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mupBug #1520645 opened: Unable to enlist node in gMAAS <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1520645>09:36
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thomsHello. I need help about adding a "vmware" (vcenter) node to MAAS. I added the Vcenter CA to the openssl store of the MAAS server but when I try to add a chassis, vmware I keep getting Failed to probe and enlist VMware nodes: (vim.fault.HostConnectFault) {#012   dynamicType = <unset>,#012   dynamicProperty = (vmodl.DynamicProperty) [],#012   msg = '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify faile$.. does MAAS have an alternativ10:14
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nagyzblake_r, are you around?12:45
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blake_rnagyz: yeah13:29
nagyzblake_r, I was wondering about https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/149577913:31
nagyznot sure if people get notified for closed bugs, so pinged you here. :)13:32
nagyzdoes my comment make any sense? if not, I'd be happy to elaborate13:32
nagyzcurrently scripting setup of nodes so they use 2 interfaces for bonding and I was hoping I wouldn't need to click through 100+ nodes :P13:32
blake_rnagyz: unconfigured on the UI is the same a mode=link_up13:33
blake_rnagyz: so its doing the same thing13:33
nagyzis there actually any difference if I leave it on the subnet vs unconfigured for an interface that won't have an IP actually?13:34
blake_rnagyz: being on a subnet with mode=link_up is just like being unconfigured13:34
blake_rnagyz: the subnet is just meta data to say this interface has access to this subnet, so it places that interface in that space, but unconfigured in that space13:34
blake_rnagyz: it is designed that way for running something like the neutron gateway on that node, which needs its endpoint in a space, but must not have any ip address configured on that interface13:35
nagyzok, let me try if setting mode=link_up actually does what I want.13:36
nagyzin the meantime, are you aware of any DNS/DHCP related issues in 1.9?13:36
nagyzI think I'm still seeing a behaviour where enlisting just gets broken if I enable DNS support (but would need a lot of time to reproduce in a clean setup)13:36
blake_rnagyz: that is very strange, let me know if you can get more detail on that13:41
nagyzok, I can try it in a clean environment later - I'd love to use the built-in DNS functionality instead of writing a sync script to designate... :-)13:41
nagyzso going back on how to clear an interface...13:41
nagyzbasically by default after commissioning there is an interface on the subnet with an auto assign IP13:42
nagyzmy script then goes, creates a bond from two other interfaces, and sets the bond iface to static13:42
nagyzand now this is the part where I'd like to clear the original interface.13:42
nagyzthis is the current iface definition13:43
nagyzrunning interface link-subnet id id mode-link_up gets me an error message13:43
nagyz"Cannot configure interface to link up (with no IP address) while other links are already configured"13:44
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nagyzif I click "unconfigured" on the web now, the links array becomesempty basically13:44
nagyzI'm sure I'm missing something.13:50
nagyzif I do an unlink-subnet, then the IP address association disappears13:56
nagyzbut even after I cannot run link-subnet ... mode=link_up13:57
nagyzblake_r? :-)14:31
blake_rnagyz: you need to remove all links and then it will go to LINK_UP automatically which is unconfigued14:39
blake_rnagyz: you cannot set it to link_up with other links created14:39
nagyzhow would i do this from the cli?14:39
blake_rnagyz: when you create the bond the parent interfaces will all go directly to configured14:39
nagyzeg remove all links14:39
blake_rnagyz: you need to call "unlink_subnet" with "link_id=<id>"14:40
nagyzthat doesn't work as discussed in the bug report - I just get back the same as it was just with a different id14:40
nagyzor I really don't understand something.14:40
blake_rnagyz: when you create a bond the parents will go to unconfigured14:40
blake_rnagyz: you dont need to do that manually14:40
blake_rnagyz: and by default the bond will be unconfigured as well14:41
nagyzyes, I understand that. the bond is working fine14:42
nagyzso by default I have 4 interfaces, eth{0,1,2,3}. by default when I enlist it's using eth0 but I want to create a bond of eth1 and eth2.14:47
nagyzbonding works, I've managed to script that fully14:47
nagyzhowever, now even though it's pxebooting from eth0, it will only need to configure bond0 (and eth1 and eth2 as slaves) in /etc/network/interfaces14:47
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nagyzso what I want is to explain to maas that "please forget that eth0 had any networks"14:48
nagyzunlink-subnet does clear the IP assignment (from the GUI I can see it going from "auto assign" to "unconfigured")14:49
nagyzbut I'm still looking for the CLI equivalent of setting the subnet to unconfigured on the GUI - and the referenced command in the bug (mode=link_up) is not that.14:50
nagyzI'm not sure I can describe my issue any more clear :-)14:51
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nagyzis it clear now what I'd like to accomplish?14:52
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blake_rnagyz: if the only link on the interface is link_up, then it will be unconfigured in the WebUI15:20
blake_rnagyz: if you need to remove other links use link_subnet15:21
nagyzblake_r, there is only a single link there and no way to get rid of it from the CLI.15:27
nagyzif I select "unconfigured" from the GUI then I see the links array as empty15:27
blake_rnagyz: that is incorrect then from the UI, all links should never go away that is a bug15:28
blake_rnagyz: the API is correct having one link is just like unconfigured15:28
blake_rnagyz: that link needs to be LINK_UP15:28
nagyzbefore and after clicking15:29
nagyzmode stays link_up, but the subnet definition is totally gone15:29
nagyzunlike with unlink-subnet, where it always stays there.15:30
blake_rnagyz: if the link is "LINK_UP" the subnet is not used on the deployed node, it is only there for metadata and to place the node in that space "aka. the space the subnet belongs"15:31
nagyzI understand that, but I'd really like to get rid of it - to do the exactly same thing as on the UI.15:32
nagyznow, either the UI is faulty as I can set the subnet unconfigured (which removes the whole subnet definition for the interface)15:32
nagyzor the CLI is inconsistent as it doesn't allow this15:32
blake_rnagyz: then just do "link_subnet mode=link_up" on the interface once it has only that one "link_up"15:38
nagyzI cannot do that as that raises the error that I refered to above15:39
nagyzthe point would be to replace clicking on the GUI to set the interface's subnet to "unconfigured" :-)15:39
nagyzmaybe I should have started with that15:39
blake_rnagyz: well then that is a bug as you should be able to perform that operation15:40
nagyzshall I open a bug? :-)15:44
blake_rnagyz: yes please15:44
mupBug #1540453 opened: API doesn't indicate whether a node is deployable <kanban-cross-team> <landscape> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540453>16:31
mag009_hi I'm trying to deploy a xenial over maas but it seem that the image is not able to load the following module when deploying : nls_iso8859_1 it is required to mount the efi partition in fat3218:13
mag009_boot.log show this : can't create directory '/root/lib/modules': Read-only file system18:17
mupBug #1540522 opened: Xenial deploy failed at efi mount  <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540522>18:35
mupBug #1540528 opened: [1.9] cannot scrub subnet information from interface <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540528>18:47
roaksoax-brb/wi/win 418:50
mupBug #1540528 changed: [1.9] cannot scrub subnet information from interface <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540528>18:56
mupBug #1540528 opened: [1.9] cannot scrub subnet information from interface <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540528>19:05
mupBug #1540522 changed: Xenial deploy failed at efi mount  <curtin:New> <MAAS:Invalid> <maas-images:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540522>19:29
mupBug #1540539 opened: MAAS installation: bind9 chokes on duplicate dnssec-validation setting <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540539>19:29
mupBug #1540539 changed: MAAS installation: bind9 chokes on duplicate dnssec-validation setting <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540539>19:32
mupBug #1540522 opened: Xenial deploy failed at efi mount  <curtin:New> <MAAS:Invalid> <maas-images:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540522>19:32
mupBug #1540522 changed: Xenial deploy failed at efi mount  <curtin:New> <MAAS:Invalid> <maas-images:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540522>19:35
mupBug #1540539 opened: MAAS installation: bind9 chokes on duplicate dnssec-validation setting <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540539>19:35
mupBug #1540548 opened: MAAS installation doesn't create database config <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540548>19:35
mupBug #1540548 changed: MAAS installation doesn't create database config <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540548>19:41
mupBug #1540548 opened: MAAS installation doesn't create database config <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540548>19:44
mupBug #1540548 changed: MAAS installation doesn't create database config <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540548>19:47
mupBug #1540548 opened: MAAS installation doesn't create database config <canonical-bootstack> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540548>19:59
SkaagI'm stuck with the "Getting started" document, I have two machines both running MAAS, I have em1 and em2 on both of them (em2 being the private network)21:05
SkaagIf someone is willing to give me a few minutes to help me get up and running, that will be wonderful and much appreciated21:05
SkaagI'm not sure how to get the two machines to cluster, for example21:05
nagyzwhy do you have two machines?21:38
nagyzfor simple installations you can run one machine21:38
nagyzI guess depends on your node size, but for my ~120 nodes in the system, 1 maas is enough21:38
SkaagI see21:39
SkaagI just realized yesterday that the way this works is that you can setup MAAS itself even on a relatively weak VM21:39
Skaagand let the hardware boot via PXE21:39
Skaagbut what's not clear to me is: the physical machine boots via PXE, how do you run multiple VM's on the same metal?21:40
Skaagdoes some "layer" get booted first via PXE, which then allows running multiple VM's also via PXE?21:41
nagyznot sure I even understand the question...21:41
nagyzdo you want to provision physical servers or VMs?21:41
nagyzfor example we use maas to provision our physical nodes but we use openstack for vms21:41
nagyzmaas is not orchestrating VM creation and whatnot21:42
SkaagI want to use openstack for VMs21:44
SkaagI have two relatively powerful machines with tons of storage21:44
Skaagnormally I would use something like proxmox to take as much advantage of the hardware as possible21:45
Skaag(since all VM's are private, and absolute 100% hack proof isolation is not important)21:45
nagyzso why not use proxmox?21:45
nagyzfor 2 machines you don't need maas...21:45
nagyzesp since you can't use maas AND proxmox together as proxmox has it's own installer21:46
SkaagI want to create a setup that mimics as much as possible what cloud providers offer21:46
nagyzno cloud provider tells you how they provision their infrastructure, usually21:47
nagyzand proxmox doesn't support any "cloud".21:47
roaksoax-brbSkaag: maas uses VM's as if they were hardware21:47
nagyzyou can use maas to deploy the hardware and then install openstack using juju for example21:47
nagyzroaksoax-brb, a quick question re. the bcache bug in 1.9 + the official trusty image: what's the plan there? :-)21:47
roaksoax-brbnagyz: can you point me to the bug ? maybe the issue is not actually in MAAS but curtin21:48
roaksoax-brbSkaag: When you tell MAAS "mannage this VM" or "This chassis (which can be a host with VMs") MAAS uses it as if it were individual hardware out there21:49
roaksoax-brbSkaag: MAAS won't make any distinction between a VM and a baremetal machine21:49
nagyzright it's a curtin bug actually...21:49
nagyzbut breaks using bcache via maas :)21:50
roaksoax-brbnagyz: seems fixed thought. What cucrtin version are you using ?21:50
nagyzroaksoax-brb, whatever is in the image that maas uses to deploy trusty from the /releases repo :-)21:51
roaksoax-brbnagyz: curtin is not in the images. Curtin is installed in the MAAS server actually21:51
roaksoax-brbnagyz: dpkg -l | grep curtin in the MAAS Server21:51
nagyzon the maas node apt-cache show tells me it's 0.1.0~bzr314-0ubuntu121:51
roaksoax-brbnagyz: the bug seems fixed on rev304 and rev30621:53
roaksoax-brbnagyz: so that fix is in curtin21:53
nagyzI can give it a go again but we've just tried creating bcache backed drives and it didn't work out21:53
nagyzsaw a bunch of modprobe bcache errors21:53
roaksoax-brbnagyz: try using the MAAS daily image s?21:54
roaksoax-brbnagyz: and please pb the intsall output, and I can raise it with the curtin guys21:54
nagyzyeah let me give that a go21:54
nagyzthat nerve-wrecking moment when you do a "cat config-generated-from-python | ssh backbone-switch-1"... :)22:08
nagyzthe switch config was actually generated by a python script from maas's lldp discovery data22:09
nagyzand it configures over 200 ports now22:09
Skaagroaksoax-brb: I see, so I could in theory start an instance using whatever virtualization solution I have, and just tell it to boot via PXE22:35
roaksoax-brbSkaag: correct22:38
roaksoax-brbSkaag: or if you have pre-created/described say, 10 VM's in say KVM or VMWare ESXi, and you can literally add them all in one go with MAAS22:39
roaksoax-brbSkaag: with the 'Add Chassis' from the webui22:39
Skaagso then what I need to do is install openstack directly on those two ubuntu machines, and MAAS on a separate machine, just to hold the images, and control provisioning22:39
Skaagbut then if I install openstack, what is the advantage of using a tool such as MAAS, wouldn't it be a duplicate?22:40
roaksoax-brbSkaag: you can use MAAS/juju to install openstack directly22:41
roaksoax-brbSkaag: openstack itself will allow you to deploy instances in the cloud, you don't really need maas for that22:41
SkaagI see22:41
roaksoax-brbSkaag: if you want to deploy workloads in those instances, you can use Juju with the OpenStack provider22:41
Skaagbut in my case because all I have is 2 machines dedicated to openstack, there's little benefit. I guess MAAS is really for larger outfits who deploy a LOT of hardware all the time (and dynamically)22:42
Skaagand they can take them up/down depending on demand22:42
Skaagand everything is 100% dynamic22:42
roaksoax-brbSkaag correct22:42
Skaagthank you, I feel I understand the structure much better now22:42
roaksoax-brbSkaag: if say, you don't put OpenStack on those 2 machines, but you do have 50 VM's running, you can deploy those with MAAS22:42
SkaagI have no idea how to do that22:43
SkaagI have MAAS right now on those two machines22:43
Skaagthe idea with creating two instances was for redundancy22:43
Skaagbut I don't know how to make them aware of each other (cluster)22:43
Skaagand further, I don't know how to create VM instances under maas22:43
mupBug #1540453 changed: API doesn't indicate whether a node is deployable <landscape> <MAAS:Opinion> <MAAS 1.9:Opinion> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540453>22:47
nagyzroaksoax-brb, would maas 1.9 be able to power on VMs on vSphere using it's API instead of WOL?22:48
nagyzand if so, how does a "chassis" map to VMs in VMware? is it only based on prefix? or is it a folder name?22:49
roaksoax-brbSkaag: MAAS doesn't yet have native HA22:52
roaksoax-brbnagyz: MAAS 1.8+ IIRC supports VMWare products, but the support is based on python-pyvmomi's library, which is VMware's22:52
roaksoax-brbnagyz: you dont really need WoL22:52
roaksoax-brbnagyz: when you add a "chassis" you can send a prefix filter22:53
nagyzroaksoax-brb, so if I actually want maas to start the VM, will it do it via calling the native API?22:54
roaksoax-brbnagyz: yes22:56
roaksoax-brbnagyz: maas never really supported VMWare until we added support on 1.8... or 1.7 even22:56
roaksoax-brbcan't recall of the top of my head :)22:56
nagyzit would be cool to experiment with juju there instead of physical nodes:-)22:57
nagyz(I know I know, I could use AWS or OS underneath as well)22:57
nagyzany quick way to get back the system IDs from maas CLI sorted by the system name...? :)22:58
nagyztried to do it with | jq but haven't managed so far22:58
SkaagI'd just pipe it through cut + sort23:01
Skaagor maybe that's not very good since it would only give you the name23:01
Skaagoh it's a json output. sorry, my bad.23:02
mupBug #1540453 opened: API doesn't indicate whether a node is deployable <landscape> <MAAS:Opinion> <MAAS 1.9:Opinion> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540453>23:03
nagyz| jq '.[] | {name:.hostname,id:.system_id}' | jq -s '. | sort_by(.name)'23:03
nagyzthis works23:03
roaksoax-brbnagyz: you can use juju too i'd think23:09
nagyzroaksoax-brb, right it only talks to maas :-) so if maas provisioning works then I can use juju23:10
nagyzthat's the current plan23:10
nagyzok, thanks for the help, off to bed.23:10
nagyzI'll open some dns bugreports tomorrow ;-)23:10
mupBug #1540453 changed: API doesn't indicate whether a node is deployable <landscape> <MAAS:Opinion> <MAAS 1.9:Opinion> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1540453>23:12
dgrossmancan someone point me to installing centos images in maas 1.8.3?  I tried 'sudo maas admin boot-resources create name=centos/centos7 architecture=amd64/generic content@=centos7-amd64-root-tgz'  do I need to generate an api key before trying to do this?23:51

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