrying what, manual package selection or the lubuntu-desktop test?03:11
teward(there is a Manual package selection item in tasksel... so...)03:12
phillw-virtuallubuntu-desktop works... you had doubt over manual package selection03:12
phillw-virtualI'm on lubuntu-desktop via the tasksel03:12
tewardit's not working, confirmed :p03:12
tewardphillw-virtual: when you select "Manual Package Selection", at least in 15.10's ISOs, it pops up an Aptitude prompt for you to select items to install in addition to what's default in tasksel items03:13
tewardit's how i force install open-vm-tools on install without waiting for install to complete (makes vmware behave)03:13
tewards/behave/behave well with the guest OS/03:13
phillw-virtualteward: it may still do, so give me instructions as to what you want it to do and why, when it does not, it is a bug - I'm up for it :D03:14
tewardLubuntu Desktop via tasksel works, confirmed no deps issue, though they were likely testing CLI installation without tasksel03:14
tewardbed time now03:14
phillwteward: tc03:15
tewardphillw: basically, server or mini, select "manual package selection", and expected is a popup of aptitude where you can search for and mark for installation packages you want added03:17
tewardirssi for example may work03:17
tewardbut so far i haven't gotten any of those popup aptitudes to show03:17
tewarddouble confirmation - lubuntu desktop on the mini iso works fine03:19
phillwteward: are you going to bed, or do really want me to reset a VM for this (5 minutes) ? So it is not pecking at your head03:19
tewardbed comes as soon as I reset my AMD64 VM to Xenial :p03:19
tewardXenial SErver*03:19
phillwteward: okies, there is a 'core' VM now created and you are welcome to have it double check any thoughts on it.03:21
teward'core' VM?03:21
phillw'core' means http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/xenial/03:21
phillwteward: the isotracker is broken :P03:22
phillwwe have to do it the old way.03:22
tewardisotracker being broken is not new :)03:22
tewardat least, not to me having seen it break a few times recently03:26
tewardoh good the amd64 server ISO i have is busted >.,03:26
teward>.< *03:26
phillwteward: it would be much easier to give you an account and trust you to zsync / scp / vsftp files to your own area?03:27
tewardphillw: true, but unnecessary03:28
tewardi keep backups :)03:28
phillwteward: if you want to share pr0n, you will have to share with Rafael :P03:28
phillwwxl: sorry, wrong channel.03:31
phillwhi micahg :)04:56
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wxli had a really busy weekend. i don't think i touched my computer once sunday. tsimonq2 phillw are there still any fires?18:21
phillwwxl: I emailed the dev list.18:26
wxlphillw: k i'll check more in a bit18:27
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wxlphillw: thanks for that email :)18:58
wxlphillw: and for your work testing it. it's nice to know that the suspected fire doesn't even have a spark XD18:59
phillwwxl: I think I passed the be 'diplomatic' challenge .... You should have seen the 1st draft of it :D19:16
wxlphillw: knowing you, i can only image ;þ19:16
phillwwxl: a dual challenge of dragging me away from a telly programme and desert where not taken lightly. If i may ask that your padawan does a bit more checking before he broadly announces that the lubuntu-meta package is broken.... That would always be a priority#1 alert!19:19
wxlphillw: that's what i get for getting swamped in chores all day long sunday :/19:20
phillwwxl: I was chillaxing after a lovely Sunday dinner and inwardly digesting when I got that statement..... Ruined my evening film on telly!19:22
phillwwxl: but, on the plus side he now knows about entries #8 and #9 on the getlubuntu page..... :P19:23
wxlphillw: every mistake as an opportunity!19:23
phillwwxl: indeed, maybe in future he will read the contents area that we take the time and effort to install on each long page.....19:25
phillwwxl: oh, gsilvapt has formally confirmed his resignation of TL for wiki/docs due to RL issues. It's being handed back to me until I can assimilate a trusted person to take over.19:27
* wxl sigh19:27
phillwyeah.... You have NO idea how heavily I feel when I get handed a team back... :'(19:28
wxli know19:29
phillwwxl: trouble is, I have no obvious replacement for him....19:29
wxlphillw: maybe we should ask the list for applications?19:29
phillwwxl: I have found, in previous cases, that wiki editors make them selves known. It is a thankless task, I'll have a look through LP ans see if there are any candidates for it.19:30
wxlphillw: maybe recent members of the team?19:30
phillwit's not a task like GSOC where they go "ooh, I'm all excited... I'll do it"... and then do not do anything like a certain padawan who was offered a task and then got bored before he even started it....19:32
wxlGSOC != GCI19:33
phillwwxl: people with adhd do not make for long term editors...19:33
phillwwxl: once handed back to me, as it was his final answer after I asked him to re-think over the festive period - I'm now in borg mode :)19:34
phillwhiyas redwolf19:35
phillwwxl: I do actually have someone in mind, who is not a padawan, but happens to know one....19:35
wxlphillw: when you decide to speak less elusively, i'll be happy to help you explore the subject XD19:36
phillwwxl: I need to test the ground out tentavely before asking for a commit.19:37
wxlphillw: let me know how i can help XD19:37
phillwI'll assmililate one from some where, I like doing that they learn the basics quickly and then get to understand that wiki work is actually critical to a team and not a "go and make the coffee" statement to an intern.19:39
wxl+1 phillw19:39
phillwwxl: and I know you will back that statement up 100% :)19:40
wxlphillw: you know me well XD19:40
phillwlubuntu could not exist without devs, testers, art team, doc team. Take any of those 4 away... you're dead.19:41
wxlphillw: that's a message i emphasize everywhere. especially when dealing with membership applicants19:42
phillwredwolf: I NEED your interview... I want to launch LP more fully.19:43
wxl!offtopic ! phillw XD19:43
ubot93wxl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:43
phillwredwolf: I've had a quick chat with wxl about the approach that was made to me.19:44
phillwwxl: assmililating drones for any team is never off-topic. without them, the team dies.19:45
wxlphillw: i was referring to the LP comment19:45
phillwwxl: LP is a feeder account for assimilation, how else do we train the drones up to a standard that they become useful to the collective?19:46
wxlphillw: well, you're right about that. it's not exclusive to lubuntu/ubuntu, though. but i was just kidding anyways, so don't sweat it19:47
redwolfI'm a bit lost19:47

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